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My memory fails me....connect the dots regarding 'Zero, Northwest Florida' please?

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Well the word ZERO is central to my spiritual philosophy.
It has to do with protective circles and wheels of fortune.
Think about circles of goodness spinning around you
guiding you steadily on your journey like a gyroscope.
And this gyroscope doesn't turn on its on.
You have to spin it. God helps those who help themselves.

Northwest Florida is a proposed state I created by erasing Ellicott's Line between the Perdido and the Chattahoochee Rivers, the first U.S. Southern Boundary & the present-day Alabama-Florida line.

Out here in cyberspace I packed my bags and moved from Cuba, Alabama to
Zero, Northwest Florida.




I see you have some of the photos I sent are up already. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I
did going through them all again. I get all warm and fuzzy inside everytime I pull out the old Rubber Band photos and the pics of old friends and comrades like Lou and Tippy. I guess I'm getting sentimental in my old age, not that I haven't always been.
Incidentally, I'll be out performing this summer with the TGZ Band. It's a nine piece jazz/funk band that Danny Toler pulled me in on. Other members include Matt Zeiner on keyboards from Dickey Betts Great Southern, "Scary" Ron Gary, also on keys. Ron has played with a lot of jazz greats like Stanley Clark and Chick Correa. Avon Lucas from the D.C. area. Avon is monster bass player who plays a 9-string bass. The damn thing looks like a 2" X 6" with strings and he sounds like an orchestra when he plays solos. Dangerous Danny Toler, of course, who's my favorite guitar player, and John McKnight on drums. Danny and I played with John in the Renegades and we're thrilled to have him in this band. We've got 4 guys that sing their butts off so every possible musical base is covered. We've got an emerging hit CD, having picked up over 600 stations in recent weeks. We've also just signed with a great agent on the east coast and the largest indy distributor in the states, Select-O-Hits. We'll be doing some gigs around the southeast starting with a concert buyers convention in Memphis toward the end of July. Dick Wooley, who used to be the head promotion guy at Capricorn Records has signed the group to his new label, King Mojo Records. Who'd have thought us old geezers would be getting another crack at the bigs. The TGZ Band is comprised of some of the best players I've ever seen, let alone perform with. I'll give you a heads up if we get into the T-Town area and hope to see you and some of the blogger minions this summer. Check out the TGZ MySpace site for gig updates.....

Johnny Townsend

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Subject: Your Appearance On Hannity & Colmes Was SUPERB!


You rock, bro' man!

I think you scared Colmes out of his hide when he scolded you for looking away from him and then you obliged by looking him in the eye.
Colmes is a pathetic, wormy little hateful sack of shit posing as a male & I wish you had had the opportunity to tear his deceitful psyche apart but that's TV.

You might be interested in a couple of my websites

Buena suerte mi amigo.
We Alabamians glory in your spunk!

Keep up the good work.
I was the first person at the University of Alabama to check out your Fidel book this year & it had been on the shelf of the library since 2005!
It is a masterful expose of the hate, inhumanity, perversity and falsehood of the entire Left.
Way to go!

Robert Register

Humberto Fontova

Great to hear from you, amigo!

And "Roll Tide!"--indeed--
except when they play LSU where my two sons (major college football fans) now attend.

Will be visiting Alabama-- with my coon-ass buddies-- this November for deer-season as usual.

Humberto Fontova

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Janet Ray Weininger HAS NOW COLLECTED $23,900,000 FROM CASTRO!

Back in '03, I talked to Janet over the phone about her finding out when she was 6 years old in the first grade in Ozark that her Daddy had been killed at Bay of Pigs with the Alabama National Guard . She wanted to find out where the house was in Ozark where she was living when she got the news. We both worked on it & finally I got these emails around September 8, 2003.


Our home backed-up to the woods and was one house away from the corner house. The corner house wasn't on Westview. It was on Anne Street and the side street was a dirt road that went back into the woods. Across the street from our home where other houses that had backyards that sloped down. In fact there was block walls behind their houses and those on Magnolia Street which were even lower.

Our home was small with windows that cranked out.


Dear Roberto:

The street that I lived on in Ozark was Anne Street. It would be interesting to learn something about the cemetery that was deep in the woods behind my home. Do you have any connections. I went to and saw the there was undeveloped property behind.


Janet Ray Weisinger found out she was living on Anne Street in Ozark when she entered the first grade and her Daddy was recruited by the CIA for the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

I received this email from her today. [September 8, 2003]

image courtesy of NPR
A satellite view of Havana.

A Havana Apartment Building -2006
image courtesy of NPR


by Greg Allen

All Things Considered, June 7, 2007 ·

Exiles from Castro's Cuba are using new technology to help them find their former homes in the island nation. Some have filed claims against frozen Cuban bank accounts in the United States for their losses, but coffers are running low after a few large payouts.

Thousands of companies and individuals have claims on file against the Cuban government. Many of them keep a watchful eye on the health of Fidel Castro, who gave his first interview this week since ceding power to his brother Raul and undergoing emergency surgery 10 months ago.

The prospect that the end of Castro's rule may hasten change in Cuba has cheered exiles living in South Florida and elsewhere who have a strong interest in the nation's future.

It is a point of principle among many Cuban exiles that while they long for their former home, they refuse to return — even for a visit — until Castro is gone and change begins to come to Cuba.

Many exiles fled Cuba after their homes and businesses were seized at gunpoint by the Communist regime. An ongoing exhibit of photographs in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood offers them the next best thing to a visit.

Mario Sanchez is a professor of computer sciences at Miami Dade College who conceived the exhibition, part of a project that marries computer technology with high-definition photography. It is aimed at helping Cuban-Americans locate and see images of their former homes.

As he steps closer to the large, wall-mounted satellite photo, it is clear Sanchez has a personal interest in the project.

"My house is in the Tamarindo area," he says.

Several years ago, Sanchez sent to the U.S. State Department copies of his photos, the deed for the Havana property, and an affidavit asserting a claim to his former home.

That process helped inspire his new project, in which Cuban exiles can use an interactive map to locate their former homes — and to file claims with the U.S. government.

At his home office in Miami Beach, Napthali Rishe shows how Cuban Americans can find their homes. At his laptop, he brings up the Web site he runs, A few clicks later, he is navigating around an interactive satellite map of Havana.

In some cases, the interactive map links to high-definition, street-level images of the property or others nearby, taken by U.S. volunteers and entered into the database.

