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Hey y'all~

When I told y'all I was going in for an excision of a melanoma, I didn't know what I was getting into.
I got "kin folks" prices on everything, spent over $400 & still haven't gotten the damn thang cut off of my face!
I hate to see what happens to health care when IT'S ILLEGAL TO PAY FOR THE SHIT!

The good news is that my spot is "IN SITU" so it's very thin, I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO UAB & I probably won't have to require radiation.
It's finally coming off Nov. 11 and as soon as I get the results I'll let everybody know.
I'm glad I told y'all about it & I really appreciate all the phone calls letting me know you wanted to stay in the loop concerning my condition.

Well the big news is THIS WEEKEND.
The STRANGERS are gonna have their HALLOWEEN HOP @ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER. Doors open @ 6 with a cash bar. Band starts at 8.

I cannot emphasize how dismal attendance is at musical events in Tuscaloosa.
That's why I really want to TURN UP THE JUICE & CUT THE DAMN LOOSE on publicity for this event.

I plan on going DOWN HOME this weekend fo' THE STRANGERS HALLOWEEN HOP @ The Dothan Conference Center located out toward Napier Field.

Robert Register If you live near Dothan, go ahead & circle Saturday, October 30 on
your calender because that's the date of THE HALLOWEEN HOP @ THE DOTHAN
CONFERENCE CENTER featuring Dothan's own THE STRANGERS with special
click on LINKS & you'll get good directions to the Dothan
Conference Center and other details. We had the multi-class DHS Reunion
there two yrs. ago and it is an excellent venue. The doors will open at
6 with cash bar and food catered by The BBQ Shack & the band
starts playing at 8.NO EXCUSES! BRING YOUR FRIENDS & enjoy
another joyful night with Wilbur back on the stage. If this event is
successful, we'll do it again around Thanksgiving & NEW YEAR'S EVE.
I'll see ya there Saturday night!

The big news in town this week was THE DAYS OF RAGE CONFERENCE.


Ernie Hallford being hauled off the Quad by his hair for trying to march with Army ROTC.

Robert Register YOU MISSED IT if you missed THE DAYZZZZZZZZZ OF RAGE roundtable
yestiddee. The wildest thing that happened was when I was reading Bill
Moody's opinion on how Rubin ended up in Foster from the Monday, May 4,
1970 edition of THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS. I felt somebody looking over my
shoulder, turned around & IT WAS MEISSNER! Not only did he take
Rubin's picture, he wrote the damn article! First thing I told him
was,"I loved your Mother!" "She loved you!," he replied!

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 1970

Photos by Dan Meissner

Robert Register Excellent images of the radical side of the Sixties.

Here's the CW article on THE DAYS OF RAGE CONFERENCE:

Robert Steven Kizziah I was there when Jerry Rubin spoke , I was sitting on the edge of the stage just off center . I thought I was going to be in the pictures but I was cropped out. If I remember correctly there was a spread of 4 or 5 fotos above the THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS banner on the front page. They had just shaved me out of the pics. I was just finishing Jr. High at Eastwood. Nobody ever said a word about me sitting on the stage.

William Alford ‎@Robert, i was just to stage right of center leaning on the stage. I have a photo by Marshal Hagler from backstage looking toward the audience that shows someone looking back toward Rubin. maybe that's you?

Robert Register I was right up front on the west side of the stage.


News Staff Writers

Jerry Rubin, one of the "Chicago 7" defendants, brought his
"smoke dope and enjoy life"
philosophy to the University of Alabama Sunday, apparently- or at least officially- to the surprise of UA officials.

School officials said they could not confirm the Yippie leader's appearance and took no action, although several federal and state authorities and campus policemen were on hand.

Another Yippie and codefendant at the Chicago trial, Abbie Hoffman, was denied speaking facilities at the school in March.

Rubin appeared at a rock concert at Foster Auditorium, part of a "Festival of Life" sponsored by the Experimental College at the University.

