Saturday, July 16, 2011

More sad, sad news, my friends. Jerry Ragovoy, songwriter of "TIME IS ON MY SIDE" & "PIECE OF MY HEART" and Grammy winning record producer, died Wednesday in NYC from complications resulting from a stroke. He was 80. Our old Yankee buddy, Al Kooper, wrote Jerry's obituary for THE MORTON REPORT & he emailed it to me yesterday. THE MORTON REPORT is Al's newest gig. In addition to his music, his website & his best selling book, BACKSTAGE PASSES & BACKSTABBING BASTARDS, Al now has a regular column in THE MORTON REPORT called NEW MUSIC FOR OLD PEOPLE.

"Art- as well as life - is not a static process. Hopefully, the dynamics of creativity have kept us moving forward & evolving, into places we never thought of." Jerry Ragovoy, Billboard Magazine, Aug. 11, 2001

Friday, July 15, 2011

I alreddy wearing out my welcomez wid my new friend, Frank from Phenix City. So Pleazzzzzzzzzzze MY FRIENDS, MY FRIENDS!!!!! Please visit his website!

Clearly a case of false advertising in this 1952 Phenix City Chamber of Commerce ad.
Allzzz Scotty hadz to do was visit the nighttime ADULT entertainment one timeZ & he knew HE WASN'T SAVING NO MONEY!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Info on THE SEA HORSE comes from Frank's website

J.D. Weeks sez, "Those who remember the Fo'C'sle Grille at the Verde Mer Cottages in Laguna Beach deserve a gold star."

I found this image of Little B'ham in Laguna Beach on a blog run by a cat named FRANK from the Phenix City/Columbus area & he's gotzzzzzzzzzz one hell of a blog. Here's a link to his Music Page which includes two 1972 Top 40 surveys from WDAK AM-540.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gittin' some images from THE 1956 GULF STATES GUIDE up off out into, ON & amongst the Web!

LAGUNA BEACH IN '56!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out & around Panama City on July 2 & 3 ~

Out & around Panama City on July 2 & 3 ~