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>I have a Facebook group, The "Real" Nip & Ernies with over 150 members - and I'd like to invite more people to join. I created this group page to make people aware of the two "copycat" Nip & Ernie's that are located in Panama City and one that is opening on 84 West in Dothan. The Howard and Edwards families are saddened and disappointed that these people took the name of our family restaurant, popular from the 1940's - the 1970's without our permission or knowledge. My mother and Pauline cannnot believe that anyone would use the good name of their two deceased husbands for monetary gain. Daddy and Ernie worked very hard to make Nip & Ernie's very successful and would never dream of doing anything like this. There is an old saying that "the greatest form of flattery is copying". There is also another old saying, "what goes around, comes around". The thing that makes the families the saddest is that these "copycats" are claiming that they are serving the "original" chili dogs and this is not possible because they do not have the "original" recipe. Rosemary (Edwards) Andrews has confirmed that her daddy did put "a chili recipe" in the Down Home Country Cooking cookbook a few years backs but it was not the "original" Nip & Ernie's chili recipe. Ernie didn't fall off the watermelon truck yesterday. Why would he give out the "secret" Nip & Ernie's chili recipe? The cookbook editor chose to add a note that the recipe was the "original" Nip & Ernie's chili recipe. Ernie did not know this until the cookbook was published and he saw it. The Dothan location is opening tomorrow and I have been on the phone with my sisters, Linda Howard and Bobbie (Howard) Johnson and also Rosemary Edwards all afternoon long. Our blood is boiling.
IS THERE ANYONE WHO WOULD BE WILLING TO PROTEST? We just had Obama leave our Kailua town beach community after spending his second Christmas vacation here, and there were protesters outside of the barriers in our neighborhood so its legal. (We live 1/4 mile from the beachfront estate he rented.) All I would suggest is that you check with the police and find out if you need a permit.
I would appreciate hearing from as many of you as possible and also would appreciate you writing letters to the editor at the Dothan Eagle. Please let me know if anyone would organize a protest. And please join my Facebook group, The "Real" Nip & Ernie's"
Fond Aloha,
Ann (Howard) Adams
808-254-1141 (home)
808-357-7741 (cell
P. O. Box 1896
Kailua, Hawaii 96734

Ann Howard Adams FB shut us down on The "Real" Nip & Ernie's page citing 3rd. party infringement. I have filed a protest, but we may have lost all content. God has just given me the wisdom to know why. Too many were giving their "memories" for my book, "Memories of (& sadly, I have to add 'the real') Nip & Ernie's". Keep your coming by sending me a message to this site. We were up to 303 mbrs. from less than 40 last wk.

My first bikini at age 5. I can still remember it. It was made of a satiny material with a white top and red and white bottoms with a bumble bee in yellow and black on the front. This picture was made on the beach near the Hang Out. Daddy took Linda and me swimming there every day while we were at the beach.

Here I am in front of our cottage in my bikini. (I think I lived in it the entire time we were at the beach.) My baby sister, Bobbie is in the play pen in the screened in porch. I believe the cottages were called Long Beach Cottages.

Thanks to Beth, I found out tonight that the number one tune in the U.S. the day I was born was "The Third Man Theme"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting in that Mardi Gras "State Uv Mindzzzzzzzzzzz"

Our good friend Jerry Carrigan is also being inducted on March 25th. He began his career playing with Dan Penn and the Mark V. Jerry was a member of the 1st Muscle Shoals section that included David Briggs, Norbert Putnam etc. He has played on countless records.. look him up you will be surprised. He gave me the snare drum he used on "Polk Salad Annie" and "Help Me Make it Through the Night" (Sammi Smith) and we're using it today! Anyway, Jerry is also a member of the Nashville HOF inducted with the "Nashville Cats". I thought you might be interested in this as an Alabama historian. Our musical web continues to expand..


From a Planet Weekly Interview with Jerry Henry:

From what I hear you are know as the official historian for the historical Chukker. What are some of the printable highlites that happened at the Chukker?

Roberto: I guarantee you there's very little "official" about anything associated with The Chukker. What I officially am is the proud owner of a recipe box filled with 4 by 8 cards.They tell one hell of a story.

