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Peter Kok

Oct. 24, 1919
Jun. 22, 2003

Folk Figure/Politician. A graduate of Holland Christian High School and Calvin College, he later served as a Captain in the Army Air Corps during World War II. As a lead bombardier Kok, completed 67 bombing missions over Italy and Southern France, earning him the Purple Heart Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal, and a Silver Star Medal. He was member of the 488th Bomb Squad of the 340th Bomb Group, which was later the basis for the novel, "Catch-22" written in 1961 by Joseph Heller, who had piloted one of the B-25's under Kok's command. The 1968 movie based on the book was depicted by Kok's decision to refuse to bomb a village in Northern Italy. After the war he tried his luck at several different jobs, and in 1965 he was elected as a Member to the Michigan State House of Representatives, serving the 91st and 93rd Districts until 1978. He was later appointed to the Michigan Council On Aging, by the Michigan Governor. (bio by: Kris)

Peter Kok

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. ((AP) - Peter Kok, a former member of the Michigan House of Representatives whose war experiences formed, in part, the basis for the book "Catch-22," died Sunday. He was 83.

Kok served as a captain in the Army Air Corps during World War II.

As a lead bombardier, he completed 67 bombing missions over Italy and southern France, earning a Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross and a Purple Heart. His unit, the 488th Bomb Squad of the 340th Bomb Group, was featured in "Catch-22," a 1961 novel by Joseph Heller.

Heller piloted one of the B-25 bombers under Kok's command. The 1968 movie based on the book depicted Kok's decision to refuse an order to bomb a village in northern Italy, The Grand Rapids Press reported Tuesday.

Kok returned to Grand Rapids after the war and established a real estate brokerage.

The Republican served in the House from 1965-78. Afterward, then-Gov. William G. Milliken appointed Kok to head up the Michigan Council on Aging.

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I was informed this week that the day to day history of Daddy's WWII unit is on the Internet now. It is based upon the unit's declassified top secret history along with excerpts from mission reports & diaries. They also started my Daddy his own personal web page.

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more Michael McCarty art will be posted here soon!

Wm E Register, 406 Oates Street, Dothan, Ala. ;)

I haven't done anything yet ! But here is where he lived when he joined ! Is your Dad living ? I have his "Person Page" started, he made Sgt on 22 Aug.'44.
You know, it is odd, some of our very finest just did a great job, kept their head down and stayed out of trouble.... Your Dad is only mentioned once (well, so far...) He is an Engineer/Most probable.... and Engineer/Gunner (If you remembering him mentioning Combat missions ?) There were also "Engineers" that were our ground crew...... ?
As you can see, we are making a monumental difference, but have a very long way to go... NOW, I am hoping that you can send a photo or 2 ? ? If truly, nothing was saved, (Of his war-stuff) then give me anything you remember, any word, phrase.... it may make a huge difference to me :)
I will take ANYTHING, in fact, family photo's (at any age) are GREAT ! Some of our Vets are represented NOW at 90 !
57th Bomb Wing :)

the ( -B ) meand bar-bee ;) as in Barbi ! but truly, I answer to everything.... I will have to go and see if I can find your blog... I am actually a war-baby (Sr. Citizen ;( and disabled and am at home always excrpt for Dr Appts) I was born 4th July, 1945.... You are a son.... some are quite young, many families were (are) BOOMERS ;)
Were you able to correct the Maxwell thing, we don't care if anyone knows about us and Maxwell is GREAT, but it takes up to a year for each requested item.... lately though, they are a bit faster :)

I hope you are pleased with your father's Albums, I hope you'll send pictures of anything you have, ON computer, by mail.... the Vets ? They just dump their stuff in an envelope and send, I record and return insured.... It is so much fun, and you are my newest War-Friend !
Blessings, Barbi ................. under YOUR note is the War-Diary, gathered by John Fitzgerald...and I always give proper credit for all photo's :)


This is Earl Register's Senior picture from Dothan High

I guess Clyde Reeves, DHS Class of '39, got killed in Sardinia.
That's my Daddy's handwriting.

