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"I think it started with me back in the Sixties when I worked on Rort Fucker, uh, Ft. Rucker and the army started that ZERO DEFECTS campaign."

Ha, very funny coincidence again, roberto. I also worked at Ft. Rucker in summer of 1966 (in theater department) and well remember the Zero Defects program. I think somewhere i still have a ZD lapel pin. Small world, huh?
William Alford

GI Motility Medical Research Page

Hey y'all:

I relaxed today & tuned up my site

Check it out. Lots more photos & eventually I'll place captions.

The WALL OF SHAME on the back of our front door here at Pake Realty is really a place of honor. Unmutilated souvenirs of
Fragiphony, Priceless & Clueless adorn our famous door.

Right in the center of the door we place a collection of Lee Pake's sayings which were compiled when he turned 65 in 2005.

They've never been put on the Internet & I'm including some extras from the unusual suspects.

Feel free to forward anything you ever see on this blog.


"Favorites in the morning- dogs in the afternoon."

"Go make a run to the liquor store!"

"This is Lee Pake, star of stage, screen & radio!"

"You know how I listen!"

"What do you want me to do about it?!!!!"

"No! I didn't go there! You think I want to get sick!"

"Are we slick?"

"The government & the banks got all the money so who do you do business with?"

"Can't go broke making a profit!"


"I need $450 for Home Wreckers."

"Can't pay. Can't stay."

"I pay Kevin to pray for me."

"I don't have a clue!"

"You can be smart all you want. It doesn't mean you're gonna make money!"

"How much?"

"Where are the GOOFUSES?!!!!
Don't answer! I know."

"What's the plan, Slim?"



"I got to go see a house with Blade."



& here are two little sayings from Buddy Buie:



Friday, March 09, 2007

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I know you can't believe it but "Cuba, Alabama" has been transformed yet agin,

so now "Zero, Alabama" is presently "Zero, West Florida".

Got this email from Richard Burke in Dothan today.

Subject :
Drew's Company

and it's subsideries, Fallen, Mystery, etc.

I noticed your new blog name and found it rather serindipitous.


Since I happen to live in my own private Zero
(& I fo' sho' don't wanna live in no GROUND ZERO!),
I feel that I am qualified to discuss writing a mission statement for the citizens of Zero, West Florida.

I kinda look at Zero, West Florida as a Zero Archipeligo-
a string of islands or oasises in the shape of a zero.

I think it started with me back in the Sixties when I worked on Rort Fucker, uh, Ft. Rucker and the army started that ZERO DEFECTS campaign.

Anyway, I see the citizens of Zero, West Florida constantly challenging their subconscious/unconscious to give them some understanding of why something will cause THEM JUST to fall in love with IT at first sight.

What kinda baggage am WE instantly bringing into a situation like that?

I kinda see it as a "Don't sweat the small stuff. It's all small stuff" philosophy tied onto the tail of YOUR subconscious/unconscious.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007!news!localnews

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ddSubject :
Fw: Willie Akridge Memorial Service

Of course Mr. Chemo brain gets it wrong!

The cemetery is Gardens of Memory 431 N. in Dothan. At least I got the date and time right, 030907, 2:00pm.

If you would be kind enough to post the correction I'll try not to bug your ass for awhile.

BTW there will be a big party and pickin' and BBQ and stuff in Ozark according to Bill's wishes from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Sunday April 1st. I'll send the correct address asap.

And remember Krazo is Ozark spelled backwards.
We shall all eat, drink, pick, tell tall tales and reminisce and as per Willie's instructions.
Plan to bring your ax and favorite hat!

Thanks again.


Subject: Willie
I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Willie.
After Southern Steel broke up in Nashville (1973) three SS members formed the Gunnar-Cahill Band.
Willie was a friend of our bass player Steve Clark and joined the band on piano.
What a great guy and a talented musician he was.
I still have a tape of us live at a club in Nashville.
It even features Willie singing one of his originals.
I lost touch with him through the years and wondered what became of him.
Thanks for posting this.

Ed O

Hey y'all:

It waddn't wine that I had too much uv, it wus a double shot uv my baby's love!

This month marks four years that "Cuba, Alabama" has been on board

4 years of my life on the Web!

OVER 1460 days have passed since I started this blog
and I got 1883 posts on "CUBA , ALABAMA"
so dat's more than one a day.

