Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ain't nobody wanna go wid Lee to the garage sales today 'cause he

Made so much money it hurt they'zzzzzzzzzzzzzz feelings...


Please place
Ronnie Quarles
in your prayers.
He is now in DCH Intensive Care.
One of the greatest cats this town ever turned out and he's in trouble.
Please pray.

WILBUR'S STRANGE GANG will be in town July 10 so git reddy!!!!

I have a wonderful testimonial to the value of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA
following this post.

I will be happy to publish any other NICE things you have to say about ZERO.


RR......I want you to know that even though I don't always comment on your work, I always enjoy it. You keep the past
alive and viable. DHS,Young Junior,Nip and Ernie's,the Hangout etc. have reentered my life through you.
Keep Rockin'........BB

Friday, June 27, 2008

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please check out the rest of the cast of AMOS & ANDY @

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One of Zelda’s attractions was that she was utterly herself;
she did what she pleased when she pleased.
It would be a mistake, however, to assume that she was unaware of the traditional attitude toward Southern women even when she ran contrary to it.

In January, 1918, for example, she was invited to the house party and dance given by the Key-Ice Club at the University of Alabama. At the dance the boys sported hip flasks of whiskey, which they tried to persuade their brightly painted girls to share after they strutted to the new ragtime. Key-Ice had as its central ritual a ceremony which its young men performed during the intermission of their dances. The lights were lowered in the ballroom and the men marched in solemnly, carrying flaming torches, while at the rear of the procession four of them walked beside a long cake of ice drawn on a cart. One lifted a glass of water to his lips and began a toast:

“To woman, lovely woman of the Southland,
as pure and chaste as this sparkling water,
as cold as this gleaming ice,
we lift this cup,
and we pledge our hearts and our lives
to the protection of her virtue and chastity.”

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Thank you so much for the correction. It's on the blog right now.
Let me know if you want me to take anything down.

You're welcome to share your reminiscences with our crowd at ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA.

Robert Register

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 D. M. wrote:
LC Green is alive and doing fairly well. Probably in his late 80's.
Daddy (Charlie Mercier) died in 1972.
I think the story has been embellished over the years. They were fierce competitors, but had character and class that would have made that highly unlikely.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey y'all~

It's not who you know~

I implore all citizens of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA
to support WILBUR'S promotional visit to Tuscaloosa
July 10, 11 & 12
in any way they see fit.

The numbers are getting better every day. We're not "viral" yet but we'zzzzzzzzzz workin' on it!

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Rite now Wilbur's got over 2270 views on YouTube

Buddy Buie & J.R. Cobb's video from Tommy Wilcox Outdoors using song called THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED has over 2380 views

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I already had things cleared with Dave but I went by the station today and Wilbur is now in the book to appear on Wally & Dave's Morning Show @ 8 A.M. on Friday July 11. Tiger Jack agreed to come to the station and be a part of the interview. Tiger Jack promoted the James Gang shows at Ft. Brandon Armory back in the day.

Tiger Jack believes that this will be a great interview for Wally & Dave but right now he doesn't want Wilbur to appear on his Saturday morning oldies show.

That's not a problem because Tiger Jack does not like Skynyrd or the Allmans & he plays their tunes every Saturday.

Wally & Dave are looking forward to Wilbur's appearance.
Wilbur was promoted by their station, WTBC 1230 back in the day.
Both of them are very familiar with Wilbur's work & they are looking forward to meeting him.

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs look for Little Red Riding Hood at Fort Brandon

The James Gang...sing "Georgia Pines"

NICK'S in Knoxville.."just a good place"

Joe Rudd and the Distortions at Fort Brandon in Tuscaloosa

"Candymen" play around after a gig at Fort Brandon. (later became The Atlanta Rhythm Section)

NICK's in Knoxville menu..Thanks to Whitney Telle

Led Zeppelin in Tuscaloosa..Great Bands..Great Days!

"The Rubber Band" LET LOVE COME BETWEEN US at Fort Brandon..

