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"We're in a period now like St. Paul and the early Christians," Kesey says. "St. Paul said, if they shit on you in one city, move on to another city, and if they shit on you in that city, move on to another city-"

"I know, Ken, but you're telling people to stop taking acid, and they're not going to stop. They've opened up doors
in their minds they never knew existed, and a very beautiful thing, and then they read in the papers that somebody they've looked up to is suddenly telling them to stop."

"There's a lot of things I can't tell the newspapers," says Kesey. His eyes are still focused long-range, away from Goldhill. "One night in Mexico, in Manzanillo, I took some acid and I threw the I Ching. And the I Ching- the great thing about the I Ching is, it never sends you Valentines, it slaps you in the face when you need it- and it said we had reached the end of something, we weren't going anywhere any longer, it was time for a new direction-and I went outside and there was an electrical storm, and there was lightening everywhere and I pointed to the sky and lightening flashed and all of a sudden I had a second skin, of lightening, electricity, like a suit of electricity, and I knew it was in us to be superheroes and that we could become superheroes or nothing." He lowers his eyes. " I wouldn't tell this to the newspapers. How could I? I wouldn't be put back in jail, I'd be put in Pescadero."

Give them what they want. Give them their money's worth.
-- skypilotclub motto

Of all places, least of those you'd expect, he went to Russia when he left here, or so they would have us believe, having sent this picture as proof.

When a great person-- someone who does great deeds, has great convictions, is a great influence on others-- dies, it's like all that greatness is gone, no one can take its place. Not true. What happens is the greatness is spread out, passed into all those who were influenced, and it becomes a stronger force than ever before. Instead of being concentrated in one person, whatever goodness was being realized, is now being realized in a expanded, more powerful way, spread out over the world. But subtle, not blared on TV or proclaimed in headlines.

Like what happened with Cassady. He died in Mexico but his spirit was carried back across the border on the soles of a migrant farm worker's shoes. Spread all over the country. And have you noticed the way men now wear their baldness with pride? Shades of Kesey who often covered his bare pate with a bandanna, to repell the ravages of the sun.

-- KapnKen



The jacket of the book features artwork by Joe Sacco and shows cartoon scenes from the novel, the most innovative and creative cover I've seen for a literary work. The inside is equally classy, with hospital sketches by Kesey, plus a great print job, Times New Roman, I think, and rough paper edges. A damned fine read. Kudos to Penquin and heartfelt thanks to Kesey.
-- Kapn Ken



found this post at Garage Hangover

The Preachers three 45s, on the Righteous Enterprises label, have zero to do with the famed duo (one of the many annoyances about researching information unverified on the web). Only resemblance is in the name. The Righteous Brothers did not have copyright on the word 'Righteous'. I'm sure in some print article / clipping there may have been a mention of the Righteous Brothers planning to start up their own label at the same time, but it has no connection to this label.
I haven't verified it but I think David Keller was behind Righteous Enterprises (I've only seen the 3 Preachers 45s on the label of the same name), before he started up another local label, Daisy (releases by the Omen and Their Luv, Outer Mongolian Herd both from 1968)

Sheri-Glen music was operated by a husband and wife team from Birmingham. I spoke with them 15 years ago. I'd have to do some extensive digging in my vast notes to get their names.

Last night I saw an ad for DVDs of The Johnny Cash Show.
I saw Roy Orbison in the opening clip for the ad and then again at the end so I looked Roy up on YouTube.

This link will put you on Orbison's Johnny Cash performances:

This link will put you on all four parts of Orbison's '65 live performance in Holland.This European television performance features Bill Gilmore on bass, Robert Nix on drums and John Rainey Adkins on guitar. Any information or reminiscences of this performance will be appreciated.[THAT'S A HINT, NIXO!]

Click on the link below to see Hillary perform:
After they fix the microphone malfunction, Hillary sez:

"There may be some bumps along the road!
You know this reminds me of one of my favorite American heroines, Harriet Tubman.
For when she made it to freedom after having been a slave and she got to New York and she could have been so happy to just stay at home and just breathe a big sigh of relief but she kept going back down South to bring other freed slaves to freedom.
And she used to say, 'No matter what happens, keep going.'
So we're going to keep going until we take back the White House!"