Rishe says the project isn't political. It was intended to be an interactive archive that would document the current architecture of Havana, but which would also allow users to register claims to their former homes.

Attorney Pedro Freyre's family had four houses in Havana confiscated by the Castro regime. But he says now is not the time to press those claims.

Freyre also represents U.S. companies that had property confiscated by Cuba and which, like individual homeowners, have registered claims with the U.S. government.

In all, nearly 6,000 companies and individuals have claims on file with the State Department, claims that are waiting for some day in the future when Cuba and the United States are ready to discuss normalizing relations.

But while thousands wait, a few people have brought lawsuits against the Cuban government, and won.

One of them is Janet Ray Weininger, daughter of CIA pilot Thomas Ray, who was shot down during the 1961 Bay of Pigs operation and executed by Cuban authorities.

Weininger was just 6 when she last saw her father. It wasn't until the early 1970s that CIA officials told her family how he had died. By then, though still a teenager, she had begun trying to get Cuban authorities to return her father's body.

In 1979, Cuba released Thomas Ray's body. And then in 1996, Congress passed a law allowing U.S. citizens to sue foreign governments for terrorist acts. In Cuba's case, hundreds of millions of dollars have been held frozen in U.S. bank accounts since the 1960s.

Last year, Janet Ray Weininger received nearly $25 million disbursed from frozen Cuban accounts.

Two other lawsuits have also successfully tapped frozen Cuban funds. Families of members of the group Brothers to the Rescue who were shot down in their plane by Cuba in 1996 have received more than $90 million.

Also last year, the family of Howard Anderson, a U.S. businessman shot by a Cuban firing squad in 1961, received $67 million.

Other judgments against the Castro regime are pending. But Cuban and knowledgeable U.S. sources say there is little money left in Cuba's frozen accounts.

"There may be a little left, but it's certainly precious little," said Stuart Eizenstat, a former official in the Clinton and Carter administrations who has worked on claims involving foreign governments. His cases have included claims in Iran and Vietnam.

Eizenstat is critical of the lawsuits that have tapped Cuba's frozen funds, saying they unfairly bypassed thousands of other legitimate claims — and that they also undercut U.S. diplomatic leverage with Cuba.

Settling the thousands of claims pending against Cuba should not be much of an obstacle to normalization, Eizenstat said — when that day finally comes.

Given Cuba's poor economic state, Eizenstat says that any compensation received by claimants may be little more than token payments — and that ultimately, an apology may be as important as the money.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Robert Register----

I sent this email to Robert Byrd, Houston County Coroner and a personal friend of mine, when he told me about Dan's death yesterday morning.

I don't know who is handling Dan's arrangements or who the preacher is, but I know sometimes preachers have a hard time coming up with things to say about the deceased. If you know who has this job for Dan, you might pass this on to him.

About the time I was learning to play the guitar, in the late fifties, Dan and his family moved in next door to us, so we spent a lot of time together picking around, learning things about music. He played a four-string banjo. We saw each other from time to time through all the following years.

A few years ago, Dan was visiting his ailing folks and I suppose saw my car at my mother's house, so he walked down for a visit. Now, Dan had a problem remembering names, no matter how long he had known a person. His older brother was named Jimmy, and my older brother was named Rickey. He walked into the garage and popped into the back door and saw me sitting there talking to Mother.

"Rickey!" he said.

"No, Jimmy!" I said.

"No, Dan!" he replied.

About ten seconds of silence followed, while we figured out what had just happened.
Then Dan broke into that totally infectious laugh he had and we all started laughing.
I never saw him after that without reminding him of the shortest and silliest conversation any two people ever had.

A year or so later, I saw Dan at his parent's house and we met on Mrs. Grubb's driveway, which separated the two yards.

"Dan," I complained to him, "I was always the airplane nut in the neighborhood and everybody knew it. I was the one making and flying models around the yard, and took flying lessons when I was eighteen. And here all you guys are, you, Porter Thrower, Bo Hudson, and all these other people, out flying airplanes! Y'all never showed any interest in airplanes that I knew of. There's something wrong with this picture."

Dan actually looked apologetic.

"Well, Jimmy," he said, "I guess we just didn't have anything else to do."

Dan was one of the nicest, friendliest people I have known in my life, and I am so sorry this has happened to him.
I will miss our infrequent, always funny encounters as we traveled our way through our lives.
Jimmy Dean
Dan's funeral will be 10 o'clock Tuesday morning at Byrd Funeral Home here in Dothan. Visitation will be Monday, the day before, I suppose about 6 PM. Dan was a fantastic fellow, and I am truly sorry about this happening. I will miss him.
Jimmy Dean

Subject : Dan Smith.

We here at home who are associated with Lynn Stewart, Don and Paul have them and Dan in our best wishes and continuing prayers.

Our prayers have been with them since Dan's death. He was one of Paul's oldest and dearest as you are one of mine.

Prayers and positive vibes are needed for Dan, his family, all those who loved him and all of those who love us.


Robert, I don't know whether you knew Dan Smith. He was killed this morning about 10:00 am when his plane crashed. Here is the Dothan Eagle article reporting it: The Eagle will publish more as it becomes known.

-- William

Dear fellow members of the Class of 1962,
When I left High School, it was the beginning of the World of the '60's. For a variety of reasons, I lost contact with almost all of you from my high school class. I almost went to a reunion (I think it was the 25th or 30th), but my mother did not tell me that Larry Wingate had called her trying to find me, but she did not tell me until after the reunion had taken place. Finally, desiring to reconnect with my old friends and acquaintances from high school, I joined Soon I was contacted by Dan Smith, and then by DeeDee Jackson, inviting me to the 40th reunion of the class of '62. I attended, and re-established contact with many of you. I will never regret it.
Most importantly, I re-established contact with Dan Smith (or rather, Dan re-established contact with me). It was he who reached out and drew me in. What I gather from many of you, is that it was he who drew you in as well. The irony is that, while I knew Dan while we were in high school together, I barely knew him. After our 40th reunion, we remained in steady contact, mostly be e-mail. Because of him, I attended our 45th reunion, just a few short weeks ago, and it was a joy to be with all of you -- but most of all, to be with Dan. He became what I consider a close friend. It was Dan who re-collected us, Dan who re-joined us, Dan who stitched us all back together. I wept when Melba sent me the e-mail informing me of his passing.
Dan was a man of faith, a man whose faith shone forth in his interactions with us, a man whose faith drove him and inspired me. He was a gentle man, a loving man, a generous man. I grieve his passing, but rejoice in my certainty that he is with our God in God's loving embrace. May God have mercy on us all, bless us and keep us, and may he comfort those closest to Dan, especially Dan's immediate family, whom I did not know but for whom I grieve.
Dan was a good man. I will miss him, and I know all of you will as well.
William Wheatley

