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Subject :
Sonny Grier's son, Ben

Hey Roberto,

If you haven't already heard, Sonny Grier's 4 yr. old son, Ben,
got a new heart yesterday at UAB!!!!

There's a great front page article in the Montgomery Advertiser

& they have a website

RC [how did that happen?]

Zane Kesey has some kewl stuff going:

Zane Kesey is busy on the internet, doing his online business, plus putting good material out for everyone to read and look out and listen to. Here's a couple places you ought to check out:
Acid test grad video (uploaded on Zane's myspace)

Zane's myspace: (pix vidies stories etc)-- good one in the blurb by Ken Kesey, Zane's dad, about the NCAA basketball tournament.


The latest from El Nixo!

to make real simple, please tell everybody to go to

Alison is listed as the first artist. VOTE for her!!!
you are allowed to VOTE as many times as you want,
So get it on!
Robert Nix................
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listen & enjoy Alison's music
and then vote for Alison Heafner at


Thank you!!!
Can you please mention Alison on the Music Nation site and ask everyone to vote for her!
Robert Nix..............

Friday, March 23, 2007

Man, you gotta call Harry Hammonds 205-349-1527 or at his bar,
Harry's 205-758-9338.
The owner of Harry’s Bar will have at least through mid-April to combat the revocation of his state alcohol sales license.
Harry Hammonds’ attorney, Harry Renfroe Jr. of Huntsville, filed a request with the state Alcoholic Beverage Control board Thursday for a rehearing of the case.The ABC board has 30 days from the date of the request to schedule the rehearing.
“It’s up for the ABC board to decide to affirm the decision, modify it or issue a new one," Renfroe said.
A commission appointed by the board revoked Hammonds’s ABC license in November after finding that the bar at 1330 Hargrove Road sold alcohol to a minor. The board upheld the decision in late February.If the revocation is affirmed in the rehearing, Hammonds would have another 30 days to file an appeal in Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court.Meanwhile, a bureaucratic error has delayed a public hearing on whether to revoke his city-issued business license.
The City Council is considering revoking the license because of the number of alcohol violations at the bar.Harry’s has been cited for alcohol violations 59 times since August 2001, according to the Tuscaloosa Police Department.
The council had tentatively scheduled the hearing for March 27, but postponed it until April 3 because Hammonds had not been given adequate notice.By law the city must give written notice of the hearing 10 days in advance.
Jimbo Woodson, senior assistant city attorney, said Tuesday that only oral notice had been given.
If the council revokes Hammonds’ business license, he would not be able to operate his bar regardless of what the ABC board decides.
Harry’s Bar has been cited for serving alcohol to a minor four times since 1994.The last instance, which occurred on July 22, prompted the revocation of the ABC license.Renfroe said that was too infrequent to justify stripping Hammonds of his license.“Four instances in 12 years is not often in the grand scheme of things," Renfroe said. “If it was four times in two months, that would be different."Hammonds can continue to operate his bar pending a resolution of his case, but whatever the outcome, his involvement with the business may be nearing an end.Renfroe said Hammonds is again trying to sell the bar.“He’s really worn out by the whole process," Renfroe said. “He’s not giving up by any means, [but] what’s the point of going around and around about this all the time if it’s just going to come around again?"Failing health prompted Hammonds to put the bar up for sale once before, in 2004.At the time, Hammonds told The News that he would sell only to someone who would preserve the legacy of Harry’s Bar, which has become an icon in Tuscaloosa since opening in 1972.Woodson said the city would cooperate with efforts to sell the bar.
Hammonds could not be reached for comment.
You also need to talk to Greg Haynes at

because he published the Old Dutch postcard and the picture of everybody bopping at The Hangout in PCB.

I found the Old Dutch archive at the top of this email in the '66 Corolla so you need to talk to Clark Center in Special Collections at BAMA.

Harry Hammonds was physically a lot bigger than Eddie but they still used to play KNIGHTS in the ruins of the old student ghetto houses and old fraternity houses like the SAE house on the corner of University Boulevard & 12th Avenue [present location of Buffalo Phil's]

It is my understanding that the custom in Tuscaloosa was to break off the tops off cast iron pickets on the old fences in the cemeteries & the antebellum houses & stuff
and then drive a steel rod into them or drill out holes so they could
attach a piece of steel to the spear head they captured in Evergreen or Greenwood Cemetery or from some spooky antebellum squalor .