Practically everything you've ever read about Harriet Tubman is some Yankee fantasy and here Hillary invokes Tubman's name, makes up some stupid quote & compares her presidential candidacy with the struggle for slave emancipation.
Read all about the Yankee bunk about Tubman & the Underground Railroad in our public school textbooks at


we at ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA wish to send out our condolences to the friends and family of Norman Mailer. Norman was a voice of my parents generation and ,regardless of the criticism,
his book on Marilyn Monroe was powerful influence on us.

Six years to the day after Ken Kesey died, Norman Mailer died.
Here's a link to his obit:

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You need to launch your own myspace page so you can communicate more effectively with your fans.

Click on their picture & you'll go directly to their myspace page.



I hate to lose but I can never remember a loss I enjoyed so much. Our team was overmatched
against those huge and fast LSU players but we fought like a cornered rattlesnake and had them scared.
We couldn't buy a break in the last quarter and our bench just wasn't deep enough.
Roll Tide Roll,

Here are some responses to Buddy's comments from our Bear Bryant tribute page on myspace

Dawn Dawn


Nov 4, 2007 7:20 PM

RE: Buddy Buie's Comments On the LSU Game


I could not agree more.
I had more fun at that game (minus the final 3 minutes) than any other Alabama game I had been too in a very long time.
It was worth every penny and I am proud of our football team and our coach!!

David&Carie David&Carie


Nov 4, 2007


RE: Buddy Buie's Comments On the LSU Game


I haven't heard anyone explain how I felt last night as good as you.
We got beat by a better team, no doubt
but we are on the right path.
I was truly inspired by our play.
At the 3rd quarter I told the house full of people here that win, lose or draw I couldn't be more proud of our team.
Roll Tide Roll!


Sonny Edwards Sonny Edw..


RE: Buddy Buie's Comments On the LSU Game


Thank's for the perspective...and
Go To Hell Swamp Rats, Go To HeLL!!

sandra dale walker sandra da..

Date: November 5, 2007


RE: Buddy Buie's Comments On the LSU Game






Nov 5, 2007 5:24 AM

RE: Buddy Buie's Comments On the LSU Game


ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!




RE: Buddy Buie's Comments On the LSU Game


It's rough to be ahead and then lose.
I had to get my hopes up.
I have not been so disappointed as when I took on my last lover.
My celibacy might need to include Alabama football.
Damn disappointment.

It's better to be coming down than to have never been high at all.
-- Mal Function
Wanta yak with the Capn? Click on:

Give them what they want. Give them their money's worth.
-- skypilotclub motto

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The Chimes, 1969
cw from top: John Bedsole, Kenneth Griffith, Frank Tanton, David Morris

7164 tracks in playlist, average track length: 2:34
Playlist length: 306 hours 55 minutes 2 seconds
Right-click here to save this HTML file.

17th Avenue Exits A Man Can Cry Modern 1035 45 1967 Mobile Alabama
17th Avenue Exits I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore Modern 1035 45 1967 Mobile Alabama

Chimes #38 Matrix 777 45 1968 Dothan Alabama

K-Otics Double Shot Bang 521 45 Tallassee Alabama
K-Otics I'm Leaving Here Bang 521 45 Tallassee Alabama,M1

Robert--what a surprise to see that you had looked into our Cookbook!! I've forwarded your message to Joe & Manera too, in case you wanted to get in touch with them. Joe's in Montgomery & Manera is in Selma. We're in Dothan, way out in the country so NOBODY can harass us!!! I'm sorry to say that Mama died last year..she'd love to know how you are doing. She loved all her "adopted children" as well as her natural ones, of course. We'll be getting together at Thanksgiving at Joe's house, I'll be sure & tell them I've heard from you! Now that I'm no longer a teenager, I can fight back a little--in fact, I'll be 53 Sunday!! Must make you about 60, huh?!!

