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Jr. Walker & The Allstars

Born in 1942. Walker was inspired to take up the saxophone by the jump blues and R&B bands he heard in the early 50s. In his mid-teens, he formed his first instrumental group, the Jumping Jacks, adopting the stage name Junior Walker after a childhood nickname. By 1961 he had achieved a prominent local reputation, which reached the ear of label owner and former Moonglow, Harvey Fuqua. He signed Walker to his Harvey label, allowing him free rein to record a series of raw saxophone-led instrumentals. In 1964 Walker followed Fuqua to Motown, where he perfected a blend of raunchy R&B and Detroit soul typified by his 1965 hit, "Shotgun". With its repeated saxophone riffs and call-and-response vocals, it established Walker as the label's prime exponent of traditional R&B, a reputation that was confirmed by later hits like "Shake And Fingerpop" and "Road Runner". The latter was produced by Holland/Dozier/Holland, who also encouraged Walker to record instrumental versions of hits they had written for other Motown artists.

Walker's style became progressively more lyrical in the late 60s, a development that reached its peak on the 1969 US Top 5 hit, "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)?" This also marked the pinnacle of his commercial success, as subsequent attempts to repeat the winning formula were met with growing public indifference, and from 1972 onwards the All Stars recorded only sporadically. Hot Shot in 1976, produced by Brian Holland, marked a move towards the burgeoning disco market, which was confirmed on two further albums that year.
Jr. Walker and The All Stars

(Lyrics A.DeWalt)

(1)I said,Shotgun shoot em for he runs now
Do the jerk baby
Do the jerk now Hey!

Put on your red dress
And then you go downtown now
I said buy yourself a shotgun now
We're gonna break it down baby now
We're gonna load it up baby now
And then you shoot him for he runs now

repeat 2

Instrumental -sax

repeat 3

Put on your high heels shoes
I said we're goin' down here listen to em play blues
We're gonna dig potatoes
We're gonna pick tomatoes

repeat 4

I said it's Twine Time
I said it's Twine Time
I said it's Twine Time Hey!

Walker returned to the spotlight in 1981 with a guest solo on Foreigner's Top Five hit "Urgent". Two years later, he re-signed with Motown and recorded "Blow the House Down". His melodic style was now being absorbed into a new generation of R&B-flavoured jazz instrumentalists.

Junior continued to perform in the 80's and 90's, often with his son Autry DeWalt III on drums. Sadly, Junior Walker developed cancer in 1993 and as his health deteriorated, he had difficulty walking. He died on November 23, 1995 in Battle Creek, Michigan at age 53.

In the wake of his death, Billy "Stix" Nicks continued to tour with a version of the All-Stars.
ka$h Roll Tide!
Go to the heybabydays bands page, scroll down and listen to Dothan's Wilbur Walton Jr. and the James Gang turn up the juice and cut the damn thang loose on "You've Got The Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo-Yo"!!!!

The Candymen started out in Dothan, Alabama as The Webs.
Bobby Goldsboro was their original leader. When Bobby decided
to chase after honey and funny little clowns, the band took on
Rodney Justo as their new singer. Justo, from the west side of
Tampa, had previously fronted a group called "Rodney & The
Mystics", and had cut a 45 for the Sound Stage 7 label.

Roy Orbison took an interest in the band, and hired them as his
backing group... at which time The Webs became The Candymen,
named after Orbison's hit "Candy Man". There is often
confusion between the Candymen and Roemans, since the latter
group was in a similar situation, having changed their name
(ever so slightly) from the Romans to the Roemans when Tommy
Roe came calling. And of course, both groups are best known
for their recordings on ABC.

The Candymen reverted to their original name for a one-off
single for MGM, "People Sure Act Funny"/"You Pretty Fool".
This was due to the ever-popular "contractual reasons".

When the Candymen broke up, Justo joined the Tampa band "Noah's
Ark" and sang on their 45 for Liberty. Buddy Buie suggested he
move to Georgia and sing for a studio group made up of Florida
and Georgia garage band veterans (including a couple of other
former Candymen). That band became known as "Atlanta Rhythm

Jeff Lemlich
The Limestone Lounge Florida Music Forum
Click on the above to see a listing of all the artists who performed on WHERE THE ACTION IS

OTIS performed 10 times. James and Bobby Purify appeared on #351(11-3-66) and #357(11-11-66) P.J. Proby #437(3-7-67) and #425(2-17-67) Tommy Roe appeared 25 times. The Romans(Roemans?) once #32(9-22-66)
Roy Orbison four times singing Candy Man, Dream Baby, Mean Woman Blues and Twinkle Toes. Bobby Goldsboro about 4 times. Classics did Polyanna on one episode. Sam the Sham four or five times.
Swingin' Medallions performed DOUBLE SHOT on 7-15-66.
Sir Douglas Quintet did She's About a Mover on 7-16-65 and The Rains Came on 4-12-66.
Wilson Pickett performed five times including #195 on 3-30-66 when he performed Midnight Hour.

