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Hey y'all~

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I may have discovered the TRUE REASON
Coleman drank Schlitz.

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I'm so proud of Jimmy Dean for getting our images of THE JAMES GANG to the SOUTHERN GARAGE BANDS site. Check it out~ pretty kewl...

James Gang

James Gang.

Photograph Courtesy of Lindsay Swida 2005.

Jimmy Dean, Bass Player of The James Gang sent us this history. Thank you, Jimmy!

History of The James Gang

In October, 1964, songwriter/record producer Buddy Buie, who was
manager of Roy Orbison's backup band The Candymen (originally known as The Webs, which
included Bobby Goldsboro as singer) put together a second group which he named
The James Gang. The band was made up of Wilbur Walton, Jr. and me (Jimmy Dean)
from a second version of The Webs that Buddy managed, and Fred Guarino, Bubba
Lathem, and Johnny Mulkey, from another of his groups, The Ramrods of Birmingham.

That winter, the group released a couple of songs on United Artists' Ascot
label which did well in several markets, hitting big in Birmingham and around
the South. A session followed at Fred Foster Studio in Nashville, where the
group recorded a Buddy Buie/John Rainey Adkins song, "Georgia Pines". The song did
well in the south, the midwest, and several western markets.

The James Gang signed with the Bill Lowery Agency in Atlanta, which was
already booking many other southern acts, including Billy Joe Royal, Joe South,
Tommy Roe, The Candymen, The Tams, and The Roemans. Buddy and his business
partner, Paul Cochran, moved to Atlanta and partnered with Lowery.

The James Gang began recording at MasterSound Studio, located in the same
building as the Lowery Agency, cutting several songs. One of them, "The Right
String Baby But The Wrong Yo-Yo", written by William "Piano Red" Perryman, became
another regional hit for the group. The group toured until fall of 1967, when
bookings began to thin. At that point the original group broke up. Wilbur
continued to play the James Gang jobs that came into the agency by picking up
various musicians for the dates.

In 1969, Wilbur convinced Fred Guarino and me to rejoin him on the road.
Marvin Taylor, formerly with the K-otics, was the guitarist. As a four-piece
group, we played what was left of the dying hop market and college fraternities but
time had moved on. Buddy was focusing on putting together another group, made
up of some members of The Candymen and The Classics Four, which became the
Atlanta Rhythm Section. He was also involved in opening his own studio in
Atlanta, Studio One. Another group up north had taken our name and was having
nationwide hits. In 1970, we gave it up.

By this time, John Rainey Adkins, founding member of The Webs (later The
Candymen) had returned to Dothan, Alabama and started a band he called
Beaverteeth. I was freelancing as a commercial artist when he asked me to join the group
in May, 1972. I did, and a year later, Rodney Justo, formerly lead singer of
the Candymen and the first lead singer of the Atlanta Rhythm Section, called
and said B. J. Thomas, who he was now working with, needed a back up band. As
Beaverteeth, we (John Rainey Adkins, David Adkins, Charlie Silva, Rodney Justo
and I) worked with B. J. for several years in the seventies.

As far as I know, Wilbur never worked with another band, though he still
considers himself in the music business. Some of his songs still get airplay in
Europe. Johnny Mulkey stayed in music, working for a while as bass player for
Joe South. Fred and Bubba never got back involved with music. Fred passed away
in 2006.

Jimmy Dean
bass player, The James Gang

Here's a story about the James Gang, from a guy who knew them well -- Johnny Wyker of the Alabama group "The Rubber Band". This story first appeared in Wyker's Mighty Field of Vision newsgroup:

"About the same time that the Rubber Band was on it's last leg the same thang was happening to The James Gang...the Southern James Gang...which featured Wilbur Walton as their singer...the other members also doubled as The Candymen when they backed up Roy Orbison....most of those cats later formed The Atlanta Rhythm Section...Buddy Buie from Dothan produced both The James Gang and ARS...I used to go to Hotlanta back in the 60's and stay with Buddy and Robert Nix...Nix was the drummer for these groups in those days...and now all of a sudden I just remembered where I lost my first wedding ring...and that was at Nix's apartment..damn I'm firing some old memory cells tonight...amazing how the old human mind can be inspired to recall events in the long lost past .....

Anyway...when the Rubber Band finally snapped and broke up I still had a bunch of gigs lined up to play and no band to do it....the Christmas party session was about to happen and Wilbur Walton was also left with all of the gigs that James Gang had contacted to play....I had know Wilbur for years...when I was in high school I used to go down to Tuscaloosa and attend all of the fraternity rush parties and Wilbur was in college then and he was a member of The Sex Above Everythang laymen's' terms that would be The SAE's......anyway Wilbur called me one day and said that he was holding a bunch of James Gang gigs and that he would pay me to put a band together...I think he offered me some pretty good money I told him that I had the same problem...gigs and no the best way to solve the problem was to put one band together to cover ALL the gigs......

One night we were The Rubber Band and maybe the next night we were The James Gang......I played bass and I hired Court Pickett to sing....and Lou Mullenix on drums...and I think Jim Coleman was on keyboards...and Tippy Armstrong played guitar on some of the gigs and Ronnie Brown played guitar...and on some gigs Frank Freidman played a second guitar....Frank was a founding member of THIS SIDE UP....

Court sang lead when we were The Rubber Band...and Wilbur sang lead when we were The James Gang.......this worked out pretty well at first when the gigs were far a apart....and in different towns.....we were all making great money and having a ball doin' it.....except when Wilbur had to do the singin' this time he was a real big drunk...and would not sing until he was totally juiced took us a while to get his M. O. down...he would say the PA was broken and tell us to stall with more instrumentals....we finally figured out what he was up to...and we just played a bunch of freeform jams...remind me to tell the cat tale of how we brain washed a crowd in Auburn with a one chord groove that put the whole place in a trance dance.....

Anyhow......thangs were going fine until about the middle of the Christmas session and we played a gig in Mobile as The Rubber Band....then the next night in the very same building we came in as The James Gang...we got away with it until the third night when we played the same place for a different girls club as The Rubber band was really scary to be on the bandstand and to watch people in the crowd whispering to each could read their lips..."Was'nt that the same guy that played and so band.the other night......well.... I don't know how we ever got out of there alive that last night...but we did......I'm
ure their was some fast talkin' involved and some fast cars too.....!"

The James Gang playing a gig in Wisconsin

It was quite a party!

Chart toper goes international

The James Gang played weekend dances, high school proms and after football games all over the southeast.

James gang hit 45 RPM records

At a wedding


Photo taken at 2004 James Gang reunion in Dothan, Alabama

L to R: Wilbur Walton, Jr., Buddy Buie (manager), Bubba Lathem, Paul Cochran (manager), Jimmy Dean, Fred Guarino, (not present: Johnny Mulkey).

Picture courtesy of Jimmy Dean

Wilbur and Jimmy

Jimmy and Wilbur with Greg Haynes, author of The Heeeeey Baby Days of Beach Music

Wilbur and Jimmy with Percy Sledge


Michael E. Palmer

Photos and info. courtesy of Jimmy Dean, bass player for

The James Gang

Other Bands Main Page

© DaveandAndy 2008

tuned up SUMMER OF '64 image of the Pranksters by John Earl

Hey Dothan Tigers~

Now right here we have a true blue artifact of
'67/'68 Dothan psychedelia!

(in fact, I stole a line from this poem for my term paper at Bama in Pat Green's Religion In America class. Buster won't appreciate it but the paper was called CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST~ A Growing Dwarf
& I made an A!!!!)

Caustic Corn Flakes

by Bruce Wallace

Ah, vapid world, speak your phlegmatic mood;

Whipporwill, breathe your plaintive melody;

Deathwatch, tick to my timely fall.

I will endure your pricks ---

I will listen, for my name is not


Son of a gun! It’s the water theologian, back again.

Aren’t you black and blue from our last encounter?

Oh, I see; you persist:

Love is dead?

Life is dead?

God is dead?

You are dead, solemn man.

Oh, the shotgun man, the shotgun man, as you

Consecrate enscription,

Deny affiliation,

Place your hand in other’s hand, in

Debonaire debenture.

You’re an air mechanic.

And your friend, the galvanic medusa,

With her lips of smoldering lettuce

And her measured strokes of cancer

And her anti-connubial medallions.

She cannot see my mecca.

Zounds! With lightning-like accuracy, here they come:

Fantastic Ferny and his Frugal Fuddie-Duddies!

Quite astounding! Quite absurd!

Nevertheless, the company breaks through to enforce

a surcharge on conventionality.

“Sound the retreat!” Benny Bugler is told,

As he trumpets a tune for all ages but old;

Wounds are exchanged, then they all go inside

To their littered apartments to cower with pride.

Drugs are the bane of pigs.

Hear you talkin’:

“Land O Goshen runs for another term,”

while Baseman lies, stunned, in your institute of


You say you are a growing dwarf.

Today is the birthday of soul.

Upon each rung of Zebedee’s ladder

You feel yourself ascend,

Dazzled by illumined gladiators of love,

Tempered with peachy sun speckles on

some close faraway glen,

Or splashing through wafts, waves, and waddling humanity.

Living all?

You hypocrites! Man tastes like a spoiled guava.

What mean you, forty-watt Philomel?

Hush, or I’ll unplug you.

Hear me, all you Quack Quakers, led by a

pyromanial Cupid, who tire and

constrict my soul ---

Leave me with my blues.


">fire is our friend" {a secret}

Appreciate the emails.

I'm on the same wavelength.

This whole f$ckin' cuntry is BOWGED OUT!

In December I'm gonna need a realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly
impressive dead head cypress sign that SEZ...


I can get you the wood out of Cowarts Creek.

image courtesy of Frank Tanton
~carved wooden sign courtesy of Ray Hutto~

The ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA road sign you made is still in Dothan.
It resides now at David A.'s Dr. Ellis's house on S. Saint Andrews Skreet 'cross from the nursing home.


I think I can get some players for a musical event connected to our DHS Class of '68 Class Reunion but I'm gonna need all the help I can get.

Cowboy's is absolutely the best venue.

We need to do it EITHER on Friday, July 25 or Sunday, July 27.

Don't worry about replying to this post.

You are the first person I have written.

We'll see what happens this weekend.



I swear to God you Yankees are so ANTI-AMERICAN it's made you retarded!

Ever thought that our work in Gitmo fits in with God's divine purpose and that the divive purpose is TO KICK SOME F*CKIN' MOSLEM ASS.

My Jesus, my friend, will take his belt off and whip some anarchist HIPPIE BUTT!

You Yankees may give up and throw in the towel but the South will never surrender to a bunch of worthless homicidal Arab sh*theads and their Black Muslim allies and other domestic enemies of this country.

Columbus was with Isabel and Ferdinand on January 2, 1492 at the capitulation of Granada.
Abu Abdullah handed the keys to Isabel and the last mosque in Europe closed it's doors and Abdullah hauled his worthless ass over the Strait of Gibraltar back to Fez where the Moslem moron belonged.

Columbus used this opportunity to pitch his western voyage to The Far East. He proposed to pay for his voyage with the gold he would bring back from Japan. He also promised the royal couple enough gold SO THAT THE CHRISTIANS COULD CONQUER JERUSALEM.

Columbus missed Japan but he found Cuba.

Because of American intervention, Independence Day in Cuba finally occurred on May 20, 1902.

President Reagan said it best on May 20, 1988 on the 86th anniversary of Cuban Independence:

Speaking for myself, and I think speaking for the Vice President also, it gives us great pleasure to join with the Cuban-American community in commemorating the anniversary of a great day in the cause of a free Cuba: the establishment of the Cuban Republic 86 years ago. On that day, May 20, 1902, the bonds of friendship between the peoples of Cuba and of the United States were reaffirmed. The birth of the Cuban Republic was the culmination of a long and arduous struggle, of revolts, political imprisonment, executions, and exile. Today that passion for a free Cuba remains alive in the hearts of thousands of Cubans everywhere. Cuban-Americans have demonstrated what a free people can accomplish unencumbered by tyranny, and I am confident that the time will come when the spirit of freedom will reign in Cuba itself.

From Stode's pageant of Cuba:

The date set for the formal raising of the Lone Star Flag of Cuba Libre was May twentieth, Ascension Day, the anniversary of that miraculous day in which Our Lord rose straight from earth to heaven. It was doubly significant in that it was also the anniversary of a later day when the indominable soul of Cuba's discoverer, Cristobal Colon, at length broke from the moorings of its pain-racked body and drifted beyond the mortality of temporal disappointments into Paradise- or, if it were forbidden that opiate place, into some dream-created province of its own, ineffably more glorious that Kubla Khan's fabulous city, which the Admiral had missed, or that "most lovely land ever human eyes beheld"- this Cuba, which he had seen and smelt and heard and savored and set possessive feet upon. Now for the first time in four centuries and a decade, since 1492, when Columbus planted the banners of Aragon and Castile on Cuban soil, the lovely land was free again. It was such a day as rarely comes more than once in a country's chronicle, and the Cubans were by nature equipped to make the most of it. For in the phrase of Heine, Liberty is something the Latin loves as his bride. "He burns for her; he is a flame; he casts himself at her feet with the most extravagant protestations; he will fight for her to the death; and he commits for her sake a thousand follies."

Why in the f#ck are you Lefties so godd*mned concerned
about a group of murderers who ought to be taken out and shot to death tomorrow morning?


Gotcha didn't I because your brain drew a blank.



Friday, April 25, 2008

Here are the pictures of Jim Coleman that I promised you. The band shot is of Mr. Wizard done during a break in the taping of our two PBS specials (1971?). The photo was taken by one of the studio guys, possible Bill Connell. Left to right: Jim Coleman lead guitar, Bruce Hopper Bass (but sitting at the drum kit), Asa Gaston drums (playing with Jim's Gibson) and Jimmy Butts guitar and lead vocals.

Bruce Hopper

The next two pics should be credited to Marshall Hagler. One is of Jim taken at The Chukker. Of course Jim had to be different and drink Schlitz when everyone else drank Pabst.
Maybe that is because he was left handed.

The last pic is: Eddie Hinton, Jim Coleman and unidentified female (maybe someone knows who she is). [ed. note: I was told that the girl is Hinton's first wife]

In thinking of my relationship with Jim, one story comes to mind. Mr. Wizard practiced at my old garage apartment on 22nd ave. I always learned songs by looking at the guitar player's hands to see what chords he was playing. In Jim's case , he was left handed and I could not read the chords that he was playing. I then looked into the mirror in the bedroom and could catch Jim's reflection. Lo and behold, when you see a mirror image of a left handed guitar player, it looks like a right handed guitar player!
Bruce Hopper

Hey y'all~

What a sad & miserable day at Evergreen Cemetery yesterday but
I met so many citizens of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA;
folks I'd corresponded with over the years who I'd never met face to face.


Heard this cat next to me with this Aussie accent & asked him, "You ain't Keith Glass are you?"
Sure enough it was Aussie ROCKER Keith Glass!

Back in 2004, our old Aussie mate, Keith Glass, sent us something SUPUH from DOWNUNDUH!!!!!!!


This is nothing to do with Roy or Alabama but try these shots on -
recently discovered photos of Jerry Lee and The Crickets doing a live radio
broadcast for another Melbourne station 3AW in 1958 - the tapes are
missing but may turn up.
Keith Glass



'Preciate your kind remarks relayed to me by my sister-in-law Sandy Price Wallace (your email, 3.10.2008).

I've been sporadically following your blog and find much of interest therein. Indeed, I had discovered it several months ago after googling "Wilbur Walton, Jr." Hell of a good singer, ain't he (even after all these years)!

image courtesy of

I also discovered my name amidst the ramblings. Bro' Tanton kindly included me among the real guitarists who played with "The Chimes." In point of fact, my involvement was limited to a single club gig in Pensacola, weekend of July 26-28, 1968, when John Bedsole's parents wouldn't permit him to go! My records show that I earned a whopping $37 for the gig, and my fondest memory of that weekend (perhaps, my only memory!) is of one of the Morris brothers eating cold chicken gizzards for breakfast in our motel room with a "why not, they're good" look on his face.

Thanks, Robert, for refreshing so many happy memories of music in Dothan!

It's been a really long time, but I'm proud to have been a little acquainted with so many fine musicians in our grand hometown. Sad to hear of so many who have passed, but great to see and hear David Adkins, Frank Tanton, and Richard Burke still at it and making cool sounds in the 21st century!

I don't know if I'll make it to the 40th reunion. Sandy told me about it when she and Alan visited here in late October. Given the outrageous price of gasoline, and the fact that my wife doesn't travel well,
I'm just not sure, but I haven't ruled it out yet.
Memorial images courtesy of Gail DePass &

If I could bring guitar and amp and reunite musically with John Bedsole, Jay Kochis, and Jerry Wise, but alas, Jay and Jerry are gone, too.