I'm pretty sure that Harry has a scar just below his left armpit where Eddie stabbed him during a sword or spear fight which occurred in the ruins of the SAE house on the corner of University and 12th.

Buena suerte. Vaya con Dios.

Deryle wrote:
Long time, no chat .Hope you be well and enjoying Spring abustin in the Southland.
I'm wondering if you might connect us to Mr John Earl , who provided you with that pic of Eddie Hinton's apartment there in T-Town so we might include it in"Dangerous Highway" .
While I'm at it, could you scan those postcards on your website of the Old Dutch Club and those pix of the Hang-Out in a high res format (RAW would be best) so we could slide them in there as well? We'll give credit where credit is due. Besides, you said you would waaay back when. How's that for a guilt trip?
The film, now at 73 minutes, considerably shorter than the version y'all saw at FAME so long ago, is getting some action. We've screened it in Chicago at the invite of the Chicago Art Institue at the Gene Siskel Film Center, in Santa Fe at the Santa Film Festival and most recently at the Invite of the NOISEPOP Music and FIlm Festival, we got a few fun-filled days in San Francisco.
Haven't made any money yet, but hey, neither has Chrysler.
The folks at NoisePOP threw an Eddie Hinton Tribute party after our screening.
Several bands and some single acts all did at least one Hinton tune.
Hell, it would have brought a tear to your eye to have heard those, mostly , young folk bring his music back.
You and your readers can check it out here. Jason Wilson , a Florence native, living in San Francisco, is a Drive By Truckers fan and now an Eddie Hinton convert, has a nice website .Y'all will dig it -It's called "Alabama Ass Whuppin' '" He's always happy to be a good tour guide for all us Alabamaians visiting his adopted home. Helluva nice guy as well.
Here's his Hinton Weekend link with some nice pix.>>
Liz Chiz called on us this week. For info purposes, any of you who can and are interested, Mr John Curry , right there in your town , is the expert on Larry Chiz, and Eddie Hinton. John told us Larry was nigh on to the greatest guitar player he's heard. He ought to know, as he's heard some of the best through his gig at the CITY FEST.
He's got some really funny stories about Hinton and the Spooks. Get him to tell y'all the one about how Hinton got to play lead in a gig after a football game and was so shy he couldn't even face the audience.
We all ought to buy Jimmy Halls' new album of Hinton tunes. Bring some of that money back to the Southland.
Here's a read on it:ZOHO Music - Jimmy Hall - Jimmy Hall & The Muscle Shoals Rhythm ...
That'll do 'er for now, Gotta get back to plowin. Mule's starting to chew the fence.
All Blessings
Deryle Perryman