If you wanna know about me, all you gotta do is scroll down to the lower right hand corner of
& it's right there IN LIVING COLOR!!!!

Well, now times have changed!
About ten o'clock this morning I was standing in the parking lot of a convenience store at the intersection of 15th St. and Kicker Road about to buy a second cup of coffee & I decided I lived "in my own private ZERO!"

So now the blog is named "ZERO, ALABAMA"!!!!

Ya know I can't think of anybody being hurt by SOMEBODY BUILDING A FISH POND and now THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION wants "review authority"
on all water-related projects 50 miles north of the Al-Fl line-
you know what they're gonna do after that-

WHAT IN THE WORLD Is FLA Department of Environmental Protection DOING TRYING TO WRITE PAPER IN ALABAMA!!!!!news!localnews





Road to Jacksonville:
Southern Rock Webzine and Radio Show
interview with Stillwater

If you saw Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous you were undoubtedly left asking yourself, "Is Stillwater a real band?"

Bobby: Well, yes and no. Stillwater is a southern rock band that formed in the early 70's. Cameron Crowe had seen the band play and asked permission to use their name for the fictitious band in his movie Almost Famous.Stillwater reunites at the end of every year for the "Annual Stillwater and Friends Reunion Concert" in Macon Georgia.

We were able to chat with guitarist Bobby Golden to find out more about the real Stillwater band.

RTJ: How was Christmas for you?

Bobby: Good! And we're still doing it. We're heading to my wife's dad's house.

RTJ: Is he local?Bobby: About two hours. Christmas day was with my family. Now we're going to spend a little time with her family.

RTJ: On December 27th, four years ago today, the Mayor of Macon Georgia proclaimed it Stillwater day.

Bobby: Yeah, he came out and gave us a plaque or a key or something. It was pretty cool. It was on the news. It's usually carried on the local news that we are playing. They've always supported us around there. The television stations and such. We have friends down there too.

RTJ: Stillwater was a band in the movie Almost Famous but the band wasn't you guys. Can you explain this?

Bobby: They just used our name. Cameron Crowe and I suppose his wife [Heart's Nancy Wilson]… I know Cameron Crowe was aware of the band. He came down to Macon during the seventies at the Capricorn Records picnics. He came down there as a writer for Rolling Stone but he was a kid and that's what the movie was about. He met us but he was really down there to see The Allman Brothers and hang out with them I believe. It's my understanding that the band was modeled after The Allmans, Zeppelin and Skynyrd. He had gone out on the road with a few of the bands. I was actually in Italy and got a tax bill and I called up asking what this bill was about and Steven Spielberg, his office, had tracked down Sebie our lead singer, their office called him and was telling him about the movie and they were wanting to use our name in the movie.

RTJ: Yeah they needed permission didn't they?

Bobby: Yeah. Well… They could have probably done it without permission but they probably would have had a bunch of different lawsuits. Our lawyer got in touch with them. They wanted us to do it for free and I said, "No we're not doing it for free." So we got a little bit of change out of it. We tried to get some music in there but his wife had already written the music. I understand it now. Music is real big in a movie and she's a big songwriter. We tried anyway. [Laughing]

RTJ: Now what's this about a tax bill?

Bobby: Oh yeah. I was living in Europe, in Italy and we got paid. I didn't know anything about it. I had heard that they were wanting to use our name in the movie and I didn't hear about any money until I got a tax bill. The guy said, "We'll pay you when you get home." And that's what he did! So I had to pay taxes on it before I got the money![Both laughing]

RTJ: That's funny! Did having your name in the movie rekindle people's interest in the band?

Bobby: It actually did! Especially in different places like around Europe. I've seen stuff on the Internet, they're questioning, "Is that the same band?" So it rekindled it a little bit.

RTJ: Do you think it would be wise to take a journalist on the road with you like that?

Bobby: I guess back then, they were pretty free spirited in the seventies. I don't think The Allman's cared. [Both laughing]

RTJ: They still don't.[Both laughing]

Bobby: I don't think there's anything to hide there.[Both laughing]

Bobby: My eighteen-year-old nephew got in touch with me and said, "Man! Are ya'll going to do Fever Dog at the show?"[Both laughing]
He wasn't familiar with our music. He thought it was the real thing.

RTJ: How funny! I read the band's name was originally Stillwater Junction.

