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Great pics and history of the Hangout…


The gal who taught me how to spell "y'all" sent us a video today of the Hangout.

Lajuana, we can't tell you how much we appreciate this.
(blogger loaded the video but it will not transport via email. It's the black hole below in this email.
You'll have to go to
in order to see it.
As soon as you can find out how to steal it from me, let me know so I can get everybody else in on the deal.)

Lajuana, this is an appropriate milestone in the history of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA.


When you look at the top of history of the posts on this page you'll see a date "2-23-2003".
That's when all this began & I'm so proud to be able to put this out on the fifth anniversary of our blog.

The video is only one minute long.

About Long Beach Resort.

I'm almost certain the guy at the end of the video is Guy Churchwell. He was the last owner.

I remember the little sheds on the beach you could sit under but I didn't remember the big light poles out in the water(Please turn your waterfront light off because it disorients the sea turtles-Hell, LONG BEACH RESORT had light poles out in the Gulf!!!!)

Boy, that was my Daddy's thing!
In August, he loved to go down during the day at low tide and set a big light pole in the surf & then sit out there in lawn chairs in the berm at night watching the critters all night.

The Hangout got pulled down the beach to Long Beach by a team of mules from around Land's End before the cut went through in the mid 30's.

When it was at Land's End, it had been a resort assessable by ferry from Panama City during the summer and then during the winter it was a gambling & smuggler's den.

When Dr. Mazyck delivered me in Moody Hospital at about 5 P. M. on Saturday, April 29, 1950,
we were living on Dusy Street in Mrs. Page's apartments. She also owned Page's Apartments on the beach right next to the Hang Out and that's where we had all our vacations up until I was 6.

After that, we'd rent cottages out by the Y & I'd still walk all the way down the beach just to hang out in the Hang Out.

I knew a lot about Bop. I had two girl second cousins from Columbus, Georgia who were around ten
or eleven when I was born. They stayed at my Grandma Register's house on Jeff Street as much as they could each summer. They had a brother who could play Jerry Lee Lewis Boogie-Woogie on the piano so I got to see a lot of bopping in the living room and front porch of Grandma's house growing up. I saw a lot more than that when the guys came around but Grandma always completely ignored that stuff and if Grandma didn't care, neither did I. (It was fun being a preschool "peeping tom" though)


The old blog is gonna be 5 this week so shoot me your reminiscences so we can prove to the world that they need to keep their trap shut about the Wiregrass.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Hangout in P.C. courtesy of Wicksburg's LaJuana


I was in Essie Mae Smitherman's advanced biology class
during the 11th or 12th grade. She loved to fill up
all her blackboards (were they green?) with meticulous
notes and drawings (she had beautiful handwriting).

One day we were trying to comprehend what she was
writing, and Sam Jones said, "Miss Smitherman, that's

Well everybody in the class looked at Sam
and simultaneously said "Huh????"

Miss Smitherman just
smiled and said "So are you."

There were some really good teachers at Dothan High.

especially liked Carl Leverette who taught history. He
gave up teaching a few years after we graduated and
went into photography. He was as good as any college
history professor I had (I was a history and
journalism major, which by the way was a great
prerequisite for my construction career).

He was the
first person in the South that I ever heard say

"We do
not belong in Vietnam. It's a civil war, and we have
no business there. It will cost us many young men's
lives and in the end we will gain nothing from it."

And he actually had the balls to say that in his
current affairs class.

Almost blasphemy in an
Alabama high school in 1967.

Take care, Jim

RR......I want you to know that even though I don't always comment on your work, I always enjoy it. You keep the past
alive and viable. DHS,Young Junior,Nip and Ernie's,the Hangout etc. have reentered my life through you.
Keep Rockin'........BB



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey y'all:

Mary Willie Jones had it down!
It was either Harper Shannon or Wilbur Walton Jr. !!!!

Bubba Lathem, Fred Guarino, Jimmy Dean, Wilbur Walton Jr., Johnny Mulkey
image courtesy of Jimmy Dean

Wilbur Faces Temptation!
image courtesy of Jimmy Dean


But in Bat John's class there
limit to the shades of gray!

Bat John would go back into his
like Dr. Frankenstein
& then we'd start cheating on formulas & molecular structures.


I swear one time I stood up in class during a test & sed,
"We're all on the wrong formula. Jones got it!"

