Friday, July 16, 2010

Robert Register Back At The Hangout!

Robert Register No gym sets or picnic shelters or light poles in the water.





THE OLD DUTCH TAVERN, 2801 Hwy 98, W. Panama City Beach Fla. Phone 234-2102

Looking through the ads at the end of the '67 Corolla brought us this gem. If you remember C.F. Stiles or Betty Koehler, please contact "Cuba,Alabama" and please, please, somebody forward this to Mitch Goodson!

The gal who taught me how to spell "y'all" sent us a video today of the Hangout.

Lajuana, we can't tell you how much we appreciate this.
(blogger loaded the video but it will not transport via email. It's the black hole below in this email.
You'll have to go to
in order to see it.
As soon as you can find out how to steal it from me, let me know so I can get everybody else in on the deal.)

Lajuana, this is an appropriate milestone in the history of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA.


When you look at the top of history of the posts on this page you'll see a date "2-23-2003".
That's when all this began & I'm so proud to be able to put this out on the fifth anniversary of our blog.

The video is only one minute long.

About Long Beach Resort.

I'm almost certain the guy at the end of the video is Guy Churchwell. He was the last owner.

I remember the little sheds on the beach you could sit under but I didn't remember the big light poles out in the water(Please turn your waterfront light off because it disorients the sea turtles-Hell, LONG BEACH RESORT had light poles out in the Gulf!!!!)

Boy, that was my Daddy's thing!
In August, he loved to go down during the day at low tide and set a big light pole in the surf & then sit out there in lawn chairs in the berm at night watching the critters all night.

The Hangout got pulled down the beach to Long Beach by a team of mules from around Land's End before the cut went through in the mid 30's.

When it was at Land's End, it had been a resort assessable by ferry from Panama City during the summer and then during the winter it was a gambling & smuggler's den.

When Dr. Mazyck delivered me in Moody Hospital at about 5 P. M. on Saturday, April 29, 1950,
we were living on Dusy Street in Mrs. Page's apartments. She also owned Page's Apartments on the beach right next to the Hang Out and that's where we had all our vacations up until I was 6.

After that, we'd rent cottages out by the Y & I'd still walk all the way down the beach just to hang out in the Hang Out.

I knew a lot about Bop. I had two girl second cousins from Columbus, Georgia who were around ten
or eleven when I was born. They stayed at my Grandma Register's house on Jeff Street as much as they could each summer. They had a brother who could play Jerry Lee Lewis Boogie-Woogie on the piano so I got to see a lot of bopping in the living room and front porch of Grandma's house growing up. I saw a lot more than that when the guys came around but Grandma always completely ignored that stuff and if Grandma didn't care, neither did I. (It was fun being a preschool "peeping tom" though)


The old blog is gonna be 5 this week so shoot me your reminiscences so we can prove to the world that they need to keep their trap shut about the Wiregrass.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Hangout in P.C. courtesy of Wicksburg's LaJuana

Thursday, July 15, 2010

People continue to ask about our first album featuring Rodney Justo.
It used to be only available as a Japanese import for $75.00 or more but now you can get all the ARS original band CDs (except "Are You Ready") from released by BGO records in England. They are all two CDs on one and are very reasonably priced.
Here is a link, I hope it works

  • Audio CD (April 6, 2010)
  • Original Release Date: 2010
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Format: Import
  • Label: BGO
  • ASIN: B0033XKVGY
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (3 customer reviews)
    3 Reviews
    5 star:
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    See all 3 customer reviews...
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #49,069 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
  • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    That's me! Photographed by Marshal Hagler in the CHUKKER sometime in the

    The buttons are a Druid Dragon "BURN 'EM,
    DRAGONS" Homecoming button & a "I PARTICIPATED IN SEX WEEK" button
    ...the Program Council put out which got them in trouble with the
    Legislature. They paid Linda Lovelace to critique DEEP THROAT for the

    & that's an all silk suit from the 30s I found in a
    thrift shop along with a hand painted silk tie & a Panama hat I
    bought @ the Guayas River Market down from my house in Las Penas in
    Guayaquil during the summer of '74.

    Monday, July 12, 2010


    photo by CHERYL!
    "Robertoreg", Rodney Mills & Paul Goddard
    an Atlanta Rhythm Section concert in the Woodstock City Park, 7-10-10

    Danny M. Miller
    Hey Robert, How was it? (like I really need to ask, because I know it was great). Sorry I didn't get to meet you. My gig was great too.

    Robert Register
    Paul called me today & said,"Fans will tell you anything you want to hear but when Rodney told me, 'PG,YOU STILL GOT IT!', I knew I had done well."

    Dean Daughtry

    Emily & Paul

    David Anderson, Andy Anderson, Justin Senker, Dean Daughtry

    Bill Hanke & I had agreed on Facebook to meet & I gave him my cell phone # but he never called.
    We were looking for a good place to watch the concert so we found a little shade behind the stage (more on "STAGES" later in a commentary about CHUKKER PARK on 6th St.)