Bobby: No. We had a group called Coldwater Army right before Stillwater, it was some of the members from Stillwater and we were in college. When we got Stillwater together we broke up Coldwater Army because we quit college. Some of the guys stayed in college then that's when we formed Stillwater. Mike Causey actually came up with the name. I really can't remember how it happened. I think we were just kicking around a bunch of names. Somehow he came up with that name. We were out in the country, it wasn't a country band but it was kind of laid back, in a farmhouse out in the country. And we said, "Hey that sounds ok."

RTJ: Stillwater basically dissolved when Capricorn records dissolved. Why?

Bobby: We had one offer from Atlantic or another label that we didn't take. It was in the early eighties and it was just hard to get a record deal. Southern rock was kind of over. The only group that was selling anything back then I think was .38 Special. They were selling a little bit. We were told that the record companies in the early eighties were looking for these bands from England that were coming out. The sound had changed a little bit. We kept trying. Actually we had a couple of close ones. We got back with some of the guys from Capricorn actually and they shopped the deal for us. Where they shopped it they heard, "Well we hear one hit but we want more than that." So we kept trying and finally it just got to where you beat your head against the door for so long. We stayed together about three or four years without a record deal. That was hard enough.

RTJ: We heard that the master recordings of Stillwater's first two albums are nowhere to be found. Is this so?

Bobby: Who told you that?

RTJ: I read it on the Internet that's why I'm asking if it's true or not.

Bobby: I don't know. Universal Music is the last that I knew who owned the rights. That would be up to them. I think we own a copy. I don't know what Universal has. Whoever got Capricorn's rights. I guess they had Mindbender, I don't know, they released it last year finally. That's the only song that's been released digitally. Search for Stillwater, I don't know the name of the CD it came out last Christmas. It's got southern hits… something with Gold… Southern Gold I think. It was an offshoot of a label owned by Universal Music. It had The Allman Brothers, Skynyrd and I think .38 Special. You know, all the bands that were on the radio. That's the only time we've had something released digitally.

RTJ: Your last album was Runnin Free in 1999. Will we ever see another Stillwater album?

Bobby: I don't know. We might. We've talked about it but we haven't done anything about it yet. It takes time and expense. I would like to do another one. I think everybody would. It's just a matter of finding the time and putting the money together before we could do another one. I really enjoy going into the studio and recording. I get a big kick out of it.

RTJ: You've worked closely with the legendary Buddy Buie. Do you feel he's had a hand in shaping Stillwater?

Bobby: Well certainly he had a hand in the songwriting for sure. He took one song, I know in particular, he loved the song but didn't like the lyrics and he had an idea for it, the song called Fantasy Park off the first album. He liked the music so he switched the lyrics on that. He's a songwriter and a great one at that. He had a lot of influence on the lyrics and some of the songs. Getting Buddy Buie to produce us… Atlanta Rhythm Section at the time, before we met Buddy, we really liked their music. We were excited to get him involved.

RTJ: We're good friends with ARS.

Bobby: Hopefully Ronnie will come out this year. **Ronnie did show up**

RTJ: I saw him on your myspace page. Ronnie was on the way out when I started becoming friends with ARS. I know Andy and Steve and all them.

Bobby: I don't know the new ones very well; I know all the old ones… Barry…

RTJ: Barry just quit this year.Bobby: Is it because of his wife?

RTJ: He quit shortly before she died. The only one left from the original line up is Dean.

Bobby: Dean's quiet a character.

RTJ: Yeah he's great. I love Dean.

Bobby: We had some fun times with those guys. I remember Paul Goddard, we were staying somewhere and I forgot which city it was... It was before the show and I saw room service was bringing two big steak dinners to his room. I think someone made a comment about it or something and they said both of those were for Paul.[Both laughing]

RTJ: If somebody wanted to get one of the Stillwater albums where would they get it?

Bobby: I don't know. There's some that float around the show in Macon. They bootleg em' in Europe. I bought one from what used to be a Soviet Country... some guy out there made a good copy and was selling it on eBay.

RTJ: You bought a bootleg copy off of eBay! [Laughing]

Bobby: I wanted to see what it was like. He did a really good job. Around Macon there's some copies floating around. There's no place you can order copies. A guy in New York tried to do it, it hasn't been done yet. He's got a website, all the southern bands he's trying to hook up and trying to get their CD's available. We're on his website but our CD's not available yet.

