Friday, December 26, 2003


Rohypnel produces
unconsciousness and amnesia; Ritalin produces a very
singular one-pointedness in users allowing them to
concentrate on exactly what they are doing, and
nothing else. It is possible for a person under the
MK-ULTRA counter-parts of these drugs, combined with
hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestion, to, for
instance, blithely pass out Fair Play For CubaCommittee literature in New Orleans, without ever even
questioning how he got there, or believing that it
should be questioned. also, there are processes of
MK-ULTRA induced amnesia which make it virtually
fool-proof. In the induced trance state, the victim
is subjected to threats on his family members and
himself. He is forced to witness real or contrived
torture-killings of other human beings while in this
state. Then, he is withdrawn from the scene of this
abuse, given hypnotic commands in conjunction with
drugs, told that the abusive treatment was all
imaginary, and that he must not remember it; if he
will not remember it, it will not be real.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Ag commissioner supports open trade as solution for Cubans, Alabamians

By Kyle Wingfield
The Associated Press
December 24, 2003

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MONTGOMERY | State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks on Tuesday called on the federal government to lift its economic embargoes on Cuba, saying Cubans and Americans alike could benefit from open trade.

Sparks, who last week made his second trip to the island nation to tout Alabama timber, cotton, poultry and other products, said the United States should normalize trade relations with Cuba as it has with Russia, China, Vietnam and Korea.

“I just feel very strongly that our government needs a line of communication to start dialogue about the concerns that we may have, of any threats that Cuba may have on this country," Sparks said at a news conference.

“Cuba has 11 million hungry people. The Cuban people are very humble, they are very warm, and they are very appreciative of the efforts that not only Alabama (but) other states are making with the food."

Sparks, House Speaker Seth Hammett, Senate President Pro Tem Lowell Barron and other Alabama officials went to Havana last week for contract talks with Cuban leaders. The U.S. government allows American companies to sell agricultural and medical products to Cuba, which otherwise has been shut out of U.S. trade since the 1960s.

Cuba had hoped to sign contracts to buy as much as $130 million in American farm products during trade talks last week with more than 250 representatives of U.S. businesses, trade authorities, state governments and other related enterprises. Cuban officials say the communist country has bought more than $500 million in U.S. goods in the last two years

Sparks said Alabama companies’ sales to Cuba in the coming year would be “in the millions of dollars" -- and will only rise in the future.

“We’re just trying to be aggressive and make sure that we get our fair share of trade," he said. “And not only do we need to look at Cuba, my ambition is to look at other Latin American countries to carry Alabama products into those countries."

Barron, D-Fyffe, predicted Alabama would be “a major trading partner" with Cuba when trade sanctions are lifted.

“And every time we ship a ton of wheat or a bale of cotton down there, we’re talking about creating some more jobs right here in Alabama," Barron said.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Winter Solstice, 1:03 A.M. Central Standard Time, Monday, December 22, 2003

Here's a pretty good Times-Picayune article on the festivities during the bicentennial of the transfer.

There's also another front page article on the home page.

Found a great quote from page 144 of Cotterill's Southern Indians....

Pressure upon the Choctaws lightened with the Louisiana Purchase, but Cherokees and Creeks found no rest from the demands of a land-hungry country. In the spring of 1804, Meigs and Daniel Smith, as United States commissioners, invited the Cherokees to confer with them on the subject of ceding the Wafford tract in Georgia and their Kentucky and Tennessee lands north of [a] line from the Duck to the Hiwassee. As a measure for promoting this additional subtraction from the Cherokees' dwindling domain, the commissioners were authorized to bribe Vann again: two or three hundred dollars was the amount estimated necessary to secure from him a second betrayal of his countrymen. Suspecting, and perhaps knowing, that their chiefs were being bribed, the Cherokees countered by delegating all tribal business to Cheistoya, Broom, and Taluntuskee. Whether the authority of Little Turkey had been terminated by his death or resignation it is impossible to say; the triumvirate was apparently a device for bridging the interval till his successor might be chosen. As an apparent result of the Cherokee defense measure, the commissioners in the treaty of Tellico, October 13 and 14, were able to secure only the small Wafford tract in Georgia; the Cherokees not only refused the larger cession, but on the day following the treaty entered a protest against the contemplated sale by the Chickasaws of land claimed by the Cherokees.......

Would still love to get something going to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Forbes Purchase on May 25.

Started to repost stuff at "Cuba, Alabama"

Feliz Navidad ,