Friday, February 04, 2011

You may not have a completely good, or a completely bad life, but I must say Roberto,
you have a completely FULL life.
Compared to me nowadays, you are the president of TMZ.
Keep up the full life.
Wish I knew how to do that.

@l k%per

Hey y'all~

You can see my malignant melanoma real well in this picture Kathy Parish Swigler took of me celebrating my 59th birthday @ THE PANAMA CAFE
After a 6:30 A. M. biopsy @ Right Rev. Dr. Dr. Governor's Dermatology Clinic, 2 "minor procedures" @ Menard's, full blood work and a chest X-ray, my "place" is gone. I'm cancer free. THANK GOD $ STILL GITZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ YA TO THE HEAD OF THE LINE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

To little ole me it A MIRACLE! I saw that ice @ sundown & PANICKED! I gotta deliver a refrigerator in the morning & evict a thug across from Stillman in the afternoon. His girlfriend wasn't real impressed during that sleet yesterday when I told I was gonna kick her to the curb today. So if I don't get shot this afternoon, my bags are packed. I'm heading to MARDI GRAS ON DAUPHIN ISLAND & I GOTTA NEW HAT!

The DEKES IN '25


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The '25 Corolla is, hands down, the wildest I've seen.

I think it'll keep.

Found this in Lee's '41 Corolla.

That's a WAR EAGLE slot machine.

Here are Lee's WWII Corollas

Here's the oldest Corollas in Lee's collection plus an '97 Glomerata

Spelling names challenged our Rebel boys. CHATTANOOGA was written "Chat a nooga",
CHICKAMAUGA became "Chick a mooga" and MISSISSIPPI "Muscippia". PNEUMONIA was spelled "new mornion", TYPHOID FEVER as "tifoid feaver", ERYSIPELAS as "eri sipalous" and YELLOW JAUNDICE as "yaller ganders".

Mo' stuff from EMBATTLED CONFEDERATES by Bell I. Wiley, Chairman of The National Civil War Centennial Commission in 1961 :
SOME semiliterate soldiers used colorful figures of speech. One Reb wrote: "The boys is well sadisfide and in fine spirits pitching around like a blind dog in a meet hous." Another stated that "the dam Yankees...[are] thicker than lise on a hen and a dam site ornraier." A third reported that "it comentsed raining like poring peas on a rawhide." One Reb mutilated a trite simile thus: "Noose is a cerce as hen's teeth."

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I saw the most insensitive, offensive bumper sticker on the back of this ugly old man's pick up truck today. It said: SHARE MY WORK ETHIC, NOT MY WEALTH

Monday, January 31, 2011

Here's my boss' Corolla collection. HE READY TO TRADE ~ especially pre-1920.
Here you see 1893, 1901, 1902, '20, '20, '21, '21, '22, '22, '25, '26,
'27, '28, '30, '35, '38, '39, '39, '40, '41, '42, '42, '42, '43, '43, '45, '47,'48, '49, '51, '52, '53, '54, '60, 61, '65,'66, '66, '67, '67, '70, '71, '72, '73, '88.

My name is Martha Day Morgan. My husband somehow found your blog and noticed Hurley Alvin Smith’s name. His mom was my step-mother. I have letters that Hurley Alvin wrote from Vietnam, and I have the notices from Western Union notifying his mom, Hazel, of his death and the date of his body’s arrival in the States. Although I never met Hurley Alvin, I grew up seeing his photos in his grandma Smith’s house. My dad and step-mom had no pictures of him out in their house. I guess it was just too painful. I only remember my step-mom talking about him one or two times. I would love to know more of him. I have been to the Wall and of course, did tracings of Hurley Alvin’s name for his mom.
Most of Hurley Alvin’s immediate family is gone now. His mom’s mother and father and some of his aunts/uncles have passed on. His mom and step-dad (my dad) passed a few years ago. Do you know if his dad is still living? I never knew anything about him. I would like to archive Hurley Alvin’s things with someone—I’ve thought about trying to donate them to a museum somewhere in Alabama.
It’s a small world, isn’t it? I live about 70 miles from Dothan (near Florala, AL). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that someone still thinks of Hurley Alvin. My brother also served in Vietnam, and thank God, came home safely.
Martha Morgan
Kindergarten Teacher
Laurel Hill School

Doug Smith, Hurley Alvin's Daddy, was my Daddy's main man @ his tire shop for many years. I have no idea what happened to Doug. The last time I saw him was @ Johnson Funeral Home after they got Alvin's body back from 'Nam. That was so sad.

I have great memories of Hurley Alvin.We played together on most weekends because our Dads worked together. He and his parents lived in a trailer that was parked in Doug's parents front yard just off of U.S. 84 East near Sanitary Dairy. They lived near the Turkey Pond and Alvin and I had a trap line there. We fished a lot at Enon. We had horses and rode all those roads in that area. I thought Alvin was gonna go to college but his parents split up the moment he graduated from high school. Alvin wanted to be a dentist and he was smart enough to have made one.
Thanks for writing. You brought up a few tears. What a great loss.

Robert Register
Many thanks to Ray Hutto for shooting us this link to the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
Three of my closest childhood friends are on that Wall.

Hurley Alvin Smith's Daddy was my Dad's "main man" @ Jack Wise Tire Co. From 1959 until Alvin graduated from high school in '66, I spent almost every weekend doing something with Hurley Alvin. We kept chickens, pigeons, crows, quail and pheasants. We had horses and ponies. We had a trap line set up around the Turkey Pond located south of Porter's Fairy Land. We usually fished Enon Pond or the VFW. I learned a lot about the woods and water from Hurley Alvin.

Hurley Alvin Smith
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Dothan, Alabama
November 27, 1946 to February 02, 1968
HURLEY A SMITH is on the Wall at Panel 36E Line 086
See the
>>>>>>>full profile for Hurley SmithSee the full profile for Hurley Smith



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Sunday, January 30, 2011


One of my main books is EMBATTLED CONFEDERATES, an Illustrated History of Southerners at War (1964). Author Bell Irwin Wiley discusses how semi-literate Rebel troops spelled their words phonetically in their letters home. Their frequently misspelled words from 150 yrs. ago give you an idea of how Rebel speech sounded. ONCE was spelled "wonst", GET as "git", UNEASY as "oneasy", FIT as "fiten", ANY as "airy", AIN'T as "haint", NOT ANY as "nairy", IT as "hit", AT ALL as "a tall", UNTIL as "ontell", ROASTING EARS as "roasting years", YOUR as "yore" or "yourn", FOUGHT as "fit", FOR as "fur", PEACE as "peas", PRETTY as "purty", AFRAID as "afeard", OUGHT as "ortent", SURE as "shore" and HOSPITAL as "horsepittle".

This cat from Fairhope named Michael Titford has written an excellent article on Alabama stamps in the current February issue AMERICAN PHILATELIST. He describes virtually all stamps that have any sort of Alabama connection. This is an image of Alabama stamps pertaining to arts and entertainment. I included Casey Jones & Davey Crockett because of all the songs they inspired.