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Here's another one I found in my archives. I'm not sure if it's from
'65 or
'66. Maybe somebody out there could tell us. Seems like Billy Stewart's
was in '66 so maybe that's it. At the top of the WTBC
that week was the Magnificent Rubber's doin' "Farmer John". Further
down the
list you'll see the Swangin' Medallions and some other folks you might
recognize. Just thought I'd join in the fun.
All the best,
Johnny Townsend

SouthCamp: August '69
courtesy of Bruce Hopper
far left,with only head partially showing, Chuck Leavell
Paul Hornsby
on keyboards
Bill "Squirmy" Stewart on drums
Glenn Butts on guitar
Frank Friedman on bass

"Wow the Southcamp photo that was second is very similar to the one I took that afternoon in August of 1969. Same angle. There was a lot of jammin going on that aafternoon. was Townsend the source for that picture? He is mistaken about Mullinex playing. My picture has Squirmy on drums (same shirt as in your pic, but you can see Bill's receding hairline in my pic, definately not Lou. My pic also includes Hornsby and half of Chuck's head. Glen Butts is standing where Charlie is and Frank is playing bass. In your pic, Frank's bassman is on the ground but in by pic it is on the stage. I think that a lot of people played that day on the quad. The neat thing is that there is only a two recepticle plug that came out of the ground next to that big Oak Tree. All the power came from there. You had to be careful about how many amps were pluged in or someone would have to go and replace a fuse in the ROTC building." BRUCE HOPPER

Another shot from the same afternoon



Standing on Left Billy McClain- guitar
seated on left Don McGlamery
seated on right Jeff Neighbors Drums
standing Tommy Stuart and Bruce Hopper
"I also have several pics with different versions of the OMen and Their
. I would like to get them to the guy that is doing the southern
beach music list. Unfortunately my scanner is down and I don't have a way
to digitize them.I know that he only wants bands that were 50% R&B
which we were when we opened for the Pieces of Eight the summer of '67. At
the end of the summer our drummer Mike Hatchett brought Jimmy Hendrix's
"Are You Experienced" to practice. That changed everything. We kicked
out the horn players (unless they also played something else) and
changed our song list to a more psychedelic mixture. It was during that time
that we recorded our first 45, "Maybe Later" that has been recently put
on the Psychedelic States anthology CD (still waiting for my first
royalty check)." bruce


Thanks for the old Beatle's nostalgia. On Sunday I remembered my time
to see the Beatles on August 15th, 1965. I was working in New York for
my grandfather that summer and my brother was working for our Uncle at
the Worlds Fair. We got tickets to the Shea Stadium concert from
scalpers (the Red Cross). We paid $10 each for 12th row tickets. I did not
hear that concert until it played on TV. There were over 50,000 people
there and at least 49000 were screaming girls. It was the largest outdoor
concert ever done at that time. The girls were so loud that you could
not hear the jets going over from LaGuardia Airport. The sound system
was totally inadequate. I can see my self in the Beatles Anthology video
that I taped off the TV. I now have taken a still out of the video, and
have it blown up so that I am between the Beatles as they walked across
the field to the stage. I have it framed along with my ticket stub from
the concert.

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Sound Of The City
99'rs SURVEY
For the week beginning FEB 26, 1965