Take care & tell us how you are--debra

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You are like a dog with a bone digging up all those stories of which I am a fish on a line.
Thanks for the humor.
Just think of the man who dies laughing.
What a concept!

Self portrait of Christopher Register
image courtesy of

Hey y'all:

Guess the first thing I wanna mention is the shooting in Finland.,2933,308961,00.html

Here's the reply I got from our fellow Young Junior Baby Criminal/Dothan Tiger Jim Hodges who is freezing his ass off right now
because he just so happens to live in Finland!

--- robert register <> wrote:

> Sorry to hear about the school shooting y'all had
> today.


Yeah, that was a shocker. Finns aren't normally
aggressive or violent. Last time anything like this
happened was over 20 years ago.


The other thing I want to mention is that Saturday, November 10
is the sixth anniversary of Kesey's passing on.
Please visit Ken son Zane's site
& tell him how much his father meant to you.
For 15 years I dreaded the anniversary of my Daddy's death, September 14.
That all changed when my son, Christopher
was born on September 14, 1988.

This writer's strike's got me going.
I think we oughta pitch a dark comedy called GARGOYLE.
The main character will be the Teflon Donna-
the larcenous homicidal yearbook sponsor, Lola Mae Bordon.
She'll make Cruella De Vil
look like Shirley Temple!

Y'all enjoy...


I don't have much to add about Nip & Ernie's.

But I knew Denny Steele since the 3rd grade at Selma
St. School. You were pretty damned lucky! He was one
of the strongest guys I ever knew.

Wayne Owens was
biggest toughest guy at Selma St until Denny whipped
his ass one day in the 5th or 6th grade.
Wayne was a pretty nice guy to me, but he did like



I played middle defensive guard/center for
Cloverdale & went straight up against Wayne Owens on
every down.
He about killed me on both sides of the
It was like going up against a grown man & I
was just in the sixth grade.
Whatever happened to him?
He disappeared after
elementary school.



Wayne was in the 7th grade with us at Young Jr, and he
disappeared after that.

By the time we all got to the
7th grade, Wayne was no longer the biggest in school,
that crown went to Pat Johnson who was about 6'3" and
240 or so when he was 12. I guess Pat remained the
biggest until Ralph Barber showed up in the 11th

Pat was a lot taller than Ralph, but I think
Ralph was about 6'2" and 330? I remember being in Mrs
Simmons Business Law class mid-year when Ralph
was brought in and introduced to the class. He took a
seat next to Pat. I sat behind Pat. Pat's jaw dropped
and was staring at Ralph's arms, which were probably
the biggest I'd ever seen including all those Farm
Center rasslers. Pat was in shock that someone was
actually bigger than he was.

Someone behind me said
"Hit him Pat." and Pat turned around and said with a
laugh "I ain't hitting that big fucker!"

"RHGN" - didn't Ralph coin that?

But Wayne was definitely was the biggest and strongest
kid at Selma St School. Wayne was considered a bully
but he was always nice to me. I guess there was no
playground respect earned if you picked on the
skinniest kid in school, so I was never physically
bullied by anyone. (The real bullies I hated were the
arrogant mental bullies I encountered in high school
like Jay D. who enjoyed letting you know how much
better his clothes were and how much more money his
dad had than your's, or a real jackass like coach

Anyway, Wayne was the toughest guy at Selma
Street School until Denny Steele whipped him one day
in the 6th grade, and Denny took over as the toughest.

And in pretty quick succession, Dennis Ray Clark,
Woody Garner, David Peterson and then Edmund Nelson
all beat Wayne in fights.

Wayne was still the biggest
and strongest, but the brawl really wasn't in his

Wayne was actually a really funny guy, and was
more comfortable being the class clown than the school
bully, but since he was so big, that was probably
unavoidable. He was always laughing and joking. His
favorite expression up to the 6th grade was yelling
"Scooby Dooby!" I have no idea where that came from
.... long before Scooby Doo cartoons. But in the 6th
grade his expression became "Let's Twist!" since
Chubby Checker was being played on the radio about 800
times a day in 1960-61-62.

