Thursday, January 25, 2018

"Those rednecks from Alabama come down to the beach with one pair of underwear and a $5 bill and they don't change either one!" Cliff Stiles, owner of the Old Dutch

from page 2 of the Friday September 8, 1939 PANAMA CITY PILOT

The January 24, 1940 PANAMA CITY NEWS-HERALD reported that Burghduff hosted a birthday party at the Sea Breeze Hotel.
In the March 27, 1940 PANAMA CITY NEWS-HERALD, Burghduff advertised his trailer for sale.

In the June 18, 1940 COURIER-JOURNAL (Louisville, Kentucky), Burghduff advertised a hotel and the Old Dutch for sale.

In the June 19, 1940 Cincinnati Enquirer, Burghduff advertised a hotel and the Old Dutch for sale.

from the September 23, 1940 PANAMA CITY NEWS HERALD

In the November 27, 1940 PANAMA CITY NEWS-HERALD, it was reported Burghduff was elected Secretary of the Gulf Coast Scenic Highway Association.

from the December 8, 1940 PANAMA CITY NEWS HERALD

from page 48 of the Sunday, March 30, 1941 Miami News

In the Sunday, November 1, 1942, Burghduff included his new wife, Virginia, in his Old Dutch ad in the PANAMA CITY NEWS-HERALD

In the Thursday, February 11, 1943 TAMPA BAY TIMES, Burghduff offers the Old Dutch for sale.

In the May 7, 1944 TAMPA BAY TIMES, Frank Burghduff of Redington Beach ran a want-ad to sell some rifles and shotguns.

The June 18, 1944 TAMPA BAY TIMES reported that a couple would be visiting Frank Burghduff in Alexandria Bay, New York.

On November 25, 1944, Burghduff ran a want-ad in the TAMPA BAY TIMES wanting to purchase a freight trailer.

In the November 10, 1945 TAMPA BAY TIMES, Burghduff ran a want-ad for a beach front rental house. He was residing at Bay Palms Trailer Park.

The November 3, 1946 ST. PETERSBURG TIMES ran a photo of Burghduff and his yacht, SEA PAL

The November 13, 1946 TAMPA BAY TIMES reported that Burghduff was living in a travel trailer in the Bay Palms Trailer Park and that his 34 ft. cruiser, SEA PAL, was docked at the trailer park's yacht basin.

From the June 29, 1947 Tampa Bay Times, A partially paralyzed Frank S. Burghduff inspects his new custom boat.

The March 5, 1949 TAMPA BAY TIMES reported that Mr. and Mrs. Burghduff had sold the Arcade Sandwich and Ice Cream Shop. It also stated that Frank had been critically ill in the hospital and that the couple planned to live in Largo.

from PAGE 3 of the Friday, July 13, 1951 PANAMA CITY NEWS HERALD

"Back in 70 and 71 I had a band called "My Brother's Band" as our road warrior musicians pushed towards the PC beaches our goal was none other than 'The Right of Passage" Grow up at the College of The Old Dutch Inn. We played there, stayed there and most of all grew up there as in , Jamming, Girling, Stripteasing and of course being in the 70's. Betty was a true jem and the bar maids were awesome and I can attest the Strippers were every bandmates fantansy, or should I say, we were just being freshmen at Old Dutch Inn. Princess Tanyeka, God's of Fire with her side kick Babaloo, no audience praticapater could hold onto her pulsing hips as Babaloo drove a conga beat, Then came Desiree, she had that Ann Margret Look, she knew how too make young fake ID holders squirm but the one that got everyone out of control was Monkey Girl, she would bring out this stuffed monkey, the kind you won for your girlfriend at the state fair, well lets just say it was as good as Porky's. My Brother's Band grew up on the Panama City Beaches with bands like Black Dog, Thunder Chicken, Cross and Tumbleweed all graduates from The College of The Old Dutch Inn. When the Dutch closed down we moved onto The Beach Party on Thomas Drive but that's a story for another time, there is so many stories too tell about the Dutch and our good times in 70 and 71 so fire away beach bums and if you have photo's share them cause they are great memories that should not die."~ Paul Macfarlane