Please pass along my congratulations to your reporter, Bryna Zumer, on her wonderful article in Wednesday's paper entitled I-95 HISTORIC ART GOES INTO STORAGE. Photographer Nicole Munchel also deserves kudos for an excellent job producing her intriguing images of what were once some of Harford County's most valuable works of art.
Now that these paintings that "rank high among the notable historical murals of the past 50 years" are long gone from Aberdeen, maybe somebody will try to do something to get the murals out of moth balls and back to where the national treasures were conceived and executed: HARFORD COUNTY. Bryna's article shows us all how, for 44 years, something so priceless can be taken for granted until it's taken away.
It is my wish that someone with clout will have Harford County in mind and work something out with the Maryland Transportation Authority to have these magnificent works of art returned to Harford County where they belong.

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I look forward to reading more about the odyssey of William A. Smith's Maryland House Murals in future issues of The Aegis. Until then, I plan to chronicle their journey on my blog ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA. You can find it by googling my screen name, robertoreg.
Robert "ROBERTOREG" Register
Tuscaloosa, Ala.