I lived 2 houses away from Selma St School on Glenwood
St, and Denny lived the next street over, about 5
houses down. We had a friend named Jerry who was a
year older than us. When we were in the 4th grade, we
saw a movie that had jousting in it. So being the
stupid kids we were, we got some metal garbage can
lids as shields, some 8 ft bamboo poles about two or
three inches thick, got on our bicycles and charged
each other, taking turns hitting the “shields” with
the poles and knocking each other off our bikes. On
one ride I was charging Jerry, and he dropped his
“shield” and I hit him right between the eyes. I broke
his nose, cut it to the bone, cut him almost to his
eyes, and blackened both eyes. We went inside to tell
his Mother what happened, and she called his Father.
He came home, gave us one hell of a sermon, then got
his belt and gave me 10 of the hardest licks I ever
got. He then gave Jerry 10. We never jousted again. I
feared that he would call my Father and tell him what
happened, but he never did.

We also used to go camping out where Rip Hewes stadium
now sits. Back then there was nothing but woods,
fields and streams between the Colonial Bread Bakery
and Park Avenue. About 2:00 am Jerry decided that our
fire wasn’t big enough so he poured some lantern fuel
on the fire and the resulting flash burned off his
hair from the middle of the top of his head to his
ears, his eyebrows and eyelashes, and blinded him for
about 5 minutes. So here we go again. I walk with him
home to wake his parents. His mother washed out his
eyes, and his father got out the belt. I remember him
asking "What's with you kids and eyes? You wanna go
blind?" Again, he never told my Father.

About that same time, Jerry told me his Mother taught
him about the "Birds & Bees." I asked "Your Mother,
not your Father?" He said "Yeah, she took off all her
clothes and showed me how it all works." I said "Wow."
But I was really thinking "God please don't let my
Mother tell me about the Birds & Bees!" I dreaded that
the next couple of years, but neither parent told me
anything, let me learn from other kids like most do I

Another story about Denny: His neighbors were two
brothers who were older and really tall. I think the
younger brother was named Donnie and was maybe a year
older than us. His brother Curtis was really tall,
big, and about 4 years older than us.(Sidenote: Curtis
showed us our first glimpse of “porno” – a comic book
of Dagwood and Blondie). Donnie and Curtis loved to
wrestle and were always beating the crap out of
everyone. Curtis wasn’t mean, but since he was so much
bigger than even Denny, he could manhandle any of us.
One day Curtis was wrestling anyone who wanted to get
whipped and Denny told Jerry and me that we were going
to beat Curtis’ ass. When we said how? Denny said, I
will wrestle him and then you two jump in and help. So
Denny tackled Curtis, and we then jumped on him too.
Curtis was winning for a minute or two, throwing us
around like rag dolls, but then he started to tire.
Every time he would throw one of us off, he’s get it
from another angle. Denny got him in a leg-lock around
the middle, and Jerry was twisting his ankle, and I
had him in a half-nelson. He started yelling for
Donnie to help him, but all Donnie did was laugh!

gave up, and we thought we were kings of the world!

That day Denny taught us that “United We Stand” works
against almost anyone a lot stronger than you.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm living in Finland now.
Big weather change from southern California. Already
snows and freezing every day.

Well, gotta go. I'll stay in touch.


Subject:NIP & ERNIE'S- Happy American Graffitti Days

My sister swears I am a magnet for nutty people.
Maybe so!
---- robert register < wrote:
> I swear it's fun just to hide & watch what happens to you!

----- Original Message ----
From: C
To: robert register <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 4:01:09 PM
Subject: Re: NIP & ERNIE'S- Happy American Graffitti Days In Dothan!