I did put a bit of personal info and a couple of photos up on the reunion website. I didn't get to make music my career, but I have been blessed to incorporate it largely into my ministry over the years. I actually sang "Georgia Pines" in a benefit concert, 20 years ago, in South Dakota.

Tell you one thing: Every year, early spring, I get real nostalgic for the smell of fresh green grass in our back yard on Oak Drive, the sight of azaleas and camellias blooming up and down Oates St, and the taste of a cherry coke from Creels!

Bruce Wallace

Hey Bruce,Do you remember our freshman year at Bama when you needed a loan & we walked downtown and had a beer at the Chukker?

Now that you mention it!
How much do I owe you?- Bruce Wallace

You came back to town a couple of years later & paid me back.
I think it was only $100 but YOU NEEDED IT BAD
That Spring!

'Fraid I don't remember the fiscal episode, but those were dire days indeed. I do remember going for the beer. Glad to hear I repaid you! - Bruce Wallace

Just a note about an Eddie Hinton connection. In 1966 Sid White and I recorded a single at Boutwell's studio in Birmingham.The songs were Town Clown b/w Stop and Listen.I think my Mother and a few other relatives bought a copy. Eddie Hinton was the engineer and producer of the session.


Dear Robert,
For your information, and for posting on your Blog:
Plans for the Multi-Class DHS reunion the evening of November 22, 2008, in Dothan, are going well. We are anticipating a crowd of more than 400 people. It will be at the Conference Center in Dothan (not the Convention Center). We expect the cost to be about $50 per person, including the hall and the food (there will be a cash bar). The classes of '61 through '63 will have over 100 each, with good delegations also from '60 and '64. There will be smaller numbers from '59 and '65, and (so far) one from '66.
Music will be original recorded hits from the era, with as many songs from Dothan stars as we can find. We want to invite you all! If you will contact William Wheatley, Class of '62, I will refer you to the appropriate class leader. We are especially hoping enough Dothan musicians will attend to form an ad hoc band and sing a couple of songs for old times sake. So far, I have one volunteer, Jimmy Dean. Jimmy, I'm depending on you! Try to talk some of your music buddies into joining in. Come on, folks, make our day your day, too! I hereby waive the "entry fee" for any bona-fide musicians from the era and from Dothan who will attend (with their instruments) and sing a couple of songs as a group. I'll buy your drinks, too.
Y'all come!
William Wheatley
DHS Class of '62 Reunion Co-Chair
(Sherry Russell Hufham is my co-Chair)
Tel. 610-658-0579 (work)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

JDWyker <> wrote:
Dear Mighty Field Hands !
I just got an email from Nashville .
Doctor and Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Master Jim Coleman emailed me and said that AIN'T BETTY SWAMP MAMA-LAMA and her Aussie husband Singer/Songwriter/Journalist KEITH "Keef" GLASS (FYI they met right here by our digital cyber campfire..)
The Beslin/Glasses have been up from Mobile and stayin' with Jim ....I'd love to be a fly on the wall !
It's great to know that they are safe !
The Swamp Mama-Lama needed a break bad...she cares for babies that were prematurely born...and she just stays at that hospital TOO much...I hope they are havin' fun in Nashville !
Mo' Later .,..

JIM COLEMAN...who's music you will hear on The MFV NET RADIO SHOWS 24/7 sent me this from Nashville
John D. Wyker aka SAILCAT
Mighty Field of Vision Net Radio
Please Pass this link on !
Thing I have learned from watching the news on TV during the last
eight days:
* The hurricane only hit black families' property

* New Orleans was devastated and no other city was affected by the hurricane

* Mississippi is reported to have a tree blown down

* New Orleans has no white people

* The hurricane blew a limb off a tree in the yard of an Alabama resident

* When you are hungry after a hurricane, steal a big screen TV

* The hurricane did 23 billion dollars in improvements to New Orleans: now the city is
welfare, looters and gang free and they are in your city.

* White folks don't make good news stories

* Don't give thanks to the thousands that came to help rescue you, instead bitch
because the government hasn't given you a debit card yet

* Only black family members got separated in the hurricane rescue efforts

Re: Butch Trucks' REALLY Ancient History From Jeff at the Limestone Lounge
The Rubber Band with Johnny Townsend, Tippy Armstrong, Johnny Wyker and me played at a club in Biloxi, Mississippi with the Vikings in 1967.
Jim Coleman, M.D.

Re: Robert "Big Bob" Nix Chimes In With A Few Details On "The Vapors" in Biloxi
Mon, 26 Sep 2005 19:58:29 -0400

Ahhh Biloxi....
The Bird Sisters (twins)
The drinking age was 18 in Mississippi, and, it was my experience, that wherever the drinking age was lower, so was the age of consent
We didn't play a whole lot of clubs because we were lucky enough to get a record deal that let us play more one nighters.
But, I can tell you that
The Vapors was
Top 5 with a bullet.
It was owned/run by one of the nicest guys that you could work for named Gene Jernigan.
Nix may remember that The Vapors was where we learned Good Vibrations.

Man, we studied that thing because everyone said that it couldn't be done.

We played with Little David and the Giants, who were really nice guys, and later had a record I really liked.(did the title have the word circles in it or the word green?)

We also met a left handed guitar player there that we really liked (he reminded me of Barry Bailey) and I seem to remember a couple of us fantasizing what it would be like to have him in
The Candymen.
I think that Eternity's Children was the group Bruce Blackmon of Starbuck fame was in before Starbuck and the had a wonderful record called Mrs. Bluebird.

They also had a girl singer named Linda Lawley who I did some record dates with in New York. Very Soulful and a good sense of humor.

& here's
Jim Coleman's post on The Vapors:

"The Rubber Band with Johnny Townsend, Tippy Armstrong, Johnny Wyker and me played at a club in Biloxi, Mississippi with the Vikings in 1967.

When we played at the Vapors in Biloxi with the Rubber Band they had these great dancers in cages at the side of the stage. I hooked up with one of them, her name was Linda DeGeorge which I still remember after all of these years. I'm really sorry I let that one get away. Hahahaha"

& here's
Robert Nix's post:


Here's a Vapors Club memory from the WEB:

tbrown: I too am a long time Eternity's Children fan. Grew up in Biloxi, played in a local band in high school. Used to go hear the Children at the Biloxi Hotel and at the Vapors in about 1967. Along with Little David and the Giants, they were the hottest groups around at ! ! the time....great memories. I see messages here by Bruce, and it looks like Roy maybe, and also saw one from Charlie Ross. Would love to hear from any of you guys just to find out what you are all up to these days.

Tuscaloosa Music

Web Radio Inspired by Tuscaloosa Native Eddie Hinton

By Johnny Wyker

EVERYBODY in The World knows about BAMA's Worldclass Football Program ...but have you ever wondered about where Rock and Roll Music and especially Southern Music would be today if not for the T-Town Musicans contributions to The Golden Age of ROCK !

In The Late 60's and early 70's T-Town was as fertile with great performing musicans and songwriters. The kids of today...and especially BAMA Fans maybe unaware of this...but T-Town was soon to be as important to World of R & R as The Nile River Valley was to the success of early Egyptian farmin' and transportation success.

In The Late 60's and 70's and for the next few deacdes The world famous CHUKKER BAR was the favorite waterin' hole for many of todays most important and gifted Southern Music Icons !

The list is too long to get everybody's name mentioned in this article but my favorite quote was about the period when people were writing CLAPTON IS GOD on the building walls in England....almost every kid in T-Town could blow Clapton away with Southern Guitar playin'....and their were more than just hot shot guitar pickers in T-Town....

Let's start The T-Town Musican's list with The the most famous and highest paid player on the scene today ...Keyboard man for The STONES CHUCK LEAVELL...

LEAVELL was a regular at The CHUKKER in The early 70's and playin' free Sunday concerts at The Quad as well as Frat house parties and he also played on The MOTORCYCLE MAMA Album that produced the 1972 hit by the same name..

Also a part of this scene was JOHNNY TOWNSEND who is one of The World Class Singers of All Times...TOWNSEND got his start with The RUBBER BAND and later went on to be the singer/songwriter of one of Rocks Finest Songs ...I still never get tired of hearin' SMOKE FROM A DISTANT FIRE by The SANFORD TOWNSEND BAND of The 70's era !....

Another T-Town musican that went on to bigger and better thangs was CHARLIE HAYWARD...HAYWARD has been THE bass player and written many of the songs with The CHARLIE DANIELS BAND from day one up until today !

There were many other great Southern Rock musicians that died before their time...but they left their mark on recordings that can still be heard on the radio today... The late great guitar stylist and arranger.songwriter TIPPY ARMSTRONG is a fine example of what I mean.Even when JIMI HENDREX came to play in T-Town and we were all introduced to HENDREX and when he heard TIPPY's name his ears stood up and he suddenly became very focused and started naming records that TIPPY had played on when he was a session guitar player at FAME STUDIOS and he also became one of the world famous MUSCLE SHOALS SOUND example of ARMSTONG's fine playin' can be heard on The JIMMY CLIFF album MANY RIVERS TO CROSS.

Another one that died too young was a very extremely gifted drummer boy named LOU MULLENIEX who was memorilized in The SANFORD TOWNSEND song from their first LP...the song is titled "LORDY LOU".

Lou was workin' and playin' recording sessions with everyone from The METORS to DR. JOHN...He died before he was 19 but he also left his mark on the great records that were made during what I call The GOLDEN AGE of R n' R and SOUTHERN ROCK !

This list of The late great pickers from T-Town would be incomplete unless unless I mentioned my old friend...who I met in The ROTC Drum and Bugle Corp when we were both Freshman at The Univresity of Alabama in 1963....I'm talkin' about "The last of The Great White Soul Singers EDDIE HINTON !

In fact HINTON is becomin' one of Rock's newest Cult Heroes...after his death.... AT The UNA George Lindsey Film Festival earlier this month they had over 6.000 flicks entered this year and by far the biggest hit was a Documentary on the life and times of EDDIE HINTON titled DANGEROUS HIGHWAY....Hundreds of people were turned away ...and even though some had to sit on the floor for over and hour and a half to see this HINTON Documentary they felt lucky to be able to see this new is not For Sale yet and will not be until after it is shown at 12 more Film Festivals...but the GOOD NEWS is there is a VHS VIDEO starring EDDIE HINTON and WYKER that you can order from The Net at

I think it's note worthy that two of the world's most unique singing voices were also water boys for The Tuscaloosa High School Basketball team...that would be TOWNSEND and HINTON...

T-Town also produced another great guitar picker by the name of JIM COLEMAN....COLEMAN who is now a Doctor in Nashville and was also one of CHET ATKINS' Doctors..Coleman has written a book about his friendship with CHET and hopes to find a publisher for it.

In The late 60's the much older HINTON recorded an unreleased LP on the then 17 year old wiz kid JIM COLEMAN called The Coleman Hinton Project... It was recorded over a period of years and they even flew to England where HINTON put The London Sympony on the tape.....the same string section that THE BEATLES had used on many of their recordings..

