Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey y'all,
First thing happened this morning is that I found out that J.R. Cobb & Buddy Buie have a new hit record. The song is called SAVE ROOM by John Legend.

I guess that the last thing J.R. & Buddy imagined was that they'd have 50% in a hit record in 2006 with THE CAT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Legend
who is the main exponent of the old school soul/hip hop fusion!

I guess it beezzzzzzzzzzze dat way sometimes!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

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Hey y'all:
Wanted to give ya an update on the sales campaign for THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED.

The CD ain't a million seller YET but it is moving off the shelves & everyday our friends help us by giving us a PUSH!!!!

One of the things that has been encouraging is all the great feedback we've received. On http://myspace.com/paulbearbryant we NOW have 1060 friends and the sample of the song has been listened to almost 4000 times.

We have 95 comments on our profile page about this song and not a one has been negative. I have never deleted a comment. Most are something like "ROLL TIDE" or "GIVE 'EM HELL, ALABAMA!" but some folks get real specific about the song.

All of the comments have been positive and here's a dozen samples:

Thank you! Although I'm a die hard Georgia Bulldog fan, I will be buying this one. Thanks for all that you've done, as Buddy mentioned on the web site. (Now how do I get Buddy to autograph a copy for me?)

Roll Tide!
I was at Naval Hospital Beaufort when Coach Bryant passed. I left UofA in 1981 to join the Navy (retired a LCDR) and am now in Maryland finding my way in this crzy world we live in.
God Bless and Good Luck!

hey man, great song you're promoting.
UA 4-life

all i can say is that i love that song. its so emotional, and brings out the sensitivity it anyone. its a very great song.

When i first heard the clip i cried and cried. Can't wait till it comes out. i plan on getting it.

This was just AWESOME!! I actually heard it last night cause I was talking to rh)(no and saw your comment on his page. I listened and I was like "I gotta add her...coolest f**kin' fellow bammer!" Yeah, Bear was the man! There will never be anyone like him. Too bad his TRUE coaching style would never be accepted these days, though, with all the politics that have taken over the sports realm.....NEway, major props on this one!

that song is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!! i love it ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

Enjoyed the song...made me cry!

This song is one for the history books, just like good ole BEAR!! One coach that has been and will be missed until the earth comes to ruins. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

Roll Tide Roll, this song is for the Tide and True. I believe in the Crimson and White baby, "Bear" may be dead but he lives on in stories, clips, and songs this song is truly wonderful.

i cant wait to hear the complete song.... this song is soooooooooo pretty!!! it gave me chills....
roll tide!!!!


that right there is awesome. lol. everyone else said what im gonna say, but im gonna say it anyways...ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

It's so rewarding to get so much positive feedback but it's real simple to get your po' ass barefooted Rebel son of a bitch butt brought back down to earth when you google "day bear bryant died"

Here's some examples:

from http://flashwarner.com/2006/09/the_day_bear_bryant_died.html
The Day Bear Bryant Died
On a wintry day in 1983, songwriters Buddy Buie and Ronnie Hammond were holed up in a cabin on Atlanta's Lake Lanier, working on new songs for a possible Atlanta Rhythm Section album, when they saw on TV that Paul "Bear" Bryant, the legendary Alabama football coach, had died following a heart attack. They stopped what they were doing to write a song called "The Day Bear Bryant Died" mainly for themselves, just as a way of dealing with the loss... yes, you read that correctly. They had to deal with the loss. I suppose writing a song is cheaper than a therapy bill or a bottle of whiskey. But come on.. wouldn't you rather down the whiskey?

In any case, more than 23 years after Bryant's death, their song is finally being released. And that song, boys and girls, is high comedy... well, if you're not a 'Bama fan.
Here's a clip (and lyrics). While you listen, close your eyes, sit back, and imagine the scene -- thousands of Alabamans pouring out of their shacks, trucks, and plantations to do a Hands Across America-esque vigil.. quietly swaying back and forth with candlelights and Stars and Bars flickering in the background:

I'll never forget The day that I heard the news Bear Bryant has died Funny, I thought he'd refuse I watched as they laid him to rest In ol' Alabama Oh, how I cried The day Bear Bryant died

Ya know, it's not quite Don McLean's "American Pie." Actually, it's not even close. But I suppose I have to admire the effort, after all - what have I written, right? Well, wake me up when Al Davis dies... the piece I pen when he's shuffled loose the mortal coil will put the 1812 Overture to shame.

There are 12 comments to this commentary on the blog THERE'S YOUR KARMA, RIPE AS PEACHES. Eleven of those comments border on hostility but the last one
shut 'em all up!

A beautiful song and a nice tribute to a man of great character. Sorry some of our friends don't get it. We have some great role models in the South. Bear was certainly one of them.
...........................................................................Posted by: Jimmy Hammond

This one comes from http://www.sportsbybrooks.com/

Twenty-three years after the passing of Alabama's legendary football coach, songwriters Buddy Buie and Ronnie Hammond are finally releasing their song titled "The Day Bear Bryant Died." After giving it a listen, I can't believe it got greenlighted so soon.

This one comes from THE PEN IS MIGHTIER http://tpimtts.blogspot.com/2006/09/this-is-everything-that-is-wrong-with.html

This is everything that is wrong with Alabama fans

The headline for this should have been, "Alabama fans refuse to live in present times. Dwell instead in decades past."
Buddy Buie is releasing a song about Bear Bryant, titled The Day Bear Bryant Died.Listen hereAnd without further ado, here are the lyrics:

I'll never forget the day that I heard the news Bear Bryant has died Funny I thought he'd refuse I watched as they laid him to rest in ole Alabama.Oh how I cried the day Bear Bryant died.Roll Tide, Roll TideThe nation cried Friend and foe alike The legend lives on The hero is gone Oh how I cried The day Bear Bryant died.

The nation cried? THE NATION CRIED?!?!?!? How seriously full of shit do you have to be to write this song and put that lyric in it? The nation cried when Kennedy died. And when the space shuttle Challenger went down. And on 9/11. And when Pearl Harbor was attacked. It is doubtful that anyone except fanatical Alabama fans, Bear's friends, and Bear's family actually cried on that day.I understand the sentiment behind the song. Tennessee has some cheesy songs that I like too, but a better lyric would have been "And 'Bama cried" or "All of Dixie cried."
Don't try to push your hero-worship on the rest of us.

If you visit THE PEN IS MIGHTIER, you'll get to read more hostile comments from the readers of the blog.

And here's a smug comment from an Aubie named Langdon Howell http://www.landonhowell.com/

who currently resides on Seattle, Washington.

‘The Day Bear Bryant Died’ - I can’t quit laughing [credit Stephanie Hannah]

Last but not least, next time I'll try to post Greg Haynes' poster for his book signing at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on Friday October 6. The big book for THE HEY BABY DAYS OF BEACH MUSIC and the CDs are finally on the market!!!!


Take a few and let me hear from ya!


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