This attempt to preserve Chukker history began on December 21, 1987 when we were all sitting at the bar and the late Dart Hayward, brother of Charlie Daniel's bass player Charlie Hayward, suggested that we start a contest for "The Best Personal History of the Chukker."
Well, that contest never occurred but I started taking notes that night and basically it all degenerated into "The Craziest Stuff That Ever Happened In The Chukker."

In most people's opinion, the craziest thing that ever happened in the Chukker involved the late Bob Weston and Michael McGovern's toe. That's all I'm gonna say about that because my Mommy and Daddy raised me not to talk about stuff like that in public.

This photo of Ray Hutto & Diane Barnes from the '67 Gargoyle was taken at a table at Nips.


Hello Robert:::
I want to add a Comment to this Picture.
Charlie Jannett the last one on the right of the standing row has only one arm.
He lost his left arm when he was very young. Charlie was one of our best players.
He played in the outfield and was a real good hitter.
Thanks again
Gerald Cherry

I see that my uncle sent you his old clipping of Nip's team WAAAAAAY back from 1955! I have "doctored" it a see if it's clearer. You can decide.

I am also sending you a recent pic of Gerald & his son, Clint.
Yes, Gerald "Goat" Cherry is my uncle. His life long friend was Larry Cain, who was HP's brother-in-law. Larry called Gerald "Goat" until the day he died...I never heard Larry call him Gerald. They were quite a pair...growing up together...hangin at The Hangout AND Nip & Ernie's! Gerald holds the honor of being the FIRST person to get a motorcycle license in Dothan! (BAD boy BAD boy...whatcha gonna do...) And HIS father opened the first taxi service in Dothan.
I will ask Cherry (as I call him!) to dictate his memories to me for you. I know a few details about he & Larry being at Hangout & a hurricane blew the roof off! That has always tickled me. As a matter of fact, I told Larry's widow at his visitation that I would always remember Larry with a big grin on my face because of the Hangout story! It made her laugh through her tears.
Cherry & my Aunt Jane are the ones who always took me to the Big Bam shows. They always let me bring a friend or two, and I know that they enjoyed it as much as we did! They always chaperoned (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY!) us at PCB for AEA. The Fiesta Motel, Room 235...we always asked for that room...TRADITION! Everyone's got a PCB tradition, huh?!
Peace Out!


Debbie O'Toole
forwarded our email to her uncle, Gerald Cherry & he shot us an old clipping from the Eagle.

He played softball on Nip & Ernie's team and he's the fourth one from the left on the front row in
this image of Nip & Ernie's City Champs softball team of 1955.

This has a Nip & Ernie 1955 City Champs Picture.
Gerald Cherry Dothan,Al

I am Bee Cherry in the Picture. I don't know where they got that my that BEE from, my Nickname was Goat.


I'm forwarding this email to some folks who might be able to get you in touch with Goldsboro.
His son, Danny, lives one door down from my brother, Bill, on Madison Avenue. Danny lives with Mary Alice's mother. He talks to his Daddy all the time so I'll shoot this to Bill so he can get Danny to tell Bobby you'd appreciate his reminiscences of Nip & Ernie's.


Hey y'all~

I got the following email tonight from Ann Howard, Nip's oldest daughter.
Her goal of writing a book about NIP & ERNIE'S represents to me
something really good that could come out of our DHS Class of '68 40th Reunion.

Of course, tragically, Ann's story will leave out some of the Girard Princes and Princesses but
I guess their royal highnesses can write a book about Creel's.


All uv you Young Jr. Baby Criminals SHARPEN YOUR PENCILS!
& turn out some good stories & old pictures for Ann.

I'm gonna search my blog ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA
rite now & post everything I've got up online.

This is a worthy project &
, in my humble opinion,
an appropriate tribute to our DHS classmates who are now departed.


Hi Robert,
I'm Ann (Howard) Adams, Nip's oldest daughter. I'm writing a book, "Memories of Nip & Ernie's" (see attached email). I would love for you to send me your memories and help me get the word out through emails and at your class reunion this August. Hopefully, I can have flyers or something made up to give out if it would be OK. I am collecting as many "memories" as people will send me. Three people have already promised to write theirs and it has been less than 24 hours since I sent out the attached email. Don't you have a web site? Seems like Bobbie, my youngest sister forwarded me something you had posted about Nip & Ernie's not too long ago. Do you know how I can get in touch with Bobby Goldsboro to ask him if he would contribute his "memories"? Mother said he always sat in the back booth with his guitar and I always wondered if he did any of his composing there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing back from you.



