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Re: You ain't gonna believe this-

I think it's been killed by the pigs. It was an online streaming
audio of TPD radio communication.

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I write for the Planet Weekly. I do a page called "In The Beginning" aka "The Hippie Page". Each edition I interview a musician that was a part of early rock and roll in Tuscaloosa. I would like to interview you. After reviewing your blogs I find you very knowledgeable in this area. Thank You,
Jerry W. Henry



I think we ought to have a group discussion with Bruce Hopper, Rick Lindsey, Harry Hammonds and me. We ought to talk about early bars in Tuscaloosa and enforcement of liquor laws.We also need to find a real old time Black Tuscaloosa musician who played parties back when it was dry. As far as I know,there were no black nightclubs in Tuscaloosa before 1956 other than the Elks.

As for an interview with me:

When it comes to Tuscaloosa, I have this Chukker file. I'll give you a list of the headings at the end of this post.

When it comes to rock 'n roll, I'm from Dothan and Dothan has always had a rich music scene because of Panama City Beach and Rort Fucker, uh, I mean, Ft. Rucker as well as Napier Field during WWII. I can give a lot a good information on Dothan.

Great to hear from you. I read all your stuff.



From: "robertoreg2003" Date: Sat Oct 4, 2003 8:55 pmSubject: Subject Headings in Chukker HistoryGot da box so here are the titles to the cards:Alves, WalterBanned from the Chukker(the classic is Claudia Chermuk trying to buy a draft for 37 cents)Barred from the Chukker"Allman Joys"- 1965-1967Ariff, BasilArtists and ArtArtifacts (looks like most of the artifacts have disappeared)Big Ben Adkins and the NomadsBill ConnellBeer (sample: Quarter Beer-Tues. and Thurs. 1972- outlawed by State ABC in 1985)"Blues Magoos"Butts, JimmyBarlowBartendersBeverages- January '82- moved bar to rear- bar moved to plumbing in to serve liquor.Blue LawsCheck on Bill McMinnCort PickettCrazy Shit That Has Happened at the Chukker(according to me the craziest is Weston biting and suckinga boil off Michael McGovern's toe)Chefs(Bruce Hopper photographed the corpse in the coffin of the father of the big old black lady who cooked for Chukker Bill)Chukker Nation (proclaimed in August '69 by John Little whilewatching telecast of the Woodstock Music Festival inthe Chukker)Chukker Room in Hell (Trice Keene,Bob Weston,Stephen Rogers,Tom Kuhns,Brian Hendrix,Joe Cary, Mike Tucker, Mike Williams, Robert Register, John Thigpen, Val Holloway,Lloyd Riley, Tommy Stevenson,John ThornRon Shirley,Dick Ellenburg("I already have firstrow seats saved." said Dick while he was alive),Bill Gipson)Chukker definition from the dictionary"Candy Men"CensorshipChukker BillCornbreadDeceased patrons (over 50 on this list)Drugs(someone always played "For What It's Worth" on the jukeboxwhen a narc walked in)DonaEddie HintonErnie HalfordEllenberg, DickEntertainmentFirst Time In the Chukker (The Classic:"I was so young I was amazedto be served alcohol")"Feather"Fantasies (The Classic:"All you guys want to see is two girls get iton. It's UNIVERSAL!!!!)"The Five Minutes"- '62 or '63Fat City (game preserve)"Gents"Graffitti (The Classic: BEAT ME, WHIP ME, MAKE ME WRITE BAD CHECKS!")HogdooHendrix, Jimmy (Phil Phillips has a Hendrix guitar pick)Hogie (Guy Huthnance, Jr.)"Hourglass"Hagler, MarshallHart, BillHinton, EddieJanitors(The Classic: Ed Hanselman)"John Ed" Watford (The Classic: Took a dump on the bar to win a bet)"K-Otics"Kooness, OoleeKizziah, MickeyLittle BitLesbians(The Classic: Engraving on sports trophy for a Chukker softball team:"Nobody Could Beat Those Dykes""Misfits""The Magnificent Seven"Music (The Classic: Don Maples, "the Possum Man", hit Jimmy Turnerwith a beer bottle because Jimmy played the jukebox and Maples wanted to hear his tape deck-Maples barred by Callahan)Myths (The Classic: Mice nests in the pinball machines fuck up yourgame.)May of 1970Mary KayMenu (copies from the late sixties are owned by Bruce Hopper and JoHayward)"Nighthawks"Nineteen Fifty-Six, July-Chukker opens (Oasis opens at same time)Owners"The Omen and Their Love"Orange JuliusThe Old DutchPat's (Earl's first bar- changed to Jackie's)"Pieces of Eight"Personal Testimony (December 21, 1987- Dart Hayward suggests a contest for "Best Personal History of the Chukker")Poets (Rhett Maddox moved to New Orleans and gave readings at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak St.)Pets (Chuck the Cat died violently and you could feed cashewsto the mouse who lived in the cash register)Queers (The Classic: The VD control officer asks Enoch for the namesof everyone "he'd had intercourse with lately" and Enochlists everyone he had talked to at the Chukker and Egan's.)"Rocking Gibralters""Rubber Band"Riley, LloydRonnie BrownThe Red RoosterResidents (Bob Weston)The RoofRobert Register (Loves Pussy. Very narrow minded on cornbread!)Ramona Landers ('55 or '56 - '88)"Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs""SouthCamp""Sail Cat""Swinging Medallions"The Silver DollarScotty Fitzgerald (Waverly asks,"Could you procure a marijuanacigarette for Scotty?)The Spectrum and The DickeryStarvin' Marvin HenrySports TeamsSwindle, Sharon (First visit to Chukker- 1972. Had her first orgasmin the summer of 1972)"This Side Up" - with an arrow pointing downTab (LARGEST TAB: $1700 FOR A SUMMER. Brian paid it with '66 GMCpickup.)Turner, Jim - "Today Was Surreal, Wasn't It?"Thigpen, JohnnyTiger Jack Garrett ("under Confederate gray skies")University of AlabamaVoodooWeston
Wallace, George
That's all folks!