What we didn't know was that when we went to the university,
there wouldn't be any cheating on chemistry tests.

Oh, how many a Dothan Sigma Nu who'd never smoked a cigarette in his life,
brought a pack of Winstons & twelve match books to that second Organic Chemistry test.

I'm not trying to foster any ill feeling with these statements.




I believe this might be a GO...especially with you, Bob, at the helm as Social Chairman! If skimpy clothes are part of the program, it's a good thing it won't be held until 2010 so we can all get back to our high school weights! Why don't we just plan a big "house party" for 2010 in PCB in October at the resort where The Hangout used to be. Relive AEA! We have enough lawyers and judges to keep us out of jail!

Jo Ellen

Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. EDT on Oldies 93.3 The Blizzard in Flagler Beach

Listen via Live365 at

Encore Performance Sunday February 24th from Noon to 2 p.m.
The "I" Decade
SAM & DAVE - I Thank You
TASMANIANS - I Can't Explain This Feeling
BIRDWATCHERS - I Have No Worried Mind
I Don't Need No Doctor/What'd I Say/I Got a Woman
TROPICS - I Want More
PIGEONS - I Who Have Nothing
RARE BREED - I Talk to the Sun
LEAVES OF GRASS - Tell Me, I Know Different
I Need to Know/I'm Cryin'/I Don't Wanna Fight/I Won't Back Down
FRED NEIL - That's The Bag I'm In
CANDYMEN - I'll Never Forget
MEMBERS - Wish I'd Never Met You
HOUR GLASS - I Still Want Your Love
BETTY WRIGHT - I'm Gonna Hate Myself in the Morning
BLACKFOOT - I Got a Line on You
GRAM PARSONS - How Much I've Lied
LYNYRD SKYNYRD: I Need You/I Know a Little
TIN HOUSE - I Want Your Body
BASH - I'll Do My Bit and Fade Away
Series Hosted by MAL THURSDAY
Written and Produced by JM DOBIES
Co-Produced by JEFF LEMLICH

J.M. Dobies
Industrious Communications Inc.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mr. Kennedy:

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I have enjoyed reading excerpts of
Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause on googlebooks.
I have some blogs. I call the largest one ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA.
I post whatever interests me on my blogs & if you look over my work that's on the Internet, you'll see that I have studied many of the same subjects that you explore in your book.

Here's an example. My Internet name is robertoreg
If you google robertoreg,
you'll get 417 hits before you click on more results from...

In preparing this message I tested some subjects on google by pairing my internet name with some subjects.
Here are the interesting results from the following searches on google:

"Forbes Purchase" robertoreg 37 hits
"James Innerarity" robertoreg 26 hits
"John Innerarity" robertoreg 17 hits
"William Augustus Bowles" robertoreg 22 hits
"John McKee" robertoreg 9 hits
"Andrew Ellicott" robertoreg 9 hits

These results include clicking on more results from...

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work and that I have also studied the same material.

If you ever get down South, give me a holler.
I live on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.

Robert Register

I found this photo of my Mother, Lucy Kate Belcher, in the Georgia Archives on the Web

image courtesy of

Cover sidebar #3

SEC Exhibits

A timeline of documents the SEC showed Langford

By: Kyle Whitmire

A timeline of documents the SEC showed Langford

May 9, 2003: Email from investment banker Bill Blount to then-Commission President Larry Langford says in part, “Need to know loan request from Colonial.”

May 28, 2003: An entry from Langford’s calendar records a meeting with Blount.

May 28, 2003: Blount writes a check for $50,000 to lobbyist Al LaPierre.

May 30, 2003: LaPierre writes a check to Colonial Bank for $20,000.

June 4, 2003: Blount writes an email to the Colonial Bank manager over Langford’s loan. The email reads in part, “Langford note will be paid by LaPierre today and then Milton will call REL to report that it has been paid. I think we will be okay by then.”

June 4, 2003: Blount writes a check to LaPierre for $30,000.

June 5, 2003: Al LaPierre writes a check to Colonial Bank for $31,644.18.

June 27, 2003: Blount writes the same Colonial Bank manager. The email says, in part: “I’m taking commissioners Langford and White to Atlanta tomorrow (flying) to get them out of town (their request as of yesterday afternoon). When you have your third billion-dollar deal in the span of three months, bankers absolutely drive them crazy.”