William Arthur Wheatley, R.A.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Wheatley US Limited
2 Bala Plaza, Suite 300
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-1501, USA
Tel. +1 610-660-7819
Fax: +1 610-667-8147
Tel. Direct to Mr. Wheatley +1 610-658-0579
Mr. Wheatley's Cell Phone +1 610 517 6666

Fax Direct to Mr. Wheatley +1 610-658-6318
Toll Free within the USA: +1 877-WHEATL-1


Back in April, I was invited by William to attend the 45th Reunion of the DHS Class of '62. Even though I was in Dothan at the time, I was unable to attend.

I regretted it then and I really regret it now because I know I would have had an opportunity to meet William's friend Dan.

On a more positive note, we received this message from Dothan musician Richard Burke:

Robbie Gay wrote the music and lyrics for My Angel. Clear Channel Music Radio has selected it for play. As I send out this email it is listed number 166 out of 300 plus songs.
I hope you bookmark it to watch and play it when you can. Should be kinda' interesting.
Robbie Gay; guitars, bass, lyrics and composition.
Frank Tanton; Producer, Engineer, Keys.
Richard Burke, III; vocals and backing vocals.
My Angel by The Robbie Gay Band

Received this message from my ole pahdnuh in crime,
Sydney, Australia's SIMON ROBINSON!

Hi Robert:
My memories of 1519 8th street are that it was
always the meeting point for the beginning of an adventure organized by our fearless leader RR.
Summer days , swimming in this spring water that just bubbled out of the ground, somewhere out in the woods , travelling out there in the fabulous 62 chev,
going down to the Black Warrior River, trips to Moundville,
what a place that is you can feel the history , I have been out in the desert country of australia it just takes your breath away its ancient.
I digress;
preparing to go to a concert to see YES(Fragile album) going to the Chukker
then back to 1519 just in case we had not had enough.
Laurie from Texas , Bob , Karen Fowler and others .
Where is Laurie? Did you keep in touch?
I would love to hear from her.
What a great gal.

It was a great thrill to find you and talk.
I will now start planning a trip to Tuscaloosa.
I just had one of the best times living there.
Talk to you soon
your friend

Now folksiz, that MESSAGE OUT OF THE BLUE from Simon is the internet at it's best!

wwwwwwwwwwyker had some folks request images from Zero, Northwest Florida that had fallen off the Web over the past four years. I asked him to be specific and he said, "The pictures of Lou."
Lou is the legendary Lou Mullinix, an extraordinary drummer who made a tremendous impact during his life. I contacted Johnny Townsend & Igor because I remembered that they had been sources for my pictures of Lou. Like all good citizens of Zero, West Florida, both of these cats came through.

Johnny sent me a treasure trove of images which we'll be permanently placing on the Web in the coming days. He also gave us a link to Professor Toffel's gorgeous daughter Jennifer. She's still stunning.
You a lucky dog Townsend.

image courtesy of
Jennifer grew up in that house on the northeast corner where Queen City ends before you go down the river hill.

Now here's a sample of the terrific stuff Mr. Townsend sent us:

Leavell seated on the left
Mullinex seated in the middle
Charlie Hayward on the right
The two guys against the wall are not identified. Please sent their identification along with any suggestions or unwanted comments to

The cat behind Chuck is Jimmy Nall and the other cat is James Taylor's older brother..Alex Taylor ... who was the first one to cut BABY RUTH on his first album...and I think it was also Capricorn's first 45.

Alex died at King Snake Recording Studio during a knocked the power out and Alex was one cat that could not stand any down time...

He died much too young ! And was a great Soul singer...


Y'all show your appreciation to Jennifer and Johnny by visiting their websites and see what these super entertainers are doing with their lives.

Check out Johnny @


Hi Roberto,
I recently visited with Bubba Hayward about a week ago
and was able to ask him if it was OK to publish the photo of him and
Lou on the internet and he gave permission. The photo that you have
from me was the one I shot of Lou, Bubba, and his brother Charlie
Hayward in front of the old White House Apartments on Univ. Blvd.
It was the last photo taken of Lou before he died.
Bubba later came by and borrowed the photo from me to have a
copy made for Lou's mother.
The three of them had dropped in to visit Leah and I while we were
camped out in the White House in the summer of '71. We spent that
summer partly in the White House as "unregistered" tenants and part
of it living on Bubba's houseboat on the Warrior River.
I can resend you a copy of that photo if you like.
~ Igor


He doesn't have it exactly right about Georgia Pines.
John Rainey wasn't there when we cut the song at Fred Foster's studio in Nashville.

We did cut a version of Georgia Pines in Beaverteeth. That is Charlie singing @
I know we recorded it once up in Birmingham and we may have cut it again down at Playground in Florida, because Jim Lancaster has the tracks on it.
Jimmy Dean

PS. Right on, Kenneth Griffith!!!

Van Sant Kick Starts KOOL-AID
Tuesday June 12 12:50 PM ET

Fresh from a special 60th anniversary Cannes prize for his skateboarder drama Paranoid Park, the filmmaker plans to tackle a seminal 1960's treatise.

By Dennis Michael,

Before Hunter S. Thompson found fear and loathing, Tom Wolfe joined Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters for a cross-country, LSD fueled trip and wound up with the 1968 non-fiction novel The Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test, dubbed by the New York Times as the best book ever written about the hippie movement.

Now, on the eve of the book's 40th anniversary, filmmaker Gus Van Sant – the man who cast Kesey in the small role of Uma Thurman's character's dad in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and posthumously dedicated the 2002 film Gerry to the author – is going to try and do this masterwork justice on the big screen. It won't be easy; even when done right, as the 1982 Steinbeck adaptation Cannery Row was with Nick Nolte, these kinds of films have a hard time getting past the art house circuit.

Casting will be a key factor, as will the script. According to Daily Variety, Lance Black (Big Love) has been tasked with the screenplay adaptation, while Film Colony is in the process of setting up financing.