RTJ: You do the "Annual Stillwater and Friends Reunion Concert" at the end of every year. Why don't you do more shows?

Bobby: Well we did actually this year. We did a National Fair down in Perry, which is right outside of Macon. It's like the Georgia State Fair but it's bigger than the State Fair, it's called Georgia National Fair. It's fair grounds that were built for the agricultural people for showing horses and cows. It's a huge fair. They had like 450,000 people show up this year. They did a special thing… It usually opens on a Friday, they opened it on a Thursday and we had a preview show and a concert that was included in your ticket price. A lot of big country groups play there. Gretchen Wilson headlined this year and I think The Beach Boys. They get a lot of people there so they usually get a couple of good headliners to play music. They just stuck us in at the beginning as a special concert. It's hard for us to get together, our drummer lives in Colorado; I'm busy up here in Atlanta. One of the guys, Rob, is in the Air Force Reserve Band. He's got his obligations. He just got back from Turkey and Iraq. He's pretty busy with that. The Air Force has to fit in our schedule. He can't just pick up and go.

RTJ: Who are some of the 'friends' that can be found with you at the reunion concert?

Bobby: Well The Winters Brothers are coming down from Tennessee.

RTJ: Johnny and Edgar?

Bobby: No. Not those Winters Brothers. They're from Texas I think.

RTJ: They are from Texas. Yeah.

Bobby: The Winters Brothers Band. They're a country rock band from the 70's. They didn't have anything on the radio but they played a lot. They're coming down. Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie, he's coming down. Hopefully Ronnie Hammond will be back out if he's able to make it. His health is not real good; he's kind of up and down. Chris Hicks who played most recently with The Marshall Tucker Band. Chris Hicks is known a lot around the south. He's a really fine southern rock guitar player and singer. A lot of other local musicians that are around Macon. Some of our friends that have moved to Florida or someplace that are gigging down there; they'll come home to play. There's a local band that a couple of the Stillwater guys play with that's called The Wall. They do local gigs. They do weekend club dates. I used to play with them until I moved to Italy. Then when I moved back to Atlanta it was just too far to drive on the weekends. It's a really good band that does a lot of covers, just a lot of club work. They just keep going and playing.

RTJ: Well Bobby, we'd like to thank you for speaking with Road To Jacksonville today.

Bobby: Jacksonville… The last show that we did in Jacksonville, it was Stillwater, .38 Special and Rossington Collins. It was their first show home after the plane crash. We'd just played with them a few months earlier in Nashville at the Volunteer Jam, The Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam; we toured a lot with Charlie. But that was their very first gig playing live and it was really chilling, they put the Ronnie Van Zant mic out there with the spotlight on it. They did Freebird without the singing. It was a fun night though all their closest fans were there. It was a good show.

RTJ: Thank you for your time Bobby.

MUCHAS TO Bobby Dupree for turning us on to the SUPERB Charlie Rushing email!!!!

Subject: WLAY-AM interviews

FLORENCE -- Donny Fritts said he was surprised the first time he tuned in to the "Nashville Star" reality series. There was 23-year-old Zac Hacker performing "Memphis Women and Chicken," a song Fritts co-wrote with Gary Nicholson and Dan Penn. "I had heard someone say he was thinking about doing the song," Fritts said. "He did it really great." Fritts has high praise for the Hackers.Fritts, who spent years playing piano in Kris Kristofferson's band, said the Hackers have what it takes to make it in the music business. He said it helped that the Hackers grew up around music. Their father and uncles were part of The Hacker Brothers band.

"They have the background in music," Fritts said. "They were born into it. They have a lot going for them, besides the fact they have that natural-born talent." What also helped them was the time they spent playing in clubs around the Shoals.


WLAY-AM is a radio station licensed to Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It signed on 1933 and is one of the region's oldest frequencies. Like most early radio stations, it began as a full service AM (meaning it catered to all genres of music and community information, operating live).

The station holds an especially impressive pedigree of disc jockeys: Sun Records founder and the universally agreed "Father Of Rock N Roll", Sam Phillips began his career in the music industry at WLAY-AM.

The station's early, diverse format of Country and Blues is widely regarded as the cornerstone of Phillip's inspiration to combine the genres at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.

