Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey y'all~

It's gonna take a miracle to get me on the road before noon but the wheels of progress are turning once again. I got permission from Buddy to stay @ The Farm so I'll be able to appreciate once again the wonders of Cowarts which includes my sister Becky's outstanding collection of white enamel ware. She's got so much of that stuff you start thinking you're inside the operating room @ THE MOBILE INFIRMARY @ the turn of the 19th century. See all you Rec Center GEEZERS @ THE DOTHAN CONFERENCE CENTER Sattiddee night. WILBUR @ THE STRANGERS will kick it off @ 7:30. $5 cover (CHEAP!). Do yourself a favor, take a walk on the wild side & rock out with us, THE YOUNG JR. BABY CRIMINALZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

One thing I wanna emphasize is showing Becky & Buddy how much I appreciate them letting me stay @ they crib.

Please come see Wilbur & The Strange Gang rock the house tonight but the BIG NEWS is Roger Hagerty passed away.
He was one of my old buds & an OG Chukker Nation dude.

Robert Register ‎"We are learning, as has every generation passing before us, that memories gain value when those who make them leave us." COURTNEY HAYDEN

an email from Igor this evening that our old friend & Facebook
friend Roger Hagerty aka DICK FOOTE of Raudelunas had a heart attack and
died at his house after playing tennis ...last night. I have many
wonderful memories of Roger from his days in Tuscaloosa. This is an
image taken by John Earl of THE HAIGHT HUT which was the first head shop
in Tuscaloosa. Behind it you can see 1414 Univ. Blvd. Roger lived
upstairs in the middle apartment.

ed. note: or a "her"

Robert Register My boss, Lee Pake, has a pretty nice stamp collection for sale. Here's some old timey Cuban stamps from THE PAKE COLLECTION.

Robert Register Watched WWII in HD on THE History Channel with my son, Yea Man & his
girlfriend. Because that TV show is in color, they can better
appreciate what my Daddy, Earl Register, helped to achieve. My Daddy was
in the same BOMBARDMENT WING with Joseph Heller so when read Catch 22
you get a peek @ what Earl went through. We've... gotta web page for Earl
connected to a link to his unit's website.
This series of 1934 German stamps from THE PAKE COLLECTION lets you know what they were fightin' for.

Robert Register Dug this out of the archives tonight. Must be the winter of '76-'77. I
was 26 & Mountain Brook's Laurie Bensberg was 21 or 22. We were out
in the woods at the springs on Big Sandy Creek between Coaling &

Laurie Bensberg Herselman WOW! We were so young and adorable!

Robert Register Pretty sho' this is ROBERTOREG @ Easter '52 on Dusy Street before
walking down to LaFayette St. Methodist Church. The people who live
there now seem to be real nice & they got all kinds of stuff growing
around there.

Robert Register I'm pretty sure this is an image of Goldsboro & Danny but it's on an
album from '77 so this picture was probably over 5 yrs. old by then.
Somebody shoot this to Danny or Mary Alice or any of 'em & get me
some inside stuff on this photo.

Robert Register Here's the two checks that paid for my delivery @ THE MOODY HOSPITAL.

$75 CA$H MONEY fo' Dr. Mazyck's assistance in getting my light-skinned
ass back home to Dothan on the afternoon of April 29, 1950.

Robert Register Buie gets his hit, Stormy, on TOMMY ROE'S Biggest Album, DIZZY, & his name ends up "B. Boni".
if he raised hell BACK THEN with abc records like he did with SONY when
John Legend (a.k.a. Kanye West) stole STORMY. HeHeHe!

DOTHAN, ALABAMA ~ Looking forward to seeing some mo' morons live to regret putting her down without any basis AT ALL!

Robert Register ‎1978 was one hell of year for me. I was 28 yrs. old & I bet I had
ten different jobs that year. In October I was back in Tuscaloosa
working night shift as an orderly on the Disruptive Behavior Unit at
Partlow and teaching an education course @ The University during the day
where I videotaped undergrads teaching they le...ssons. In October, Sid
Vicious allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death and then later
attempted suicide. That made him the perfect character for me to portray

Robert Register Notice the torn V-neck Fruit of the Loom t-shirt. Those were way hip in
'78 because Springsteen had worn one on the cover of DARKNESS ON THE
EDGE OF TOWN. Not only that, I'd worked with Fruit of the Loom that
summer during the introduction of UNDERROOS. They ended up insulting me
so I let 'em know I could cloud up and ...rain all over them right quick so
I left Bowling Green, KY. and headed for San Francisco where I got a
job but quit it on the first day because of the nightmares I had about
California the night before. I came back to Alabama where I belonged
plus I knew my Mama needed me.