Kesey's most successful link to Hollywood is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, based on a novel that he says was greatly aided by the hallucinogenic power of LSD. No doubt one of the integral small parts of the new film will be that of Timothy Leary, a man who refused to hold a requested summit with Kesey during the original 1964 trek.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is the quintessential ROCK PHOTO.

Alison Heafner
and her guitar/back-up singer Jimbo Mathus ( Squirrel Nut Zippers)!
Live in Memphis (The Rock 'n' Roll Capital of the World)!
~ Of course Jacksonville didn't do so bad)
Allman Brothers, Classics IV, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert Nix, J.R.Cobb, 38 Special, Molly Hatchett, Hell, even Pat Boone is from Jville!!!
Robert Nix..................................

Roberto, some great pix of Alison, Rock 103's Denis and Ric's Luca Linder, Alison's guitar player Jimbo Mathus, Jim Hallengren Alison's keyboardist and guitarist.......Jimbo is from the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Jim is formerly with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band!
Will send more from The Beale Street Memphis in May Festival soon! Let's bite the ass out of the moon! Thanks, Robert Nix.....................


-This is one great singer/songwriter!

Singer Alison Heafner and Songwriter/Drummer Robert Nix from the Atlanta Rhythm Section & DEEP SOUTH, dropped by the George Klein-Sirius Satellite Radio studio in Memphis last month and since then listeners keep calling and e-mailing us about that soulful, rocking, singer they heard singing live on the air. When she belted out her song ‘Killer’ accapella, on her first visit, I said to myself, this is a moment to remember. She’s gonna be a big, big star.

She is so sweet-the real deal and without being cliché, she’s the whole package.

With her distinctive, unique sound she just makes everyone’s jaws drop.

If fans could purchase her CD they would. With her recent world wide exposure on Sirius Satellite Radio, it’s almost a shame listeners can’t walk into their favorite CD shop in the mall and pick it up. She’s got a million dollars worth of talent and the charisma to take her places. She’s one of the nicest gals as well. That personality comes through in her music. She’s so real it’s almost scary.

Just one listen and most folks will be fans. She reaches out and grabs you.

When we met Alison, she was fantastic looking, but it was the talent that immediately hits you. She’s not just another pretty face, she’s got ‘it’. It’s obvious that soon, we’ll be saying; ‘Hey I knew her when…”.

She was such a hit on the air, we’ve had her back on-the-air, several times and now it’s been proven, she’s not a flash in the pan. We’ve gotten bigger response with each appearance on the show. More and more people around the country and over seas hear her and love her.

With all this talent, energy and ‘spunk’, Alison is destined to be the next big thing. We’re looking forward to watching her career blossom and take off through the roof in the next few weeks and months.

Best of luck Alison… But you don’t need it, with all your pure talent and raw emotion!

Just download Alison Heafner on your i-pod and click play, and you’ll hear what our listeners already know!

Alison ROCKS!

“This is one great singer/songwriter”

-Jim Sykes

Sirius Satellite Radio –

Memphis, TN

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


When we become Northwest Florida, everyone will check "Negro" on the ethnic box.
Northwest Florida will be 100% Negro or BBBBBBBBBBBlaK OR anything else dat mean Afika-'Merican.
Somebody say, "Onliest reason you mad is 'cause you white!"
Simply reply, "I'm not dealing with your racism. You don't know nothin' 'bout my mama and she been dead over 20 year.
You don't know nuthin' 'bout me!

Have you convinced a Mexican to check the box labeled "Negro" on the form today!

If Al Kooper had not discovered, signed, and recorded Lynyrd Skynyrd, there would probably be no reason for them to be in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame!
I love and respect everything to do with Muscle Shoals, but come on, it's like the Killer,
Jerry Lee Lewis says, "Let's give credit where credit is due"!!!
I was there and I know what took place!
I rest my case!
Tuesday's Gone With the Wind, my friend!!!!
Robert Nix...........................

[fyi: At Kooper's request, Robert Nix played drums with Skynyrd on the recording of TUESDAY'S GONE- ed]

There's a cat at the Alabama music hall of fame
named Doug Johnson. We've had a pretty good exchange goin' on! :




The response I got from a cat named Doug Johnson:

Thank you for your e-mail. We honor the State of Alabama’s music achievers and music business. The Lynyrd Skynyrd display in our museum is about their recordings in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We are aware of the great success with the band and Al Kooper but it has nothing to do with the State of Alabama.
>David Johnson

So I replied:


It is my understanding that your Skynyrd exhibit makes reference to "Sweet Home Alabama."
That song was not recorded in Alabama and as far as I know, no Alabama musicians played on the record.

What's that song got to do with Alabama's music achievers and music business?


So he replied:

It's got everything to do with the state of Alabama

David Johnson

Then he replied:

David Johnson

Visit the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and see why we say "Stars DO Fall on
Alabama" !!!


Roberto & Sonny Grier,
lead singer of THE ROCKIN' GIBRALTARS!!!!

image courtesy of

Got a kewl message from Greg Haynes today:

It was great seeing you in Montgomery last Saturday night with the RG's.
'The Rockin' Gibraltars proved one of the major axioms in the book:
R&B bands are like vintage wine, they just get better with time.
Thanks for all the support you have given the book and the Hey Baby Days web site. Consistently over the past couple of years, your blog ,
the Swingin' Medallions web site
and Beach Music Online
have been the three big sources of referrals for the site. Thanks for keeping the music and times alive.

Hey y'all:
Back in February of '03 when I started blogging, everything was simple.
You stole images any way you could [all you need to do is right click on the image, copy "properties" & type ">
& you can rob anything you want off the Web that ain't tied down...
Which leads up to this email:

Robt Cash Register !
I love your blog...
but the last one with all of the old pictures of band memebers some of the pictures did no come through...maybe overloaded Yahoo...
JIM COLEMAN wrote me and several others that would love to see The Pictures...Is there anyway you could post just the pictures ?
Just and idea for thise that want to see them !
Keep up the good work Brother !


Man, I luv aw uv yuh
When I got started on the Web, not only did I steal, I used comcast & myspace before google let you post on blogger but

I lost a lot of stuff but I back!

You let me know what you want & I'll look in "bob's stuff" and maybe something might pop up,
right Julia!


Hey y'all:

who 'bout ready to take away Bessie Smith


You can listen now @
& you can buy her CD like you're supposed to NOW!!!!