July 21, 2003: LaPierre’s firm faxes a $100,000 invoice to Blount Parrish Holdings “for services rendered regarding Jefferson County.”

July 2003: Blount writes an email to bond swap advisor Charles LeCroy. The email reads in part, “Langford sent LaPierre home. Said he wanted to meet with White by himself.”

Aug. 6, 2003: Blount writes an email to LeCroy. It reads in part, “I hope you will have some info to give them an idea of what it is we’re doing today. Larry called and wanted LaPierre there at 3:15 to discuss some political stuff. Also, he is hitting us up for something for his ministry. LaP says it isn’t much. I will be headed in that direction about noon. Call me on cell if you can.”

Aug. 28, 2003: Blount writes in an email to LeCroy, “Visited with LL yesterday, and he told me that he was setting up committee to effect the swaps without Commission approval.” The email continues: “He also said he instructed Norm [Davis] to move forward with the swap and for me to call him.”

Sept. 4, 2003: Blount writes in an email to LeCroy, “LaP. met with LL yesterday and put the whip to him. He said that what Compass and UBS are doing will not affect out moving forward with entire swap. They were unable to complete entire conversation, because LL had to leave. LaP felt he was flopping. Anything else from your end, call me on cell today.”

image courtesy of


Please click on the link underneath the above images & check this thang out.
Take time to read the sidebars too.
It is absolutely superb reporting.
Here's a sample from the article:

So how did the county get swindled?

Throughout the last third of his interview, Langford puts the onus of responsibility on two men in particular — financial advisor Norm Davis and then-Jefferson County Finance Director Steve Sayler.

“When people would come in and make proposals, I’d look at them then turn it over to the financial advisors, Steve Sayler and Norm Davis, whoever made up that group, and let them do the actual evaluations of it,” Langford said.

In fact, for the last 30 pages of the transcript, Langford attributes decisions to Davis and Sayler on most pages.

“I had to sign every contract. It’s just a law that comes with that,” he said. “They actually did the physical meeting with the people, evaluated who should be part of the deal, et cetera.”

(Since becoming mayor of Birmingham, Langford has hired Sayler to be the city’s finance director.)

However, Langford is not as clear about Blount’s role. Langford said he had known Blount for 20 years. Blount had been a chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, and from 1998 through 1999, Blount put together $90 million worth of bond deals for Langford to finance the construction and early operation of VisionLand.

In 2001, the park defaulted on its bond debt, and the bondholders put VisionLand into receivership, a high-finance term for “repossessed.” Ultimately the park was sold for $5 million, and despite Langford’s promises that the park would one day make money directly for the participating cities, those municipalities and bondholders got stuck with a major loss.

At the county, Langford sought Blount’s advice again.

“I didn’t know any of these people,” Langford said. “Bill had worked with me on the bond issue that we did out at VisionLand. I needed somebody in these deals, looking at any two, that I trusted to say it’s a good deal.”

Later, however, Langford contradicts himself, saying that Blount never told him which banks should participate.

The SEC then asked Langford to review an email Blount sent Langford in April 2003 waving him away from Goldman Sachs. According to Langford, Blount was reminding him that Goldman Sachs would not stand up for their bond swaps publicly after those deals began to draw heat. However, the email was from 2003. The bond swaps did not draw significant public scrutiny until two years later.

And it is here where Langford’s personal financial issues and his handling of public funds begin to converge.

Langford’s loan from Colonial Bank should have come due in January 2003, but from SEC documents it appears that his friend LaPierre did not pay on it until May of that year, and then it appears he had help from Blount.

Constantly through the interview, the SEC investigators asked Langford whether Blount had lent him money, helped him with his debt or even discussed the issue. Again and again, Langford denied dealing with Blount at all.

However, a May 9, 2003, email from Blount to Langford indicates that the investment banker knew something.

“Need to know loan request from Colonial,” the email said.

An entry from Langford’s calendar indicates that Langford had a meeting with Blount on May 28, 2003. That same day, Blount wrote a $50,000 check to LaPierre’s lobbying firm. Two days later, LaPierre wrote a check to Colonial Bank for $20,000 according to documents the SEC showed to Langford.

About a week later, Blount wrote an email to Langford’s loan officer. During the interview, Langford said he didn’t know this person, but Blount seems to. He exchanges several emails with her.

