Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hey y'all:

Click on the above and you will be able to hear a sample of THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED plus you will be able to read the feature article about Buddy Buie which appeared today in the LIFESTYLE section of the B'ham News which also included a teaser shot above yesterday's and today's headline of the B'ham News.

Don't dat bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeze bad to dah bone!

All I gotta say is that
Dothan Tigers are kewl, however,
YOUNG JUNIOR BABY CRIMINALS {tigers} are super kewl to the bone!!!!

YOUNG JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, DUSY STREET, DOTHAN, ALABAMA http://www.ircusa.com/gainesphoto/historical.html

Hey, if ya really crave mo' cow bell check this out from LaJuana!




Monday, September 04, 2006

September 4, 2006
Dear Troop 90 Board of Review:
As Christopher Register’s father, it is my privilege to recommend that Christopher be awarded Eagle Scout.

Unfortunately, Christopher has never been an outstanding student because of learning disabilities. From the third grade until the ninth, Christopher was enrolled in Special Education classes in the Tuscaloosa County Schools he attended. Because of this early extra help, he has been able to successfully complete all of his classes at Tuscaloosa County High School.

Christopher is a loyal son who works hard each day of his life to help and support his family. He doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body. He earns all of his spending money by working after school as a welder and by helping me at Pake Realty.

Scouting has been very good to Christopher. Not only has he learned a lot but he’s had the opportunity to go to a National Jamboree, a 50 miler hike on the Appalachian Trail, an expedition to Lake Michigan in Canada, the Bahamas High Adventure Cruise, The Boundary Waters High Adventure Canoe Voyage, Philmont and OA National conclaves at Iowa State and Michigan State. Christopher has tried to take advantage of every opportunity Scouting has offered him.

Christopher has served on the staff at Camp Horne and has worked many weekends improving the camp with the Order of the Arrow. Christopher is a Vice-Chief of Aracoma Lodge and has been awarded Vigil Honor.

I hope as you review Christopher’s work that you see fit to award him Eagle Scout.


Robert Register