Rick Hall, owner of FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals and producer of ground-breaking recordings by Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and countless others also began his tenure as a music industry mogul as a DJ at the station.

Quinn Ivey (producer of "When A Man Loves A Woman") was a disc jockey at WLAY-AM when he discovered Percy Sledge. It has often been said that WLAY-AM was the birthplace of the Muscle Shoals Sound because it was a meeting place for so many of the songwriters and artists responsible for the unique style of music developed in Northwest Alabama.

Because of this, the original sound board used at WLAY-AM is a permanent fixture at the Alabama Music Hall Of Fame.

The station suffered when FM radio began to overshadow AM frequencies for music formats. The owners of WLAY-AM also created an FM equivalent, focusing on Country music. Slowly, WLAY-AM became a haven of MOR music. The station manitained this position until moving from independent ownership and transferring hands to Cumulus Broadcasting in the 90s and later Clear Channel Communications. Then, the station began broadcasting first Sports Talk radio and finally satellite-based Oldies radio.

WLAY-AM was purchased by URBan Radio Broadcasting in 2005. This company re-tooled the frequency to highlight its heritage.

On Halloween 2005, following several weeks of "stunting", the station began broadcasting only music recorded or written in the Muscle Shoals area.

Given the city's rich musical history, this created a very diverse and unique library of music. WLAY-AM is presently the only radio station in America playing only local music.

WLAY-AM plays all blues music from 6pm every Friday night until Midnight on Monday morning. This is a "tip of the hat" to W.C. Handy ("The Father Of The Blues"), who was born and bred in the station's listening area (Florence, AL). A listener can hear everything from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Howlin' Wolf to Roosevelt Sykes to Sonny Boy Williamson to John Lee Hooker to Buddy Guy to Gov't Mule and Tom Waits and Morphine.

Truly one of the great radio stations in America. AM or not. There are plans in place to stream the radio station in the very near future! In the meantime, enjoy highlights from our programming here on MySpace!

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Bush's speech at Enterprise High should be here :

Here's an Enterprise Wildcats students' site:

All our prayers and sympathy go out to the people of Alabama

Happy Trailers HD

Hey Reg,

If it ain't too much trouble, paste up to your blog site that there will be some kind of memorial or another when Willie's cremains are entered next to his Mom at Memory Hill, Friday 030907, 2:00 pm.

All us locals are planning to attend and we want to get word out to everyone so they can make it if they wanna'. I'm not sure at this time if the Eagle will have an announcement or not.

There will also be another event TBA according to Willie's final wishes.



Willie Akridge

Remembering The Blue Beetles at The Par Tee :

Dothan's own JIMMY DEAN on the PAR TEE in MEAhhMeee:

We (the James Gang) played at the Par Tee Lounge in Miami many times back then too. I've always wondered if it's still there and what happened to the owner---

I think his name was Stu. He gave us a bottle of champagne on our last night there in 65; we raided his cooler and completely wiped out his champagne supply.

He took it well, but never offered us free booze again.

Jimmy Dean

From: "Rodney Justo"

To: "robert register"

Subject: Re: They Be Talkin 'Bout The Candymen Playin' The PAR TEE

Lounge in Miami around 1965/66

I remember the Blue Beetles.

They were playing a club north of us once when we were playing the ParTee.I think that it looked like a Tudor style English Pub and it was I think in Coral Gables.

Fred Neil who wrote Candyman as well as Everybody's Talkin' and The Dolphin used to play there. It seems to me that they were getting ready to play in the Bahamas which I thought was really cool.

That was very early in the Candymen days.Little Bobby Peterson was playing keyboards.We got to be really good friends with a band called The Pods who were pretty much a Beatle band.

Mario Castellanos was a really talented guy who played guitar ,bass, and drums.Maybe even more for all I know.They also had Chris on guitar,Albert on guitar,and Willie on drums.I think Willie had some success as a latin singer later on.We ran into Mario at the Action House in Long Island (of RASCALS fame) and I also saw him once in Alabama when I was with Beaverteeth doing a show with Leslie West and he showed up.

Mario was a true vagabond who was happy to go from city to city in his van singing.I would bet that the guys in the Blue Beetles remember them as well.

Rodney Justo

from : Jeff Miami

Re: Remembering The Blue Beetles at The Par Tee

Very interesting, Roberto.