Somethang must have happened on the flight home because the master tape went missing and was asummed to be "LOST FOREVER" from 1969 until The Master tape was found under the mattress of the bed that HINTON slept on at his mother's house... The tape was saved and restored and turned in to a CD....some cuts from this fine CD are available on a new CD on The Australian RAVEN Label it's called EDDIE HINTON "IT's A MIGHTY FIELD of VISION The Antology from 1969 to 1993.

DUANE ALLMAN and HINTON and WYKER were roomates when DUANE was thinkin' about formin' one of the hottest bands to ever come out of The South ...The band would later be known as The ALLMAN Brothers Band... DUANE begged HINTON to be his first choice as singer... HINTON flat turned him down because he had plans of his own and he told DUANE that he should ask his brother GREGG to be his new singer....The rest as they say is History !

After Duane's death CHUCK LEAVELL was taped to join The ALLMAN BROTHERS Band and his keyboard playing is featured on the unforgetable ALLMAN BROTHERS HIT titled JESSICA !

T-Town could also claim The two ALLMAN BROTHERS as their own because in 1965 when The RUBBER BAND had it';s big hit record on COLUMBIA RECORDS titled LET LOVE COME BETWEEN US.. Wyker had just met DUANE and GREGG in T-Town....they were called THE ALLMAN JOYS and no one had ever heard of them at this time...and they needed exposure and a little money to live on so WYKER hired The ALLMAN JOYS to open for them at The Old FORT BANDON ARMORY.

WYKER also introduced The ALLMAN's to a young drummer named BILL CONNELL of T-TOWN and the night he graduated from Tuscaloosa High School CONNELL hit The Road with THE ALLMAN JOYS to play some gigs in NYC's GREENICH VILLAGE....CONNELL later went on to be one of the most "in demand" drummers in The Record Business....not only did he have talent he had the good looks and later worked with Wyker's band SAILCAT and he appeared on DICK CLARK's AMERICAN BANDSTAND in The Summer of 1972 performing SAILCAT's big hit record MOTORCYCLE MAMA...

CONNELL later went on to play with BOBBY WHITLOCK of DEREK and THE DOMINOES as well as many other hit acts of The Day...When The Disco Thang came into being and turned Pop Muisc upside down CONNELL packed up his drums and became a World Class Televsion Producer with ALABAMA PUBLIC TELEVISION for the next few decades ..

BILL CONNELL is one of the real unsung Heroes from that period in The History of T-Town Musicans that helped to change the face of Rn'R ..with the music that we would later come to be called SOUTHERN ROCK !

In the late 60's and early 70's T-Town had a BIG Hippy Community...They had a Food CO-Op where they would buy food in bulk... mainly Brown Rice and great home grown vegatables.Everyday for Lunch and Supper you could stop in and eat all you wanted....Everyone could eat FREE ...but people were encouraged to donate a little pocket change if they had any....

I think that this period was a beautiful time...The Hippies were all PEACE FREAKS...and they wanted to help everybody and it was like a great big happy family.This atmosphere of PEACE and LOVE may have been part of the r eason that so many great entertainers of today came from T-Town.Add all of the places that bands could work like The Frat parties and you had everythang you needed ...just add Talent and HARD WORK and BINGO...T-Town was responsible for some of today's biggest Stars of American Southern Music !

So get on The Net and go to and listen to some great INDIE music that you will love !

If you make music and have a CD and would like some worldwide Net Radio Exposure PLEASE send your CD and contact info to


"The MIGHTY FIELD of VISION is Producing real results by simply connecting the existing Dots !"

Hello, my name is
Jim Coleman and I was friends with all of the people who were mentioned on this web site. But, I was unable to open any of the photos. I would really like to see the pictures of Lou Mullinex who was my best friend in high school and he and I played together in the Rubber Band with Johnny Townsend and Tippy Armstrong. Are these pictures available anywhere else ?

I found this web site [ED. NOTE ~ ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA]
and it has many of my old friends on it.
Lou Mullinex was my best friend in high school and he and I played together in the Gents and later in the Rubber Band with Tippy Armstrong, Johnny Townsend and Johnny Wyker.
I am unable to see any of the pictures you have posted no matter which browser I try to use.
Is there a way you could send me the ones of Lou ?

I am Jim Coleman.

It was great seeing you in Montgomery last Saturday night with the RG's.
'The Rockin' Gibraltars proved one of the major axioms in the book:
R&B bands are like vintage wine, they just get better with time.
Thanks for all the support you have given the book and the Hey Baby Days web site. Consistently over the past couple of years, your blog ,
the Swingin' Medallions web site
and Beach Music Online
have been the three big sources of referrals for the site. Thanks for keeping the music and times alive.

Hey y'all:
Back in February of '03 when I started blogging, everything was simple.
You stole images any way you could [all you need to do is right click on the image, copy "properties" & type ">
& you can rob anything you want off the Web that ain't tied down...
Which leads up to this email:

Robt Cash Register !
I love your blog...
but the last one with all of the old pictures of band memebers some of the pictures did no come through...maybe overloaded Yahoo...
JIM COLEMAN wrote me and several others that would love to see The Pictures...Is there anyway you could post just the pictures ?
Just and idea for thise that want to see them !
Keep up the good work Brother !


Man, I luv aw uv yuh
When I got started on the Web, not only did I steal, I used comcast & myspace before google let you post on blogger but

I lost a lot of stuff but I back!

You let me know what you want & I'll look in "bob's stuff" and maybe something might pop up,
right Julia!


Hey y'all:

who 'bout ready to take away Bessie Smith


You can listen now @
& you can buy her CD like you're supposed to NOW!!!!