    We found what we were looking for.
    Cheryl saw this cat wearing a Bama cap sitting in a lawn chair right next to her so she said, "Roll Tide!".

    The cat turned around & it was Bill Hanke.

    Jeri & Cheryl (Thank you, Jeri, for gettin' us through security!)

    David Anderson, Andy Anderson, Dean Daughtry, Justin Senker

    Paul, Emily, Jeri, Cheryl

    From : Kenneth Griffith
    Sent : Sunday, February 26, 2006 1:28 PM
    To :
    Subject : A year in the life

    Hi, Robert.

    I'm enjoying reading you blog and looking at the great pictures. I never have found a copy of that first Atlanta Rhythm Section album on CD. Rodney Justo probably knows where some are, but I don't know how to get in touch with him.

    Some of the things you've posted recently reminded me of things in my past.

    On one trip to Atlanta, I remember cutting a couple of songs for Wilbur Walton when Studio One was new. David played drums, Paul Goddard, the great ARS bass player, played rhythm guitar, I played bass, and I think Dean Daughtry played piano. I bet Wilbur still has those tapes.

    Thanks for reading. I still wish I could find that ARS CD!


    Text of BEAVERTEETH press kit put together by Dothan's DEAN ATTRACTIONS:

    If you took five top studio musicians from Georgia, Florida and Alabama, what would you have? A sound that's sharp as beaver teeth.
    And that's what they're called...Beaver Teeth

    This unique group was bred by years of studio work and show tours. They have worked with Bobby Goldsboro, Billy Joe Royal, Roy Orbison, The Classics IV and others.

    The NOW sound of the group is reflected through blues and ballads of the past, heavy rock, commercial pop, as well as much original material.

    The well known John Rainey Adkins was formerly lead guitarist for the very popular Candy Men, Roy Orbison back-up band. Since then, he has been doing studio work in Atlanta, Ga. and Valparaiso, Fla. Having been successful as writer also, John Rainey has to be one of the most skillful and devoted musicians around.

    David Adkins, John Rainey's little brother, plays practically any instrument. David is featured as the drummer for the group. Also a studio musician at Playground Studios at Valparaiso. David's versatility is one of the main factors that contributes to the amazing sounds of Beaver Teeth.

    The bass guitarist, Kenneth Griffith, comes to the group from a recording studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

    The multi-talented Lamar Alley, began playing at the age of six. Lamar sings and helps with the guitar work.

    Larry Shell plays rhythm guitar, piano and performs vocals for the group. With a voice and writing ability to compliment, Larry has had several records of his own, as well as years of studio work in Valparaiso, Fla.

    Beaver Teeth, promoted exclusively by DEAN ATTRACTIONS, has the experience and versatility needed to perform all of today's music. Their sharp sound is guaranteed to satisfy!

    for more information contact:

    301 North Cherokee Avenue
    Dothan, Alabama 36301
    Phone 205/ 794-4719

    Rodney Justo
    "robert register"
    Re: "Cuba, Alabama" Solicits Your Feedback Before Composing Tonight's Post!
    Sun, 26 Feb 2006 16:10:16 -0500

    Kenneth, it's great to hear from you.(I guess it's called hearing,even though I'm reading)
    I found a copy of the original ARS on CD in California recently.( I had another one that I bought on the internet but I gave it to someone) if you'll send me your address I'll burn you a copy.
    By the way it's kinda' crazy that you no longer play.I have memories of you being an OUTSTANDING player.
    Best Wishes......

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Monday, October 01, 2007

    "We are learning, as has every generation passing before us, that memories gain value when those who make them leave us."


    John Rainey Adkins, Charlie Silva, Frank Tanton, David Adkins
    Kenneth Griffith [courtesy of Frank Tanton]

    Kenneth Griffith, Frank Tanton, Charlie Silva, David Adkins, John Rainey Adkins
    [courtesy of Frank Tanton]

    John Rainey Adkins, KENNETH GRIFFITH, Frank Tanton, David Adkins, Charlie Silva
    [courtesy of Frank Tanton]

    L-R Larry Holmes, Frank Tanton, George Cheshire, Kenneth Griffith, Lamar Alley.
    This was the house-band for the Flamingo Club in Dothan back in 1972.
    [courtesy of Frank Tanton]


    The Big Chicken in Marietta is just like The Green Knight used to be in Destin.
    Anytime you give somebody directions in Marietta, you always begin by saying,"From The Big Chicken..."

    So we're cruisin' through this subdivision built in between the battlefield parks around Kennesaw Mountain & even though I'd never been there before,I knew where we were so I said,"This is about where "THE FIGHTIN' BISHOP" General Leonidas Pope was killed. (In 1843, he consecrated St. Paul's in Selma)
    We roll over the top of the hill &
    LOOK at what was staring us in the face!


    P.S. Thanks to everyone who has helped me on the planning of this conference call we're gonna have with Hollywood's producers & networks concerning