THANKS, ROBERT NIX.................... ..................


LOVED the story 'bout Pancho & Lefty....WORKING...imagine that?!!! What a novel idea!
Frank Tanton messaged John Rainey's page with the offer of any music we may need.
We gots 91 friends so far & I's on da mend, so I's be gettin sum pixures, etc up dis weekend, Massah Robit!



U still up? Frank sent the Candymen Georgia Pines & it's on the site you can unannounce that it's the James Gang...I'm looking forward to more...I wanna have 2 Candymen & 2 Beaverteeth on with some extras we can swap out occasionally. Are you gonna be here this weekend? David Adkins will be playing piano at Mrs. son, Drew is gonna be my date. He's looking forward to it, cause I won't be drinking & he certainly will. So I'll be the designated driver. I just hope he doesn't bring his motorcycle for me to drive!

I'll bet that's Charlie Silva fronting Beaverteeth on GEORGIA PINES....RR



I appreciate your emails and your blogs. I have to agree that it would be great if Alabama schools included courses on Alabama history. I’m not crazy about all this “global perspective” crud. Teach the students Alabama and American history, and make sure they learn about two of the best things that a bunch of dead white men ever gave the world: the American Republic and the U.S. Constitution.
What could be more global than a nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal?

Kenneth Griffith

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heeey y'all:
If youzzzzzzzzzze
wanna know 'bout fun you oughta look at the pictures of the Rockin' Gibraltars in Montgomery at the Alcazar Temple Sattideee nite.

I saw so many wonderful people that night and three or four talked about how good my blog wuz.
Well,folksizzzzzzzz, pretty please,
I need a copy of those compliments so I can post them on my blogs.

showlzzzzzzzzzzzzz 'preciate it,Mistuh MAN!

I met a singer at the Alcazar Shrine Temple named Casmus or something who played wid John Bedsole in the Ozella Flesh Band. Nothing came up on them wid google but when you punch in "flesh band"
you get the Rotting Flesh Band.

From 1814 until 1821 Tuscaloosa was like Deadwood. Nobody owned property. Everyone was a squatter and you lived right across the street from where I stay right now. Well a bulldozer and a track hoe worked on it the last two days. Hummm...

I got some response to my blog about the eviction last week and some folks said I sounded down.

I'm not down. I just don't like being betrayed;
especially by my co-workers and not by my boss!

Here's some Chicken Soup Fo' Yo' Nasty Ass Soul:

Last Friday ["It a holiday!"
"What holiday?"
"Evuh Friday a holiday in Tuskeelooseeeeeeeeeee"]

I had to patch a woman's bathroom floor.
Her stoop was absolutely covered in trash and I'd already picked it up the week before. I came up with all these speeches I was gonna give her and then I went in her apartment and there were Pancho and Lefty.

Pancho & Lefty are two kids who I was told months ago were fascinated with clean rooms.
I see 'em all over town 'cause they travel with they fambly. No matter where I am, I'll hear,"Robit, Robit,uno, dos, tres, speak some Spanish!"

Their mother is so sorry.
Neither one of them even resemble each other but I call them Pancho & Lefty because they always want me to speak Spanish.

They yell "Robit know how to speak Spanish AND English!"

Well Friday, Pancho told me,"Robit, when I grow up I wanna be just like you."

I said,"Whadda ya mean?"

"I want you to teach me to fix floors just like you do."

"Well,Pancho you might be able to learn that in school."

Pancho replied,"No Robit, I wanna be just like you!"

I said," Well Pancho, if you wanna be like ME,
you won't put up with no trash
so if you wanna be like Robit, you'll clean up this stoop!"



Hi Robert,
It has been 30 years since i was in tuscaloosa and the robert register i knew always said if you want to find me I am the only Register in tuscaloosa. I trust I have found you, looking at a photograph of a man drinking a beer with a big smile on his face a picture that I remember with great fondness and some great times exploring the alabama countryside in a 65-67 chevvy with a few beers
Best wishes look forward to hearing from you

Simon Robinson ( Sydney Australia)

Van Sant Tests Electric Kool-Aid Acid

Source: Variety

Van Sant in the 'Kool-Aid' mix

Director to adapt classic '60s novel

Gus Van Sant
Van Sant

'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'
'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'

Nearly 40 years after its original publication, Tom Wolfe's hallucinogenic tome "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" is headed for the bigscreen.

Gus Van Sant is attached to direct, and Lance Black ("Big Love") will write the script. FilmColony's Richard Gladstein is producing, and he's in the process of setting the project with a financier.

The book told the story of a cross-country road trip that "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" author Ken Kesey orchestrated with a group called the Merry Pranksters. Driving in a psychedelically painted bus from California to visit the World's Fair in New York in 1964, Kesey and his band used the trip as a way to turn on those they met to the mind-expanding wonders of LSD.

Kesey ingested the drug while he wrote "Cuckoo's Nest," crediting the hallucinogen for many of the ideas in the book.

Shortly after the Wolfe book was published in 1967, its film rights were purchased by entrepreneur Alfred Roven. Not a film producer, Roven had some meetings over the years with filmmakers but was very protective. When he died, Roven left the rights to his children, Daryn and Alison Roven. FilmColony's Gladstein was introduced to them by attorney Peter Grossman, and for the first time, the rights were entrusted to a producer.

Van Sant, whose latest film, "Paranoid Park," was honored at Cannes, signed on quickly. The filmmaker cast Kesey in his 1993 film "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and dedicated his 2002 film "Gerry" to the author, who died in 2001. Van Sant enlisted Black, with whom he's collaborating on a biopic of slain San Francisco pol Harvey Milk.

It's likely Wolfe will not be a major character in the film, which will focus on Kesey and include events that occurred after the road trip.

Gladstein completed producing the Zach Helm-directed "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," which Fox Walden releases this fall, as well as "The Nanny Diaries" and John Madden-directed "Killshot," both of which the Weinstein Co. will distribute through MGM this fall.

Casting The Acid Test : Part 2

"robert register"
Fri, 22 Jul 2005
Amanda Madison used to say, "Sometimes you don't recognize the devil until he has his hand in your pants."
And that was when I knew that any friend of the devil was a friend of mine.
to be continued ...

Fri, 22 Jul 2005 16:11:43 -0700
"robert register"
some cat from Oregon
Re: Research For The Upcoming Motion Picture: THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST

i always wanted james woods as cassady...but...he is old now!

