Saturday, April 10, 2010

I was watching our local news & they ran a report about the recent HazMat drill they had recently. They interviewed several firemen & the last one was really talking it up about how hard it was to get in & out of those suits & he used alot of adjectives to describe if it were the real thing & not a fear, stress........AND........wait for'll be worth it........."NERVOUSMENT" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEE HAW !!!! A brand new redneck word has been established !!!!!!!!!! Lord, I hope that CNN doesn't pick up this news feature !!!!!!!!! Cuz dat's how we tawk down here in LOWER ALABAMA, if we cain't think of a wurd...we jus' make one up rite dere on da skreet !!!!!




The frist hit I gotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on GOOGLE fo' NERVOURMENT, NERVOUSMENT, OH LLOYD, I GOTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ so much nervousment!!!!

say'd dis...

I bite my nails or scratch my head out of nervousment. 26. I hate school. It feels like a waste of time. 27. I have a hot ass, not gonna lie

Friday, April 09, 2010

hey roberto,
sooooomewhere i've got some videotape of the walter alvis quad demonstration for his play. as well as the 3-day 'walterfest' at the chukker. gotta find all that stuff some time. ~ igor

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dear Robert,
I just wanted you to know that WSFA (Channel 12 in Montgomery) announced that they would run
the entire Alabama Music Hall of Fame program Friday night from 7:00 to 10:00 on Channel 12.2 digital. I hope you
get digital or maybe someone can record it for you.
>Who did you get a date with? I saw the picture with S. Was she your date? I wondered and wondered. I
actually wanted to go, but Teddy was working that night.
Anyway, great to hear from you.

You are gonna love the Hendrix stuff on

by Oscar J. Jordan III
This is a heavily summarized version of Jimi's Chitlin' Circuit years. Many details and juicy tid-bits are missing: The womanizing, the violence, illegitimate children, racism, and all the in-between stuff that gives you the full scope of a persons life. Then there's the meetings he had with Albert King, James Brown, Chuck Berry, and everyone at Chess records in Chicago including Muddy Waters. To sum up a portion of a person's life in detail in a series of highlights is impossible. It's those in between moments that make us who we are. Those things are missing here. If you want detail go to your book store and find "Electric Gypsy" by Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebbeek. What I wanted to do was shed some light on the past of a great man and to look at some of the events in his life that led up to his fame and worldwide recognition. Jimi Hendrix's success was no fluke. He was there at the right time at the right place rubbing elbows with the music greats, while working diligently to find his own voice. Never stooping to merely copy, but to expand and build on the gifts of his predecessors.

Hey y'all~

Gittin' into the Kent State mode...

LITTLE GOVERNOR RILEY Raiding BINGO @ Ft. Brandon Armory

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Somebody Somewhere email this image to Walter Alves
& Craig Nutt plus that Italian looking cat who worked for the PROGRAM COUNCIL as well as the rest THE BUNCH. IT BEEN 40 YEARS, FOLKSIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

That cat behind the window in the middle picture was eating chocolate cake when he told me,"Say something else & you'll be in there with your buddies."

Robert Register said,"That was magnificent." She replied,"What'd ya think it was made for?" "IT WERE MADE FO' LOVE, BABY!", I answered.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I surely appreciate your response regarding Travis. Roger will be MOST APPRECIATIVE of any information and/or photos of his brother and, as his contact, I must express my most sincere gratitude to you and anyone else who will share info/photos.
Unfortunately, he is currently incarcerated. They have some very strict specifications on the mail.

If anyone wishes to mail to me, it is:

Kathy Rozzelle Pittman
5626 Lucy Grade Road
Ashford, Al 36312
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you & anyone else for anything they can contribute to him. Unfortunately, he could not receive tapes or CDs but he can get photos up to five per letter no larger than 4x6. MAY GOD BLESS YOU & OTHERS FOR HELPING OUT WITH THIS!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

I knew Travis's brother Roger. Did she give you an address for him? If so I could make some copies and send them to him. When I tried to scan and send them to you digitally, they did not turn out too good. Also, Nancy Evans White, posted some old pictures of Stache when he was in that band and they are on Facebook.

In this photo: Donnie Walker, Nancy Evans White (photos), Nancy Evans, Travis Rozzelle, Bruce Hopper (photos), Kevin Peterson

Hopper One Mo' Agin: "Travis kneeling on left "

From Bruce Hopper: "Travis, bottom left "


GOLDMINE has THE SMALL FACES on the cover of their latest issue!!!!


Hey Robert,

The little head behind Roy and Robert is me.
Robert always covered me up.


The Salibas of Bteghrine, Lebanon

The biggest business in town: SALIBA NAILS & SCREWS

image courtesy of
Michael Thomas Saliba, Satute Hareek Saliba, Jameely Saliba, Jimmie Saliba, Josephine Saliba, Jeanette Saliba (1934)

From the Dothan City Cemetery:

SALIBA Abe Thomas 12 Jul 1886 07-Aug-1951 s/o SALIBA Mrs. Thomas

SALIBA Charlie 11-Oct-1904 05-Jan-1907 s/o SALIBA E. T. & W. 1 small & 2 large unm graves also

SALIBA D. A. 1867 1938 h/o SALIBA Mrs. D. A. May be s/o Mrs. Thomas Aliba - in same lot (Born in Betgreen Syria)

SALIBA D. A., Mrs. 1871 1950 w/o SALIBA D. A. Born in Betgreen, Syria

SALIBA George 12 Mar 1875 13-Feb-1949

SALIBA T. S. 1865 1938 ?s/o SALIBA Mrs. Thomas In same lot, born in Betgreen, Syria

SALIBA Thomas, Mrs. 1850 1945 w/o SALIBA Thomas On stone is marked "Our Mother" "Mose" "Abe" "Mike"

I got a black cat bone. Lord I got a mojo too.I got Little John, The Conquerer Root.Oh baby, I'm gonna mess with you.
I'm gonna grab those pretty women.I'm gonna grab 'em by the hand. You know, the whole wide world gonna know
Oh Lord, I'm your Hoochie Coochie man!Yes, you know I'm here. Everybody knows I'm here.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hey y'all~

I had a sad but super "Downhome EASTER Weekend" in Dothan.

KUDOS to the Montgomery Advertiser for their excellent coverage of THE ALABAMA MUSIC HALL OF FAME event

My brother-in-law, Buddy Henry, is in possession of the cotton bale scale from the Hodgesville Gin from the time it was run by the Burkes. (My Latest Prediction: You gonna be seeing some incredible game camera shots of a fox den soon)

Christopher needs to quit juggling his schedule & book a trip to Cowarts because his Uncle Buddy has planned for him to pilot an airboat ride from West Bay Bridge to Lynn Haven to the Hathaway Bridge & then back to Boon Docks @ West Bay Bridge.

DOTHAN AVENUE in Seagrove is the eastern entrance to the road beside the shore that runs west toward SEAGROVE VILLAS The western entrance is named HEADLAND AVENUE.