As early as Wednesday he had been rumored to be scheduled to speak. One student said "The information passed by word of mouth. I don't think the University was naive, they just didn't want to get Montgomery on their backs."

A grim-faced University official said after the one-hour speech, "The governor's race is all over now. Wallace will win by a mile after he capitalizes on this."

UA President David Mathews was out of town for the weekend. Experimental College leaders got permission to use Foster for the concert from Dr. Joab Thomas, dean of student development. It originally was scheduled to be held at Woods Quad.

Bill Moody, a former student now working in Washington, D.C., charged later,"Mathews knew he was coming. He conveniently left town so he could deny any knowledge of the whole thing.
The people on the campus have been censored by Mathews and the power structure too long. If you want the power to do something, you just do it. When people get together and decide to do something, it all works out."

A UA official had said after the unscheduled speech that it most likely was in violation of school regulations on campus. They said they would investigate.

Rubin, ina exclusive interview in the vacant apartment where he was whisked after speaking, said,"We are not going to pay any attention to University regulations. Politics don't run this university, students do."

He said,"The reaction of the students was great. It was almost like a rally speech. It was a great victory for the liberation forces. We really outwitted them this time. I hope Brewer and Wallace have a heart attack. Who knows, next week I might be back and bring Hoffman and (Timothy) Leary with me."

The UA said in a news release that although the Festival was properly registered with the administration, no "outside speakers had been registered. Since Rubin did speak to a public rally without University regulations on outside speakers being observed, persons scheduling the rally might be held responsible for violating established regulations. According to attorneys, the University could not under existing laws prevent Rubin from visiting the campus as a private citizen, so long as he observed speaker, picket and other regulations. The law under these circumstances would allow action only after, not before, regulations were violated..."

No action was taken by authorities for several reasons, the release stated. One was that the people in attendance "would have been endangered if violence erupted."

The crowd was estimated at 400-800 by the University, at 1,000 by the Associated Press and 1,500 by some students.

Rubin, dressed in red velveteen trousers and a spray-painted t-shirt(ed. note: tie dye t-shirt) rambled from one subject to another in his shouting, fist-swinging speech.

He unfurled what he called "the new Yippie flag" and threw it into the audience, most of which sat on the floor of the auditorium. The flag was black, with a marijuana leaf superimposed on a large red flag (ed. note: red 5 pointed star).

He received loudest applause when he took a puff from what apparently was a marijuana cigarette passed to him by someone near the stage. A few students got up and left when that happened.

Rubin told of a smoke-in march on Washington planned for July 4. About 500,000 will take part and they will all be smoking marijuana, he said.

"They will get so high they won't come down for a year," he said.

The 31-year-old Cincinnati, Ohio, native urged students to overthrow, their parents, schools, police and many other institutions.

He described himself as a misfit. "I'm everything George Wallace says I am," he said.

Monday, May 4, 1970

Thursday,May 7, 1970

FBI Agent Provocateur Burns Dressler Hall (University collects $140,000 & Ferguson Center is built on top of Dressler's ashes & THE MORONS are still trying to cover it up)

Wednesday,May 13, 1970

Robert Register
Y'all did great. So good to see you , Birdie, Meissner, John Earl , Igor & everybody else.
The coolest thing to me was finding out that Meissner's famous photograph is NOT a picture of Browning getting slugged by a billy club. The officer is SIMPLY holding the billy in his hand as he grabs Browning by the collar.

John Earl to me:

The "rage" was largely that which was displayed by the cops, not the students.

One fact that was brought out in the mini-conference on the 1970s protests that may have surprised current students was the antipathy, if not scorn, that the local police felt towards University students. Many on the force were not even high school graduates. There was a resentment of the privileged University students.

The brutal attacks on "dirty hippies" should not have been unanticipated by University authorities. Harassment of art students, many of whom had a bohemian appearance, had taken place before the idea of a "hippy" ever emerged in the popular nomenclature for anti-establishmentarians.

Considering the behavior by many members of the law enforcement community in that era, the common appellation of "pig" for an officer of the law seemed appropriate.