At 03:52 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:
Hey, I'm gonna pitch the capn on starting a contest to cast the characters. While I was cutting grass today I thought about Keanu Reeves or Matthew McConahay as Babbs & Russell Crowe as your Dad.

.Some cat from Oregon wrote:
whew....we are hoping to do it before mr wolfe does!!!
never get off the bus...and keep 'em on their toes!
At 12:03 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:
Not that I know uv, I just made the shit up.

Some cat from Oregon wrote:
One someone doing "Research For The Upcoming Motion Picture: THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST"
Thanks...stay on the bus!

"robert register"
Re: tonight!
Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:04:20 -0700

I liked Jack Nicholson's line in Good as it Gets: Go sell crazy somewhere else, lady, we're all stocked up here.
Keanu, Matthew McCon. and Russell Crow? Damn. Too bad Indiana Jones is as old as he is. He'd a made a great one for Babbs, but I don't see Harrison Ford riding shotgun. He usually drives. Keanu is just a pretty face unless he's doing an evil part. He has a penchant for those. You thought about Johnny Depp? Now there's a versatile actor.
MG? There was someone in a movie a while back who looked remarkably like Carolyn when she was younger. Let me think and I'll get back. Forget Brittney. I hate all these goofy kids running around pretending that they're big stars after doing a couple of Friends episodes.


Hi Robert!

Does this qualify me for a place on Robert's Registry as a Non-Academic
Shithead? :)

All the best,

After I told Ben he'd been a shithead of mine since back in the Eighties when he led the charge to pull the Confederate Flag down {an American Flag},
I responded with an old email I sent to the head of the history dept. at Bama which now has significance because next March,
we commemorate the tenth anniversary of students in Alabama high schools not being allowed to study ALABAMA HISTORY:

Three of the most intriguing figures in Alabama History made Cuba their home. John Forbes at his plantation, Canimar. James Innerarity on his Canimar River plantation, Heloisa and William Augustus Bowles in the dungeons of Morro Castle.

In some way I would like to bring the Cuban Connection to Alabama History back to the young people of Alabama.

In February of '98, Alabama History was eliminated as a graduation requirement in all public high schools in Alabama. Nearly all of the graduating classes of 2002 and 2003 had no Alabama History class taught in their high schools. I talked to Rufus Bealle the day the state school board eliminated it and he told me it was a sad day for Mrs. Summersell. My son will enter the 9th grade at County High on Thursday and he will not have the opportunity to study the history of his own state. A portion of my master plan is to get some information about Alabama History to the young people of this state. I have no desire to pitch my ideas to ANY of the social studies teachers in the public schools of this state so I will be looking for alternative methods of communication.

Since my three heroes (Forbes, Innerarity and Bowles) knew Cuba, I would like to know Cuba as well. I plan to visit and study in a post-Fidel/post-Communist Cuba. There is an organization that is working toward the non-violent transition to a Constitutional Cuba. It is the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy. They will be having their 13th annual meeting in Coral Gables next week. Many of their members will not be able to attend because Fidel put them in jail during the past year. It would be wonderful if someone connected to Cuba-Alabama Week could attend some of the sessions. Give me a $1000 and I'll attend all three days of meetings and bring back a load of material. Check out the conference at

Just thought I'd raise the curtain a little on the "Master Plan". When I argued with educators back in '98 about their decision to kill Alabama History, they all came back with the same bull," But, Robert, We're trying to expose our students to a global perspective." What could be more global than the ports of Mobile, Pensacola, Tampa, Havana and New Orleans?

From: "DJohnson"
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 08:52:50 -0600

Thank you for your e-mail. We honor the State of Alabama's music achievers
and music business. The Lynyrd Skynyrd display in our museum is about their
recordings in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We are aware of the great success
with the band and Al Kooper but it has nothing to do with the State of

David Johnson


It is my understanding that your Skynyrd exhibit makes reference to "Sweet Home Alabama."
That song was not recorded in Alabama and as far as I know, no Alabama musicians played on the record.

What's that song got to do with Alabama's music achievers and music business?


A real lame-brain.

He was pure as the driven snow
from the top of his head
to bottom of his foot
right to the very sole.
Then he joined a fraernity
and inside the boundary
found a life of mediocrity.
A real flim-flam man
you could trust him
all the way
sharp as a bamboo back scratcher
opened clamshell packaging
with his bare teeth
never smoked a joint
never chugged a beer
never ate an oyster
never broke a sweat
never drilled a hole
never drove a nail
never hawked a luger
never sniffed a popper
never mooned a copper
never plucked a chicken
never skinned a bear
never wore a dress
rebel rebel your face is a mess.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Heeey y'all:

"Studio 1 was almost like an artist's colony!
All the bands, SKYNYRD cut there. Al Kooper, when he came down and did SKYNYRD, he recorded there...
but transforming a group of musicians with individual ideas and with very divergent personal goals into one, it's kinda like putting a professional football team together, everybody think like a team."

Buddy Buie in an April 25, 2006 interview on WOOF-FM in Dothan

Could any of you imagine going into a museum exhibit dedicated to the history of Lynyrd Skynyrd and not seeing anything about our esteemed Zero, Northwest Florida fellow citizen, AL KOOPER?

When you type "lynyrd skynyrd" "al kooper" into google, you get 35,000 hits including the following:

"In 1972, I was searching for a great three-chord band to produce. The radio was logjammed with progressive rock like you wouldn't believe:
Yes; Pink Floyd; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Genesis; King Crimson.
As a student of rock history, I knew it wouldn't be long before basic rock returned like the calvary, and I wanted to be leading the charge, albeit behind the scenes.

And so, in 1972, I heard Lynyrd Skynyrd making their Atlanta debut at a very dangerous club on Peachtree Street called Funocchio's. They were playing a weeklong engagement and each night I'd hear another great original song from them and knew I'd found the band I was searching for."

posted by AL KOOPER on April 22, 2005 @

When you type "al kooper" "alabama music hall of fame", you get 38 hits.
Al Kooper is not mentioned in anything officially connected to "alabama music hall of fame", however, one of those 38 hits came from ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA & another February 16, 2006 post includes this quote:

Muscle Shoals Shuts Down
Alabama studio birthed Dylan, Stones, Aretha records
Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, the Alabama venue where Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Wilson Pickett, the Rolling Stones and Paul Simon all made classic records, has closed its doors forever.