Daddy played on the '38 DHS team that went undefeated.

Muchas for what you do.

I have many wonderful memories of Daddy. He died on September 14, 1972.

It'll take a while for me to get all my info to you but let's at least get started.

Earl was working for the Dothan Eagle when he was drafted on February 14, 1942.
He was in charge of all deliveries outside of Dothan so he got the first press run,sent out all the papers going outside of Dothan and then drove to Enterprise & Ozark to drop off their papers.

Daddy didn't completely stay out of trouble during the war. He lost a stripe in North Africa one night when he was Sargent of the Guard and his intoxicated men machine gunned a bunch of Arab donkeys.

He was a relief gunner so they would wake him up in the middle of the night to get ready to fly & finally he got sick of it and he walked up to his commanding officer and said,"I want to volunteer to fly all the time."

The officer asked him, "Earl, why do you want to do that?"

Daddy replied,"I want you to kill me just like you kill everybody else."

His commanding officer said,"We need you." and my Daddy never had to fly again.

I've got a photo somewhere of Daddy sitting at his roll top desk inside a tent smoking a pipe. He was in charge of spare parts for the B-25s plus anything else that popped up.
He kinda had a Sgt. Bilko deal going.

When V-E Day hit, Daddy was partying his ass off. His commanding officer walked up to him and said,"What are you so happy about? You're about to ship out for the Pacific."

Daddy replied,"If I don't go home right now, I'm gonna f*ck up every thing I touch & you'll never know it!"

Daddy had to give up all of his prizes of war which included a two and half ton Mercedes-Benz truck with THE REBEL painted on both sides.
He was allowed to pick two friends and they boarded a Norwegian freighter bound to New Jersey.

My father hated that war.


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Hey y'all~

We'll see.

Found out tonight that Stevie Ray Vaughn was "discovered" by David Bowie & Jackson Browne after SRV & Double Trouble played a gig @ the 1982 Montreaux International Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Stevie Ray had booked that gig on the recommendation of Jerry Wexler who first heard Double Trouble on April, 22, 1982, at a showcase performance in NYC organized by Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones.

Hannah Avenue on the extreme west end of St. Andrews has a special place in my heart!

Had a wonderful time in PC last weekend!

Was sitting at the bar @ J. Michael's at noon on Friday when this cat sat down next to me & said,"You know me and you wrote about me on your blog." He looked familiar but I was so scared I couldn't recognize him.After he told me he went to Young Jr. for the seventh and eighth grades and then transferred to Girard, I recognized him. It was Denny Steele! Great to see him after 45 years and he didn't punch me out for writing about him.

I wasn't able to go out to Shell Island Friday afternoon because the shuttle was canceled by thunderstorms so I called Mike McCarty & I spent all Friday afternoon hanging out wid Mike & his art down on 30A!
Brian and Dallas were playing The Treasure Ship Thursday ,Friday & Saturday so my plan was simple: I'll wuz @ Happy Hour every night of my vacation with The Acoustix

Went to J. Michaels on Friday & had Denny Steele walk up to me.
He asked who the best looking girl was at the reunion and I said, "Sue Shimoda."
when I went in there for lunch on Saturday, guess who walks in:

Wondering where that bad odor was coming from over at our apartments in Northport. Well, somebody found a decomposing body next to them yesterday afternoon. The good thing is our big brown & yellow four by eight FOR RENT sign with our telephone number was prominently featured in the crime scene video that just aired on the 6 O'clock News.
Like Big Jim Folsom always told 'em,"Make sure you spell the name right."


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Clark and Mary Rivingham are a young couple traveling through the wooded areas of Oregon. Clark's job as a computer programmer will soon transfer him to another state, so the two opt to travel through the woods of the state. The two plan to visit Tokokee Falls, and Clark insists on taking a road through the deep forest. Mary protests, but Clark is adamant. The two drive off, and eventually become lost on a stretch of bad road.