UPDATE - MARCH 20, 2007

Many thought I had taken ill. Many thought I was too busy to type out
an update. Here is the God’s-honest truth:
I took ill and had to cancel half my January tour. After my show in San
Diego, I lost my voice and got the flu. It left me marooned in LA for a
few days as I could not fly with the earache I had. Dangerous to the
hearing in case you did not know that.
When I finally got home, I still had a cough that remained until the
end of Febriary. As far as the ill part goes, I played my first full show
in Nashville on March 16th with no problems or consequences.
My long-time assistant Christopher Lewis moved on in his quest for
musical divinity with my blessings. However, that left me without use of my
webstore or website as Chris was the “webman”. I have been
searching for a replacement, and Chris was kind enough to update the LIVE site
when he had time, but the homepage was not in his new timeframe. I
apologize to all you paypal-ers out there who are grumbling or waiting
patiently. As soon as possible your orders will be filled, with hopefully,
a little bonus thrown in.
And now, lets get up-to-date !!!!!
The shows I DID play in January were all sold out and they all went
quite well. I was really feeling on a roll, till my voice flu out the
window. With the exception of Denver, all those dates will ne made up in
May. Click on the LIVE section for details.
As of today, I am in deep rehearsal with The Funky Faculty for my next
album due in 2008. In retrospect, I felt that Black Coffee was the best
album I had ever made and the reviews were certainly the best I had
ever gotten. I never have high expectations because I am a realist - I
have had my day. I cant stop playing and writing music, or performing live
for that matter. I don’t really know how to attain a larger audience
other than my small but mighty cult-following, so I dont really put any
effort in that direction other than constantly trying to improve my
skills and release the best music I can. Attempting to follow BLACK COFFEE
is an intimidating task. I do have a new song I wrote with the
legendary Gerry Goffin, that is quite wonderful and a great start. The cover
versions are some of the best arrangements I’ve written in awhile, so
we’re moving along quite well. Keep your fingers crossed! There is an
offer on the table to re-publish my book, so as the lawyers wrangle out
a deal, I am trying to bring it up to date from 1997-2007. We will
attempt to get THAT out in 2008 as well. There is a documentary in the
works as well.
I am starting to get insanely busy trying to bring all these
projects to fruition in 2008 to celebrate my 50th professional year in
the music biz.
We will attempt to record from mid-April to early May.
It has become increasingly frustrating to peruse and download new
releases from iTunes. There is a page on there that categorically lists the
current new releases along with the last three weeks last releases.
Apple has become extremely lax in getting that page to be current. Now I
have a good excuse for keeping my page current, but Apple ??? It’s the
largest seller of online music - whats the problem ?
The worst thing is that they deny it’s even happening. There really
is no intent on their part to keep the consumer notified of any
If ANYBODY else that sold downloaded music had a new release category
that was as thorough as Apple’s, I’d be long gone. On March 4th,
the listing was dated February 20th. Today, March 19th, it’s dated
March 6th. It seems they just don’t care and there is NEVER an
explanation except for denial when you actually can confront them.
What a shame....
The rockabilly Alvis live show that XM recorded in NY in November will
be broadcast on Channel #50, (The Loft) as follows:
Tues -March 20- 11PM
Wed. -March 21- 3 AM
Sunday March 25th- 6PM
Tues. -March 27th- 11PM
Wed- March 28th-3AM
This is a trio I put together strictly for fun to play the music I grew
up listening to. If you like this genre, you might really like this....
I am sooooo outa here now.
I’m fine.
I’ve missed doing the UPDATES and I hope I can get monthly again
thereby not showing how pregnant I look.
Al Kooper

The Big House On The Right of The Haight Hut [circa: fall '68] Is the Apartment House Where Eddie Hinton Lived With His Mother While He Grew Up In Tuscaloosa In the Early Sixties.[the lot is presently occupied by the offices of Hamner Realty, image courtesy of John Earl]

Subject : The Heartbreak of Allowing Your Alligator Mouth To Write Checks Your Jaybird/Hummingbird Ass Can't KA$H!!!!

Cat Daddy, I promise Sattiddee I'll ship a treasure trove of Alabamaiana to you & Gloria Jane. I promised y'all a package this week but it ain't gonna happen
bbbbbbbbbbbbbut,Scout's Honor,
I'm heading to the Dr. Witt's UPS Store next to the Movie Gallery next to the Sigma Nu house within 48 hours to ship the stuff.

Nix has got something very interesting going on with this radio station contest in Memphis.

I don't fully understand it yet so I haven't given it a full push but it's radio format American Idol rock band type show connected to the Beale Street Music Festival.

Deep South's lead singer Jimmy Hall's got a CD coming out next month

It's my understanding that everything on it was written by Eddie Hinton.

Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery interesting!

The right portion of the image at the top of this message is of Eddie Hinton's mother's apartment building on University Boulevard where Eddie grew up in the early Sixties.

& one mo' thang KAT DADDY, check out the ENTIRE page that's up right now at ZERO, WEST FLORIDA
It's about the best I've done overall on a blog that's been up for over four years.

One of the wildest things on that page is Liz Chiz's email to me about her Daddy. Larry Chiz, a ZBT from Shaw, Mississippi, was the original lead guitarist for Eddie Hinton's first band, The Spooks. Larry could very well have been one of Eddie's mentors.

I hope the last two quotes on the page are yours but who knows cause I gotta post this email and it might send you into the archives but go ahead and check out the archives. Over four years of my miserable po' ass barefooted REBEL Son of A Bitch Ass LIFE
up off out into & amongst CYBERSPACE!!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The latest from El Nixo!

to make real simple, please tell everybody to go to click on the Great Unsigned. Alison is listed as the first artist. VOTE for her!!!
you are allowed to VOTE once everyday!
So get it on!
Robert Nix................
----- Original Message -----

listen & enjoy Alison's music
and then vote for Alison Heafner at


Thank you!!!
Can you please mention Alison on the Music Nation site and ask everyone to vote for her!
Robert Nix..............