The cops that were bussed in all had black tape covering their badges. They were intent on inflicting bodily harm, with or without justification.

John Earl


I'd always been a comic book fan. Among others I liked the X-Men.

So when Lurleen Wallace was a gubernatorial candidate I envisioned her as a Puppet-Woman.

In the Alabama's 1966 election, Jim Martin faced off against Lurleen Wallace for governor and John Grenier ran against John Sparkman for Senate.
When I asked the object of my only teen-age crush Judy Leavell ( sister of Chuck ) to sign my high school yearbook, she wrote "AuH20 in '64," instead of something more personal. Even though I was more likely at the time to read Bertrand Russell than a conservative writer, I then read Barry Goldwater's "Conscience Of A Conservative." I flirted with Republican politics for a couple of years, trying to somehow impress Judy. ( I recently told her after seeing her for the first time in 45 years at my high school class reunion that I'd had a hugemongous crush on her. ) I hitchhiked to the 1964 convention in Montgomery. I worked in the local GOP headquarters. I was a French Fry, which is what the youngsters were called who worked there under Bob French.

I'd entered the University of Alabama by 1966 and had begun to look at the world in a different way. A bit of unreality had crept in my viewpoint. For one thing my experience with the compulsory ROTC at the University had turned me against the Vietnam war. ( I dropped out and burned my draft card in 1967. )

I had a number of contributions in the University's 1967 Corolla including photographs of campaign buttons and a negative photographic image of a skull used as an ashtray which was used in a In Loco Parentis feature. The Corolla's editor had such a dismal view of the way things were going that he designed the cover so that it would look like it belonged in an Army footlocker.

John Earl

from the '30 Corolla

Robert Register Here's the man who saved our ass from Judge Burns in the Summer of '70. I STILL LOVE HIM! GENERAL WILLIAM DEMPSEY "Billy" PARTLOW!!!!

Robert Register Here's Mickey's ad I was telling you about. It's from a '72 Boll Weevil.

Robert Register Found this antebellum map in Lee's stuff tonight. It shows the roads my G-Great Grandpa John Young Register used to move the mail back in the 1850s.

Robert Register Here's another cut from Lee's old map. Notice that there's no B'ham & the only railroads are in the Tennessee Valley & out of Montevallo.

Robert Register We got more ancient Ft. McClellan postcards but I did find four tonight.

Robert Register This postcard was mailed from Camp McClellan in Anniston to Marlboro, N.J., & 10 A.M. on Feb. 27, 1918.
The message reads,"Corn runs $10 per qt. Am on the wagon. C.B."
I'll bet he wished he'd bought that whiskey when he got over to France that summer.

Sally Bedsole Zeigler Yeah! Those hills, if they ever existed, were gone by the time I got there. Hmmm.....
I went to quite a few convocations in that building. They were mandatory!

Sally Bedsole Zeigler It looked a lot like that still when I was there from '68 to '70. Only the cars were different. My dorm, Ligon, and Gerald's dorm, Massey, are off to the left and out of the picture. It's a beautiful campus and I enjoyed seeing this, Robert!

Sally Bedsole Zeigler
Those are some snazzy-looking Huntingdon ladies!They must have spent a fortune on their clothes!

If we had still been voting on these categories when I was there I'm sure I'd have gotten "Most Languid" because I wasn't above sleeping past ...8 a.m. and cutting an early morning class.

Sally Bedsole Zeigler Bet she could Charleston like nobody's business.

Robert Register
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald made her mark on Montgomery

Now this is the classic Flapper look.
One of high school buddy's grandma was a flapper from B'ham. Her Daddy was one of the founders of Alabama Power Co. so she was richer than a foot up a bull's ass. This woman had more money than it'd take to burn a wet mule & she told me she wrapped her chest with an Ace bandage to get that flat look.