"It's a sad day in America," says producer, session musician and arranger Al Kooper. "So many great records were made there. The musicians, engineers and the magic of the room made it special."


On a more positive note, we received some wonderful information about our good friend and recording artist ALISON HEAFNER today:


Thanks for the cd request!

On the next pressing of Alison's cd we will be thanking you for all you do!

Check out this letter from Rock 103 about our girl!

Got an e-mail from Doc McGhee about Alison and sent this back to him!


Robert Nix...........

Alison Heafner is a NATURAL vocalist and performer. You wouldn't know this just by looking at her on pictures, but once you see her in person or better yet see her perform live you will quickly change your mind. She is a tiny firecracker with a voice so big the constant Janis Joplin comparisons follow her everywhere.

We met Alison Heafner through drummer Robert Nix, who came to our studios with his band, Deep South for a promotional appearance. He brought with him a simple demo of Alison, wondering if we could consider making her part of our weekly local music show The Great Unsigned featuring unsigned bands from Memphis and the MidSouth. We listened and were blown away! She almost immediately became a fan and listener favorite, one of the strongest vocalists we have heard and a great representative of Memphis music, and chick rock! After meeting her in our studios for the first time we couldn't believe that all this passion, this larger than life voice was coming out of this tiny girl who was all laughs and of the most infectiously positive people we've ever met. Then she performed for us in the studio LIVE! The flow of e-mails and calls was unbelievable and a few weeks later we kicked off the Great Unsigned Memphis Music Competition where Alison finished 3rd in the preliminary voting receiving over 2.5 million votes and one week later won the right to perform at the 2007 Beale Street Music Festival on a bill that included legends like Steely Dan, Iggy Pop and Jerry Lee Lewis and rock favorites like the Allman Brothers Band, George Thorogood, Kenny Wayne Shephard, the Counting Crows and the Barenaked Ladies. She not only met expectations, she fit right in, blowing away the festival crowd (not to mention the fact that her voice could be heard on the other side of the park over 2 other stages with live performers).

Alison was born to perform live...she hits the stage with passion and emotion and tremendous talent, gaining a strong following and winning over fans of other bands at our music competitions. We started the Great Unsigned with the hope of shining some much needed light and giving some deserved recognition to the musicians of Memphis. We wanted to make sure that these unsung heroes of rock got the respect they deserved, and got to follow their dreams. Our ultimate goal has always been to expose the talent that this city still produces after giving some of the greatest musicians to the world 30, 40, 50 years ago. We believe that Memphis is still a hotbed for musical talent and Alison is a perfect example. We hope to see her CD in stores one day and stand in the front row cheering her on when she gains some much deserved fame and recognition.

Dennis, Ric and Luca
ROCK 103



My son Christopher is leaving for Bonnaroo

with the Tuscaloosa hoard Wednesday afternoon. One of our myspace friends has a wonderful profile

with all kinds of great video clips including a tour of the perimeter of the entire 700 acre site including THE POLICE STATION!

Dear Son,

Remember one thing:

the best thing you can do when you get into THE SYSTEM is GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!






& last but not least, people,

we received this message today from Zane Kesey's wife, Stephanie:

On the cover of Variety magazine today is the announcement that our friend director Gus Van Sant is bringing the book Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test to the big screen. The movie will focus on the life of Ken Kesey

Ken & Faye
image courtesy of



Sunday, June 10, 2007


Ed Sanford
rilly hurt my feelings this morning when he scolded me by saying "YOU HAD TOO MUCH FUN LAST NIGHT!"

This opportunity to throw down & clown at Monkey Town's ALCAZAR TEMPLE
wuz engineered by our old pahdnuh in crime, Bobby Dupree who is the drummer for the Rockin' Gibraltars & I wants to tell youzzzzzzzzzzzze


This little itty bitty message can never do justice to the major TIME we had last night!

In a nutshell, the Gibraltars played the ROBERT E. LEE CLASS OF '67 40 YEAR REUNION PARTY & we showed up.

I can't tell you the number of times somebody came up to me and asked,"WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY?"

"I nobody," I replied, " I'm wid dah band."

Besides the music & stuff, the highlight for me was this knucklehead who yelled at me, "Dothan never beat us once while I played for Lee!"

Being a veteran Boy Scout, I was prepared for this incident and immediately whipped out my '66 Gargoyle which confirmed to said ROBERT E. LEE GENERAL FOOTBALL PLAYER KNUCKLEHEAD that in fact during his sophomore year at Lee THE DOTHAN HIGH SCHOOL

Which leads into the most important part of this message. After the HARDY PARTY @ THE ALCAZAR TEMPLE WID THE RGs,
I traveled out to Gellerstedt's homestead on the edge of the Wetumpka meteor crater & was allowed to Xerox Sonny's scrapbook.

I'm gonna give you a taste of it tonight but this is absolutely one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA.

The archives copied at the Gellerstedt Estate open a window onto Dothan High's GREATEST SEASON.

This stuff will get you thinking about N.K., Oppert & ONE NUT CHUCK!

You'll recollect those Great Young Junior Baby Criminal Cheerleaders like Patsy Free, Sylvia
Jackson, Mary Ann Hall, Charlotte Burke, Marsha Hall and Mary Alice Davis.

You might even remember some of the members of the Girard Junior Rebels cheerleader squad like Kathy Parish, Debbie Coe, Georgianne Barber, Diane Shell, Debbie Holman and Susan Schenebeck.

No way I can get everything up tonight but here are some gold nuggets from Sonny Gellerstedt's '65 scrapbook:

From THE DOTHAN EAGLE during the last week of October '65:


The Lee Generals aren't expected to "call off the dogs" in their state championship battle with the Dothan Tigers Friday night in Montgomery. Of course, Lee may not be in any position to control the score, but if they are it will be 88-0
in favor of the Generals.

This stems from the 1964 Dothan-Lee game, won by Dothan 32-7.

To say they're out for revenge when the two unbeaten 4-A powers meet is the understatement of the year.


That victory was the first ever scored by Dothan over a Lee team. The Tigers did manage a tie back in 1957. Otherwise, the over-all chart shows five Lee wins, one for Dothan and the one tie.

