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Hey y'all~

"Just shoot up here amongst us, one of us has got to have some relief!"

Jerry Clower

Big Fox Den Inside Dothan City Limits!

Little Bitty Foxes Crawlin' Out Of Holes INSIDE THE DOTHAN CITY LIMITS!!!!

Here's the frist images of Buddy & Christopher's voyage around St. Andrews Bay on the airboat.

Crawl all over St. Andrews Bay & only find one pair of babes hangin' out over @ the jr. college.

New Hathaway Bridge. Woodlawn Subdivision is the frist exit when you come over from P.C.

West Bay Bridge

The Injuns didn't spank they chilldring. They scratched 'em wid a gar jaw. Punished 'em & got 'em used to the sight of blood.

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Hey everybody!

I'm excited to tell you that the new Spoonful James album is complete and will be in stores and online with in a couple of days. The album is called "Are You Listening", and it will be available in what's left of the great record stores in Auburn, Birmingham, etc. It will also be available online through CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes within the next few days. We're excited about the record, and to celebrate, we've lined up a few dates for this spring and summer for CD release shows. I hope you can make it out to one or more shows, and I hope you'll forward on the info to anyone that it may be of interest to.

Until then, I've attached a video link to the single from the album, titled "Why Don't We (Just Go Home)".

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

May 7 and 8 The Florabama, Perdido Key, FL (CD Release shows following Widespread Panic)
May 14 The Downtown Duck, Auburn, AL 9pm (CD Release Show)
May 15 Rogue Tavern, Birmingham, AL (CD Release Show)
June 4 BamaJam, Enterprise, AL (Budweiser Stage, 7pm)
July 10 JonJam II, Dothan, AL

Take care,

Happy Birthday, RR.
It is good to get older, uglier, fatter, and to be on top of the dirt a little longer.
Death rides a pale horse and waits to collect our debt to him. And we all gotta pay. Someday. Checkout time / expiration date ? We know not.
So we ought to stay prayed up and ready to go. Four Prayers, at least.. . . .God Bless.

My Grandad always had a Busch in his hands. Maybe I have a photo I can fish around for.





Thursday were my BIRFDAY!!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I recently saw your blog online which included a story written by John Curry about Eddie Hinton and the Spooks. Glen “Spooky” Jones was my dad. I knew very little about the band until I read this article. I was born in 1961 and my mom informed me that I was just starting to pull myself up in the baby bed and would bounce to the beat of the band while they rehearsed in our tiny house in Tuscaloosa. Mom said either she would take me to my grandparents house next door or my grandfather would come and get me for fear the loud music would hurt my ears….to this day I love to listen to the Ventures! I would love to be in contact with John Curry and “thank” him for writing the article. My dad passed away in 1981 so I was hoping Mr. Curry might have some more stories about my dad.



Clinton, TN

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Hey y'all~

ROBERTOREG Opening His 60th Birfday Presents on the Shores of St. Andrews Bay in LITTLE DOTHAN. (IMAGE COURTESY OF DOTHAN'S '69 AZALEA QUEEN)

Christopher had a EXTRAORDINARY experience spending a couple of weeks with his Uncle Buddy & Aunt Becky. Maybe I can get Christopher to write something about what happened. If he does, it'll be the only thing he's written since they made him took English & Speech in Jr. College.

Believe it or not, he passed both so there's hope we may get a story.

Uncle Buddy & Christopher on Lake Seminole

Christopher with Shellcracker

I decided to include the passages from my favorite books in this post.

In 1988, the year my son Christopher was born on my Daddy's death day,Sept. 14, Lewis Grizzard wrote DON'T BEND OVER IN THE GARDEN GRANNY, YOU KNOW THEM TATERS GOT EYES.

Here's the best part to me:

The closest you could get to sex
with the girls of my youth was taking them to the drive-in movie and seeing how much you could get away with in the area of French kissing (speaking in tongues, as a manner of speaking), and touching south of the neck.

Unless you had dated a girl for at least a year, had promised to marry her and showered her with gifts like EVENING IN PARIS perfume sets and seashells you picked up when you were in Daytona Beach with your parents, you probably weren't going to get any further down than the breast area, and you had to work at that with much dedication and stubbornness.

The favorite approach one could take in an effort to fondle his date's breast was

Normally, after a couple of dates, you could put your arm around a girl's shoulder with little or no reluctance on her part.

Getting to the breast was the logical step from there. Long arms were a tremendous benefit in this approach. You draped the arm over the girl's shoulder, and slowly moved your hand closer to the target.

It is approximately eight inches from the average-sized female's shoulder to the top of the breast. Even so, each bit of gained ground had to be taken in casual, nondeliberate manner.

Were you to use the blitzkrieg method and simply all of a sudden grab a handful of breast, your date would be caught off guard and could react in any number of ways, including slapping, scratching or biting you, calling her brother Bruno to put your nose over by one of your ears, or pouring Cherry Coke over the top of your head. Any of those occurrences could kill a romantic atmosphere in a heartbeat.

But by your taking it slowly and sneaking up on your target, rather than charging at it willy-nilly, the girl had time to adjust to the fact that she might be about to have her breasts touched, and decide whether or not you were worthy of such an honor and how long she would allow you this pleasure before she said, "STOP IT! WHAT KIND OF GIRL DO YOU THINK I AM?"

At some point a young woman always asked this if any level of petting was taking place. How long after such petting began and she uttered that statement could run anywhere from three minutes to three hours.

Here's some stuff from Dougie Bailey's "DEVIL MAKE A THIRD"

Buck laid his hands out flat on the desk top and raced his fingers for a moment, looking at the Killebrews with his lips pulling down, before he spoke.

'You fellers 'bout to wear me out," he said, suddenly. "Been here four times this year." He shifted in his seat and rubbed his nose. "A year on the roads," he went on, "an' $100 fine each." He turned his head so the clerk would know he was speaking to him. "Cost'll be high enough to pay Stringer for them beeves." He pointed with his thumb towards the small door leading to the rear where the jail was located.

"Tobe," he said.

Jonus Killibrew shook his head suddenly, like he was throwing water off, and pinkish hair fell down over his forehead. He squinted his eyes at Buck and his lips fluttered with his breath.

"I'll see yore guts first." he said, in a trembling whine, and took a short step towards the desk, sidling with one hand reaching deep into his low-hanging pocket.

Buck stood up quickly. He felt out with his right foot, then his left, trying to push the clerk or the attorney out of his way, but he couldn't move them, and he felt the wall pressing against his shoulder blades. He didn't take his eyes off Jonus, who flipped the thin worn blade out of the shaggy-handled deerfoot knife. Far back in his mind he heard the short yelping scream of a woman, and the rushing scrabble of many feet as the crowd turned over chairs pushing backwards towards the walls. He watched Jonus and in his eyes the movements were slow and smooth as Jonus slid his thumb out along the flat of the blade to brace it against closing on his hand. But his mind saw speed as Jonus' arm flicked across the desk top in a high slash from right to left. Buck jerked his head and shoulders away from the arc of the blade, then he lunged across the desk top, pushing off the wall, and his flailing right arm struck Jonus on the side of the head. Jonus' light body fell backwards with his feet scrambling frantically for purchase on the floor. Buck fell over onto the top of his desk from the force of his swing,but he pulled up quickly in time to see Arbie Killebrew coming forward.

Arbie came on tiptoe in a small dancing kind of crouch, making a singsong noise through his nose. His knife was held low against his side for a thrust. Buck felt out again for room to move on either side, but the clerk and the attorney were frozen in their chairs, hands gripping the desk, half rising and half sitting.

Buck saw Tobe over Arbie's head. He watched Tobe's big hand come out from under his coat with a gun gripped in his fist, the he saw Tobe suddenly shove the gun back into the holster and he knew that Tobe couldn't shoot because of him. He looked back at Arbie. Arbie was coming closer. Buck suddenly put one foot on the desk and pushed up on top of it. Arbie was too close, his lips hanging loosely, and Buck jumped, throwing both feet into Arbie's chest. Arbie flung straight backwards, but he turned like a cat to land on all fours. Buck struck the floor flat on his back. Then he turned over slowly and saw Arbie scrambling from the floor, but he couldn't move or breathe. He saw Tobe again, coming in three long strides from the side of the room. Tobe kicked Jonus Killebrew in the face as he passed. Jonus fell backwards from a sitting position, and Tobe grabbed Arbie by the shoulder from behind. He swung Arbie around, with his left hand, his right drawn back. Arbie jerked as he turned, ducking into a low crouch and his right had stabbed forward, towards Tobe's stomach. Tobe bent over slightly, quickly, as Arbie's knife came away, and his left hand grabbed at his stomach. He pushed Arbie off with his right hand, the he backed away, reaching into under his coat, still holding his stomach with his left hand. He backed slowly and Arbie followed close. Blood welled from between Tobe's fingers. His right hand came out from under his coat with a heavy short-barreled gun, and he braced it against his hip. He was turning to bring Arbie into line, when Buck dimly saw Jonas get up off the floor.

Buck fought the weakness in his legs, trying to get up, and he tried to yell to Tobe, but he couldn't draw breath into his lungs. He was on all fours, gasping, and white in the face, when Jonus took a short step towards Tobe's back.

Jonus reached over Tobe's shoulder with his knife blade choked by his thumb and hooked it across Tobe's throat. He jerked it fast, and blood spurted from the long curving slash. Tobe fell backwards, still holding his gun against his hipbone.

Buck shook his head again hard. He slowly pushed himself onto his knees, and was struggling to get to his feet as the Killebrews started towards him, one on each side, with their faces working. He stood up, finally, weaving and bent over and started towards them. He saw Tobe between and behind the Killebrews.

Tobe rose slowly on his left elbow and blood spurted faster, pouring down his chest. He raised his gun slowly, not bracing this time, and he shot Jonus between the shoulder blades. Carefully, then, as the heavy slug knocked Jonus face forwards at Buck's feet, Tobe sighted at Arbie. Arbie turned quickly as Jonus fell, and Tobe shot him high in the chest. Arbie twisted, falling into a small knot of a body with his knees curling up towards his chest. Tobe held himself up for a moment longer. He shot twice more into the shapeless body of Arbie, then straining to hold his sights in line, he emptied his gun into Jonus' body. Slowly, as if he hated to let go of something, Tobe fell backwards. The hammer of his gun clicked three more times on empty chambers.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Old Habits Like You Are Hard To Break

Well I kicked the habit, of smoking back sometime ago.
And I tried the hard stuff,but I had to let all that go.
But the toughest thing I ever gave up was today.
Cause Old Habits Like You are hard to break.

I chew lifesavers to help me get off cigarettes.
But you know for your love I ain't found no lifesavers yet.
And I've gone Cold Turkey cause there's not even one kiss a day.
And Old habits like you are hard to break.

Old habits like you are hard to break.
Love with someone new is so hard to make.
I had grown so use to your love and all of your ways.

And Old Habits Like You are hard to break