Saturday, January 10, 2004

It was 70 years ago that a die-hard fleet of 11 wooden sailboats raced out of Tampa Bay bound for Havana, Cuba. In that first formal race to Cuba, George S. "Gidge" Gandy of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club and Commodoro Rafael Posso of the Havana Yacht Club launched a classic ocean race which survived one world war and, eventually, the revolution in Cuba. The original Southern Ocean Racing Conference (SORC), which offered offshore racing around the southern tip of Florida and into the Bahamas, replaced the Cuba race until the Tampa Bay to Havana format was revived in 1996 by three independent sailors from local sailing clubs.

There are no yacht clubs involved in the current race to Cuba, but with more than 200 boats participating in each of the previous two years, the now titled Havana Cup regatta has revived a piece of history. It isn't hard to suggest that the direction of current Cuba-U.S. relations are still twisting in a gyroscopic tizzy, but hopefully time and common sense will allow this friendly relationship between the sailors in Cuba and the U.S. to continue.
Ocean Racing Ventures president Jim Duncan said he is continuing to work with Treasury officials with hopes of resuming the official Havana Cup event later in the year. Given the positive experience of the unofficial Havana Cup sailors, this event could easily draw more than 100 boats in the future without a formal U.S. organizer.


Tramp by: Carla Thomas / Otis Redding
Peak: 26
Year: 1967

- Tramp.
- What cha call me?
- Tramp.
- Oh you didnt!
- You dont wear continental clothes or Stetson hats.
- But Ill tell ya one doggone thing. It makes me feel good to know one thing. I know... Im a lover!
- Matter of opinion, baby.
- Huh? Thats alright, mama was.
- So?
- Papa too.
- Hmmmm.
- And I know this job, lovins all I know to do.
- Ya know what, Otis?
- What?
- Youre country!
- Thats alright.
- Youre straight from the Georgia woods. - Thats good.
- Ya know what? You wear overalls, big ole broke iron shoes and ya need a haircut, tramp. - Haircut!!! Woman, you goofy. Ooooo... whaaaa Im a lover.
- Yeah, huh.
- Mama was, right mama? Papa too. Ahhh thats alright. But, Im the only son of a gun.
- Oh yeah?
- This side of town. Tramp???
- Thats right, thats what ya are.
- Oh baby, rat cat like that.
- Youre a rat and a tramp! You know, Otis, I dont care what ya say youre
still a tramp.
- What?
- Thats right. You havent even got a
fat bank roll in your pocket. You probably havent even got twenty five cents.
- I got six Cadallacs, Five Lincolns, Four Fords, Six Mercurys, Three T-Birds, Mustang, Ohhh woman, Im a lover.
- Huh, cant prove it by me.
- My mama was, my papa too. Im gonna tell ya one thing.
- So tell me.
- Im the only son of a gun, yeah,
this side of the sun, alright.
- Youre a tramp, Otis, I dont care
what you say, youre still a tramp.
- Dont call me that.
- Look here, you aint got no money.
- I got everythin.
- You cant buy me all those minks and sables and all that stuff I want.
- I can buy you minks, rats, frogs, squirrel, rabbit, anything you want, woman.
- Look you can go out in the Georgia woods and catch them, baby.

- Aaahhh, woman, you just goofy.
- Oh you still a tramp, a tramp.
- Thats alright.
- A tramp, Otis, you just a tramp.
- You wear overalls and ya need a haircut...
O - Huh? A haircut?


Thursday, January 08, 2004

Monday, January 05, 2004

Sharon and I at The Chukker's Last Night!!!!

See the rest of the destruction at

From: "bullslough" Add to Address Book
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 19:15:29 -0000
Subject: [TheChukker] Chukker's last night pics posted

Hey y'all. Happy New Year. Finally got the Chukker's Last Stand
pics posted. Here's a link ...

Unfortunately, I didn't have ANY court yard pics so I'm thinking
about doing a separate page for courtyard pics new and old. If you
have some, please mail them to the site and I'll see what I can do.

take care


Sunday, January 04, 2004

Here I stand near Nickajack where Alabama,Georgia and Tennessee intersect. Please send all suggestions and other unwanted comments to

Muchas gracias a mi buen amigo, babbs, para el t-shirt. Git yur skypilotclub t-shirt @

I know you ain't gonna believe this but I am finally gonna get rid of my old lady. She burglarized the house last night so she's gone along with the TV, microwave, food, towels, sheets,etc, etc.

Thank God Almighty! Free At Last!

We haven't filed for divorce yet but it ought to be pretty simple. Give her joint custody of Christopher and call it quits! Joint custody won't be a problem cause the selfish bitch only calls him once every two weeks and visitation for her will be an hour long lunch at Pepito's once every month or two.

For the first time in 16 years I am finally making plans for my future. All my friends and family want me to come back to Dothan and I really want to but Christopher has 3 and a half more years of high school and he has so many close friends here that leaving would be like cutting off his right arm so I will definitely be in Tuscaloosa until 2007.

Still in Tuscaloosa but without a thieving wife so maybe I can make some progress. Am planning on going to Panama City Beach for AEA and who knows about this summer. Christopher is going to crew on a schooner in the Bahamas during AEA and he'll probably be gone for about 8 or 9 weeks this summer so I should have plenty of opportunities to RAISE HELL AND GIT NEKKID!!!! Christopher has a superd video camera and I've already started making tapes about my life here for my friends. I wanna make one especially for you so why don't ya email me yo address.