Sent: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 7:15 am

Hi All,
I have heard from lots of you telling me that the old picture of Nip & Ernie's that I sent out brought back so many wonderful memories for you. You told me you forwarded it to relatives. I even heard from people not on DHS Class of '64 email list, and one of them told me that my email had "made the circuit" in Dothan. So I have decided that I am going to write a book, "Memories of Nip & Ernie's". Its success will depend on how many people send me their "memories" because the book can't all be about mine. I've been in contact with someone who is familiar with how to get it published, etc. So please send me your "memories". It will be so much fun for everyone to read about them. Any pictures taken at Nip & Ernie's would be great too. And tell everyone you know in Dothan who might also have some "memories" about it.

I look forward to hearing from you.


A couple uv
Zero, Northwest Florida residents have requested that we start a

image from the Gargoyle courtesy of Bama Queen

I shot out a request last night for reminiscences & I don't think I've ever had a greater response in almost 5 years of blogging which proves to me that Dothan's Nip & Ernie's was a Southside sandwich shop that left an impression on all who darkened their door & the memories y'all shared with us show what a warm spot that old place still holds in our hearts.

Nip Howard's family lived near us on Pinecrest & we grew up with Carol(not sure that's her name but maybe DHS '65), Linda (DHS '67), Bobbie (DHS '71?) & Carl (DHS '75?).
Mrs. Howard ruled the roost at Nip & Ernie's so we always TRIED TO BE on our best behavior.
After we started drinking in the 10th grade, we stayed away from Nip's because of Mrs. Howard.

Ernie Edwards was in the DHS Class of '40. He was one year behind my Daddy. His daughter Paula graduated with me in '68. She came to Bama with all of us but she wasn't aware that I came along with the Dothan crowd. I'll never forget meeting her on campus during our senior year & she was so surprised that I was going to Alabama.

My brother Bill can give a detailed account of life at Nip's. He & Carl were the same age so Bill & Carl spent many of their elementary school days hangin' around Nip's eating chili dogs & looking at funny books.

Bill & Carl also learned a lot of life's secrets while snooping around Linda's new Corvair.

By the time Bill got in high school he had no problem going to Nip's everyday for lunch.
As Bill says of the DHS campus, "I walked off that son of a bitch like I owned it."

Bill was Mose Saliba's Audio Visual Aide Assistant so their day started during first period with taking the coach's order's for double cheeseburgers (with extra Thousand Island) or for a couple of chili dogs. The Big O always tuned 'em up good for Dothan High's coaches at Oscar's Drive-In on North St. Andrews.

Lunch found Mose & Bill accompanied by whoever had the balls to leave school for lunch at Nip's. At the appointed time the party of four DHS Tigers entered to find their table already fixed with 12 chili dogs, two orders of fries and two pitchers of tea.

My most vivid memories of Nip & Ernie's are of us packing that place after Young Junior ball games & having fights in the parking lot. Seems like I remember a real good one where Glenn Jackson cleaned Wayne "Cowboy" King's plow.

My personal Nip & Ernie's nightmare occurred after a Young Junior ball game one night.
The place was packed & I asked Denny Steele to pass me my milkshake so he picked it up and coughed one up & spit it into my milkshake.

Denny and I had a little history. One day after lunch at Young Junior, Denny asked me to come over to his locker & he cold cocked me as hard as anyone ever has in my whole life. I deserved it & when I got my vision back (I never fell down) I looked at Denny & said, "I'm sorry." & he didn't hit me again, so anywayzzzzzzzzzzz...

I was well aware of the damage Denny could inflict...

I refused to take my milkshake and I told Denny,"Buy me another one or we're going out in the lot & I know you'll whip my ass but I'm taking a plug out of you tonight!"

Denny bought me a fresh milkshake.

Let me hear from you before I blast my Nip & Ernie's stories...