Hey Guys and Gals,

We are now ready to get the vote started for our Second Annual Overton Square Crawfish Festival!!! After handing the Great Unsigned band list over to the “committee” we finally have our list of 13 bands who will be competing in this year’s Great Unsigned Battle of the Bands…each band will have a 30 second music clip posted above their name so listeners and voters can get an idea of what their music is like. Here’s the final list of the 13 participating bands and the songs which will represent them:

Alison Heafner – Designated Lover
Arma Secreta – Salon Song
The Clergy – Dime Store Lovin’
Dan Montgomery – Straight
Deep Shag – I’d Rather Make Out
Dova Grove – Who Round Here
Early Maxwell – Protest
Further Down – Get Your Rocks Off
Hey Heidi Rae - Heartbeat
Jeffrey James & the Haul – Say Goodbye
Organ Thief – Teenage Dream
Roxanne Lemon – I’ve Got To
Tucson Simpson – Bottle Of Pain

The second part of the process, the online vote will begin on Wednesday, March 21st at 3p.m. on Enter “Vote” into the keyword search on the top of the page and that’ll take you to the voting. Listeners can vote for one band only…once they place a vote they can check out the results thus far. Voting will go on for 2 weeks, we’ll wrap it up on Wednesday, April 4th @ 3p.m. and announce the line-up of the Crawfish Festival at 5p.m.

Once again…the 3 bands with the highest amount of votes after the online vote will compete in the Great Unsigned Battle of the Bands at the 2007 Overton Square Crawfish Festival, each playing an approximately 30 minute set in front of a big crowd and industry professionals who will pick the WINNER of the competition!

The Winner will play at the 2007 Beale Street Music Festival (more than likely on Sunday night), will receive a professional photo shoot courtesy of Winstead Photography (worth $3,500), will get the cover of the May issue of Around Town Magazine, will get an AMT Tube Magnum guitar pedal AND will appear in AMT’s national ad campaign in Guitar Player Magazine!!! All three qualifying bands will get five 3-day passes to Music Fest.

Start rallying your fans NOW to log on to starting @ 3p.m. on Wednesday, March 21st and VOTE for you!

Let me know if you have any questions, you can reach me through this e-mail or at (901) 259-6430 J. Let the voting begin!!!!

Thanks so much,

Dennis, Ric and Luca
ROCK 103

nothing else!
That will get it!


Old postcard

image courtesy of Michael Palmer of the Tuscaloosa News


Stephanie Taylor of the Tuscaloosa News


Two familiar fixtures of the Tuscaloosa skyline went down in clouds of smoke Monday afternoon as workers imploded a pair of smokestacks that have sat behind Bryce Hospital since the late 1920s.

“That was spectacular," Tuscaloosa resident Robert Register exclaimed after the 200-foot tall stack imploded and fell to the ground, leaving behind an enormous puff of smoke and a massive pile of shattered red bricks.“It was a good show," he said.

Hospital staff took a mid-afternoon break from their offices to watch the show and applauded after the dynamite did its job.The building by the stacks housed the old boiler system that was used to heat the campus, hospital administrator David Bennett said. The building hasn’t been used since last year.Bennett said that the demolition of the smokestacks is part of a larger project to tear down unused buildings on the property.“This is our first major demolition," he said.It cost about $70,000 to knock down and clean up the 160-foot stack and the more prominent and taller red brick one, he said.

Alabama Power Co. crews removed power lines that could have been struck by the falling debris and cut power to the administration building for the afternoon. All patients were on the east side of the campus, and will stay there for the week it will take for workers to haul off the debris, Bennett said.The small building at the base of the smokestacks’ former location will also be torn down. Bennett said that it has been unused for about a year.

Roberto, It's spelled ALISON with one L like ELVIS!!!
, Robert......................
----- Original Message -----
From: robert register
To: Robert Nix
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 2:32 AM
Hey Allison!

When you git ready to ditch Nix,
make me your DESIGNATED LOVER!

gOOD Link! No problem! Spamming out tomorrow night.

Check your myspace site HOME and make me your friend

Gotta tell ya this. I'm quoted on the front page of the paper today. It's probably on the stands by now but I haven't seen it yet. They blew down two smokestacks at THE ALABAMA INSANE HOSPITAL this afternoon & I'm quoted as saying, "SPECTACULAR!"

What they didn't quote me as saying was,"Yeah, a couple of them Arab chemistry professors out to the University set off that bomb!"

& "That's the kind of therapy someone at an insane asylum needs. EXPLOSIVE THERAPY!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hey y'all:

The top priority is to let y'all know that our good friend singer/songwriter Alison Heafner has launched her site so you can hear her music. DESIGNATED LOVER is getting a lot of play in Memphis & New York City so look out for Alison. The gal's got SOUL POWER!!!!

Mississippi's ALISON HEAFNER

I hope all uv y'all have had an enjoyable weekend. Mine's been fine, however, I don't think I'll ever be the same after reading the Associated Press story yesterday about this numskull from Sarasota who hanged a Confederate flag from a 13 foot high gallows and called it "art". The joker also desecrated the flag in a number of other ways which you can see at the Tallahassee Democrat website

I'd like to remind the microceph who perpetrated this crime that what he calls "The Confederate Flag" is really an American Flag. If he's offended at seeing Confederate symbols in Florida, we'll absolutely drive him stark raving mad in Alabama. We still have HEART OF DIXIE on our cartags (inside a small heart now; not 6 bold inches of type at the top of the tag like the old days but COME THE REVOLUTION, WE'LL BRING THAT BACK!) and of the 18 counties created in Alabama since the Civil War, NINE ARE NAMED FOR CONFEDERATE VETERANS! Maybe he can quit his job at the Ringling Brothers Circus College in Sarasota & get a teaching job in Auburn where their #43 cartag stands for General Robert E. Lee!

(image courtesy of the Bama Queen

He and his academic shithead supporters should now understand that they have identified themselves as enemies of our country and it is my hope and prayer that they all suffer penalties for their offenses and indiscretions.

Read how he and his ilk view the South as the evil side of America.

One of the ways I curbed my rage for what passes for art in Yankee dominated Tallahassee was to reread portions of one of my favorite books, SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD, by Michael Andrew Grissom. As I read Grissom's words, I couldn't help but think of Buddy Buie's haunting lyrics for the song GEORGIA PINES.


Country music is full of sentimental allusions to home. Working in this idiom, southern songwriters consistently write about home, often drawing upon personal recollections for their material. Country music is southern in origin and is, consequently, a natural vehicle for expressing our strong home ties.

Last night I went to sleep in Detroit city.I dreamed about those cotton fields back home. I dreamed about my mother, dear old Papa, sister and brother; I dreamed about that girl who's been waiting for so long.

I wanna go home- I wanna go home. Lord, how I wanna go home.

Truly, home is the word that strikes the responsive chord with southerners. Tennessee invited us to HOMECOMING '86, and Mississippi beckoned us to visit there because IT'S LIKE COMING HOME. Perhaps one of the reasons we reverence home so much is the fact that we southerners have had to make our stand in the literal doorways of our homes. We've had our homes violated, and we've watched as family heirlooms went up in the smoke of an invader's fire, and I think it makes a difference. A man fights a desperate battle when he stands upon his own ground. When the guns blazed in the frenzied struggle at Shiloh, General Pat Cleburne [ed. note: namesake for Cleburne County, Alabama] , from neighboring Arkansas, remarked,"The Tennesseans had more to fight for; the fight was for their homes and firesides."

Southerners have a similar attachment to their native states for much the same reason. I used to enjoy seeing the southern states cast their votes at the televised national political conventions. "THE GREAT AND SOVEREIGN state of Alabama, Heart of Dixie, is PROUD to cast its twenty-six votes for...." None of that simple stuff, "Connecticut votes for..." NO, SIR! There's state pride down here in Dixie. Anyone who doubts the fierce state pride in the South has never been here during football season. When Texas and Oklahoma do battle each year in the Cotton Bowl stadium at Dallas, it becomes more than a ball game. Like many classic rivalries across the South, state honor is at stake!

I highly recommend Mr. Grissom's 572 masterpiece devoted to describing SOUTHERN PRIDE!

And speaking of home, the Bama Queen sent a superb historical video done by a Dothan cat & posted on YouTube

Probably the best thing that's happened this weekend is the email I received from the daughter of the late Larry Chiz. Chiz was the original guitarist in Eddie Hinton's first band, The Spooks. Larry's daughter, Liz Chiz, found me while googling her father's name.

