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I'm guessing you got a copy of that sanctimonious claptrap sent out by our classmate.

I already wrote a novel
and a play

I grew up less than two blocks from K.
He's never been the same since.

The anger and self-righteousness in his response was frightening.

This from a cat who's family got rich off of the black market during WWII and renting out nigrah shacks.


And selling the same broom over and over again. Have you heard that story? And I want to read your novel and play.

He and I had a round of eMails in which I very gently tried to set him straight. He's full of it -- or at least full of himself. He tried to tell me I was too calcified in my opinions to carry on a reasonable conversation. I responded that he is at least as calcified as I am.

Love It!

Remember one thang

!It beeze dat wayz some time
.'Nair nuttin but a thang.
'Nair nuttin but a chicken wang hangin' by a strang
Down by the Burger Kang
Smokin' a Kool Filter Kang.

by Mama Kong

I am so hurt by JJ22 LIFE writing that my post was "THE CLEAR EVIDENCE OF RACIAL DISHARMONY." JJ22 LIFE need to valididate my ethninticity so it can be seen that I am OG to the bone and not of "A CONFEDERATE MINDSET".

It is my wish that JJ22 LIFE discover a stragedy to overcome the tragedy of racial disharmony and that everybody enjoys "THE MLK CELEBTATION"; ebonologically speaking, that is.


image courtesy of the 4-9-61 B'ham News Monthly Magazine

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey y'all~

The Possum Den in Dothan got their Wilbur but Possum Den Lodge #2 in Tuskeeloosee have they own WILBUR!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ChangeSelma needs to learn how to spell Sam & Amelia Boynton's last name.

Cats like ChangeSelma will never look at themselves in the mirror and they will NEVER CHANGE SELMA because they will tolerate ANY indiscretion by ANYONE who will support their DELUSION that people like the students at Selma High are victims of "THE MAN".

I wonder if ChangeSelma has ever considered that the BANNING of advanced classes at Selma High twenty years ago has anything to do with the lack of community support for that institution.

Here's some advice for the ChangeSelmas of this old world:

Instead of hiring FF teachers in the public schools, why don't we hire a qualified instructor of Advanced Math/Chemistry/Physics and invite Morgan Academy students to supplement their curriculum by attending ADVANCED classes at Selma High. Of course, it would be best to allow the advanced classroom to have a private entrance so that the Morgan Academy students would not have to suffer the abuse they would certainly experience in the halls and cafeteria at Selma High.

On second thought, I take back that suggestion about the private entrance.
Morgan Academy students can take care of themselves.

The STJ is using a FF image on their website.

Who is George L. Jones?

I'm not making any decisions about the concert until I hear from you.

Jerry Lee can easily push his show by calling into the radio stations here in Tuscaloosa and over in B'ham.
All he has to do is get up between 6 & 9 to talk to Wally & Dave
& then he can get ready to stay on for an hour or two on Finebaum.
Let me hear from ya!


Your post inspired me.

I saw the draftees lined up in the Kansas City Train Station on their way to boot camp in the summer of '65. On the same trip, I traveled with marshals on the Santa Fe Chief who had prisoners with them on their way to Leavenworth.

I have a lot of recollections of Rort Fucker, uh, I mean Ft. Rucker. I worked on adjoining property to the base in the summers of '65, '66, '67 & '68. In the summer of '69 I was employed by Special Services as a GS-4 recreational aide. I swept the parking lot for General Westmoreland but I also got to strap myself into his crimson leather bucket seat by the side door in the rear of his personal Huey.

At the fairs, we always displayed helicopters and sold tall boy Falstaffs for about a quarter. These drunk fools would get inside these copters, start having flashbacks and all of sudden we'd have "incoming."
It Wuz A Post Traumatic Stess Syndrome Hoot!

In the summer of '71, I worked as a mover for Loftin's Atlas Van Lines and I moved many GIs off the base, a lot of them enlisted men with English, German, Korean and Japanese wives. During the move all of the other GI wives from the wife's nationality would show up to help.
The only drag was that kim shee shit the Koreans eat. That stuff stinks!


I wanted to tell you a little about my Daddy's story because I know every raw nerve WWII put on him. He told me. You're writing about war. You ought to have the right to use any war story you want to use in order to enhance LOST A BIRD/GAINED A BIRD.

I'm reading a story from my Vietnam novel. It's called Lost A Bird Gained A Bird. In front of a tremendously appreciative audience. Phil Dietz does a warmup story, If Shakespeare Played Golf. There's some photos of when I was in dah Nam, as it's called. This is the newest latest bestest off the Video editing and DVD authoring computer setup. My rice bowl thanks you.