TW SONG-Artist
2 BIRDS & BEES- Jewell Aikens
3 CAN'T YOU HEAR- Herman's Hermits
4 MY GIRL- Temptations
5 LITTLE THINGS- Bobby Goldsboro
6 FERRY THE MERSEY- Gerry & Pacemakers
7 LOST LOVIN' FEELING- Righteous Bros.
8 8 DAYS A WEEK- Beatles
9 BOY FROM N.Y.C.- Ad Libs
10 SHOTGUN- Jr Walker & AllStars
11 LET'S LOCK DOOR- Jay & Americans
12 DON'T LET ME BE- Animals
13 TWINE TIME- al Cash & Crawlers
14 THESE ARMS OF MINE- Tempo & Stevens
15 LEE CROSS- Walter Jackson
16 I WANNA BE- Manhattans
17 GOLDFINGER THEME- Shirley Bassey
18 DON'T MESS UP- Bass & McClure
19 RED ROSES- Wayne Newton
20 I UNDERSTAND- Freddie & Dreamers
22 STOP IN THE NAME- Supremes
23 LIKE A CHILD- Julie Rogers
24 THE "IN" CROWD- Dobie Gray
25 GO NOW- Moody Blues
26 I GO TO PIECES- Peter & Gordon
27 THE NAME GAME- Shirley Ellis
28 BREAK AWAY- New Beats
29 LEMON TREE- Trini Lopez
30 LA LA LA LA LA- True Tones
31 WHAT DO YOU THINK- Dolly Parton
32 TELL HER NO- Zombies
34 HURT SO BAD- Little Anthony
35 ASK THE LONELY- Four Tops
* denotes former 99'r Pick

Sound Of The City
99'rs SURVEY
For the week beginning MAR 26, 1965

TW SONG-Artist

1. GAME OF LOVE- Wayne Fontana[some of ya'll musicians need to record this again]
Artist: Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders Lyrics
Song: Game Of Love Lyrics

The purpose of a man is to love a woman,
And the purpose of a woman is to love a man,
So come on baby let's start today, come on baby let's play
The game of love, love, la la la la la love

It started long ago in the Garden of Eden
When Adam said to Eve, baby, you're for me
So come on baby let's start today, come on baby let's play
The game of love, love, la la la la la love

Come on baby 'cause the time is right
Love your daddy with all your might
Put your arms around me, hold me tight
Play the game of love

The purpose of a man is to love a woman,
And the purpose of a woman is to love a man,
So come on baby let's start today, come on baby let's play
The game of love, love, la la la la la love

The purpose of a man is to love a woman,
And the purpose of a woman is to love a man,
So come on baby let's start today, come on baby let's play
The game of love, love, la la la la la love

Come on baby 'cause the time is right
Love your daddy with all your might
Put your arms around me, hold me tight
Play the game of love

The game of love, (love), love, (love), la la la la la love
The game of love, (love), love, (love), la la la la la love

The game of love baby, the game of la la la la love
The game of love baby, the game of la la la la love

2 BIRDS & BEES- Jewell Aikens
3 MY GIRL- Temptations
4 SHOTGUN- Jr. Walker
5 IN NAME OF LOVE- Supremes *
6 GO NOW- Moddy Blues *
7 FERRY MERSEY- Gerry/Pacemakers
8 8 DAYS A WEEK- Beatles
9 ONE KISS- Ronnie Dove *
10 DON'T MESS UP- Bass & McClure *
11 CAN'T GET OFF MIND- Solomon Burke
12 THESE ARMS OF MINE- Tempo & Stevens
13 MR. PITIFUL- Otis Redding *
14 I'M TELLING YOU- Freddie/Dreamers *
15 RED ROSES- Wayne Newton *
16 CAN'T YOU HEAR- Herman's Hermits
17 PEOPLE GET READY- Impressions *
18 ASK THE LONELY- Four Tops *
19 HURT SO BAD- Little Anthony
20 COME STAY- Marianne Faithful
21 SEND ME PILLOW- Dean Martin *
23 DON'T LE ME BE- Animals
24 COME HOME- Dave Clark 5
25 DO ANYTHING- Harold Betters *
26 TEACH ME TIGER- April Stevens
27 WHIPPED CREAM- Tijuana Brass *
28 I WANNA BE- Manhattans
29 LONG LONELY NIGHTS- Bobby Vinton *
30 MUST BE SEEING- Gene Pitney *
31 LITTLE THINGS- Bobby Goldsboro
32 I UNDERSTAND- Freddie/Dreamers
33 I KNOW A PLACE- Petula Clark *
34 DO THE CLAM- Elvis Presley
* denotes former 99'r Pick