On June 4, 2003, Blount wrote to her: “Langford note will be paid by LaPierre today and then Milton will call REL to report that it has been paid. I think we will be okay by then.”
It was established in the interview that “REL” referred to Bobby Lowder, president of Colonial Bank.

The SEC investigators asked Langford if he knew who the "Milton" referred to in the email was. Langford said the only Milton he knew was Milton McGregor, the owner of the Birmingham Race Course. The SEC asked Langford if he had received any money from McGregor or ever been in debt to him. Langford said he had not.

Since that interview, McGregor was the single largest contributor to Langford’s mayoral campaign and Langford has advocated building a domed stadium on property adjacent to McGregor’s greyhound racecourse.

McGregor also is a board member at Colonial Bank.

The same day Blount sent the email, he wrote a check to LaPierre for $30,000. The day after that, June 5, 2003, LaPierre wrote a check to Colonial Bank for $31,644.18.

In June 2003, Langford’s financial difficulties seemed to be receding. The money from LaPierre was a loan between friends to be repaid, but the major financial pressures had been momentarily abated. However, it is then that something strange happened.

Langford approached Colonial Bank for another loan.

In another email exchange between Langford’s loan officer and Blount, she wrote that Langford had asked for another $75,000.

Langford told the SEC that he had accumulated more debts during this period because of dental problems.

“I broke some stuff in my face,” he said.

According to Langford’s testimony, he had maxed out his credit cards paying about $52,000 in dental bills.

This time, though, LaPierre gave him the money directly rather than Langford taking another bank loan. Langford said that LaPierre wrote him a check for between $60,000 and $66,000.

Until last year, neither Langford nor LaPierre reported these loans on their financial disclosures to the Alabama Ethics Commission, as required by law. After the hearing, though, both men amended their financial disclosures to include the loans. However, those disclosures showed the second loan to be $75,000, not the $66,000 Langford initially told the SEC.

While LaPierre was helping Langford, Blount wrote an email back to Langford’s loan officer: “I’m taking commissioners Langford and White to Atlanta tomorrow (flying) to get them out of town (their request as of yesterday afternoon). When you have your third billion-dollar deal in the span of three months, bankers absolutely drive them crazy.”

Langford told the SEC that he never went on a trip to Atlanta with White and Blount, and he also said he is very afraid of flying.

Langford denied that LaPierre ever lobbied him on Blount’s behalf during this time. However, emails and faxes that the SEC showed to Langford indicated that LaPierre was doing lobbying work for Blount and that the three men were discussing bond business among each other. On July 21, 2003, LaPierre’s firm faxed an invoice to Blount Parish Holdings “for services rendered regarding Jefferson County.” LaPierre’s bill to Blount was $100,000.

But the correspondence that the SEC has collected indicates that another person was involved during this time — Charles LeCroy.

In 2005, LeCroy pleaded guilty to public corruption charges in an unrelated federal bribery case in Philadelphia. Before that, though, LeCroy served as Jefferson County’s swap advisor, first as an investment banker at Raymond James and later at JPMorgan Chase.

The SEC has obtained several emails sent from Blount to LeCroy during the late summer 2003. The first one shown to Langford read in part: “Langford sent LaPierre home. Said he wanted to meet with White by himself.”

In early August, Blount wrote LeCroy another email. Again, this one indicated LaPierre and Blount working together on county business.

“Larry called and wanted LaPierre there at 3:15 to discuss some political stuff,” it says. “Also, he is hitting us up for something for his ministry. LaP says it isn’t much. I will be headed in that direction about noon. Call me on cell if you can.”

The investigators asked Langford what that meant. Langford told them that each year he sponsors a youth Bible camp and he asks people he knows to contribute money for Bibles. This is in addition to Langford’s other two charities — a skeet shoot for United Cerebral Palsy and a scholarship fund for high school seniors. According to Langford, Blount had taken part in the skeet competition, but not LaPierre.

An email from August 2003, again from Blount to LeCroy, might be the most damning and the most interesting. The portion read into the record said, “Visited with LL yesterday, and he told me that he was setting up committee to effect the swaps without Commission approval.”

Langford denied that he attempted any such thing and he insisted that only the full commission could approve bond swaps.

However, Langford has a consistent pattern of creating autonomous boards, agencies and authorities to conduct business away from public attention. To run VisionLand he created the West Jefferson Public Park Authority — a board that did not meet for more than two years during the park’s most turbulent times.