I appreciate you getting those comments from Jimmy and Rodney.

Mario Castellano went on to sing and play lead guitar with a band called Hot Soup, which had an album called "Openers" on the Rama Rama label (also issued a few years later on a label called Roxy, a la another group with strong Miami ties, Year 2000).

Their organ player was Willie Akridge, who I see was born on October 21, 1947, in Dothan, Alabama!

Another Dothan tie. Frank Carillo, who recorded for Atlantic in the late 70s, was also in Hot Soup.

It's good to see that these guys remember the Blue Beetles and the Pods. I'd be curious to hear more about that club in the Gables.

"Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time." - EPA scientist, Dr. Robert Carton (Downey, May 1999)


Anyone who never saw the RG's and Sonny Grier's James Brown Review ("Please Please Please") missed a truly great performance!


image courtesy of

Hey y'all:

It is my sad duty to report that THE OFFICIAL 1949 PRIVEY RULES OF MISSISSIPPI
are missing but I found a Philadelphia substitute for Buddy Henry.

Oh, the lunar eclipse. I missed it but the shot is SO HOT!!!!

image courtesy of

DAVIS, RODNEY REEVES, age 54, died February 28, 2007. He was born in Opp, AL to Willard and Josephine Davis who preceded him in death. He lived in Birmingham for the last 32 years. Rodney loved music and was a great guitar player who played at Carnegie Hall and American Bandstand with Sailcat, a local band. He will be missed by his wife, Kate Pope Davis and their three Scotties: Fergus, Buster and Maggie; his sisters, Vivian (Syd) Parrot of Chattanooga, TN and Teresa (Paul) Hartsfield of Childersburg, AL; and his brother, Ken (Linda) Davis of Pelham, AL and his many nieces and nephews. A Memorial Service will be held Saturday, March 3rd at 1 p.m. at Johns Ridout's Southside Chapel. The family will be receiving friends from 12 until 1p.m. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Dougal's Fund, Inc. for medical care for Scotties with serious illness. Send c/o Kathleen McGuigan (Andes), PO Box 1085, Fairhope AL 36533 or online contact

Left to Right are Bill Connell, Court Pickett, Rodney Davis (seated in the middle), Wyker and Ronnie Brown.

Left to Right are Otis Hale, Jerry Rightmer, Johnny Townsend , Jimmy Varley, Roger Johnson and Ed Sanford.

The last few years have been a very sad time for some of us old geezers. With the news about Rodney, I've lost nine old musical comrades in that time. Some you know about like Art Schilling, Joe Rudd and Rodney. This morning I got the call that my old friend and bass player for The Sanford/Townsend Band, Jerry Rightmer passed away in a convalescent hospital in Ventura, California. Jerry, like Rodney was one damn sweet guy and they will be missed most assuredly.
I'm enclosing a few photos.

So long old friends. We will meet in that sweet by and by...............
Johnny Townsend

Dear Robert !
THANKS for mentioning these two great Cats...and also my best friend Art Shilling....seems like everybody is buyin' The Farm larely...too many good Cats are leaving us.....

May God bless and keep them all !
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyker aka SAILCAT


In conjunction with the City of Valparaiso’s SATURDAY IN THE PARK on April 28th, Playground Recording Studio
will host an open house beginning at 9:00am.

Located in Old Downtown Valparaiso adjacent to the Heritage Museum, festivities will include musical and arts performances, two stages with local artisans with plenty of food and drink vendors.

The public is cordially invited to attend.

Tours of the studio will run throughout the day at the re-opening of this historic recording facility.

Playground recording artists and musicians are encouraged to attend!

For more info Call the studio at



Florida Time
Hosted by Mal Thursday

After a lengthy hiatus, the all-time greats from the Sunshine State return to the Podcast at with a very special episode where all of the songs are all about the swamps, beaches, and backwaters of good 'ol F-L-A.

Florida artists like Wayne Cochran, Noble "Thin Man" Watts, and the Coronados rock alongside out-of-state greats like Bing Crosby, the Butthole Surfers, and the Beach Bums, who open the show with this episode's theme song. There's even a cut from the soundtrack of our favorite Elvis movie, Girl Happy. Produced by MalThursday and JeffMiami in living monophonic sound. It's Florida Time!


The link above hooks you up with romance!!!!

Here's Ayn Rand's '64 Playboy Interview: