Saturday, June 11, 2016

from Amos Tindall, bass player for THE WEBS:

"Hey Robert, you may find this interesting. When we (The Webs) played at the Old Dutch during the summer of 1962 we were shown a tunnel that was accessed from behind the bar which was on the left as you entered the building. It was a small door that was kept bolted behind the bar several steps down from the main floor. The tunnel went under Front Beach Road and continued on in the direction of the old Red Rooster Club across the street. The tunnel was blocked by a cave in due to construction in the area some years earlier. We were told by the owner Cliff "Papa" Stiles, who was from B'ham and had bought the Dixie-Sherman Hotel in downtown PC, (as you know) that, during WWII, German spies were dropped off on the Beach by U-Boats and they would come up to The Old Dutch and use that tunnel to go inland to a Safe House. Was Burghduff really 100% American?😎 Was Stiles kidding us? If so, what was the tunnel really for?"