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Basically they will ask Wilbur to talk about his early career and discuss how Playground gave him an opportunity to go out and entertain his fans once again after over 40 years.

We have total access to Lake Lee from Thursday afternoon until Saturday.
Lee has two partners in Lake Lee. They are Peyton Cochrane & Joe Thames. They are both in their late fifties, went to Bama & are looking forward to meeting Wilbur.

Bob Carleton of the Birmingham News is out of the office right now so that's why we haven't gotten in touch with him. We're gonna pitch him on doing an article that will incorporate the history of the James Gang's appearances at the Dave Roddy shows at the Oporto Armory.

I've already met everyone at WVUA radio, PBS radio, WVUA TV and the GOOD DAY ALABAMA TV show. I worked with all of them promoting THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED.
I'll hone my pitch over the weekend & early next week I make the rounds to book appearances for Wilbur.

Ben Windham of the Tuscaloosa News

and Jerry Henry of Planet Weekly
have already done articles on Mr. Redbud so I don't think we'll have any problem getting their cooperation. The Crimson & White is another critter but I have met their former entertainment editor Phil Owen. Phil is now managing editor & I'll pitch him before I talk to their new entertainment editor.

I'm gonna go by Bryant Bank next week and leave Paul Bryant, Jr., Wilbur's home telephone number & let him know Wilbur's coming to town. Junior is a good friend of my boss, Lee Pake,
so I'll get Lee to let Junior know that Wilbur will be staying at the lake house Thursday and Friday nights.

So that's the story. Playground Recording Studio reopens in the Spring of '07
and in the Spring of '08, WILBUR IS BACK!

See y'all in T-town~



How 'bout shipping me five Mr. Redbud
to me for promotion.

Robert Register
Pake Realty Company
2609 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

I want to give at least one CD to one of Wilbur's fraternity brothers now residing at the Sigma Nu house.
In addition to getting the kids on campus excited I wanna get Wilbur interviews on the student radio station
and PBS radio
along with local TV.
All three stations are in the old Union Building.

We gotta local cable noon day show that Wilbur can appear on also.

I may need to give another CD out at Bryant Bank.
Paul Bryant, Jr. has a copy but I wanna try to set up a meeting between Wilbur and Paul Jr. so I may need another copy.

On Friday, July 11, Wilbur will get the 7:30 A.M. until 8:30 A.M. slot on THE WALLY & DAVE MORNING SHOW on WTBC radio.
On Saturday, July 12, Wilbur will get some of the 9 A.M. 'til 12 A.M. TIGER JACK'S OLDIES SHOW on WTBC.

Johnny Sisty, the owner of WTBC, is a friend of B.J. Thomas.

Of course we'll try to get you some press with The Tuscaloosa News, Planet Weekly and The Crimson & White.

I also want Wilbur to meet some nightclub owners.

Buie is trying to pull some strings too. His email to me follows this message.

My boss, Lee Pake, has offered to let everyone stay at his lake house which is practically in town. It's located on Lake Lee near the river over by the Goodrich plant. Full of critters. I caught a 19 pound yellow cat in the pond. A guy the other day caught a 28 pound one.I've caught lots of bass over 5 pounds & I know a guy who caught a 13.5 pound bass one day and caught 65 bass on another day. My son caught a 9 and a half pound bowfin and a 4 pound crappie.
Lee feeds 'em good.


RR......I've tried to get Bob Carlton interested but have been unsuccessful so far. I'll call again today.
As far as Finebaum is concerned, since he moved to the new station I haven't been able to hook up.

I'll reach out for Speedy with Rick and Bubba. Hope they remember WW and Georgia Pines.


Hey y'all~

This morning my son Christopher & I were at the dump throwing stuff away and suddenly Christopher grabbed an old infant car seat, threw it way up the hill into a sea of garbage while yelling, "YOU THINK I CARE,

At first I was shocked but then I looked at his evil grin & I hollered.

Live in the ghetto like we do and THAT'S FUNNY!!!!
Cruel but funny...

