Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Friends,
In December of 2009 I had a tumor removed from my parotid gland and all seemed fine. Unfortunily it has come back and it is malignant.
I just had a PET scan and it has not spread to any other place in my body.
On November 10th,2010 I will have surgery to remove this reroute at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.
My angel, friend, true love of my life, Emily will be with me and she will stay for a few days after the surgery..
I have the best doctors in the world so I expect this to be not that big a setback.
I may have a smile that droops on the right side because this new growth resides right on top of the nerve that controls my smile.. I sure have been smiling a lot lately because Emily is the best thing that has ever come back into my life after 40 something years.
I am going to be fine so don't worry about me.
My dear friend Dr. Florence Barnett is going to try to implant a nerve from my foot into my neck to make this a no brainier, no consequence surgery. Since she is the best neurosurgeon in the Southeast, I know that she will succeed.
I have so many new friends that have come into my life in the last few months, that I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I have now.
After many years of anger, and depression, I am finally at peace with myself. Emily English is nothing short of an angel sent from heaven to make my life worthwhile.
So, don't worry about me.
I love you all.
Paul Goddard
The luckiest man in the world

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thought you might like this. It came from my Daddy's '39 Gargoyle,Dothan High's yearbook.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Image courtesy of the Thursday, May 14, 1970 Tuscaloosa News

I'm sure I'll hear from her soon.

from the '30 Corolla

Robert Register Here's the man who saved our ass from Judge Burns in the Summer of '70. I STILL LOVE HIM! GENERAL WILLIAM DEMPSEY "Billy" PARTLOW!!!!

Robert Register My son, Christopher, told me last night that I'd get more skreet cred if I posted the article about our trial from the CW. I'll transcribe it tonight on my blog

Thursday Evening, August 13, 1970

Charges Dropped On Others
(ed. note: Don was the FIRST STUDENT to be found NOT GUILTY & when it happened THE PIGS were ready TO HAVE A COW)

Donald Culberson, a 19-year-old sophomore from Mobile was found not guilty on charges of

Monday, October 25, 2010

Robert Register I attended the DAYS OF RAGE Conference Friday at the hotel on the UA campus. I heard all these people defend the FBI against allegations that they instigated the violence on campus in May of 1970.On the evening of Thursday, May 14,1970, I personally saw Charlie Grimm haul a wooden Coke case filled with 24 Molotov cocktails up the stairs of Denny Court Apartments. He then proceeded to throw all 24 into 10th Ave. This was LESS THAN A BLOCK FROM THE FIRE STATION. No firemen responded & the asphalt on present day Wallace Wade Avenue was burned down to the red clay . Courtney Haden's article explains how this happened.\

Robert Register What's so kewl about this image is that the headline BUSTS the FBI & the late Hank Hawkins is in the picture simply because he attended a WOODS QUAD. I'll go ahead & transcribe the text tonight on my blog ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA
Anytime ya GOOGLE something you think I might have posted so...mething about on my blog, type "robertoreg" after the subject of your Google search.

Robert Register The boss has really caught that Corolla Collecting Fever. Look what came in the mail today: A 1901 COROLLA! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Robert Register We didn't invent student revolt @ the University of Alabama. In December of 1900, the cadets barricaded themselves in Woods Hall to protest military discipline by stringing barb wire on the stairs, cursing the commandant & staying up all night banging pans & raising hell. This resulted in the resignation of the command...ant & the president. This rebellion also led to the abolition of military discipline in 1903. Do ya think bringing coeds on campus had anything to do with this rebellion? Here's a reenactment of the stringing of barb wire from the 1901 Corolla.

Robert Register The University didn't really have a Homecoming Parade in 1900 but downtown Tuscaloosa had a Floral Parade & Street Fair which all the students attended. This is the McCorvey Rig from the 1901 Corolla.

Robert Register What a window into the past I found tonight in my boss' papers! Here's a
1887 deed to a city lot in Panama City which was purchased by a man in
"Tuskaloosa" for $1. Maybe we'll get back to those prices in Obama's
second term.

Robert Register The St. Andrew's Bay Railroad, Land & Mining Co. sold the 25ft. by
125ft. lots mail order for a dollar a piece. The company was based in
Cincinnati. If you were coming from up north to see your property, you
took the railroad to Pensacola and traveled by boat to the future site
of Panama City.
...This lot was Number 9 on Block Number 4 in Section
13, Township 3 South, Range 14 West and was sold to John Goodin of
Tuskaloosa, Alabama.