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Got an image from a buddy's granddaughter that reminded me of you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The first portion of the Friday, September 4, 2009 interviews

Wally & Dave Morning Show broadcast of Tuskaloosa's BIG 12:30 WTBC

Dave: Welcome back into the Morning Show. Eight minutes after eight o'clock. A beautiful day in Tuscaloosa as the sun is shining and it's currently 72 degrees. Time & temperature brought to you by Stephanie's Flowers on 15th Street in Tuscaloosa.
Anytime you need flowers, snack basket, gourmet basket;
let the folks at Stephanie's take care of you.
Stephanie's Flowers 345-3074

Dave~ Robertoreg...Robert Register. Good morning.

RR~ Good morning.

Dave~ How are ya, man?

RR~ Doing good. I'm great!

Dave~ Just tried to play a little song there. I knew I shouldn't have done that!
I got run under the bus! Jimmy Ellis' stuff is coming up.


Dave~ Oh yeah! I wondering if anybody knew what that was & ,by the way, we're talking about a major music release that's about to happen. Let's see if I can get this thing. I bet I can get it copied & fired up. There we go! Take a listen to this!
Rerelease of Georgia Pines!

(Jimmy Ellis sings Georgia Pines on WTBC)

Dave~ Robert, that is strong, man!

RR~ The guys recorded the rhythm track in '72 or '73.
I'm real impressed with it.

Dave~ Done a great job! Of course, Jimmy Ellis, "ORION",
an Alabama product and a great singer.
Man, sounds just like the King doesn't he Wally?

Wally~ Is that Wilbur doing that?

RR~ Jimmy "ORION" Ellis

Wally~ What happened to Wilbur?

RR~ Wilbur's still around.

Wally~ But didn't he sing that song?

RR~ The original hit was with Wilbur. The Candymen did it and a couple of other people done it but it's never taken off like it should.

Wally~ O.K. because I remember we had Wilbur Walton, Jr. on and he was singing this song.

Dave~ MR. REDBUD!!!!

Wally~ Yeah! Mr. Redbud!

Dave~ I remember that! We had a great time with him!

Wally~ Do you ever see him?

RR~ I saw Wilbur at the dedication of the Musician's Mural in Dothan;
the last time I saw him which was back in June which was wonderful.
We have a great musician's mural now in Dothan. Buddy Buie's on:
Wilbur Walton, Jr.

RR~ This song, Georgia Pines, is really revered all over the world
& the Europeans call it "THE HYMN OF THE SOUTH"!!!!

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Hated to see old Tuskaloosa get papered with eviction notices today but it's gonna get a whole lot more worser Oct. 10 & then after that everybody's gonna want Christmas but nobody's gonna want to pay their bills. Better stock up on doors and door jambs because they're gonna be kicking 'em down in these crowded houses this winter.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just finished watching The Beatles Anthology on VH1. What an impact those four cats have had on my life and they've been broken up now for over 40 years! Such a wonderful vibe! They opened the generation gap over 45 years ago and now they bring generations together!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Larry Wayne Holmes of Ozark passed away on Sunday, September 6, 2009 at Flowers Hospital. He was 61. Funeral services will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 10, 2009 in Sunset Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Billy Gant officiating. The family will receive friends following the services at the funeral home. Robert Byrd of Sunset Funeral Home (334) 983-6604, is in charge of arrangements. Visit Sign the guest book at

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Al Kooper

Al Kooper to me
show details 8:18 PM (1 hour ago)

On Sep 8, 2009, at 7:13 PM, Robert Register wrote:

Lay went on to record with Dylan on Highway 61 Revisited.


Show me his name in the credits

Total lie

Monday, September 07, 2009

Hopefully I can find a link to the Rolling Stone Magazine putting your Daddy at the top of

Forget it.

This is what it sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~

"Mean Old Man"

Jerry Lee singing about
being mean and old?
istic! The septuagenarian
Killer sounds more
murderous than ever, with
hot country backing and
sweet songcraft from Kris
. Those fiery
balls? Still blazing.

35 th anniversary Roll Tide!!!

Buddy Henry & my sister, Becky Henry

Here's Jay Scott's website:

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Little Larry "Ho Daddy" Holmes

To: Robert Register

Robert Dean called me earlier today with the news. I only know it was cancer related, but I don't have any additional information and he didn't, either. Thanks for the prompt blog'll generate great memories and good information. Larry was a great person...did you know him?

Be Blessed.
George Cheshire

If I did know Larry, I don't remember him right now.
That's not to say someone isn't gonna walk up to me tomorrow & say,"Hell, Reg, you remember Larry! He's the cat who...."

In '72, I was working at Partlow in Tuscaloosa but when I came home to Dothan I always went out to The Bird. I knew Frank & Kenneth in high school and my Dad died in Dothan in Sept. '72 so I spent a lot of time in town that year.

You cats sure look familiar in that photo of Straw Dawgs.


from~ Rodney Justo
I'm sorry to hear about Jay.
He was a real character.

I met him when he was playing with Satyr in Dothan at Thee Club.

David Adkins
was going with his sister,the beautiful Laura Scott.