Jun 13, 2006 10:37 PM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
RE: What Can I Say? Coach Bryant Is A Chick Magnet!
Groovy! Ask Jimmy to burn it for me & call me 334-805-0530 & I'll go pick it up from him. Actually, I'd like copies of everything he has.. Candymen, James Gang, Beaverteeth, etc. I have the old albums, but can't afford the hardware for my computer to be able to transfer them to cd. Jimmy knows me...he's also a cousin to my friend from high school, Jane Black. Ya know, I used to babysit John Rainey's kids & am still in touch with his daughter, Traci. And his ex-wife, Oona Neal. Anyway, I saw Traci in the grocery store last week & told her I had been in touch with Rodney & that he had told me that someday he's like to sit down & talk to her about her dad. She was thrilled...very hungry for any history on her dad. When she was growing up, she didn't know her dad was "a big deal" and she's anxious to "fill in the spaces" by talking to old friends, etc. So, I hope to get them together by email. We done good, my friend!! Keep up the good work on your blog, myspace, Bear & reminding us all of how lucky we were to have grown up in such a fantastic musical era here in Dothan. Thanks! Deb ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Robert Date: Jun 13, 2006 11:28 PM Jimmy Dean in Dothan has a James Gang CD w/ Georgia Pines on it plus Buddy has it on Music Of My Life. Remind to try to get that for you. best, RR