Down through the years:

1964- Dothan 32, Lee 7
1961- Lee 22, Dothan 20
1960- Lee 13, Dothan 7
1959- Lee 28, Dothan 18
1958- Lee 40, Dothan 7
1957- Lee 14, Dothan 14 (tie)
1956- Lee 26, Dothan 6

Advance tickets are on sale at two locations here for Friday's Dothan- Lee battle in Montgomery. Adult and student tickets may be purchased at Northcutt Drugs and Dothan Drug Co.

Clara's credentials are 107 winners, 28 losers, nine ties...
That's .793 with more to follows:
Lee 20, Dothan 13 Clayton 27, Daleville 0
Opp 26, Hartford 6 Sneads 13, Chattahoochee 0
Cottonwood 20, Wicksburg 0 Milton 13, Marianna 0
Blakely 14, Donalsonville 7 Florala 25, Samson 0
Luverne 19, Brundidge 7 Goshen 13, Coffee Springs 0
Bonifay 26, Graceville 7 Clio 28, Newville 0
Elba 13, Geneva 6 Rehobeth 7, Dale County 6
Louisville 19, Chavala 12 Bristol 12, Cottondale 7
Slocomb 13, Headland 0 Lanett 20, Eufaula 7
Enterprise 20, Andalusia 14 Troy 13, Ozark 0
Ashford 6, Columbia 0

SIDELINES by Doug Bradford, Eagle Sports Editor

Dothan's Tigers supposedly had their good team last year, you remember... The 1964 outfit wound up 9-1 and that was the best Tiger football record since 1938[my Daddy Earl played quarterback on that team], when the DHS record was 8-0-1.

And 1937 was the last time Dothan had won nine games, the '37 team ending 9-0-0...There was an undefeated year in there...The 1948 team went 7-0-2...But 1964 was the banner year so far as the number of games won was concerned...

Comes 1965 and what happens?...Why, they apparantly are still playing pretty good football for Coaches Charlie McCall, Bobby Sirman, Billy Knowles and O.L. Gilstrap... All of a sudden this edition of Bengals is staring a 10-0 season full in the face...

Of course, always-tough Lanier and Eufaula remain on the slate, but it's no secret that Tiger folks figure they are over the hump...And a big one it was, too, with Leon of Tallahassee, Enterprise and Lee disposed of in succession...

So while last season we were dealing with sevens, eights and then nines now the down-through-the -years Tiger charts must be searched for "tens"...This is just in case, mind you...

Many have forgotten it , but Dothan has won 9 football games in a season... In fact, they have won 11... Back in 1930, Dothan High was perfect- 10 wins, no losses, no ties... One year later, 1931, saw the Tigers win 11 and lose only one... It might be significant to point out right here and now that the only loss in '31 was to Lanier-13-6.


Almost every time a Dothan team wins a football game in Cramton Bowl there's some history-making involved in the event... It's just not every day a team-any team- whips either Lee or Lanier on their home grounds...

Dothan's 21-7 victory was the Tiger's first ever over Lee in Montgomery... The last time a Tiger team won in the Capitol City was 1962, when the Tigers dumped Lanier 20-14... Our records show Dothan winning only four games in Montgomery and tying one... The 1954 Tigers beat Lanier 13-6, Dothan won in 1960 by 28-12 over the Poets, then in '62 and then Friday night...The tie was 0-0 in 1938 with Lanier...[My Daddy Earl played in that game,ed.]

It's a night's work beating the Generals or Poets in Cramton Bowl is what we're trying to say...
A team deserves No. 1 when it turns the trick.

Quote of the night at the Dothan-Lee game came from Lanier Head Coach Bobby Wilson, who was asked how he thought his Poets would do against the undefeated Tigers this week in Dothan:
"I think we can beat them- if we don't have to punt or kick off."

It was a banner week for Clairvoyant Clara, world's foremost female football forecaster...
A week in which she won 19 and lost only two to gain 15 percentage points and enter .800 land again...

But is her face red!... For it's downright embarrassing to be wrong on the No. 1 football team in Alabama... And that's what she was when she selected Lee to defeat Dothan... Rest assured the old girl won't be making that mistake any more this season...

If she can forget about that miscue long enough Clara might remind her legion of fans that the average shot from .793 to .808 as the season chart progressed to 126 winners, 30 losers and nine ties...
by Doug Bradford, Eagle Sports Editor

Guess you'd have to call this the Charlie McCall Era in Dothan football... In his three years as the head coach of the Tigers, football enthusiasm in the city had reached peaks unknown since the Rip Hewes Era some 16 years ago...

McCall's first Tiger team won only four while losing five and tying one... That was the building year... Last season came a near-unprecedented 9-1 and to date the Bengals are 8-0 and staring a 10-0 in the face...

So all of a sudden some wives and mothers are slinging around phrases like downfield blocking, trap, left cornerback and charley horse when a couple of years ago they couldn't tell you the difference between a field goal and a double dribble...

Schools even on the elementary level turn out early on out-of-town games... Kids nine years of age are fans, too... And they boast jerseys with Nos. 25 (Tommy Wade, ed.), 44 (Curtis Hillman, ed) and 31 ( Tommy Shell, ed)...

These same kids pilot bikes with streamers proclaiming "Hillman For President" and "We're No. 1"... The male species a few years older are the experts, of course... Many a battle has been recapped around the coffee table... You don't talk about George Wallace or Bear or Shug or Elizabeth Taylor in Dothan this fall... The main topic is TIGERS...

These two past Tiger editions have been exciting to watch...
The Tigers play what is known in the trade as "spectator football"...
Fans get there early and they don't leave until the final whistle...

Because a team can fumble and a Ronnie Mendheim can scoop it up and go for a touchdown... A team can toss and a Jerome Lamb can intercept and return to the end zone...
Kick the ball and a Tommy Wade or Curtis Hillman may run it all the way... When Charles Dansby, Sam Gellerstedt, Harry Wayne Parrish, Ray Hutto, Mendheim and Sid Cox go after the passer the chase is almost as exciting as the kickoff and punt returns...And when Shell and Dennis Ray Clark meet an opposing runner at the line of scrimmage, the impact has been known to have been felt as far away as Park Avenue...

There are a few choices left to Tiger footballers this season... They can win the final two and go 10-0, they can lose both and wind up 8-2, lose one and win one and go 9-1 again or there can be some ties figured in there...

But win, lose or draw they've certainly restored football fever in this city...Now we play football-as well as grow peanuts...

The McCall Era has seen to that.

image courtesy of