Oh the memories of Denny Steele and F. C. in Headland.
Either of those guys could kill you with their bear hands.
Denny was a Green Beret and is still my man in any tough man contest over 55.
My friend said he looks like Adolph Hitler.
I never thought that.
I liked him
bringing my mail in those postal shorts.
Sorry J.
The postman doesn't
ring twice.
I would NEVER but did with F. back in the day.
In fact, he
took me to my Jr/Sr in Abbeville much to the chagrin of the Abbeville
He was five years older and quite the man back then.
We all would
meet at Hardridge Creek and drink beer, ride fast boats,ski and have
quite the time.
I am glad I didn't miss a day of it.
It was hard to keep
us all in school in 1971 and 1972 when spring sprung in Henry County.
The principal took a drive
to the backwater as we called it then,
to see
who was skipping school.
Poor Gordon Holmes.
We took a decade off his
He saw our potential and all we could see was the fun we wanted
to have.
We didn't miss a beat.
I still try not to miss much.
I think it
is a basic personality construct for me.
I want it all.

You mean Mittuh Boss. You mean!
Y'all might get a chance to see that Tiger pussy
& it gonna tear the
ass out of an Oregon Duck!

could be. It would be good to have a pac ten and SEC team go at it.
Did you know kentucky's coach used to be at Oregon?
Couple of my sons

played for him.

A happening can't be planned. An event can be planned and a happening
can happen within the event. A happening is something that suddenly
erupts and grows like a roman candle and explodes all into everybody.

Hey Robert,
Jason Taylor here (Farley's grandson).
Do you know if the Dog House Cafe is still in business in Dothan on Foster Street?
It was always fun to eat there.
An old couple owned it and ran it every day.
And they would bicker nonstop.
It was a trip.
Hope you're doing well.


I don't have much to add about Nip & Ernie's.

But I knew Denny Steele since the 3rd grade at Selma
St. School.
You were pretty damned lucky!
He was one
of the strongest guys I ever knew.
Wayne Owens was the
biggest toughest guy at Selma St until Denny whipped
his ass one day in the 5th or 6th grade.
Wayne was a pretty nice guy to me, but he did like to


I really love Dylan's "KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR"as a theme for the

sixth anniversary of Kesey's passing on Saturday, November 10.

vert good, I'm with you on that one.

A happening can't be planned. An event can be planned and a happening
can happen within the event. A happening is something that suddenly
erupts and grows like a roman candle and explodes all into everybody.

Monday, November 05, 2007

If this don't shock you, nothing will!
{This statement does not apply to anyone from Gary, Indianaz; Detroit, Michigan; Hartford, Connecticut; Tallahassee, Florida or Newark, New Jersey.}

Friday, November 2, I was working outside a Section 8 house getting it tuned up after a reinspection. I noticed they weren't doing hair appointments and they were dolling these two little post-toddler kids up for something.

I'm working on the front porch and the front window was open.
I heard the tenant ask the little girl what her real name was and she said, "Doodlebug" {ed. note. a.k.a. "Blackie"} & the "parent" corrected the little girl by saying, "You're "Velcroeettia Kmartia Jones. Now say that." The little girl repeated her name and then the tenant played it back for the little girl, coached her and then repeated the drill & played it back on the tape recorder.

Pretty soon, a man was walking up the drive to the porch where I was working & the tenant rushes out of the house with the little girl in her arms and she tells the little girl, "There's your Daddy walking up the driveway!"

No Shit!

It happened.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hey y'all:

What an emotional, monumental weekend in Tuscaloosa!

What occurred here a couple of days ago was unprecedented.
You've never seen so many visiting fans walking around without tickets.

Not only that, the LSU fans let the homoerotic cat out of the college football bag when they paraded down University Boulevard in the bright yellow "SUCK MY NICK" t-shirts.
Some of them even sported shirts with "SABAN SWALLOWS" printed in large letters on the back.

A couple of Bama Fans got in the action too with their crimson "LSU BLEAUX" jerseys.

We're just now recovering our senses from the disappointment of losing in the fourth quarter but it was great to see our team fight to the bitter end.

Got the word today that Buddy Buie & J.R. Cobb were featured on Fox TV this weekend on Tommy Wilcox Outdoors.