Robert Register

Robert Register I found this oriental girl who was going to Huntingdon in '47 named Lurie Sawada from Mobile

My son, Christopher, came by tonight so he could write a paper for his
diesel class on the computer. I was grilling a big steak and a chicken
so he got to chow. Anywayzzzzzzzzzz.... while I was cooking the chicken I
started thinking about how much I loved the pulley bone & I decided
I'm gonna come up with a way to get a mess of pulley bones and have a
pulley bone feast. Have fried pulley bone, barbeque pulley bone, pulley
bone casserole, pulley bone gumbo... you get the picture & after
the meal we all get to make a wish & pull the pulley bone! (the
short end always won in my family. I was shocked like somebody told me
the Easter Bunny didn't exist when I found out some families let the big
bone win)

Wednesday, March 31, 1965 BIRMINGHAM NEWS
Selma march said marked by sex orgies

Washington, March 31- (AP) - Rep. William L. Dickinson, R-Ala., charged Tuesday that "drunkeness and sex orgies" marked last week's big civil rights march in Alabama.

He said in a speech to the House that such misconduct was "the order of the day in Selma, on the road to Montgomery and in Montgomery."

He charged also that "The Communist Party and the Communist apparatus is the undergirdling structure for all of the racial troubles in Alabama for ths past three months."

Dickenson represents the congressional district in which Montgomery is located. He was in Montgomery last week and witnessed the conclusion of the voting rights march.

Charles Blackwell, program director of march leader Dr. Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference, called Dickinson's remarks "garbage."

"No man of any degree of sobriety would make any such charge as that because we had the most distinguished intellectuals in the country and numerous high church people and citizens... of superlative dedication" participating in the march. "I regard the comments from the representative as being the kind of garbage that men of his general geographical area are too often identified with," Blackwell said.

Julian Bond of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a sponsor of the march, said,"There just wasn't any such thing."

"I hope he realizes he is accusing nuns, priests, rabbis, other church people and responsible citizens of misconduct," Bond said.

Dickinson said that participants in the march consisted of several groups- Alabama Negroes, do-gooders, Communists and human flotsam such as adventurers, beatniks and prostitutes.

The Communist Party, he said, gave these groups cohesiveness, strength, money and direction and welded them together into a formidable force.

He said the Alabama Negroes and the do-gooders were victimized and used as unknowing tools by the other groups.

Human flotsam flock to the standard of civil rights, he asserted, because this clothes them with a morality and a purpose which they otherwise lack.

He said they were recruited and promised $10 a day "and all the sex they want from opposite members of either race."

"Free love among this group is not only condoned: it is encouraged," he said. "It is a fact and their way of life. Only by the ultimate sex act with one of another color can they demonstrate they have no prejudice."

Dickinson added that he can prove that this latter "bunch of Godless riff-raff... left every campsite between Selma and Montgomery littered with whiskey bottles and beer cans.

"This is the reason,"Dickinson explained, "why the Rev. Norman C. Truesdell of Dubuque, Iowa, Rabbi Richard Rubinstein, chaplain of the University of Pittsburgh, and many other ministers and religious leaders left the so-called freedom march in disgust."

The congressman listed among those operating the Communist apparatus recently Carl Braden a "well-known Communist" and Abner Berry, "one of the directors of the Communist Party in the U.S."

Dickinson also noted the participation of James F. Peck, field secretary of CORE, who had tried to stop this country's nuclear defense program, and Bayard Rustin, an admitted former Communist.

Dickinson said that Dr. King "has been virtually surrounded by Communists or Communist-fronters since 1955."

One of these was identified as Hunter Pitts O'Dell, who worked for King's Southern drive for more than a year- including a period of several months after King had denied that O'Dell was on his payroll. Witnesses before the House Committee on un-American Affairs have testified that O'Dell was Communist Party official and organizer.

He read from a pamphlet he said was passed out to the marchers inviting them to a burlesque show. This show, he alleged, was staged nightly in one of the tents during the Selma to Montgomery march.(ed. note: I have a copy of this invitation and it appears to be promoting a gay burlesque show)

"Drunkeness and sex orgies were the order of the day in Selma, on the road to Montgomery, and in Montgomery.
"There were many- not just a few- instances of sexual intercourse in public between Negro and whites.
"News reporters saw this- law enforcement officials saw this, and Mr. Speaker, photographs were taken of this, I am told." he said.
"Negro and white freedom marchers invaded a Negro church in Montgomery and engaged in an all-night session of debauchery within the church itself. The leadership of the church had to get help to have these 'freedom marchers' put out of their church..."

Dickinson said that years ago a systematic plan was started by the Communists to divide the Deep South from the rest of the nation by the very tactics they are now using.

"Divide and conquer. They are being eminently successful. The most disturbing thing about it is that the U.S. government knows all about these facts," he said.

Dickinson's assertions brought a denial from the Rev. W. Rodney Shaw, one of the white ministers in the march.

Shaw, a member of the General Board of Christian Social Concerns of the Methodist Church in Washington, called the statements "nauseating material whose baselessness is shown by the fact that many reporters covered this event, yet none wrote anything like that."
(The Birmingham News in its Sunday editions published a story reporting illicit relations in the streets of Selma and urinating by demonstrators in Montgomery less than 50 yards from the Capitol steps. The News' story quoted a reporter of the paper saying he saw evidences of love-making among members of both races. The story also stated that some of the rumors about immorality on the march were without basis.)

This DELBERT link 'bout sums it up for my sitcheeAchun.

I saw someone again today
Who remembered me and you
They asked all the same old questions
I gave the same excuse
They said what a shame, what a shame
To lose a love so fine
But I never lost you, I never lost you
I never lost you, you were never mine

I kept on believing
What I wanted to believe
The unspoken promises
That you could never keep
But it's a sin, oh it's a sin
To tell yourself a lie
I never lost you, I never lost you
I never lost you, you were never mine

Did you give me all you gave me
Just because I needed you
But when I needed all your love completely
Was it more than you could do

Sometimes deep in the night
When I hold you in my dreams
I get lost in your loving touch, baby
I can't believe how real it seems
And I know, yes I know
I'll have you 'till the end of time
'Cause I never lost you, I never lost you
I never lost you 'cause you were never mine

I never lost you, I never really lost you
How could I lose you,

you were never mine

Barry & Cindy

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Hey y'all~
Been a LONG time since I missed a week spamming my blast email from
but it happened last week.
Gonna make up for it right now!

Got this image out of the '30 Corolla.

image courtesy of
The SOUTHBOUND SHOWDOWN SHOW @ The Bama kicked off the festivities for me Friday night & I'm just now recovering.

Posted this on Friday to push the event @ OZ MUSIC:

Robert Register All you Tuscaloosa cats need to look at today's schedule and try to find
some time this afternoon around 5:30. That's when Grayson Capps &
Shannon McNally will be performing @ Mort Jordan & Mary Nelson's OZ
MUSIC in Parkview Center behind Hardin's Bakery.
Pretty sure Mortimer Jordan High School is named after Mort's Grandpa &
the '53 Corolla was dedicated to his Daddy.

Robert Register What a grand time we had Friday night with Grayson Capps, Shannon McNally, Stanton Moore & DUMPSTAPHUNK. The light show was incredible and you ladies looked GORGEOUS dancing on stage w/ DUMPSTAPHUNK!!!! ~ Thank you SOUTHBOUND SHOWDOWN for providing superb entertainment and making Friday night, October 15, a night to remember!

Our old ZERO buddy John Earl made the parade & now shares his images of the 2010 Homecoming Parade with all of y'all.

Robert Register THIS IS SO DAMN SAD. Colonel Reb is DEAD! Now we gotta go out & play
the REBEL BLACK BEARS for the first time tomorrow. I ain't worried
because I hear that Ole Miss (an obvious reference to COLONEL REB'S MEAN
quarterback who's HOOKED ON QUACK!

Good thangs continue to happen DOWN HOME.
Last week the DOTHAN SONGWRITERS ROUNDTABLE COMMITTEE presented ALS LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE OF ALABAMA with a fat check for forty grand! Nice work, GUYZZZZZZZ!

Downtown Music Fest committee makes check presentation to the ALS-Alabama Association.
That's a check for $40,000! Way to go, Dothan and surrounding areas, for your response!
In this photo: Jimmy Dean (photos), Nancy Colin- ALS Alabama, Angelia Wade Turner (photos), Larry Patrick, Buddy Buie, Terry Collins, Gil Anthony (photos), Cathy Cole, Pamela Martin Bruce, Ronald E. Bruce, Stuart Obermann

I still plan on going DOWN HOME weekend after next fo' THE STRANGERS HALLOWEEN BASH @ The Dothan Conference Center located out toward Napier Field.

THE STRANGERS have their website up.
I was kind of disappointed that Frank Tanton didn't post Wilbur Walton, Jr., singing GEORGIA PINES @ THE DOTHAN SONGWRITERS ROUNDTABLE but I don't know what I'm griping about because he's posted 5 superb cuts from THE ROUNDTABLE & with the rest of the 35 song Tanton repetoire, the following link is providing the soundtrack for this afternoon's blogging.

ARS is releasing a new album after the first of the year but now they have a SUPER DVD to edit & get on the market.

Even the bootleg cuts off of Iphones on youtube look and sound great to me.

Robert Register TAMI from ‎Munford, David Anderson (Atlanta Rhythm Section guitarist), Laylah
after the last show @ The Ritz in Talladega, October 9, 2010

Robert Register Don't even think it!
This image has absolutely NOTHING to do with ANYTHING CONNECTED TO ME!

Tami from Munford is simply displaying the guitar pick ATLANTA RHYTHM
SECTION'S DAVID ANDERSON tossed her during the show in Talladega @ The
...Ritz Theater last Saturday night.

Marvin Henry Was she Clapton's inspiration? She could inspire anything breathing I do believe...

I got invited to a dinner party in Marietta so I headed east from Talladega Sunday morning. I came in on 120, an excellent road, & oriented myself like everyone else in Marietta. Where was I going in relation to THE BIG CHICKEN?

Got me some Dothan down home cooking Sattiddee nite so I ate way too much. Stuffed myself to the point I about got sick but I laid my pitiful, glutenous body down, recovered and hit the road Monday morning. I visited Marietta's GONE WITH THE WIND museum, the military cemeteries and the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield. Saw where we put 10,132 Yankees in the ground. That had to have gotten their attention but Sherman, unfortunately, had a short attention span.

When it came to killing Yankees, Selma's General Hardee did some good work north of Atlanta. He didn't win but his men, in the words of General Forrest, "HAD AMPLE OPPORTUNITY TO KILL YANKEES."

All of the little stones mark the graves of unknown Yankee soldiers.
Left Marietta on 120 & followed it until it ended and then avoided being arrested again in Fruithurst before getting on the parkway that follows the ridgeline of Alabama's Appalachians.

The reason Fruithurst was such a speed trap for us when we were growing up was because I-20 had to be cut through the mountains.

Coming from the flatland, I've always loved me some Mt. Cheaha.

I really want a bunch of us to go up to Cheaha & explore Bald Rock.

I like those Cabins 1, 2, 3 and 4. We ought think about getting a group together & have a three day weekend @ Cheaha.
It'd be ROCKIN'!!!!

I took this picture as a joke but it looks like I'm gonna need a BARN FULL OF BIBLES before it's all over with. I go in for a melanoma excision tomorrow morning at 7:45. All y'all who told me to get my face taken care of years ago were correct but what you forget is, PO' FOLKZZZZZZZZZZZZZ GOT'S PO' Folks WAYZZZZZZZZZZ!

I'm still trying to make it in my own special way.

One of my favorite places on Earth, the sculpture garden @ the B'ham Museum of Art has been selected as one of the TOP 10 Public Spaces In America for 2010.

A Dothan ad from the '48 COROLLA

from the '26 COROLLA

ROBERTOREG in the Fall of '70