245 ROBIN LANE BATESVILLE, MS 38606..................

---- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2006 9:06 AM
Subject: Joe

I went to see Joe yesterday at the VA hospice. I played guitar for him and sang. He seemed to enjoy it. He looks so bad, Johnny. He has lost a lot of weight and doesn't look like the same person. He looks like he is about 75 years old and about to check out. His phone number is 205-554-2000, ext. 4895. I know he would like to get a call from you.
The above just came in from JIM COLEMAN....
I talked to Rudd last week when he was in DRUID CITY HOSPITAL...I hate to say it but it might be too late to do a show for JOE while he is still alive,,,,but maybe we will have a chance...even after the sting of his death has passed I think we should still do somethang to remember JOE the MFV Party yesterady we had all kinds of offers from some great talent that offered to join JOHNNY TOWNSEND's efforts to do a show for JOE...and The MFV will supply the rest if needed !
as MARLIN GREENE says "It's later than it's ever been !"
Love to all that know/knew and loved Joe Rudd !

These shots JIM Coleman took of Joe Rudd reminded me of what Cancer can do to a person...Joe was a very handsome man. I have great memories of bein' with JOE RUDD and in my memories JOE is 10 feet Tall and Bullet Proof...and makin' that Telecaster smoke with his fine fire of hot licks !
---- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 6:29 PM
Subject: Joe Rudd

I went to the memorial service for Joe in Tuscaloosa yesterday. These pictures look exactly like what Joe looked like when I went to see him a week before he died.

> From: robert register <>
[ed. note: Joe Rudd died the night we had the book signing at CHUCK'S FISH]
> Date: 2006/11/25 Sat PM 07:35:10 EST
> To:
> CC:
> Subject: Greg Haynes' Masterpiece, HEEEY BABY DAYS, Brought More Joy To The V.A. Hospice Today!


Charles Morgan will not be back in town until Monday but with his permission, I still think we can do some good on Saturday at Chuck's Fish.

This morning wwwwwwwwwyker forwarded me Jim Coleman's email concerning Joe Rudd being in Tuscaloosa's V.A. Hospice. I called Joe and asked him if he wanted to see the book and he told me he wanted me to come by about 5 this afternoon.

When I got to his room, Joe was alone so I opened the book on the side of the bed and showed him the picture of the Distortions, the Battle of the Bands poster with the Distortions and all the other Tuscaloosa related pictures.

About that time Joe's brother and other members of his family showed up and they were so excited that Joe got to see the book. Joe's brother really has tried to get the book. Somebody at the Tuscaloosa News told him he could get it at Books-A-Million and when he drove out there, they didn't even have it in their list of books available. His computer was down so he drove into a Holiday Inn Express and used their computer to order it from the website

He was really disappointed that he couldn't have the book Fed Ex'ed.

Everyone was so happy with the book. Joe's brother had all the family gather around Joe's hospital bed to get their picture taken while Joe was looking at the book. Then Joe's brother had me hold the book next to Joe and he took a picture of Joe and me with the book.

Joe responded the most to the picture of The Old Dutch.
He said loudly,"Oh, I remember that place!"

No way to express our gratitude to you Greg for what you have accomplished and shared with us.

Joe Rudd is not long for this world but this afternoon he looked like he was feeling no pain and his mind was definitely back in the HEEEY BABY DAYS OF BEACH MUSIC!


Greg, you really made the Rudd family happy tonight.

Dr. James J. "Jim" Coleman

NASHVILLE, Tenn. James Jackson "Jim" Coleman, M.D., age 57, died April 18, 2008, at his home in Nashville, Tenn. Dr. Coleman was a Board Certified physician in Pulmonary/Internal Medicine. Prior to moving his practice to Nashville, Tenn., in 1992, he practiced in Portland, Ore. and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

He is preceded in death by his daughter, Catherine Ashley Coleman, and his father, Clayton Noyes Coleman, Sr.

He is survived by his daughter, Lauren Coleman of Franklin, Tenn.; his mother, Mrs. Addie Shirley Hoole of Tuscaloosa; brother, Clayton Noyes Coleman, Jr., D.M.D., of Santa Fe, N.M.; sister, Emily Coleman Moore (Robin) of Tuscaloosa; aunt, Mrs. Anne Shirley McNeff of Tuscaloosa; niece, Katherine Moore of Columbia, S.C.; nephew, Henry Moore of Birmingham, Ala.; and several cousins.

Dr. Coleman was educated in local schools, received his undergraduate degree from The University of Alabama and his medical degree from The University of Alabama Medical School. He graduated from both institutions Cum Laude. Other honors include: Phi Beta Kappa as an undergraduate and Alpha Omega Alpha and The Award for Excellence in Basic Sciences from the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

In addition to his love for medicine, he was also an accomplished musician. He learned to play the guitar while in Tuscaloosa Junior High School and played in local bands, The Gents and The Rubber Band. He composed music as well as lyrics and produced several CD's that demonstrated his skill as a guitarist, composer and singer. His taste in music was eclectic and his interests and talents ranged from classical to jazz. His latest interest was composing, playing and singing gospel music.

A graveside service will be 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 24, 2008, at Evergreen City Cemetery with Rev. Kenneth Fields officiating and Heritage Chapel Funeral Home, a Dignity Memorial Provider, directing.

Honorary pallbearers will be Dr. Bony Barrineau, Delaine Mountain, Michael Kavanaugh, Buddy Martin, Chuck Leavell, and Drayton Wear.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The William Stanley Hoole Special Collection Library at The University of Alabama or to the charity of choice.
Published in the Tuscaloosa News on 4/23/2008.