A couple uv Zero, Northwest Florida residents have requested that we start a NIP & ERNIE'S THREAD.

image from the Gargoyle courtesy of Bama Queen

I shot out a request last night for reminiscences & I don't think I've ever had a greater response in almost 5 years of blogging which proves to me that Dothan's Nip & Ernie's was a Southside sandwich shop that left an impression on all who darkened their door & the memories y'all shared with us show what a warm spot that old place still holds in our hearts.

Nip Howard's family lived near us on Pinecrest & we grew up with Carol(not sure that's her name but maybe DHS '65), Linda (DHS '67), Bobbie (DHS '71?) & Carl (DHS '75?).
Mrs. Howard ruled the roost at Nip & Ernie's so we always TRIED TO BE on our best behavior.
After we started drinking in the 10th grade, we stayed away from Nip's because of Mrs. Howard.

Ernie Edwards was in the DHS Class of '40. He was one year behind my Daddy. His daughter Paula graduated with me in '68. She came to Bama with all of us but she wasn't aware that I came along with the Dothan crowd. I'll never forget meeting her on campus during our senior year & she was so surprised that I was going to Alabama.

My brother Bill can give a detailed account of life at Nip's. He & Carl were the same age so Bill & Carl spent many of their elementary school days hangin' around Nip's eating chili dogs & looking at funny books.

Bill & Carl also learned a lot of life's secrets while snooping around Linda's new Corvair.

By the time Bill got in high school he had no problem going to Nip's everyday for lunch.
As Bill says of the DHS campus, "I walked off that son of a bitch like I owned it."

Bill was Mose Saliba's Audio Visual Aide Assistant so their day started during first period with taking the coach's order's for double cheeseburgers (with extra Thousand Island) or for a couple of chili dogs. The Big O always tuned 'em up good for Dothan High's coaches at Oscar's Drive-In on North St. Andrews.

Lunch found Mose & Bill accompanied by whoever had the balls to leave school for lunch at Nip's. At the appointed time the party of four DHS Tigers entered to find their table already fixed with 12 chili dogs, two orders of fries and two pitchers of tea.

My most vivid memories of Nip & Ernie's are of us packing that place after Young Junior ball games & having fights in the parking lot. Seems like I remember a real good one where Glenn Jackson cleaned Wayne "Cowboy" King's plow.

My personal Nip & Ernie's nightmare occurred after a Young Junior ball game one night.
The place was packed & I asked Denny Steele to pass me my milkshake so he picked it up and coughed one up & spit it into my milkshake.

Denny and I had a little history. One day after lunch at Young Junior, Denny asked me to come over to his locker & he cold cocked me as hard as anyone ever has in my whole life. I deserved it & when I got my vision back (I never fell down) I looked at Denny & said, "I'm sorry." & he didn't hit me again, so anywayzzzzzzzzzzz...

I was well aware of the damage Denny could inflict...

I refused to take my milkshake and I told Denny,"Buy me another one or we're going out in the lot & I know you'll whip my ass but I'm taking a plug out of you tonight!"

Denny bought me a fresh milkshake.

Let me hear from you before I blast my Nip & Ernie's stories...


Here's ya a few facts about Nip's.

Bobbie Howard was my best friend at Young Jr. & Dothan High. Her oldest sister's name is Ann...not Carol. Linda has recently moved back to Dothan after living for many years in Atlanta. Carl passed away a several years ago.
Nip passed away in the 70s when I was working at the Medical Center...then called General Hospital.
It was very sad, but he was surrounded by his loving family constantly.
Long after Nip passed away, Mrs. Howard married Mr. Clearman, who previously owned The Circle Cafeteria & they later opened The Porter Square Cafeteria and ran it for several years before retiring.
To this day, Mrs. Howard (Clearman) looks exactly like we remembered her at Nip's.
She is still a beautiful, poised lady with hair & make-up done to perfection & dressed to the nine's!!
Bobbie own's Li-Bo's Dancewear Shop across from Porter Square Mall.
I spent many, many nights with her in thei r beautiful home on Pinecrest.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard would always leave to go to Nip's early...around 4AM, so when Bobbie & I would get up to get ready for school, Mrs. Howard would call & ask what we wanted for breakfast & would then bring it to us.
We ALWAYS had a fried egg I've ever tasted. Certainly because it came from Nip's!!
A neighbor of their's (can't remember her name) baked the famous brownies served at Nip's. Nothing like going there for a hot dog, Roll Tide Coke & a brownie! Attached are photos of Bobbie, me and the ad from the 1970 Gargoyle. Please excuse the white-out portion of my senior picture...someone EVIL got hold of my yearbook & wrote something ugly under my photo that had to be deleted before my Mama saw it!! I'm sure I have many more photos...if only I could find them....