Mary notices that the telephone poles have vanished along the roads; the car's tape player also malfunctions, ruining and melting the tape in a cassette. Mary begs Clark to turn around, but he notices a large sign in the distance. The two near, and read the lettering: "Welcome to Rock and Roll Heaven." The previously unmarked road instantly becomes clean and well-marked. Mary still asks Clark to turn, but Clark insists on taking the "good" road. They discover that "Rock and Roll Heaven" is a small town, with a 1950's-era atmosphere.

Rock and Roll Heaven is described as looking identical to a Norman Rockwell painting. Mary feels worried about the "perfect" town, citing the short stories of Ray Bradbury and Hansel and Gretel. Clark is irritated at Mary's fear, and the two argue. Clark eventually wears Mary down, and the two venture into the town. He pulls up to a diner and enters; Mary follows, afraid to be alone. Inside, the diner's friendly proprietor greets and jokes with them. Another, weary-looking young waitress leads the two to the counter. Mary and Clark sit down, and Clark notices that the proprietor, cleaning the authentic jukebox, bears a strong resemblance to Janis Joplin. Mary observes this and has a panic attack, as she feels that somehow, the waitress is Joplin.

Mary recovers as the waitress brings the two pieces of cherry pie. Mary notices that the young woman has left a napkin on the counter; when she picks it up, she discovers a message: "Get out while you still can." Mary gives the napkin to Clark, who is distracted when the short-order cook appears-Ricky Nelson. Mary struggles to remain calm as she orders Clark to exit without attracting suspicion. As he leaves, two more musicians enter: Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. After Clark escapes, the two musicians talk with Mary. She is surprised at how composed she remains-until she notices a drop of blood forming in Holly's glasses. As Mary stares, Nelson thumps Joplin on her backside, and hundreds of maggots pour from her mouth onto the floor. Mary realizes that the four have been toying with her, and dashes for the exit. Joplin screams, and the dead musicians begin to follow.

Clark and Mary drive frantically through the town, pursued by Nelson, who is joined by other late music legends including Ronnie Van Zant and Duane Allman. Nelson leaps onto the hood of the car, and Clark throws him from the vehicle; the singer gets up as though nothing had happened. The two flee, completely driving over Nelson in the process, but again, he is unharmed. As they drive, Mary notices other citizens of Rock and Roll Heaven, all of whom look exhausted and apathetic; she realizes that these are the "true" inhabitants, lured in and trapped in the town.

Mary and Clark escape Rock and Roll Heaven, and think they are safe-only to discover a large psychedelic bus blocking the road. Their car crashes, and when they attempt to escape, a police car arrives. Mary wonders who will be driving the car, guessing that it might be Jimi Hendrix, but the man is actually Otis Redding. The mayor of the town also appears: Elvis Presley.

As the sun begins to set over Rock and Roll Heaven, Mary and Clark join the ranks of the other imprisoned souls in the park, where the concert is prepared. Mary looks at the other exhausted townsfolk, and chooses to sit next to the waitress from the diner. The young woman has the glazed look of one who is stoned, and talks with the young couple. She tells them that her name is Sissy, and reveals that Frankie Lymon has cut off one of her fingers as punishment for assisting the pair. She also explains that while the concerts must end at midnight, "time is different" in Rock and Roll Heaven-the songs sometimes go on for years.

A long-dead radio disc jockey, Alan Freed, takes the stage and begins to announce a series of legendary acts: Freddie Mercury, Florence Ballard, Mary Wells, Patsy Cline, Jim Croce, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Keith Moon, Marvin Gaye and Cass Elliott, among others. Mary voices her "worst fear" when she asks Sissy her age-she is twenty-three, and has been that way for seven years. Mary realizes that these are the people who get "lost in the woods" as Freed continues to scream the names of acts. He finally shouts: "Rock and roll will never die!", to which Mary thinks the last line of the story: "That's what I'm afraid of. That's exactly what I'm afraid of."

[edit] Film, TV or theatrical adaptations

The story was adapted as one of the episodes of the 2006 Turner Network Television series Nightmares & Dreamscapes.