Check out her email to me:

Subject :
.....Larry Chiz


I have found your blogs (two of many, I see) and thus your email all because I ordered a “Bandcestors” cd from cdbaby. I got a response from a Fred Styles asking if I was Larry Chiz’s daughter; and that sent me on this mission. I am the 39 year old daughter of Larry Chiz from Shaw, Mississippi. I live in Venice, CA (I noticed from a posting you have another friend here). I simply googled my dad’s name and Eddie Hinton’s name and The Spooks all together and found YOU, and what you wrote about my Dad. I had always heard he was a great player but never heard it put the way you put it, and I certainly never heard him play. I did grow up hearing the name Eddie Hinton………A LOT.


I am in shock and awe and deeply saddened all at once. My Dad passed away in July of 2006, at the age of 62. Lung cancer. He didn’t smoke. He raised me and my brother Scott after he and my mom (Muffin Luks Chiz) divorced in 1976. I, myself, went to, and somehow managed to graduate from, University of Alabama from 1985-1989. I moved here in ’89 to work in film and that is what I do now.
I have also written Fred, so you may be hearing from him, if you are in touch with him. This is all very weird and it’s very late and I must get some sleep, but I hope to hear back from you and from Fred.

Liz Chiz

Venice, CA

Obviously, I would love and appreciate greatly, any pictures or any anything you might have that relates to my Dad. Any recordings???

Muchas go out to Ole Capn Dean for getting us up to speed on Scott Boyer's situation:

For release: Immediately> >> >

FLORENCE, Ala. - Dates have been set in April for two benefit concerts for former Capricorn Records artist Scott Boyer who has had surgery for an arterial disease.

" The first concert will be Wednesday, April 4, 2007, at 7 p.m. at the Shoals Theater in downtown Florence," said concert promoter Dick Cooper.

Former Capricorn artist Bonnie Bramlett, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham, former Kris Kristofferson keyboardist Donnie Fritts, The Capricorn Rhythm Section, The Decoys , Microwave Dave and the Nukes, Nashville Stars winner Angela Hacker, Nashville Stars runner-up Zac Hacker and Topper Price are among the scheduled performers.

The stage band will include former Steppenwolf guitarist Larry Byrom, Charlie Daniels Band bassist Charlie Haywood, former Bama Band member Billy Earhart, Nashville drummer Bryan Owings, original Fame Gang drummer Jerry Carrigan, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section bassist David Hood, guitarist Rick Kurtz, the Bama Brass and others.

"We have a couple surprises in the works for both shows, " Cooper said. The Shoals Theater is on the corner of Seminary and Mobile Streets in Florence.

The second concert will be Wednesday, April 18, 2007, at 7 p.m. at the Alabama Theatre, 1811 Third Avenue North in downtown Birmingham.
Gregg Allman, Bonnie Bramblett, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Donnie Fritts, Paul Thorn, The Capricorn Rhythm Section, The Decoys and Zac Hacker will perform there. The stage band will include Byrom, Owings, Carrigan, former Muscle Shoals guitarist Wayne Perkins, the Bama Brass and others.

Boyer, who has lived in the Shoals Area for several years and formerly in Fairhope, was a member of Cowboy, an act signed with Capricorn Records in Macon, Georgia, in the 1970s. More recently, the former Florida State University student has been the lead guitarist and vocalist for The Decoys and the Capricorn Rhythm Section.

Tickets for the Shoals show will be $25 each. They may be purchased at Pegasus Records in Florence and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia.

Advance tickets for the Birmingham show, price still undetermined,
will be sold only online through Ticketmaster. Details will be announced soon.

Persons wanting to make contributions to Boyer may do so by sending checks payable to the Muscle Shoals Music Association for The Scott Boyer Benefit to

P. O. Box 2383
Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35662.

& last but not least...

Our old DHS Class of '66 pahdnuh Harrison Parrish sent us this terrific Hank Jr. video of 4 yr. old Hunter Hayes playing accordian and singing JAMBALAYA from YouTube

& the Bellamy Brothers lyrics ring right true today and I'd like to pull up to that museum in Tallahassee with a killer box and blast this at 'em

And you ain't just whistling Dixie you ain't just slapping your knee I'm a grandson of the southland and heir to the confederacy You ain't just whistling Dixie cause the cattle calls calling me home So put me down there where I want to be, plant my feet with Robert E. Lee.


RR Hey, check out my over 400 friends at my personal myspace site. I bet over half of 'em are absolutely drop dead gorgeous babes playing the fame game in Nashville. Maybe when they get old & gray, some uv 'em might come down to T-town & have mercy on old Uncle Reg!