Saturday, January 29, 2005

DoooooWang Gittin' Ready For The Baby

The Allmans With The Beach Boys in Daytona, Easter '65



I Did Not Know DooooooWang,however, some of my associates did.

ROBERTO Back in '74 Eating Dinner


Friday, January 28, 2005

Nov. 25, 1967
Poets Rip Rebs For State Crown Lanier
By Ray Holliman, Assistant Sports Editor

The Lanier Poets spent a full half of football scaring their faithful fans to death Friday night.
Then they decided they could walk -- and even pass -- on water and that was too bad for the Butler Rebels. The Poets ignored the fact that Cramton Bowl was a quagmire in the third quarter, pushed over two touchdowns and went on to a 20-0 victory over the visitors from Huntsville to wrap up their second-straight Alabama Class 4-A football championship.
Quarterback Buddy Mesaris and wingback Scott Gellerstedt teamed up for a spectacular 52-yard scoring pass play and Lanier was off and running toward its 23rd straight victory and its second consecutive perfect season. A crowd limited to an estimated 8,000 by two downpours shortly before game time, watched the Poets, with their backs to the wall at one time, escape a sticky situation and win in typical explosive fashion.
The Lanier defense won its share of title glory with a masterful goal line stand from the two in the second quarter and the offense took the hint and began to march through the mush.

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Jim was the ultimate hedonist and one of the many[various] manifestations of Pan(it was thanks to Nietzsche that he became a God[of intoxication]in his own right)...Like Dionysus he knew that had to die young in order to truly keep his spirit alive...I'd say he had Huxleyian intellect,Crowleyian thought and Blakeian insight...In the End it wasn't acid that made him Break on thru to the otherside but alcohol(the drug sacred to Dionysus or Bacchus)and heroin,the modern-version of DeQuincey's sacred Opium! He drowned himself in a vast ocean of dreams:via euphoria and mental detachment...When his hero Kerouac died (and more importantly CASSADY...the man that lived 'beat' who was the real Dean Moriarty in On the road,a character whom Morrison became in every way! ) Jim knew his time was nearly up...Jim studied everything from Baudelaire to Burroughs Nietzsche to Norman O.Brown Crowd psychology to Greek tragedy...He now realised that (as in the Tao and Zen)that books and written knowledge wasn't necessarily the key: the 'way' was thru oblivion! (Wasn't it Blake who wrote: 'The path of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom' ? and He was right !(He got there in the End!)....He was also a real Shaman and unfortunately one of the best and the fact,no one has achieved the status of Rock-God since,and never will ! May the everlasting Spirit of James Douglas Morrison(one of the world's greatest poets) live forever ! What will be the latest manifestation of Dionysus? mmm have to wait and see..maybe it will be you?...THE SPIRIT OF JIM WILL NEVER PERISH....Love is the Law..Love Under Will ! Peace,Blessings and Respect to everyone of you ! LVX~ Frator O.(H.S)>>By Hermes Sativa