Hi Robert, I am Barbi and I am the Historian for the 321st BG, MY Dad also was in there, but with the 447th with the Knapp Flight over. Only mistake below is that Maxwell did NOT place that 'History", but they have been wonderful about giving us the material :) '05, I bought all four 16 mm rolls and printed out about 500 pages which I multiplied by about 25 and mailed all over the country...the History became digital in Nov. '06 when I asked to place a "few" photo's, and I answered John's note for help. He was discovering that to write a daily, ALL Group and Squads was the way to go and we have working on this nearly every day since then :) It took a year to get the Group history, and it is in there too, as well as all of the Diaries I had (dozens) by the time John Fitzgerald came on board. HE types like the wind and I speak with the Vets/Families :)

Our Albums :)

This is the 321st Albums, and I would like to place your Dad :) Please. In Nov. '06 there were ZERO photo's in the 321stBG, so you will see MY name on all of the albums, plus, the declassified History was short (it is at the very bottom).... John Fitzgerald and I, with a few researchers who have donated mostly their own Dad's personal Diaries, etc..... have made what you now see, which is being updated every few weeks ! Imagine ?

:) My Dad/Ed

John's Dad was a 446th Pilot, tomorrow I will have him look up where your father lands in the History (And yes, we have all but a few months of Missions), mostly gotten by the "kids" like us going to the dusty basement in Washington ! And a HUGE Blessing of a Vet I found accidentally, in the 447th, just last Fall....who had the last 1/3 of the War Missions !
My signature landed BELOW the pasted note, way at the bottom, but has the main web-site link.... Please may I assist you, and I would love to place YOUR Dad/Another Hero represented :) ? ? ? Blessings, Barbi

Hey y'all,
robert register
Location: Northport, Alabama

My Daddy,William E. Register(serial number 34333122) was drafted along
with the rest of the Dothan gang on Valentine's Day 1942.

He served in the 446th Bomb Squad of the Army Air Corps' 321st Bomb Group
of the 57th Bomb Wing of the 12th Air Force.
The 57th was the only Mitchell B-25 bomb wing in the entire 12th Air Force.
A cat named Bob Ritger has put all of the issues of the 321st Bomb Group's WWII newsletter,HEADLINES, on the Web.

The material I found on the Web this afternoon is nothing more than a miracle for me because my sister Becky has a copy of HEADLINES
in our family album and this
publication by Daddy's Bombardment Group
gives spectacular details which confirm all the war stories told to me by my Daddy.
You can't imagine the comfortable feeling surrounding me as I read
all about my Daddy's unit this afternoon.

I lost almost all of Daddy's WWII stuff because it was in storage at McGough's house when it got flooded by Frederic back in '79.

I was also pleased to find that a cat from Lakeland, Florida has devoted an entire portion of his website to 57th Bomb Wing!

But here's the kicker!
Anne M. O' Conner at Maxwell
copied the ENTIRE DECLASSIFIED TOP SECRET HISTORY OF THE 446TH SQUADRON(usually manned by about 100 officers & 350 enlisted men)
put it on the Web!

PRINCESSBARBI Barbara Ennis Connolly
Dad/Ed Ennis
57th Bomb Wing Researcher, 321stBG Historian,

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"if you see denny again, tell him i remember the game very well. still p_isses me off that we lost, but i do remember tackling him and feeling like i was hitting a mack truck! yeah, i remember scott too and unlike sam (the fire plug), scott was fast and we knew it, just couldn't stop him. i wish i could tell ya some "good ole dhs" football stories, but i remember that we had to fight like hell to win. i do have the vision of benny doster in a game against pensacola, where he was bleeding from the nose (this was before players were taken out) and telling the rest of us on the defense that it was time to "stop 'em". we held and won the game. besides ellis beck for ozark, denny steele was the hardest running back we faced (& we played against guys that went on to be top collegiate backs).
thanks, robert for bringing back some memories.
take care and enjoy."