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The Foreward of DEVIL MAKE A THIRD compares men to corn plants

As the town is the nation in seed, so is a strong man the kernel of the town.

The life of the strong man is the beam from which the vigor of the town is projected, and, since the progress of man is by nature episodic, so a town may leap one year and stumble another. Robust in peak times, bloodless in the valleys, the commonwealth ebbs and flows with the temper of its men.

The lusty, always greedy, sometimes fumbling fingers of the strong man enrich the country in spite of his motives, as the earthworm's blind and selfish groping mellows the soil.

Those other men, those who grovel and hesitate, live only within the boundary of their fears, in a dusty husk of a world, until the strong man comes, saying,

"I will build for myself, and if the public harvest follows my private vice, then join me at the board and leave it gratified."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey y'all~

MUCHAS to Wally & Dave @ WTBC !
We got some airtime Friday morning starting @ 8 A. M.

You can listen to WTBC by clicking on the image on the right hand side of their home webpage
& I'm pretty sure you can pick it up over the Internet @


Call into the Wally & Dave Morning Show between 8 & 9
@ WTBC TALK LINE: 205-752-9822 WTBC TOLL FREE: 1-800-518-1977

We plan on having Alison Heafner
& Robert Nix
on @ 8 A.M.

Later on we plan on talking to Buddy Buie
& along with spending some time with Jerry Lee Lewis' daughter,
Phoebe Lewis
& Cecil Harrelson

Take a little time out of your busy day &


I will be more than happy to play those for JLL.

Happy Holidays from Phoebe and Jerry Lee Lewis!!!

Phoebe and Jerry Lee Lewis

Subject: Buie & Cochran Want You To Ask Your Daddy, "Whatever happened to Cecil?"

I talked to Buie this morning & Paul Cochran this afternoon and both of them want to know about Cecil.

Buie said Cecil always dressed the same way: white T shirt with a pack of camels rolled up in one sleeve.

Cochran said Cecil would be driving Jerry Lee around and about once a hour Cecil would declare,"I'll tell you one goddamned thing right now, Jerry Lee, YOU'RE STILL THE GREATEST!!!!"

"That's right," Jerry Lee would reply.


That is classic Cecil and JLL banter!!!
And they're still at it...Cecil Harrelson is here at this house with me and my daddy. He lives and works with us. Cecil quit the biz many years ago and was living back home in Louisiana for the past 2 or 3 decades. He owned a bar--it burned down. Then he had a bad car wreck in 1982 that almost killed him.
Can't keep a good man down though.

I moved in with my daddy about 9 years ago and took over managing his business and household. After prying him from the greedy claws of his wife and running her down the road me and my daddy lived here by ourselves for a few years and I realized that I needed some help. I asked Cecil to come back and help me with my daddy because he's the only man I know who is honest and can deal with Jerry Lee Lewis.
Cecil moved into an apartment attached to our house (with his 29 year old girlfriend---he's 73 now) and has been here about 3 years. I don't know what I'd do without him. The two of them together are just as crazy as they ever were. It's non stop entertainment around here!
I'll tell him tomorrow ya'll were asking about him.
here's a pic of JLL and Cecil backstage in Washington DC July 4th


Billy Powell, what can I say? He was like Mozart in a Southern Rock Band. I think his masterful almost foggy keyboard approach to a guitar army type of band was a major part of the magic of Lynynrd Skynyrd. He could honky tonk it up with the best of them and play classical fills in the background on songs like 'Freebird' like I don't believe anyone else could have ever done. I really think that he was a very sort of peacemaker in a band of rowdies.I remember flying to Nashville for a major sold-out concert with Skynyrd and ARS on the bill. Billy had missed a date with Skynyrd in Knoxville or somewhere the past week. I walked into the first class section and there Billy was in all his glory with no front teeth and a broken wrist. It seems that he and Ronnie had settled the failure of Billy not making the Knoxville gig! We were all concerned that this may continue that night in Nashville. Luckily we were blessed to have Jerry Clower (the country comedian) on board that day. He saw that there was a lot of uneasiness in the air so he preceded to get up and start preaching to all of us rock 'n' rolling heatherns. He told Billy to just go play and do his thing and all would be alright. He was right! That night was one of the best shows we ever did with Skynyrd. I remember fishing with Billy and drinking martini's in his boat(he had a martini kit at all times) we heard on the radio that Ttommy Caldwell had just been killed in Spartanburg in a jeep accident. Billy just broke up and gunned that boat back to my house(Ronnie's place that I had bought) we got on the phone to Paul Riddle(MTB drummer) and talked about Tommy and what a sweet guy he truly was). I remember after the Skynyrd plane went down Billy and a lot of us were hanging out at the Driftwood in Orange Park, Florida. Billy sent someone to fetch me and said bring a fifth if Jack Daniels to the pool.. We sat there all night just letting Billy get loose and talk about the crash. It was some kind of experience that I'll never forget. He told me every detail of what had happened. He sat there with his face split wide open and spilling his guts to me about the crash. Billy said nothing could stop him from coming to Ronnie's funeral. Ronnie and I called him Billy Power because he had such strong and fast hands on the keyboards and nothing could have described him better. He was a classically trained pianist in a fucking westside almost garage band who helped them conquer earth. Billy Powell had as much to do with the success of Lynyrd Skynyrd and their sound as anybody. Go ask AL Kooper and I think he will agree.