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Man,talking 'bout funny, ya oughtta check out the BIG WSGN 610 TWENTY THREE MINUTE AIRCHECK from 1967 brought to you by the Russell Wells Collection. You can begin to play the aircheck and continue your work on the Internet while you are transported back 37 years to the world of TOP 40 Radio in the Magic [now the Tragic] City.
Time Mag calls young people "generation of conformists"
Jan 4 - President Johnson outlines "Great Society"
Feb - Martin Luther King Jr. and 770 other protesters arrested in Selma, Alabama for picketing county courthouse to end discrim voting rights
Feb 8 - U.S. starts bombing North Vietnam
Feb 18 - Sect. of Defense Robert McNamara calls for nationwide network of bomb shelters
Feb 21 - Malcolm X shot and killed
Mar 3 - Owsley starts LSD factory, making large quantities of acid available for the first time
Mar 6 - First American soldier officially sets foot on Vietnam battlefields
Mar 7 - Alabama state troopers attack 525 civil rights workers as they prepare to march
Mar 8 - 3,500 Marines land to protect Da Nang air base
Mar 16 - Quaker Alice Herz, 82, immolates self in Detroit in protest of the Vietnam war
Mar 16 - Police break-up demonstration of 600 in Montgomery, Alabama
Mar 17 - 1,600 people demonstrate at Montgomery, Alabama courthouse
Mar 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. leads march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama joined by 25,000 marchers
Mar 24 - SDS organizes first Vietnam War teach-in at Univ. of Michigan
3000 show up
Mar 25 - Civil rights worker shot and killed by KKK in Alabama
Mar 28 - Martin Luther King calls for boycott of Alabama on TV
Apr - 25,000 U.S. troops stationed in Vietnam
Apr 2 - Ken Kesey busted for marijuana first time
Apr 17 - SDS leads first anti-Vietwar march in Washington. 25,000 attend including Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and Judy Collins
Jun 11 - Beatles awarded the MBE by the Queen
July 8 - Chicago school integration protests
July 10 - Rolling Stones' I Can't Get No Satisfaction #1
July 24 - Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone enters charts
July 25 - Dylan goes Rock at Newport Folk Festival
July 30 - LBJ signs Medicare bill
Aug - Ken Kesey meets Hunter Thompson who introduces the Hells Angels to the Merry Pranksters; Alan Ginsberg & Richard Alpert are at the party.
Aug 11 - Major race riot (6 days) in Watts, leaves 35 dead
Aug 13 - Nat'l Guard enters Watts riots in L.A.
Aug 14 - Sonny and Cher release "I Got You Babe"
Aug 23 - Premiere of Beatles' Help!
Aug 31 - Burning draft cards becomes illegal
Sept 5 - San Francisco writer Michael Fallon applies the term "hippie" to the SF counterculture in an article about the Blue Unicorn coffeehouse where LEMAR (Legalize Marijuana) & the Sexual Freedom League meet, & hippie houses.
Sept 25 - “Eve of Destruction”, sang by Barry McGuire top of the charts
Oct 1 - Anti-pollution bill sets emission standards for cars
Oct 16 - 100,000 anti-war protesters nationwide in 80 cities
Nov - "Unsafe at Any Speed" about the automobile industry's disregard for safety, published by Ralph Nader.
Nov 22 - Bob Dylan marries Sarah Lowndes & moves to Woodstock, N.Y.
Dec 25 - Timothy Leary busted for pot at the Mexican border

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Leavell seated on the left
Mullinex seated in the middle
Charlie Hayward on the right
The two guys against the wall are not identified. Please sent their identification along with any suggestions or unwanted comments to

The cat behind Chuck is Jimmy Nall and the other cat is James Taylor's older brother..Alex Taylor... who was the first one to cut BABY RUTH on his first album...and I thinik it was also Capricorn's first 45.

Alex died at King Snake Recording Studio during a knocked the power out and Alex was one cat that could not stand any down time...

He died much too young ! And was a great Soul singer...

"Photo 4. The Tuscaloosa Music Dogs. Left - Chuck Leavell, Middle - Lou Mullinex,
Far Right - Charley Hayward. I don't know the names of the two guys in the back. Maybe some of your tribe could refresh our memories on that. I don't remember the band name either. I just made up The Tuscaloosa Music Dogs."

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hey tribe:
The letter from Austin got me thinking about two uv my Lone Star State heroes, Joe "King" Carrasco and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Check out their websites.

Enjoy your Sunday.

the following is an invitation to all uv ya'll to check out my blogs
Welcome To The Cotton Kingdom is a play based upon my experiences teaching in all black public schools in Alabama.
SNAKE DOCTOR is a science-fiction novel about a mad scientist who is a religious fanatic from Wekiwahatchee County, Alabama, who eliminates all growth control in reptiles.
ACADEMIC SHITHEADS is blog where I post everthang which disgirsts me in modern academia.

I have begun playing a Internet game called blogshares where weblogs are traded and profit and loss are measured in virtual dollars. The value of your blog is based upon the number of sites linked to it so I now am very interested in getting my blogs out to the public. Anything ya'll can do to help the cause will be appreciated.

And of course I look forward to any suggestions or other unwanted comments concerning my blogs.