When Beaverteeth was recording its/our first album, it only made sense to ask Jay to play sax on a Randall Bramblett song called "I'm Callin'".(ed. note:
click on Bama Queen's myspace page,
scroll down to her music box & "I'm Callin'" is the fifth cut down

I remember this when I told him,
"You know how people complain that they never get a chance to play what they feel like playin?
Well, here's your chance, we're gonna' go till you play somethin' you're proud of" took a while, but
it goes to show that if you give people an opportunity to give you their best, they usually won't stop till they give it to you.

Peace Jay



Your blogspot has become a communication point...I enjoy it...thanks.

I'm an ol' time picker (still picking, but working for the Florida guvment!)... relocated from Dothan...I met you at Norman Andrews' benefit, but you may not recall! That aside, a long-time Dothan drummer, Little Larry "Ho Daddy" Holmes, has passed. We were on the road much more than playing locally around Dothan... and it's been years, but I know his many friends and fellow pickers should know. I would appreciate your passing the sad info along. I was on the road with Larry for years. He never received the recognition he deserves....he had "real soul"....which is very rare. We'll miss him.


L-R Larry Holmes, Frank Tanton, George Cheshire, Kenneth Griffith, Lamar Alley.
This was the house-band for the Flamingo Club in Dothan back in 1972.
[courtesy of Frank Tanton]

Friday, October 07, 2005

From: "Hodges James"
Subject: Re: Dothan Rock 'N Roll Legends,David & Doug Morris Are Throwing Down At The River On Saturday!

To: "robert register"

David and Doug Morris' father John Morris and my
father Vic Hodges were practically raised together in
Hodgesville in the 20's & 30's by my grandfather
Arthur Lee (Dee) Hodges. They were like brothers and
best of friends all their lives. My dad died in 2001,
but John Morris is still kicking! He was a great
influence on David and Doug, and supported them and
their music. When we were little kids, both families
(Doug, David, their younger sister Joy Lynn, their
mother Lena Morris, and John and my Mother, father, my
sisters Vicki and Joy) would all go to places together
- the beach, Blue Springs in Marianna, Chattahoochee
River, anywhere my Dad and John could fish, and the
rest of us could play in the water. Doug was a year
older than me and David was a year younger. Doug was
always big! David was tall and skinny - taller than
me. We would wrestle as kids, but David would let me
win, even though he could kick my ass. I was a
teenager before I found out that Doug and David were
not my cousins.

David could play piano, guitar, drums, and sing. Doug
was a great bass player. I especially enjoyed hearing
him with Norm Andrews. Doug and David also had a band
with George Cheshire and Lamar Alley. They used to
play in Troy around 72-73 during my last college
hangout at Troy State. I caught then again in Panama
City when they played some club at the Fountainebleu
.... maybe in '75-76.

I'm sorry to hear about Lamar's fight with cancer. I
never saw Lamar without a smile, a joke, a laugh. He
is one of the more upbeat people I ever knew. He knew
how to have fun, and positively influenced the people
around him.

Lamar and Jay Scott (saxophone) traveled with Sonny
Turner and the Platters (late 70's ???) - they played
mostly Vegas I believe. Lamar had some funny stories
about those times.

All for now ..... just awakening a few memory cells.



In August of 1972, I dropped out of College, got married and eventually started playing piano with "Strawdawg", Lamar Alley (guitar), George Cheshire (guitar), Kenneth Griffith (bass), Little Larry Holmes (drums), and me on keys. We were the house band at the Flamingo Club for about a year, and had quite a following.

At some point in 1973, I found myself totally burned out, and sick of the local scene.
In a moment of insanity, I joined the US Navy, did some traveling, and played with some really hot musicians from all around the country.

After six years in the Navy, I moved back to Dothan and started all over again, but that’s another story for another time…
Frank Tanton

To : Roberto

CC :
Subject :
Dothan bands part 2

I don't want to bother you too much but I thought I'd try to clear up a couple of things. David Tedder was the one who died in a traffic accident. He was the drummer with The Offbeats and also Norman Andrews and the Concrete Bubble.
In 1972, Billy Gant, George Cheshire, Roan Campbell and I released a record on the Shelby Singleton label called "Hard Times".
It actually made it into the top 100 for a very short period of time. We played a few shows (state fairs etc.) before we all went our separate ways.
Bill Hanke

The following game summary comes courtesy of

Game Summary
Sidney Lanier
0 0 14 7 -- 20
0 0 0 0 -- 0

Scoring Summaries:
Sidney Lanier: Scott Gilderstedt 52 yard pass from Buddy Megaris (Randy Moore PAT)
Sidney Lanier: Sonny Cone 5 yard pass from Buddy Megaris (Randy Moore PAT)
Sidney Lanier: Rusty Chumley 8 yard run (Randy Moore PAT no good)

Sidney Lanier Butler
First Downs 10 10
Rush/Yards 115 95
Pass/Yards 107 41
Pass att/com/int 11-5-0 8-4-0
Total Yards 222 136
Fumbles/Lost 0 3
Punt/Avg. 5-34.0 5-24.8
Penalties 62 0
Time of Poss.