Here's ya a few facts about Nip's.

Bobbie Howard was my best friend at Young Jr. & Dothan High. Her oldest sister's name is Ann...not Carol. Linda has recently moved back to Dothan after living for many years in Atlanta. Carl passed away a several years ago.
Nip passed away in the 70s when I was working at the Medical Center...then called General Hospital.
It was very sad, but he was surrounded by his loving family constantly.
Long after Nip passed away, Mrs. Howard married Mr. Clearman, who previously owned The Circle Cafeteria & they later opened The Porter Square Cafeteria and ran it for several years before retiring.
To this day, Mrs. Howard (Clearman) looks exactly like we remembered her at Nip's.
She is still a beautiful, poised lady with hair & make-up done to perfection & dressed to the nine's!!
Bobbie own's Li-Bo's Dancewear Shop across from Porter Square Mall.
I spent many, many nights with her in thei r beautiful home on Pinecrest.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard would always leave to go to Nip's early...around 4AM, so when Bobbie & I would get up to get ready for school, Mrs. Howard would call & ask what we wanted for breakfast & would then bring it to us.
We ALWAYS had a fried egg I've ever tasted. Certainly because it came from Nip's!!
A neighbor of their's (can't remember her name) baked the famous brownies served at Nip's. Nothing like going there for a hot dog, Roll Tide Coke & a brownie! Attached are photos of Bobbie, me and the ad from the 1970 Gargoyle. Please excuse the white-out portion of my senior picture...someone EVIL got hold of my yearbook & wrote something ugly under my photo that had to be deleted before my Mama saw it!! I'm sure I have many more photos...if only I could find them....

Two things stand out in my memories of Nip and Ernie's.
I could go there and read PLAYBOY.

Nip would get aggravated and tell me to buy it or put it back on the magazine rack.
Of course my mother would have had a stroke if I brought Playboy home. It was xxx back
then .

I remember the day I walked in and there was a display at the cash register displaying a new cigarette, WINSTON.
I paid my quarter and bought a pack.
For a couple of days I was the envy of my gang.
I loved that place.
It was HAPPY DAYS in real life.

Buddy Buie


Cowboy King died a couple of years ago and Glenn Jackson is or was doing time
for something last I heard on him.

Nip and Ernie’s full of stories dating way back.

Everybody went there on Monday nights in the early 60’s. It was “club” night.

Cavaliers, Knights, Cotillians, etc. Big time stuff.

Denny Steele is retired from

the postal service and lives around Headland.

I see him a few times a year up

around Abbeville. He looks like he is still in good physical condition.

Went by Buddy’s Saturday before the game, he was tuned up.

I know he was most likely p.o.’d but he was not overly optimistic like I was.

I really thought we

would win.

Go Bama


That's a great Denny Steele story! He was a classic schoolyard bully, and I remember him wreaking havoc as early as the 5th grade at Selma Street Elementary School. Whatever happened to him?
Seems like he served in 'Nam--or am I making that up?
How was the art gig at Soho? Sorry that we weren't able to make it that night.


They had the best damned brownies on earth.
Had marshmallows swirled around on top and they sat by the cash register.
I wish I had one right now.
The only thing that equaled them was the bread pudding at Buie's City Cafe downtown.
I'm going to the kitchen right now to find something to eat.

Jimmy Dean

Hi Robert,
Yes, I too remember those baby Tiger days when we went to Nip and
Ernie's. I remember after basketball games Sammy Smith and I would walk
down there before we went home.
Made the best hot dogs around back then.
And I too remember Denny Steele although I haven't thought of him in
years. Yes I remember him well and he had a sister too. I think Linda.
If you got the 67 yearbook go to page 93 and look at the table, Diane
and me are sitting at inside Nips.
{editor's note: Sure enough on page 93,
there's DHS Class of '67's MOST ATHLETIC Diane Barnes & Ray Hutto seated at a Formica table in Nip's eating Wheaties!}
Your hero,