Billy, I know your up there with Ronnie, Allen, Stevie, Cassie, and Leon jamming for GOD!

Keep the baby faith!!!!

Robert Nix..........................

It is sad to hear of the loss of another great musician,
I remember Billy as a very low key but approachable individual. He will be missed by all that knew him. I remember being at Studio One the night of the crash. I was a guest of Robert Nix to hear the first cut of Imaginary Lover, it was a sad night for all. I know this comes as a hard loss for Robert to loose another Jacksonville brother. I am still grieving over the loss of "Bear" Sauls and Donnie McCormick (EQT)

The memories of these great guys and their music are treasured, life is to short.

Gail Kelly wrote:
Thanks for that insight into Billy, the man. His physical and emotional pain must have been horrendous during that awful time after the crash. I'm so honored to have heard him play so many, many times and I thank him for the pleasure he has given me over the years.

Thanks again Robert and God Bless. RIP, Billy

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just got off the phone with Dale and Gary Rossington.
Billy Powell, Lynyrd Skynyrd's lifelong Piano man, died last night in Jacksonville at his home of cardiac arrest.
I've got all the details and will pass them on to you later today.
Also their bass player, Ian Evans is in Nashville dying of cancer.
It's a sad day in Skynyrd land once again.
Robert Nix...........................

http://www.jacksonv news/metro/ 2009-01-28/ story/lynyrd_ skynyrd_keyboard _player_bill_ powell_dead_ at_56

Hey y'all~

Billy Powell took a lot of the shine off of the first week of Mardi Gras but the show will go on.
I'm heading to Selma Friday for my second Mardi Gras party of the season.

Dothan native Mark Hughes Cobb hit a home run Monday morning with his front page article about Richard Yates

image courtesy of

The Krewe of Dauphine tore it up with the first parade of the Mardi Gras season on Sattiddee afternoon. Archie, Avery & I took that Demopolis/Dothan vibe & showed 'em what a BEACH PARTY wuz all about!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
° Tell The Truth

° Mista'ssippi


Halito (Hello),
The Jerry Lee LEwis Concert is January 31st. The only tickets availabe are $27. You can contact our Box Office at 1.866.447.3275, ext. 30356 to purchase tickets. For booking a room, I have included on this e-mail our Call Center/Reservations Manager and Supervisor who will be able to assist with booking a room. You should receive an e-mail from them later for more details. Or you can call them at 1.866.447.3275, and press 0 for the Call Center. They will be happy to assist you.
Yakoki (thank you),
Stephanie Gillett
Admin. Assistant of HR
Pearl River Resort

Robert Register,
The Resort has a limited number of rooms available for Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009 at Golden Moon.
The rooms are booking fast due to the Jerry Lewis concert.
The rate at this time is $159, rates flucuate based on availability.
You may call the toll free number and speak with the reservation agent to book, they wil be happy to assist.
I just checked and the box office will be open at 3pm today.
If we can be of further assistance, please advise.

Yakoki, (Thank You)

Chris Wilcher
Call Center Supervisor
Pearl River Resort
1-866- 447-3275
Extension 31287
Cell 601-562-3848

image courtesy of

from: ROCKIN' Rodney Justo
subject: Speaking of Jerry Lee.

When I went to Nashville to make my first record, the day before I was going to record, Ray Stevens took me to a Jerry Lee Lewis recording session.
I'd met Jerry Lee a couple of times before because I'd worked dates with him, but he surely had no idea who I was.
Now remember, I was 19 years old and I'd never even SEEN a studio, and here I am at a session, watching a legend record.
This guy walks in like he's the owner,says hi to everybody sits down at the piano, and proceeds to play like it's his living room.
They recorded the standard four songs in the three hour session. (Try THAT nowadays)
Live, no "punch me in", no overdubs, just authentic, Rock and Roll.
One song was called "I'm on Fire" and he never came close to singin' it the same way twice.
I never did hear the record.
I always said that, I wish it had been a big hit so I could say that I was there when it was recorded.
Well, it wasn't.
But I WAS there when it was recorded, and it's enough.
Go Killer!

ya might wanna stay east as there is a grand jam Feb 7th at BB Kings NYC for my 65th b'day celebration.
Al Kooper

Note from Tom Sorrells, local District Attorney
Subject: devil make a third

"When I first went to work in the courthouse I got interested in devil make a third. There was only one copy in the library special collection and you could not take it out. Lemma Baxley had some portions copied. I would go to Judge Baxley and he could tell you who all the characters in the book were since his father and grandfather helped found the town. that has been a long time. later I got a copy when it was again in publication but I had forgotten who he said each one was."

from: Bama Queen
I finally got a pic of Wayne's Headstone. One of his granddaughter's friends took it while in Washington recently. I'm glad to have it, but so, so sad.

left to right: Dave Robinson, Amos Tindell, Bobby Goldsboro, John Rainey Adkins, Gerald Hall

top to bottom: John Rainey Adkins, Bobby Goldsboro, Amos Tindell, Dave Robinson

Robert, I was searching the web for Amos Tindell and saw your post on the DHS '68 website regarding him. I grew up 2 houses down from him on West Newton Street and was friends with his daughters back in the 70's. They would come down from Birmingham and stay with him and his parents for the summers and some holidays. I was actually trying to find Jeannie and Wenda.

If you have any info, I would appreciate it.

Rick McLain

Monday, January 26, 2009