At Jefferson County, he created the Jefferson County Healthcare Authority to oversee Cooper Green Mercy Hospital. After two financial analyses turned up budgetary irregularities there, the county has hired a law firm to investigate the JCHA’s activities.

And just this week, Langford created the Birmingham Education Initiative Inc. to administer $3.5 million of city money. The funds are supposed to pay for laptops for Birmingham students, but it is unclear whether the new non-profit is bound by the Alabama bid law. The Birmingham City Council tabled the issue until the new entity has 501c3 status.

An email from September 2003, indicates further that LaPierre lobbied Langford on bond business for Blount. In another email to LeCroy, Blount wrote, “LaP. met with LL yesterday and put the whip to him. He said that what Compass and UBS are doing will not affect our moving forward with entire swap. They were unable to complete entire conversation, because LL had to leave. LaP felt he was flopping. Anything else from your end, call me on cell today.”

During the interviews, the SEC never produced or read into the record any responses from LeCroy to these emails. However, in 2004, Blount’s firm received $1.1 million in consulting fees from LeCroy. According to an investigation by Bloomberg Markets, Blount received about $6 million in fees for his work with the county.

Larry's "foundation" expense accounts include a $30,000 payout to a male prostitute and gay porn star.

This is rich.
Now when you google "larry langford" "bill blount"
you get almost 900 hits!

I hope they keep a lid on this...tee hee!


David Daughtry passed away today, February 19th at 12:50AM. He died peacefully, off the ventilator, with his loving family at his side. His sister, Teresa was standing watch over him as the other family members slept in the room. She noticed his breathing and pulse was slowing, alerted the charge nurse and awoke the family. His passing was very peaceful and we Praise God for that. Teresa and David's wife, Terri had been concerned that his passing would be difficult for him. But Our Lord's infinite love for David and this family did not allow that to occur. He did allow them time to be by David's side, breathing on his own, not struggling or suffering, for many hours before he called David home. They are thankful for God's wisdom, strength and comfort during this most difficult time. Although we had been praying for a miracle healing of David here on earth, that was not God's plan. We realize that David HAS indeed been healed and made whole again in the presence of Our Lord and is now wrapped in His loving arms.
Teresa wanted me to post her address for those of you who may want to send a card:

Teresa Crawford/ Terri Gibbs/ Dean Daughtry
113 Magnolia Drive
Grovetown Georgia 30813

They are also asking that any donations be made in David's name to the American Diabetes Association.
THANK YOU ALL for your prayers, comments and messages. They have been a great source of comfort to the Daughtry family and we ask that you continue to pray for them.


Monday, February 18, 2008


Some of us are having so much fun with this DHS Reunion bidniss that it don't matter
if we have a damn reunion or not!!!!

We just loving gettin' reacquainted WID EACH UDDER

These are some rilly Kool images from the DHS Class of '63


I showl hope none of you Dothan Tigers made yo' millions off uv B'ham Mayor Larry Langford 'cause dat boy be going down along with the rest of the roaches!
The Fed 'bout to git the PEST-X
out on these mo' fo'zzzzzzzzz!
Click here

Hey y'all, I wanna thank Sonny Edwards for pushing our THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED song.
Check Sonny out at
and also at

Sonny & I may have known each other in another life:


Never laid eyes on you that I know of but we know all the same cats but not only that-

We're living in a new world. No record companies. No albums.

It's all about hits now.

Probably always has been.


Well Robert,

There is some question in my mind as to the validity of the first portion of that statement, and I have been bumpin my head on that question. I can't be sure, but i know I remeber you from tuscaloosa either around 69 or 70, coulda been 71 or 72, can't swear it wasn't 73 or 74. I was at the Chukker a lot, I managed Zorbas for a while, I was in and out of Irelands a lot and worked there for a brief bit and then up in B'ham at the Brookwood store. I was fairly frequent around Dogwood Lodge, back when Lynn was working at Ireland's, and made the pig pickens a "MUST DO" on my social calender. If we ever have the time to sit down and romance a twelve pack of longnecks I bet it will come out in the wash. Do names like Ronny Meyers, Sydonna Dyer, Billy Humphries, Glenn Butts, Court Pickett, Brian Wheeler, Lou Mulinax, Don or Roxy Baucum, harold or Hogdo Ledbetter, Joe Rudd, Frank Friedman, Carolyn Slaughter, Tracy Priest, Cretia Waddell, etc etc etc mean anything to you? One thing I can tell you for sure, when I look at that picture of you from 74, my mind says "I know that freak". I suspect we were around a lot of the same places and knew a lot of the same people without ever really hanging out a great deal....and instead of being big and fat and ugly like I am now. I was tall and skinny and ugly with pretty long hair for the time. About the only people I knew with more hair than me were marshall Haglar and Larry Taylor, and I caught up with and passed marshall God rest his soul. anyway... regardless I think the 12 pack research project is a good idea.