Game MVP:
Records: Sidney Lanier (11-0); Butler (11-1)
Coaches: Bobby Wilson, Sidney Lanier and John Meadows, Butler
Game: Played Friday November 24, 1967 at Cramton Bowl, Montgomery

Summary: Sidney Lanier won the Class 4A state title for the second consecutive season by beating Butler 20-0 in Montgomery. Before a crowd estimated to be 9,000 the Poets would dominate on defense. Butler's only scoring threat would come in the second quarter when they moved the ball to the Poet's two yard line but could not score in four plays. Lanier quarterback, Buddy Megaris threw a 52 yard touchdown pass to Scott Gilderstedt for Lanier's first score early in the third period. Megaris would also connect with Sonny Cone for a 5 yard touchdown pass later in the same quarter. Rusty Chumley scored the final points on a 8 yard run in the final stanza to close out the scoring. Randy Moore, who had made 46 extra points in a row missed the final one.

Hey y'all~
Just got reservations @ Sugar Sands on Front Beach Rd. for Sept. 17,18 & 19. We'll be right next to the undisturbed, pristine sand dunes of the beach across 98 from Santa Monica. Looking forward to seeing the Bay/South Walton County gang as we close out the summer of '09.


Chips Moman, Ed Kollis, Jim "Chief Bigwater" Lancaster, Wilbur Walton,Jr.
@ the dedication of Downtown Dothan's Wiregrass Musicians Mural in June
image courtesy of
Check out the Wilbur Walton Jr. collage at the bottom of this page on the PRS website

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

I have uploaded four more segments of the video of the extraordinary artwork of Michael McCarty, Beaches of South Walton's Artist of the Year 2009. They are labeled Art4YouTube02, Art4YouTube03, Art4YouTube04 and Art4YouTube05.

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. – (Oct. 21, 2008) – The Walton County Tourist Development Council (TDC) proudly announces Michael McCarty as the "2009 Artist of the Year." Now in its sixth year, the Artist of the Year program allows the TDC to showcase one of the area’s many talented local artists, while promoting the destination’s rich cultural offerings and thriving arts community.

"With nearly twenty entries from gifted local artists, it’s always a challenge to select just one," said Mary Brown, member of the TDC Council and chair of the New Product Development Committee. "Michael’s contemporary style and representation of the destination’s focus on arts and culture and high quality of life just stood out among the rest and the committee found him to be a perfect addition to the program."

McCarty produces contemporary, modern art work and traditionally works with acrylic on canvas, but has been known to experiment with mixed media. His canvases are filled with an abundance of color, sometimes brilliant and sometimes muted, but always interwoven with subtle visual suggestions. His styles range from abstract to figurative to botanical and everything in between.

Michael McCarty began his career shortly after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Fine Arts in Visual Design. His "one man show" of abstracts and graphic pieces held at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts was his first forum to share his work with the public. Shortly after the show, he accepted a position as "designer-illustrator" with the internationally acclaimed Graphics group Studio in Atlanta. About five years later, he started working with songwriter and music producer Buddy Buie of the Atlanta Rhythm Section and created the album cover art for all the major Atlanta Rhythm Section albums. He went on to design the artwork for dozens of albums working directly with recording artists and their managers including such well-known musicians as Little Richard, James Brown, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Lynyrd Skynyrd among many others. McCarty has served as the Album Packaging Chairman for the Grammy Award’s as well as written a quarterly newsletter column for the Recording Academy. He later began painting abstracts for Richard Tubb and Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham, which brought him back into the world of fine art and his work has been on display in the Page O’Connor Fine Art gallery since 1998.

Since moving to Beaches of South Walton a couple of years ago, McCarty has quickly become an integral part of the local community. He is a member of Friends of Eden, the Cultural Arts Association, P.O.E.T.S of Grayton Beach and the Seaside Chapel. He is also a board member and artist for the Emerald Grand "Art on the Harbor."

The TDC’s New Product Development Committee created the Artist of the Year program as a way to showcase a local artist and bring awareness to the thriving arts community in Beaches of South Walton. Each year, the committee selects an artist that exemplifies the Beaches of South Walton brand and whose artwork represents one or more of the destination’s attributes including nature and heritage, high quality of life, arts and culture and quality dining and shopping. Through marketing, public relations and community relations activities by the TDC, the artist receives exposure throughout the year. In addition, the artist creates a commissioned piece to be placed in a public venue as part of the TDC’s Art in Public Places program.

Here's an excellent collection of 30 examples of Mike's cover art:

Here's a list of SOME of the cover art he's done:,,591595,00.html

McCarty says that his favorite ARS cover is RED TAPE

image courtesy of

Nix said his favorite McCarty cover is THIRD ANNUAL PIPE DREAM.

Nix said, "Oh, ask him about the time ARS opened for the Stones in Buffalo!"

I wonder whether that story is better than the one McCarty told me about how Joe South
pulled Johnny Nash

nudder thang...
McCarty told me that Jack Hodges of Johnson City, Tennessee sez
that Paul Cochran
jumped off of a three story building just to show folks he could do it.

here's some more of Mike's canvases courtesy of

I love McCarty's album art: