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Here I am trying to decode the discography of 2 CDs from the
Soundtrack &
i give up for now.

These two CDs from barnesgolf of Oklahama include all the "good stuff" from the Animal House soundtrack (Bluto pissing,the spooky sound of the rubber gloves snapping,"CUT THE HORSESHIT, SON!I'VE GOT THEIR DISCIPLINARY FORMS RIGHT HERE!", etc.), these two CDs include cuts by The Shirelles(Tonight's The Night!), Larry & The Loafers(The Panama City Blues), The Gants[6 cuts], The Olympics, Arthur Alexander, The Avantis, The Gentrys[2 cuts], The 5 Royales, Dick Holler, The K-Otics, Swingin' Medallions[4 cuts] , Sensational Epics, Betty James, The Revels, Fat City, Rockin' Rebellions, The Ivy League, Travis Wammack, Chris Montez, Steven Bishop, The Valentinos[2 cuts], The Super Stocks, Duke & The Drivers, Willie Tee[2 cuts], The Tams, Deon Jackson, Wild Cherry, Otis Day, Sir Douglas Quintet, Music Explosion, The Vagrants, Mouse, The Castaways, 13th Floor Elevators, Robert John, The Tempos and James Walsh.

& Man on that CANDYMEN/MYLON CD, I'm STILL trying to "GROK" "Roses Won't Grow In My Garden" & "Stone Blues Band"!

Anyway, this thing has taken on a life of it's own.

It's so simple.
It's just a movie about innocent little white Deep South college kids in the summer of 1963 who happen to be unfortunately exposed to THE fraternity fags, THE New York Communists and THE Sons of The Bay of Pigs Dead Who Happen To Know THE Sons of Pullman Porters.

You Will Meet Folks Who Were Closing Down Public Swimming Pools & Amusement Parks, Folks Who Were Opening Up Public Swimming Pools & Amusement Parks, Folks Who Couldn't Hold Their Liquor & Folks Who Not Only Could Hold Their Liquor But Who Could Sell It To You By The Barrel (& maybe with a little more of something else)

Folks who believe they won the lottery before they were born,

Folks who explain being lazy by rationalizing that they see Death & Destruction all around them all the blessed time,

& Folks who just want a damn chance to work out a deal where they might be able to get a little bitty chance about once a week to

p.S. I've decided my best two stories are really Gus at the Battle House in the Spring of '68 & the phone call with Forte in the Fall of '69. I will personally put those up with anything outrageous you got but of course you can always win the battle with your own outrageous tale from the SIXTIES !

so go ahead & contribute to

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Frist thang, I just want to thank the folks in PCB who put together the "For Robert..." CD.
It has replaced the August '71 Live Allmans Session from NYC's A&R Studios as my preferred music to listen to while I compose an installment of "CUBA, ALABAMA."
I'ze showl 'preciate all'z y'allz missionary work because yo' PANTYMAW CITY good books have done opened my sleepy eyes!
Thank you Jesus I have a basic framework to help one understand the shifting Panama City sand so I have already benefited from receiving J.D. Weeks' PANAMA CITY http://www.jdweeks.com/PanamaCityPostcardBook.html
& Tim Hollis' FLORIDA'S MIRACLE STRIP.http://www.upress.state.ms.us/inside/floridas_miracle_strip/ask.html
Our PCB Compatriots have definitely grabbed me by my short attention span but it is my unfortunate duty to warn that Panama City Beach crowd that the DISPLACED ALABAMIANS IN OKLAHOMA GANG
has already mailed me their soundtrack for soon to be produced major motion picture, ANIMAL HOUSE 2 : DEEP FRIED IN DIXIE IN '63!
(unfortunately when I talked to Paul Cochran http://paulcochran.com
on Buddy's cell phone out on Sander's Ferry Road, Paul told me that if he and Buddy contributed their ideas to the writing of
they would both be incarcerated.
Man, I thought there was some kind uv limitation of statutes on that stuff or something)

But no matter how good that Okie CD is, I will always have a warm place in my heart for Bay County's "CUBA, ALABAMA" alumni who sent me SAILING TO PHILADELPHIA by Mark Knopfler. Some of ya'll may not know it but I am an expert on Ellicott's Line which was laid out here in the summer of 1799 and now serves as our Alabama/Florida Line.

Erected April 9th, 1799 Marks 1st Southern Boundary of the United States and the Mississippi Territory created in 1798 900 feet East
Stone marked 31° North Latitude separating the U.S. & Spanish Florida. This line of demarcation ran from the Mississippi east, along the 31° parallel to the Chattahoochee River, thence down that river to the mouth of the Flint River, thence on a line to the headwaters of the St. Mary's River, thence down that river to the Atlantic Ocean. Major Andrew Ellicott, appointed by George Washington as U.S. Commissioner to survey the boundary as defined in the Treaty of San Lorenzo (1795), was engaged in this expedition from 1796-1800. Esteban Minor was appointed Commissioner on the Spanish side. In 1803, the Ellicott Stone was selected as the Initial Point to begin the U.S. Public Land Surveys which control land boundaries in southern Alabama & Mississippi (St. Stephens Meridian).

I really appreciate everything ya'll do for me.

I guess if you go out here in the world and try to help THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, every now and then that little ole bitty POWER OF THE UNIVERSE does something to help you.

Now let'z git down to bidness: THE GEORGIA PINES END OF SUMMER JAM 9-24-06 (a hell of a get together) is picking up steam every day.

As far as my limited experience goes , three events can serve as models for me as we plan this enterprise.

They are:

1) Jimmy Dean's Webs/James Gang/Candymen Reunion in Dothan in May of '04.

2) The August '04 Jam which occurred with the Morris Brothers in the auditorium at St. Columba in Dothan after the Friday night rehersal and late Saturday afternoon reception at the Burke Wedding.

3) The Porter's Fairyland/Flamingo Lounge Memorial Jam at Old Town near Dothan.

Doug Morris on Bass, Max Tyson on Congas and David Morris at Old Town

Frankie Davis & Issac Harbor at Old Town

Issac Harbor Singing At OLD TOWN near Dothan
Ray Hutto
Sent :
Monday, March 20, 2006 12:31 AM
To :
"robert register"
Subject :
midnight rider

These pics. are of some now OLD silver backs and band members, that use to hang out and play at Porter's Fairyland and The Flamingo, back in the late 60's and early 70's.
I must say a big "Thank You" to Bruce McNeal (Edward's bro.) for taking them, while we were doing other things.

It took about 6 mos. for Jerry Tedder (David and Danny's younger bro.), Doug Morris (David's older bro.) and myself to put this fling together.
It was at OLD TOWN, a little place west of Dothan. All the people that showed, really surprised us, it was better than ever expected. I think there were over a hundred and about a quarter of them were band members.
It sure brought back some goooooooood memories for sure!
Alot of them even played at the Rec. Center in the mid 60's.
People ask when we gonna do it again. It could be in the making .......just have to wait and see.

May have to ask you to help, with you having this big blog site and everything.

You asked who were in the first pics. i sent. (1) on the left is Doug Morris and for right is David Morris and in the middle is Mr. Max (bongo) Tyson (no relation to Mike I dont think, but best damn boy scout trot instructor I have ever met). He now lives in Madrid................ (2)on left Frankie Davis and Issac Harbor now they both use to play at the Rec. center. (3)God.....I forgot who is on the left but thats Issac on the right.
will send more soon

Body exhibitions doing exceptionally well
Mr. Geller: .... Most of you may recall that we put out a press release recently talking about the week between Christmas and New Year’s which we called the holiday week because we used 8 days for some of the exhibitions and 7 days for the other. What you may recall is that .... for two Bodies exhibitions as compared to 5 Titanic exhibitions, we sold approximately 47,000 tickets or roughly the same amount which is very telling for obvious reasons.
#1 we are talking about comparing 5 exhibitions to 2 exhibitions and
secondly, we are talking about one exhibition that had been open for quite a while, and that was Tampa, versus a very new exhibition that we opened up in NY just one week before Thanksgiving.

So imagine if you will that certainly Tampa has definitely come into its own now and we expect that it will do our targeted projection of 350,000 tickets sold before the end of the fiscal year [N.B: ending 28-Feb-06].

New York, on the other hand, is just in its building stage and is doing tremendous numbers which we think will continue. As a matter of fact, we typically expect January to be a mediocre month.
The Bodies exhibition has no knowledge or understanding of that and has ignored it completely so both Tampa and NY are doing exceptionally well.
It looks like NY will continue to grow and we expect at the growth rate it is experiencing right now, that as the weeks and months go by, that we should probably be up and over 20,000 visitors a week in the NY venue, which as many of you know was originally announced it was going to be there six months. Our contract however gives us the ability to extend for as long as two years if necessary. So we have plenty of time to take advantage of the NY market and the tourist market and we believe with our marketing plans and projections that we will capture and secure the tourist market which could keep us there hopefully for as long as two years or who knows maybe beyond that.