Sherry Russell Hufham, by this eMail I introduce you to Robert O. Register (just in case you don't already know him).
Robert, Sherry is the "coordinator" for the DHS Class of '62, filling in for Dan Smith, who, as you know, suffered a tragic accidental death recently.
Robert was/is a friend of mine, albeit an underclassman, and also a friend of my brother Tom. Robert runs a blog that is very good for keeping track of memorabilia, memories, and current news on the Dothan performing artists from our era.
Robert is now starting a thread on "Nip & Ernie's" stories.
Sherry, I'll let you use your judgement as to whether to circulate this particular message, but I suggest introducing our class to his blog address,, so that those who wish to do so can visit it, keep up to date, and share Nip & Ernie's stories.
I would ask that those who do post their N&E stories also cc you so you can distribute them to those who may choose not to go to the blog itself.
Love to all,
William Wheatley

video video

The Hangout in P.C. courtesy of Wicksburg's LaJuana


I was in Essie Mae Smitherman's advanced biology class
during the 11th or 12th grade. She loved to fill up
all her blackboards (were they green?) with meticulous
notes and drawings (she had beautiful handwriting).

One day we were trying to comprehend what she was
writing, and Sam Jones said, "Miss Smitherman, that's

Well everybody in the class looked at Sam
and simultaneously said "Huh????"

Miss Smitherman just
smiled and said "So are you."

There were some really good teachers at Dothan High.

especially liked Carl Leverette who taught history. He
gave up teaching a few years after we graduated and
went into photography. He was as good as any college
history professor I had (I was a history and
journalism major, which by the way was a great
prerequisite for my construction career).

He was the
first person in the South that I ever heard say

"We do
not belong in Vietnam. It's a civil war, and we have
no business there. It will cost us many young men's
lives and in the end we will gain nothing from it."

And he actually had the balls to say that in his
current affairs class.

Almost blasphemy in an
Alabama high school in 1967.

Take care, Jim

RR......I want you to know that even though I don't always comment on your work, I always enjoy it. You keep the past
alive and viable. DHS,Young Junior,Nip and Ernie's,the Hangout etc. have reentered my life through you.
Keep Rockin'........BB



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Hey y'all:

Mary Willie Jones had it down!
It was either Harper Shannon or Wilbur Walton Jr. !!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Beginning another wonderful week of taking care of Lee Pake's property with a little help from my friends.

Louis & Roberto

Karen & Roberto

The good news is Dothan's Buddy Buie and New Brockton's Paul Hornsby are FINALLY going to be inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame on Thursday, March 25 @ the Montgomery Convention Center @ The Renaissance Hotel & Spa.

My brother-in-law sent me some pretty cool stuff.
He's been using his game camera in these planted pines right across the street from his house in Cottonwood.
You can see the location of the game camera from his front yard!

Bambi & Thumper
Thumper be so hip.
He sho' nuff be playing Bambi fo' dah fool on youtube!

Give this bad boy a year or two. He'll end up on someone's wall courtesy of the lawns of downtown Cottonwood.

Not only did I commune with Nature during my winter vacation to PCB, I actually hung out with some of my home folks. Friday night I attended the BMI party @ Bud & Alley's for the 30A Songwriters Festival with Sherri & Mike McCarty but I was also their guest @ Wynn Jackson's party in Watercolor Saturday night. That turned into Sherri's 60th Birthday Surprise Birthday Party!

Left to right: Jody Jackson
Sherri McCarty
Wynn Jackson
Ginger Jackson
Mike McCarty

Thank the Jacksons for the Surprise 60th Birthday Party for Sherri!


She's got everything she needs,

She's an artist, she don't look back.
She's got everything she needs,
She's an artist, she don't look back.
She can take the dark out of the nighttime
And paint the daytime black.

You will start out standing
Proud to steal her anything she sees.
You will start out standing
Proud to steal her anything she sees.
But you will wind up peeking through her keyhole
Down upon your knees.

She never stumbles,
She's got no place to fall.
She never stumbles,
She's got no place to fall.
She's nobody's child,
The Law can't touch her at all.

She wears an Egyptian ring
That sparkles before she speaks.
She wears an Egyptian ring
That sparkles before she speaks.
She's a hypnotist collector,
You are a walking antique.

Bow down to her on Sunday,
Salute her when her birthday comes.
Bow down to her on Sunday,
Salute her when her birthday comes.
For Halloween give her a trumpet
And for Christmas, buy her a drum.