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Tom & Leitha Broome
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My name is Tommy Broome and I kicked around with these guys when I was a kid. I am the same age as you and I grew up in Albany, GA. I knew John Rainey and Rodney from the Candy men days and later Beever Teeth. We never see anything written much about the later. I am looking for Rodney's email address. I see that he responds to you blog often. You can write him and ask him if it is ok if you want to. I played piano for Herb Ryals and Eddie Middleton and even did the first Dickey Betts and Great Southern album. I still keep up with David and go to see him every time I get back to Ga. I live in Alaska now and I would like to touch base with Rodney and just say hi and maybe invite him up to do some Salmon fishing. If you can do this it would be appreciated.
Tommy Broome

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"robert register" ,
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Re: rodney

ALASKA !!!! What the hells the matter with you man?
I read that it gets cold up there.
Wow, it's great to hear from you.
I've somehow managed to do O.K. in my life, considering that there was no indication that I'd amount to anything.
I just decided that I wouldn't let anyone out work me.
I always felt that that was the problem with most would be musicians.They think that it's just gonna' come to them because they may have some talent.
Lemme' tell ya,' when you start to really get involved with the big boys....THEY WORK!
I've been in, of all things the "adult beverage" business for 28 years and am currently the sales manager for Malt Beverages (that means beer) for the worlds largest alcoholic beverage company.
In fact we just had a merger of sorts with Alaska Distributing Co., which puts us in the Pacific Northwest. Everywhere but Alaska.
Of course I remember you, as well as your playing,I also remember enjoying hearing you sing.
I think that it was a Bobby Bare song that I really liked to hear you sing....."3 days on the road and I'm gonna' make it home tonight ? "
Do you still play?
The Knife business?
Feel free to call anytime here's some numbers ( but I'll be going to New York on Thursday for a few days to see the U.S. Open)
Good Luck!

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Please take a moment & listen to a sample of the latest BAMA NATION MUSIC!

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Noah's Ark later re-grouped as Duckbutter and Buddy Richardson would later form
White Witch.
Miss a day -- you miss a lot!

I never expected White Witch to show up in this group, but, of course, they did record for Capricorn so I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised.

"And I'm Leaving" ranks among my favorite songs of 1972.

I also like "Illusion" and the 7-minute "Don't Close Your Mind."

Did they ever release another album?

David J

What are you, like some kind of Rock n'Roll encyclopedia?

HOW do you know all these guys?

You must have been around back in the day when all this was taking shape. I was born in 61, followed mostly southern rock as long as I can remember, then bluegrass and some jazz. I've played guitar since I was 8, mostly in the shower (no wait, that's my singing).

Your posts, your "myspace", and emails are jammed
full of all kinds of information I've wondered about for years.
Have you written a book on all of this, or have one in the making? Just curious.Thanks again and keep it coming,

Bob Blevins

The great thing about my blog is that over three years of my life are recorded on the Internet. Two of those three years have been spent documenting my rock'n roll heroes.

I am 56 which is almost ten years younger than Buddy & The Gang but when they were 20 hanging out with Orbison in Dothan, I was riding my bicycle around town playing peeping tom and listening to jam sessions. I never knew Justo, Daughtry, Buie or Nix but I knew the late John Rainey Adkins real well and his brother, David, has been a good friend since childhood. I don't know Bobby Goldsboro but I know both his kids, his inlaws, his parents and his ex-wife.

Growing up in Dothan, I hung out with all the musicians who were my age so when I started this blog, everyone stepped up to help.

If I ever do put together a book, it will occur for one reason. Somebody paid me to do it.

If someone has a rock 'n roll question, I can go to my blog archives, perform a search and often get results. Then I spam all of the usual suspects and WAH LAH! we get feedback. With Skynyrd getting into the Rock Hall of Fame and Orbison getting their attention this year, we may even get those Yankee Shitheads in Cleveland to ask some intelligent questions.

One of the things that intrigues my son more than anything else about me is that I can remember the world without Rock Music. He says he couldn't imagine living in a world without Rock Music.

Glad you appreciate want us po' ass, barefooted Rebel Sons of Bitches are trying to do.


P.S. Check out
right now! Already getting feedback from last night's post.