In the past I have chronicled my efforts to induce a temporary state of intersubjective vulnerability in members of THE CARTEL.
Well, now you can tell your grandchildren you knew the cat who



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DR. ORANGE set forth to deliver what was to be a most substantive, robust, personal, and deeply thoughtful lecture. In her lecture, entitled "Attitudes, Values, and Intersubjective Vulnerability," she engaged her audience to "ask ourselves what has been the journey of the empathy Kohut so cherished and taught us all to prize, and where its leading edge might be now."

She proceeded to offer a solidly intersubjective and expansive view of the contemporary meaning of empathic therapeutic engagement. Those holding this view can claim terra firma far beyond what critics have mistakenly characterized as Self Psychology's flight from aggression and human cruelty via forms of empathic niceness. Donna asserted that empathy is not only what we do to someone, but rather, a way of being with the other. In firm hold of this attitude, Donna said, "we proclaim with Terentius that we are human and that nothing human is alien to us."

Donna asserted that empathy entails an intersubjective process whereby psychotherapists and psychoanalysts hold attitudes and values that require them to be intersubjectively vulnerable. She turned to her phenomenological philosophical foundations to ground these ideas.

Monday, June 23, 2008

When I was in High School, I worked part time at L.C. Green's Clothing Co. on Foster St.
I often wondered what happened to L.C. I'm sure he must either be deceased or in his 80's
by now.

He was a very colorful character, sort of like Ebeneezer Scrooge.

He and Charlie Merceir
used to yell at each other across Foster st. and call each other names. I think at one time they were
in business together and there was some bad blood between them.

Maybe Buddy Buie would know.

Bill Hanke

LC and Charlie both are deceased. LC’s wife is still living. I saw her in the grocery store a couple of months ago. I worked with LC’s brother, Heidi Green at Stephenson’s IGA from ’64-’66 along with some other colorful people.

Bill you are right, Charlie and LC used to keep Foster St entertained.

I bought clothes from both of them.


That's funny about Ann Howard's mother dating L.C.
He used to tell us that when he was in high school, he was like
the Atlanta Journal because he covered Dixie like the dew. He also said they called him Blitzcreig Green because he moved in fast and struck like lightning.
Bill Hanke

I remember my mother trying to jew down L.C. one time to buy me a winter coat. It's the only time I ever heard her do something like that. Times must have been tough at Covington Planter Co. that year.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey y'all~

Carlin passed~

Got this mysterious image from EL NIXO tonight...

My boss, the notorious Lee Pake,
star of stage, screen & radio,
hit the garage sales again Satiddee morning &
, man,
what a haul he made, including
a 1920, a 1921 and a 1922 COROLLA
plus Marquis James' biography of Andrew Jackson



Ole Miss, sum uv dese heal
Spindled-Legged, holler-chested
Li'l Gals, wid dey Hair
"BOBBED" an' dey Faces Calcimined
looks fer all de worl'
lack er Nickel's Wuth uv
Gawd Help Us.



A cat who works at the Harley Shop in Dothan had a bad wreck & they're gonna do some fund raisers for him so check it out~


Thanks for posting the site for Mark Muldoon, my son Andrew's co-worker. I was hoping to get a flyer tomorrow about the Harley open-house, poker-run & the bike rally at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds. I understand that the NPF bike rally folks will be accepting donations for Mark, as well. I'll shoot it to ya if I get any tomorrow.
Mark is very ill, but has a wonderful spirit & genuine soul, so I am expecting him to make a complete recovery. This guy just LOVES LIFE...PERIOD! But we still do need to keep he & Anna in our prayers & donate what we can to help them.
Mark was not at fault in this accident. He is a seasoned biker. But when a car pulls out in front of you at such close range, it's hard to have any reaction time to avoid the collision. The City of Dothan is aware of the danger at the spot where this accident occured. So much so, that every Christmas, THEY BLOCK THE MEDIAN CROSSOVERS!
That being said, and as the Mom of a biker, I IMPLORE all motorists to LOOK TWICE before pulling out into traffic!
Ride Safe...Chrome Side Up!