Two things stand out in my memories of Nip and Ernie's.
I could go there and read PLAYBOY.

Nip would get aggravated and tell me to buy it or put it back on the magazine rack.
Of course my mother would have had a stroke if I brought Playboy home. It was xxx back
then .

I remember the day I walked in and there was a display at the cash register displaying a new cigarette, WINSTON.
I paid my quarter and bought a pack.
For a couple of days I was the envy of my gang.
I loved that place.
It was HAPPY DAYS in real life.

Buddy Buie


Cowboy King died a couple of years ago and Glenn Jackson is or was doing time
for something last I heard on him.

Nip and Ernie’s full of stories dating way back.

Everybody went there on Monday nights in the early 60’s. It was “club” night.

Cavaliers, Knights, Cotillians, etc. Big time stuff.

Denny Steele is retired from

the postal service and lives around Headland.

I see him a few times a year up

around Abbeville. He looks like he is still in good physical condition.

Went by Buddy’s Saturday before the game, he was tuned up.

I know he was most likely p.o.’d but he was not overly optimistic like I was.

I really thought we

would win.

Go Bama


That's a great Denny Steele story! He was a classic schoolyard bully, and I remember him wreaking havoc as early as the 5th grade at Selma Street Elementary School. Whatever happened to him?
Seems like he served in 'Nam--or am I making that up?
How was the art gig at Soho? Sorry that we weren't able to make it that night.


They had the best damned brownies on earth.
Had marshmallows swirled around on top and they sat by the cash register.
I wish I had one right now.
The only thing that equaled them was the bread pudding at Buie's City Cafe downtown.
I'm going to the kitchen right now to find something to eat.

Jimmy Dean

Hi Robert,
Yes, I too remember those baby Tiger days when we went to Nip and
Ernie's. I remember after basketball games Sammy Smith and I would walk
down there before we went home.
Made the best hot dogs around back then.
And I too remember Denny Steele although I haven't thought of him in
years. Yes I remember him well and he had a sister too. I think Linda.
If you got the 67 yearbook go to page 93 and look at the table, Diane
and me are sitting at inside Nips.
{editor's note: Sure enough on page 93,
there's DHS Class of '67's MOST ATHLETIC Diane Barnes & Ray Hutto seated at a Formica table in Nip's eating Wheaties!}
Your hero,

Sherry Russell Hufham, by this eMail I introduce you to Robert O. Register (just in case you don't already know him).
Robert, Sherry is the "coordinator" for the DHS Class of '62, filling in for Dan Smith, who, as you know, suffered a tragic accidental death recently.
Robert was/is a friend of mine, albeit an underclassman, and also a friend of my brother Tom. Robert runs a blog that is very good for keeping track of memorabilia, memories, and current news on the Dothan performing artists from our era.
Robert is now starting a thread on "Nip & Ernie's" stories.
Sherry, I'll let you use your judgement as to whether to circulate this particular message, but I suggest introducing our class to his blog address,, so that those who wish to do so can visit it, keep up to date, and share Nip & Ernie's stories.
I would ask that those who do post their N&E stories also cc you so you can distribute them to those who may choose not to go to the blog itself.
Love to all,
William Wheatley

I hate to lose but I can never remember a loss I enjoyed so much. Our team was overmatched
against those huge and fast LSU players but we fought like a cornered rattlesnake and had them scared.
We couldn't buy a break in the last quarter and our bench just wasn't deep enough.
Roll Tide Roll,

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