One year ago some of y'all read in this blog that I was admiring all the robins being grounded by the rain as I rode down the road to Dothan to watch Percy, The Tams and The Medallions rock the house. Well, right on time, they showed back up this weekend.
Every vehicle on the west end of University Boulevard was covered by Hackberry poop today courtesy of our lovely migratory robins. We got the biggest group ever,
so global warming must be helping they red-breasted asses cause I been watching this stuff since the beginning of MY time & this is the greatest migration of robins ever!
& as anybody who was involved with The Cloverdale Audubon Society (slogan: If it flies, it dies) knows, they good eatin'!

Frist sign of spring:
Reverend Sid from the Beacon Light Church
came by wid one of his parishioners today to pay March & April's rent early!
Reverend Sid told me, "I convinced him he could take that tax refund & annihilate those LATE CHARGES!"

I kinda a half-assed member of the Beacon Light Church because it's located right neck to our warehouse in the railyard so I go over there & hang out in the yard on Sunday & listen to the music because they got TWO DRUMMERS IN THEY CHURCH CHOIR!

I axed Reverend Sid about when he was gonna start selling watermelons in front of the church again & he said, " Well, they put the watermelon seeds in the ground on February 1st & it takes 90 days to produce a melon so I calculate that if the world don't end and we're still here, we'll have watermelons at the end of April."

"Great! Just in time for my 58th birfday. I'll buy some from you fo' my party!"

Then I had to deal with Reverend Sid wanting me to come inside the Beacon Light Church on Sunday morning but it beeze dat way sometime.
Reverend Sid Kool.
'Nair nuttin but a thang,
Nuttin' but a chicken wang hangin' by a strang...

This interest in the DHS Class of '68 Reunion kinda hit my sub/unconscious today while I was cruising down Hargrove Road

(hey, Simon & Laurie, y'all way away but you 'member 'Hargrove Road')
listening to the TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL.
& I hear one of my most favorite tunes ever...


Beach Boys - Do It Again

It's automatic when I talk with old friends
Conversations turn to girls we knew
When their hair was soft and long
And the beach was the place to go.

Suntanned bodies and waves of sunshine
girls and a beautiful coastline
With warmed up weather let's get together
And do it again.

With a girl the lonely sea looks good in moonlight
Makes your night times warm and out of sight...
It's all right...

Well I've been thinking 'bout all the places
We've surfed and danced and
All the places we've missed, so let's get
Back together and do it again.

Unfortunately, I haven't pitched my French Southern Rock friend Luc like I know I should but I guess if I've changed it's
'cause I just get this feeling I moved a little closer to Luc's end of the bar.

This song
sez it all
Bonjour, Voici la playlist et le lien pour télécharger le nouvel Dixie Rock :
Here are the playlist et the link to download the new Dixie Rock:

RCF Corrèze : 27 février 2008 - RCF Accords : 26 février 2008 et 2 mars 2008
Artiste - Album - Titre - Label
MISSOURI - Welcome Two - Movin' On - Polydor
FLATMAN - Live At The Apollo Theatre - Ghost Train From Georgia - Livekultur
BROTHERS OF THE SOUTHLAND - Brothers Of The Southland - Brothers Of The Southland - Acklen Entertainment
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION - 3rd Annual Pipe Dream - The War Is Over - Gott Discs/Polydor
SEA LEVEL - Sea Level - Tidal Wave - Capricorn

Si vous êtes intéressés par les sorties blues, le powerblues de février est en ligne (retrouvez chaque mois l'avis des animateurs francophones de radios blues du CRB sur les sorties d'albums.)
If you're intersted by the blues relesases, the February Powerblues is online (find with it the French-speaking Blues Radio Society's opinion regarding the new blues releases.)
Luc Brunot
Radioshows :
« All Blues » & « Dixie Rock » on RCF Corrèze (Ussel 102 / Brive 91.4 / Tulle 106.9 / Argentat 89.3) and RCF Accords (Angoulême 96.8 / Cognac 89.9 / Confolens 95.4 / Charente Limousine 104.1 / Chalais 96.9 / Ruffec 95.4)
« Radio Blues Intense » & « Sweet Home RBA! » on RBA FM Auvergne Limousin (104.4 / 98.2)

