Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Buie would rilly love to talk to Cecil some time. How 'bout giving Cecil Buddy's numbers.

I was so excited after THE KILLER'S concert at that I called Nix started giving him the set list. He interrupted me after I read off the first song, Move On Down The Line.

El NIXO said,"You know Roy wrote that, don't you?"

"Naw," I replied,"but I thought he had to have something to do with it since THE KILLER ended the song with 'Mercy!' "

One of things that kept returning to my head during JLL's concert was how well Alison Heafner http://myspace.com/alisonheafner would fit into THE KILLER'S show.

Alison would make a SUPER opening act & I bet she and Jerry Lee could rilly JAM!