From Sonny Edwards

Dr. Jim, wasn't always a doctor. When I got to Tuscaloosa, in '69 Jim was one of the best guitar players in a town full of great musicians most of you have heard of. They left T-town by different routes, and wound up in bands like The Allman Brothers, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Sanford- Townsend Band, Wet Willie, the Rolling Stones (I could go on). Some joined bands and wrote their names in the history of Rock n' Roll, while others did the same in places like Muscle Shoals, Macon, Nashville, L.A , San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Miami, becoming legendary studio musicians. Most knew and had a lot of respect for Jim. Jim could have gone in any of those directions, and been a phenominal success. But his mom wanted him to go to medical school. And he was a phenominal success as a doctor as well, a leading Internist and Pulmonolgist in Nashville, Tn. He was Chet Atkins physician, and they became close friends under adverse conditions in the last years of Mr. Atkins life.

A graveside service will be held at Evergreen Cemetery in Tuscaloosa, Al., on Thur., April 24th, 2:00PM. The cemetery is between 10th and 12th Aves., w/ access off of Paul W Bryant Dr., across from Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Jim Coleman
Rest In Peace, Brother
We Will Never Forget You

Bill Hanke Bringing Down The House At Cowboys April 13 wid sum WICKED PICKETT!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey y'all~

I love having lots of friends but the only problem with having lots of friends is having lots of funerals.

Pake Realty's gonna have one hell uv a flower bill this month & y'all all know
we invented copper wire right here in this office over a century ago fighting over a penny.

Dr. Jim Coleman's graveside service will be Thursday at 2 in Evergreen across from the stadium.

I've got enough comp time to get me through the weekend but that won't make it
with my property manager &
not only that,
ARS with RODNEY "THE ROCKER" JUSTO as lead vocalist
is playing THUNDER BEACH Monday
{I want my book
signed by Rodney & Dean}

Thunder Beach
is Gonna Rock!
Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach, Florida is Gonna Rock! Thunder Beach has always had some great bands playing the World's Most Beautiful Beaches, but the Spring 2008 Rally is really going to rock the house! Everybody that has been to Thunder Beach knows that there is live music at every one of the venues all day long, but did you know that there's even more? There are tons of shows all over Panama City Beach and in Panama City featuring bands of nearly every style and mix. The Sandpiper Beacon is even throwing some awesome Pre-Rally Concerts featuring Atlanta Rhythm Section, Slow Ride, ELI, Geneva and The Dan Lawson Band, a Sturgis motorcycle rally favorite featured at The “Legendary” Buffalo Chip Campground.

Make sure that you take a look at our schedule so you don't miss out on any of the great performances happening all over Panama City Beach, Florida!

& Tuesday

My birthday.
I will be 58.


photo by John Earl

great photos!
thanks for publishing these. the house in the background visible above the haight hut is 1414 Univ Blvd, the downstairs Left apartment was the residence of famous Tusc rock star Eddie Hinton in his day. I lived in that very same apartment around '71. the haight hut had been torn down then and was an empty lot for a long time before they put a laundromat there. I first lived upstairs directly above the Hinton apartment when Roxy Baucham (sp?) lived downstairs in Eddie's place while husband Don was, ah . . . "away". After she moved, we took the downstairs place. Roger Hagerty aka Dick Foote of Raudelunas lived upstairs in the middle apartment. After we moved out from Hinton's, Craig aka Ron Pate of Raudelunas and Linda Nutt moved into the Hinton apt. This is the building that was torn down shortly after the homecoming parade in '73 when the Raudalunas Marching Vegetable Band marched out right of the parade and up the steps and into the building -

Landlady was watching the parade from her house next door and was so embarrassed that she evicted everyone and tore it down. i remember getting my mind blown when i first went in the haight hut around '69 and they were playing country joe mcdonald's "the vietnam rag" on the radio. it was my first time hearing it and i couldn't believe i was hearing those lyrics on the radio. check joe's place at -

image by John Earl
nope. hunchback guy in "mummywithsunglasses" garb is "Omar Bag-Dada" aka adrian dye, keyboard artist of Raudelunas fame.

~ Igor, aka bill starsh A.

Image by Earl

Image by Earl

photos courtesy of John Earl

THE HAIGHT HUT: 1420 University Boulevard (present location of Hamner Real Estate) Scene of owner Bud G. Silvas' .22 calibur suicide on the afternoon after receiving an indictment from the Tuscaloosa County Grand Jury for the first LSD bust in Tuscaloosa history on October 4, 1968.

Hey y'all:

Great week out here in the world but the thing on my mind right now is whether I'll be able to tack these John Earl pictures on the Internet.

Pimps & Hos in Demopolis

One mo' ole John Earl shot from HALLOWEEN '80 when I auctioned off THE CHUKKER!!!!

Chukker Halloween Auction '80: robertoreg, Rick, Igor????, Mark, L.C.

Let me see if there's anything else out here in robertoregspace I wanna share wid dah world.
Oh hell yeah!!!!! Went to see Tinsley Ellis last night!
Tinsley BE Dah DEAL!!!!

Still plan to be in Dothan nek Friday , the 23rd, to see Percy Sledge , the Tams and the Swingin' Medallions

& OF COURSE, Monday February 19, 2007,
marks the 200th anniversary of the day that the long arm of the law touched Aaron Burr right here in present-day Alabama


photo by John Earl

photo by John Earl

photo by John Earl

LaJuana from PCB copped the PDF file for the State of Alabama's brochure called

I'll shoot it to anybody who's got sense enough to get it on the WEB.

Big Bad News in T-town but
my son Christopher was able to work for us today
eban dough

My son,Christopher,on the Black Warrior River near Tuscaloosa
image courtesy of

Christopher behind his cabin on Little Hurricane Creek

he had a good time in Orange Beach living on the yacht this weekend at the Wharf &
going to the floor of the Friday night but not dah
Saturday night & Sunday night WIDESPREAD PANIC

The Pigs worked on his friends pretty damn good in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores so he learned a few lessons.