DVD: $10 for skypilotclub members.
*****$12 non-clubbers
foreign orders add $2

Add a patch for $3 more


Yes, it is the same story as on the "Lost A Bird Gained A Bird" DVD, but this is a CD, sound only, so you can carry it with you, play it in your walkman, play it in your car, play it in your kitchen, your den, living room, bedroom, bathroom, wherever you have a CD player. This way you don't have to sit and watch the picture which is essentially merely the Kapn rappin', but to be on the safe side you should have both the CD and the DVD, cover all the bases.

$5 for club members.
$7 for non clubbers.
foreign orders add $2.

Add a patch for $3 more

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My Daddy, along with the rest of his Dothan gang, was drafted by Mrs. Helen Kennedy on Valentine's Day of 1942. Nobody in my Daddy's gang volunteered because all their daddies had volunteered in WWI & had lived to regret it.

He did basic I think at Camp Gordon, GA & studied a business course in Colorado Springs for the Army Air Corps. He took a night train from there to Miami. On the way to Miami, he was told that he'd be shot if he deserted the train & two cats with Thompson subs stood between every car to pop anybody who jumped. The civil defense in the area of the killing would bury the deserter and his parents would be given a bunch of bull.

When the train got to Midland City north of Dothan, Daddy made it to the engine and asked the engineer to radio Dixie and say "Will Young needs to come to Dixie." Daddy had worked that out with the family as a code so they could come down to the tracks for a last look before he shipped out for Africa. The engineer refused. Boy, that man regretted that for the rest of his life.
That poor man was the only person my Daddy ever held a grudge against.
Daddy never forgave him and always hurt him every way he could & always delighted in that man's misery.

Anywayzzzzzzzzzz... he was in the invasion of North Africa and it wasn't any fun. He got two V-mails on the same day telling him that his 18 yr. old brother had died of Hodgkin's Disease & that his favorite uncle had died. He told me he contemplated suicide on the beach that night but after tasting the barrel he declined. Later on, he contemplated suicide again when he walked into his commanding officer's office and said, "I want to volunteer to fly all the time, sir!"

"Why's that, Earl?"

"I want you to kill me just like you kill everybody else!"

"No, Earl, we need you."

Daddy never had to fly again.

After 16 campaigns, my Daddy celebrated V-E Day in Northern Italy.
He saw the secret rooms of Pompeii & witnessed the last great eruption of Vesuvius.
(ed. note:"Son,there's nothing new under the sun." ~ Earl)
He photographed Mussolini & his girlfriend's bodies but my Mother destroyed the pictures 'cause she didn't want us to see it.

Anywayzzzzzzzz...It's V-E Day and Daddy's partying his ass off & his commanding officer pulls him over and says, "Hey Earl, save your strength because you're gonna need it when we ship out for the Pacific."

Daddy said, "If you don't send me home right now, I'm gonna fuck up everything I touch & you'll never know I did it."

Daddy had to agree to give up all his prizes of war which included a two and half ton Mercedes Benz Truck with the words "The Rebel" and a Confederate Flag painted on both sides.

He and two friends of his choice were given passage on a Norwegian freighter.

When he got to New Jersey, he was supposed to be debriefed but on the first morning he went to breakfast, he didn't like the way the POWs slopped his food on his plate. He looked around and asked all the draftees in line if they were treated with that kind of disrespect all the time and they all said, "All the time." so Daddy jumped over the lunch counter and inserted his GI cup in the offending POW's mouth. This produced a frenzy among the draftees and they decided to do the same thing. It was an incident my Daddy always regretted starting but the good thing about it was that he caused so much trouble his first morning back in the states that they gave him an honorable discharge and sent him back home to Dothan.

Babbs, you should consider taking the liberty to arrange a trip to Tuscaloosa.
Ya'll can all stay and Lee's lake house.
Somebody might have to make a pallet on the floor but they'll love it!
You can pay for it by lecturing at Bama, Stillman & Bevill State here in Tuscaloosa & speaking to the schools around Ozark, Daleville, Dothan, Hartford, Slocomb & Geneva when we go to the Army Aviation Museum in Rort Fucker
& to the University of West Florida and the schools around Pensacola & Foley when we go to the Naval Aviation Museum.
You oughta pick up some good stories there.
Then we can scout out your old stomping grounds.

Fox Takes 'Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'

28 October 2008 5:32 PM, PDT | From | See recent Comicmix news

At long last, the 1968 written The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test from Tom Wolfe is heading to film. Fox Searchlight has picked up the rights for the novel, with director Gus Van Sant and writer Dustin Lance Black attached to the project. Richard Gladstein and his Film Colony banner will produce.

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is a drug-addled new journalism epic in the vein of Hunter S. Thompson. The novel follows the hallucinogenic exploits of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest novelist Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters, proponents of psychedelic drugs, as they drive across the country. Their vehicle of choice is a DayGlo painted school bus named "Furthur." Some prominent figures featured in the novel include The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and Timothy Leary. Sadly, the Kool-Aid man does not play a prominent role.

Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black recently


Josh Wigler

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Rebel Flag ain't on any original Confederate documents but it's a Rebel Flag & recognized as such.

I've seen the Stars & Bars displayed and that's cool.

This is personal.

This cat's got no problem being Judas cause he comes from a whole fambly of Judases.
They ENJOY they 30 pieces of silver.

The cat's Daddy get's a 4-F during WWII so he can work for K's Granddaddy who is burning up the ration.

Takes the profit & buys up colored quarters.

& now this sorry bastard's preaching to us.

Robert Nix' memories of Donnie McCormick included Sonny Limbo. I played drums on the road with Bertie Higgins for a few years and Sonny would sometimes travel with us. Sonny and I usually roomed together since our party habits and hours were the same. Not only was he a great producer but a fine lyricist. I heard him throw out more good lines than most people ever write. We heard of his passing when Bertie called Atlanta on our way back from a gig in West Palm several years ago. He was a talented guy and always fun.
Tommy Browning


A cargo cult may appear in tribal societies in the wake of interaction with technologically advanced, non-native cultures. The cult is focused on obtaining the material wealth of the advanced culture through magical thinking, religious rituals and practices, believing that the wealth was intended for them by their deities and ancestors.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Donnie McCormick, singer/drummer/founder of ERIC QUINCY TATE, passed away on Sunday.

I have great memories of Donnie.
He was an edgy, totally original, drummer/singer/performer and was one of the best.
My good friend Sonny Limbo (Key Largo w/ Bertie Higgins) co-produced with Eric Quincy Tate and they came up with some great stuff.
I remember Donnie was a part of our little group of musicians that always ended up at C.W. Shaw's nite club not far from Studio One. We would all jam into the wee hours of the night.

I also recall a private get-together out side of Carrolton, Ga. at a rich guys place in the woods. They had local cops with walkie talkies for security hidden all throughout the woods.

I went there with some guys and Greg Allman.
We all sat in with Eric Quincy Tate and blew the roof off the place.
Donnie was always ready to jam and he was great at it.
His spirit and slant on southern music will be sadly missed.
Robert Nix...........................

both images courtesy of

There's YouTube & lots of audio @


Eric Quincy Tate's guitarist, Wayne "Bear" Sauls, died back in November. Any comments you may have about Bear would be appreciated.

Swampland has a tribute to Donnie and Bear along with a recent video of Donnie playing "the chicken coup" at the Northside Tavern.

Lord have mercy.
We lost Donnie.
I didn't know Donnie real well but we had some mutual friends.
He was so innovative and soulful, not to mention very cool.
His creativity came from a special place deep inside of him and has always stayed with me.
EQT had a fantastic sound.
They were jukin' cool.
I love them!!

Bless his heart.

My daddy and I send our deepest condolences to his loved ones.
We'll miss him but always will celebrate the music.

Phoebe and Jerry Lee Lewis

KILLER'S Tour Schedule for the last six months~

july 2008
03.07.08 - Washington, DC - White House
04.07.08 - Washington, DC - White House

august 2008
19.08.08 - Memphis, TN - Madison Avenue Studio

september 2008
03.09.08 - Memphis, TN - House Of Blues Studio
08.09.08 - Memphis, TN - House Of Blues Studio
20.09.08 - Mansfield, MA - Comcast Center
27.09.08 - Memphis, TN - Blues Ball

october 2008
03.10.08 - New York, NY - B.B. King's Blues Club
06.10.08 - Hollywood, CA - Recording Studio
07.10.08 - Hollywood, CA - Recording Studio
08.10.08 - Hollywood, CA - Recording Studio
11.10.08 - Mansfield, OH - Renaissance Theatre
24.10.08 - London, England - Royal Garden Hotel
25.10.08 - London, England - 100 Club
26.10.08 - London, England - BBC Radio 4
28.10.08 - London, England -
The Forum

november 2008
01.11.08 - Hamburg, Germany - CCH
04.11.08 - Berlin, Germany - Tempodrom
08.11.08 -
Helsinki, Finland - Finlandia Hall
10.11.08 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion

14.11.08 - Paris, France - Le Zenith
16.11.08 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Falconer Hall
19.11.08 - Amsterdam, Holland - Heineken Music Hall
22.11.08 -
Mannheim, Germany - SAP-Arena
26.11.08 - Brussels, Belgium - Forest National
29.11.08 - Leksand, Sweden - Ejendals Arena

december 2008
03.12.08 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer

Bernard Madoff
, our dear beloved brother who's mother was a Member Of The Tribe,
pledged Sigma Alpha Mu @ BAMA in '57

The SAMMYS Page From the '57 Corolla

Madoff In Tuscaloosa

MADOFF in T-town!