Robert Register Old Sid Vicious got out his misery in Feb. of '79. On the night he made
bail, his Mama bought him some pure heroin and he ODed. I had fun
playing Sid for one night in '78 but I have never understood why
somebody young & in perfect health can find so many excuses to be
miserable. Life & God have ALWAYS been so good to m...e that I just
never saw a reason to throw it all away. When I go, I'll go kicking and

Robert Register Football is an emotional game & this Kenny Chesney video tugs at my
emotions. I still have vivid memories of working three yrs. for N.K. @
Young Jr. I heard that one time a reporter asked N.K. why he spent his
entire career coaching ball at a jr. high. N.K. answered, "We play real
football at Young Jr." THE BABY TIGERS... played ball FOR CERTAIN!

Robert Register Went to the Pub for Closing Time this morning & a big group of
football fans were raising hell out on the patio & right when I
walked up, one of 'em yelled, "OUR-GASM, what in the hell is an
"I don't know either but can I watch?", I remarked as I
...walked in the door of the Pub. I tell ya what folkzizissssssss, if we
beat Auburn, we all gonna HAVE an OUR-GASM rite cheer in OLD
TUSKEELOOSEE THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!! out DOTHAN TIGERS Benny Doster (61) & RAY HUTTO (73) beaming down on The Enterprise WILDCAT'S Weigand (23).

Left to right: Coach McCall, Charles Dansby (?) Coach Sirmon, Joe Barber, Coach Knowles, RAY HUTTO (73)

Robert Register You don't slow my boss, Lee Pake, down. Not only did he get a 1902
Corolla in the mail today, he hit all the garage sales & antique
shops between Panama City Beach & Dothan where he acquired a 1920
copy of THE BLUE & GOLD, the yearbook of the Staunton Military
Academy in Staunton, Va. Here's a pre-Hathaway bridge ad fo...r Panama City
which came out of it that I feel is significant.

Robert Register Here's another PANAMA CITY ad from Lee's copy of Staunton Military Academy's 1920 yearbook, THE BLUE & GOLD.

Robert Register Margo, do ya know anything about somebody named LITTLE RUBE WYKER. He

was a freshman @ Bama in '02. I found all this in THE REALM OF THE
MOTTO: O, I Want to go Home.

Robert Register This image from the 1902 Corolla clearly shows you the original Locks 1, 2 & 3 on the Black Warrior @ Tuscaloosa.

Robert Register Here's a picture from the 1902 Corolla of an Anatomy class @ The University of Alabama's Medical School in Mobile.

Robert Steven Kizziah Now the chestbone is connected to the rib bones and the ,,,,

Robert Register This ad from the 1902 Corolla is about as Jim Crow as you can get. At the time, it was customary for Black barbers to operate Whites Only barber shops in Tuscaloosa.

Robert Register This shot is from the summer of '86. Pretty sure it was Buddy, Bobby
Poole, Wild Man & me on a day trip down to Cape San Blas. This HUGE
diamondback crossed the road & I begged everybody to let me catch
it. I pulled it's tail to get it to coil & then I worked on it's
head a little with the sharp edge of a tire tool but... it woke up on the
way to Dothan so we had to hear that rattling in the trunk all the way
to town. When we got to the Farm, Buddy told me, "Kill it!" I pleaded my
case that I wanted to take a picture of it in the morning. Buddy told
me he wanted to see that snake's hide when he came to The Farm in the
morning & if he didn't see it, he'd have my hide.

Robert Register I got this picture of the snake, however, it escaped during the photo
shoot so, myself, at the pitiful age of just 36 could have EASILY had a
heart attack because I had to catch the pissed off 62 inch SON OF A
BITCH Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake & KILL IT OR I WAS IN DEEP

Robert Register I'm already packing for the trip DOWN HOME this weekend for THE TURKEY
some true legends of Dothan music. The Rec Center crowd will be there
& they'll all be dancing whether they're on the floor or sitting in
their comfortable chairs @ this venue. Catered by the BBQ
Shack. Enjoy some delicious sandwiches & Brunswick Stew! Band starts
@ 7:30. SEE YA THERE!

Robert Register Listen to Tanton's Congo Square (cut 18 on this link) & JUST BEFORE DAYLIGHT (CUT 31)

image courtesy of

Andrea Gilmore Banderas On our honeymoon, Bill & Andrea


What a kewl mule!


I remember prospecting for the Dixie Doodle signs about five yrs. ago



Eight Inches Wide

Robert Register Remember that scene in the Graduate where the guy tells Dustin
Hoffman,"PLASTICS!" Well,two other important words are "free margins" as
in "all margins are free of malignant melanoma." After the weight had
been lifted off my shoulders, I thought of the tune MOMENT OF TRUTH, Cut
34 on this TANTON link

Thursday, November 18, 2010

RR...This is the first time I've heard it since I told Frank about it and he suggested he'd try some different versions.
I always thought the ARS version was a little vanilla. [my bad] This jazzy waltz version is very cool and interesting.
I'd still like to hear a version with a Joe Cocker vocal approach and a nasty blues guitar.
Frank is so talented, he can do anything. I'm proud that I've gotten to know him.