Mailing address:
Luc Brunot
15240 Le Monteil

Oh man, Catch 22 was just what I said it was!!!!
No joke that Wayne Knight was so fascinated by my father.
My Daddy, William Earl Register
& a cat from Brooklyn named Joseph Heller were both in the 57th Bomb Wing of the 12th Air Force.
They were in different bomb squads but they were together.

When I first read this thing in Catch 22 where Milo contracts with the Germans to turn on the landing lights and strafe his own unit on Pianosa I knew it was the same incident my Daddy witnessed in Corsica.

Folks, they no doubt about it.
Brooklyn's po' ole broke dick Hebrew
Joseph Heller was down on the coast catching hell from the Germans because of their spies & my Daddy was sitting up on a rock above the Corsican beach drunk watching his entire unit being destroyed but it don't matter to us 'cause Daddy's barefooted rebel son of a bitch ass was up in the mountains sitting on a ledge
watching the Germans destroy everyone because Daddy escaped in his Mercedes Benz deus and a half truck named THE REBEL with the rebel flags painted on both sides because he was gonna defuse the German booby traps in the Nazi hunting camp up the the hills but none of that happened & my Daddy was able to sit up on a hill and watch all his friends get creamed while he sat up high & dry & drunk.

Which reminds me...
I was eating dinner with one of my Yankee girlfriends in Dothan & the subject matter of the conversation turned to WWII & this father of my date told me I didn't know jack shit about what I was talking about...

All I told him wuz, "Buddy, I know what you're problem is. You had so many friends die, you're ashamed to be ALIVE!"

Well he busted out crying. The tears popped out like magic. The Yankee son of a bitch had never cried in front of his family.

I've always known what I was talking about.


Sunday, February 17, 2008


I got this comment at my

YO soy descendiente jose deville degotin bellechasse.
El murio el 9 de octubre de 1838 y fue enterrado en su finca de LA REUNION DESEADA en copropiedad con francisco dalcourt(casado con soFia).

This is a message from a Cuban descendent of the Forbes Purchase.
I still haven't figured out how to contact her off of her comment.
She only joined to make that comment.

It'd that WILD!


differently but also in the same way.

One is a novel and one is a play but both are difficult to write.
Fiction writing comes from the sub/unconscious
& that stuff hurts.
Somebody's gonna have to pay me to write any more of this shit.


Please check out this excellent Malcolm X youTube post:

From a cat named Charles T. Zeigler:

I was in The Geneva City Cemetery at Geneva, Alabama
to day and saw this headstone. It caught my attention because of the
inscription. Perhaps it might just fit into someone's lineage. His wife
is also buried beside him along with some other Registers.

It reads:

Rev. J. Y. Register
born in
Washington Co., Ga.
Dec 3, 1818
Died In
Geneva Co., Al.
Aug 1871


Margaret Campbell
wife of
Rev. John Y. Register
Oct 21, 1821
May 20, 1910

Charles T. Zeigler


(J.R. Cobb / R. Whitely)

Be young, be foolish, but be happy
Be young, be foolish, but be happy

Don't let the rain get you down, it's a waste of time
A waste of time
Have your morn, live every day in the bright sunshine
Bright sunshine

Well, it's the same old story all over the world
Girl meets boy, and boy meets girl

Oh, be young, be foolish, but be happy
Be young, be foolish, but be happy

Life is too short to worry about unimportant things
Important things
Reach for the sky, touch your star, find your dream
Find your dream

'Cause dreamin' alone, it's a shame indeed
but if you've got love that's all you need

So be young, be foolish, but be happy
Be young, be foolish, but be happy

Don't let love slip away, slip away
Live your life for today, for today, oh baby

Well, it's the same old story all over the world
Girl meets boy, and boy meets girl

Oh, be young, be foolish, but be happy
Be young, be foolish, but be happy

Be young, be young, be foolish, be foolish, but be happy
Be young, be young, be foolish, be foolish, but be happy
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah