Friday, July 16, 2004
straight out of jeff lemlich's limestone lounge.....

Pensacola ' 65:

   "Greg was 17 and Duane was 18," remembers Charlyne [Kilpatrick of "The Sandpipers"] "They had Mike Alexander on bass, and Maynard Portwood on drums. Maynard was the oldest one of the bunch. When they first hit Pensacola, they stayed at a hotel on Mobile Highway, with groupies hanging out the door. Once they started backing us up, our parents invited them to stay at our house. And you know they loved staying at our house. They didn't have groupies hanging out, but they had home cooked meals, and they just loved Dad. When I look back on it, it's amazing to me that they wanted to stay at our house, instead of a hotel where they could have all the girls. But then, they had girls everywhere. In my heart Debbie was Gregg's girlfriend if you can call it that. I mean, she was thirteen years old. And Duane was my boyfriend, though we weren't alone enough to take it any further than kissing."
Click on the URL at the top of this post for the rest of the story by Jeff Lemlich published in the British magazine, Soul Up North.

Hi Robert,
Here's the photo. From March 1966, it's The Sandpipers (Pensacola's answer to the Shangri-Las), backed by the Allman Joys. Full story of the girls (including their memories of the boys) appears in Soul Up North Magazine.

Jeff Lemlich

Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
>Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian faith.

>Baptists do not recognize each other in the liquor store or at Hooters.

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Re: Rockin' Gibraltas, Heart and Bobby Dupree

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"robert register"

Robert,Heart was The Rockin' Gibraltars with me as the lead singer. Me, Bobby Dupree, Ed Sanford, Rusty Crumpton and Keith Brewer were the members of that band. I'll try and put together what I remember from those days and see if Sanford has anything he'd like to share with ya'll as well. I'll be seeing Ed this weekend. We're putting together all the old Sanford/Townsend Band demos and transfering them to digital format. We hope to be releasing some of that stuff over the next year or so.Stay well,
John Townsend

Thursday, July 15, 2004

   I read your story about "Heart" on your website. Was Bobby Dupree a former member of the Rockin' Gibraltas? Do you remember Rusty Crumpton? He told me he was in the motel room the night Duane lost his shit, started tearing up the Hourglass costumes (Prince Valient shirts, medallions, etc, etc.) and left for Muscle Shoals.
   Any details about the Dixie Crew in L.A. back in the day will be appreciated.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

From: Bobby Dupree
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 9:50 AM
Subject: RE: [MFV] Fw: The Magnificent Rubbers Pt. 1


Don’t know if you ever heard this, but Tippy was asked by Janis Joplin to join her band, Full Tilt Boogie Band. This was around the first part of 1969. The band “Heart” had gone through some member changes, and Tippy was playing with us out in LA. We did some gigs at The Whiskey and she saw him there. I believe I have a slightly blurry photo of him on stage………………Bobby

Group Picture from Capn Dean's Wedding:
Tippy is third from left,followed by his wife,Nancy Derrington,Fluker, THE NOTORIOUS Crockett Roberts and Eve Owen
photo courtesy of Dean Smith


Gonna fwd you a strang of Tippy stories that ran on MFV about a yr. ago.

Plus sum extra pitchers.

I miss that guy ever day...


Tuesday, July 13, 2004


The "K-Otics" from the Sixties
L to R: Glen Griffin[A SR. '66 DOTHAN HIGH TIGER!!!!] on his Vox organ, Tommy "Swamp Man" Mann, Kim Venable
Marvin Taylor (seated) and Ray Goss

From Ttownruthie

on Thursday July 17, 2003 at 08:02 PM:hey people this is supposed to be a sight about where to go for a good time not a fuss. Everyone is gone love Tallassee and the street dance sat. night everyone come on out then go see the cooltones. As for fri nights go to the pub in eclectic and see ray goss and danny angel and jimmy earl band they are the best.

Dug up some mo' stuff this evening on the Web.

Gear Fab Records included "I'm Leaving Home" by the K-Otics on their "Psychedelic States: Alabama in the 60s, Vol. I" and "Double Shot" on Vol. 2.;Both songs were released as a BANG 521 45 in ' 66. A buddy of mine who graduated from Wetumpka in ' 66 mentioned Ray Goss as a member of the K-Otics. Any information about the K-Otics from Tallassee would be appreciated. Jeff Lemlich of Limestone Records found where "Double Shot" by the K-Otics reached # 5 on Miami's WFUN chart on 4-22-66 and it reached # 8 on Miami's WQAM on 4-30-66.

I also found that one of the first songs ever learned by The Bambi Molesters of Sisak, Croatia, was "Double Shot."

"Psychedelic States: Alabama in the 60s, Vol. 1" also includes Dothan's K-Pers performing "Red Invasion" from ' 68; Tuscaloosa's The Omen and Their Luv performing "Maybe Later"; and This Side Up playing "Why Can't I Dream"[according to my files, This Side Up included Ronnie Seitel, Frank Friedman and Art Shilling].
The K-Per's "Red Invasion" is also featured on an album entitled "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: 28 MegaMania and Elusive ' 60s Garage Punkers."

Steamhead Records out of Germany is selling an ASCOT 2205 45 of Dothan's James Gang performing "Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo" and "Satin and Lace". Jeff Lemlich discovered that "Wrong Yo-Yo" by The James Gang made it all the way to # 46 on Miami's WFUN the week of March 25, 1966. Any information about Wilbur Walton Jr. and The James Gang will also be appreciated.

If any of this stuff jogs some memories let me know.

(Don Smith / Cyril Vetter)

Dick Holler & The Holidays
The Swingin' Medallions
The K-Otics

Woke up this morning, my head was so bad
The worst hangover that I ever had
What happened to me last night
That girl of mine, she loved me so right (yeah!) (oh, oh)
She loved me so long and she loved me so hard
I finally passed out in her front yard (whoo!)
It wasn't wine that I had too much of
It was a double shot of my baby's love

Double shot of my baby's love, yeah yeah, yeah
Double shot of my baby's love, yeah yeah, yeah
A potion that I had too much of
It was a double shot of my baby's love

It was such a thrill it was hurtin' me (ooh!)
I was sufferin' in ecstasy
She had me turnin' flips and-a shoutin' out loud (yah-hah!)
A sip of her love and I was walkin' on a cloud
One night a week is-a plenty enough
It's a good thing for me they don't bottle that stuff [pop!]
Well, my heart begins to fly like a dove
When I take a double shot of my baby's love

Double shot of my baby's love, yeah yeah, yeah
Double shot of my baby's love, yeah yeah, yeah
A potion that I had too much of
It was a double shot of my baby's love

Double shot of my baby's love, yeah yeah, yeah
(repeat to fade)

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Check out the history of WSGN The Mighty 610

Sunday, July 11, 2004

About Jesse McReynolds: Known for his mandolin wizardry, songwriting, singing and arranging. A member of the award-winning brother duo, Jim & Jesse until Jim’s death in 2002. Grand Ole Opry member for more than 35 years. Has performed throughout Europe and Africa, as well as in the U.S.

Best Known as a mandolin innovator and stylist. Created the intricate and now widely imitated “cross-picking” style.

Played mandolin on the Doors’ The Soft Parade album. Toured and recorded as a member of The Masters, a quartet of “superpickers” that included fiddler Kenny Baker, dobroist Josh Graves and banjoist/guitarist Eddie Adcock. Performed and recorded with the Glenville State College Percussion Ensemble.


Wired and inspired, I decided to [in the words of Dan Ackroyd on the Comcast commercial,to produce " A RIP IN THE VERY FABRIC OF TIME!!!!"

Many of you will have no problem being transported back to '53, however, you should be surprised at the avalanche of images I have collected this morning.

January 4, 1953 ; "Could you give me directions to Hank Williams's grave?" ; "I told you sons-of-bitches I could draw more dead than you could alive!" ; St. Andrews Bay ; Puss 'N Boots ; Had-A-Col ; "Where do baby's come from?" ; Adolph's ; Burma Shave ;
Kraft ; Swans Down ; Baker's Coconut ; Chase & Sandborn ; Angelo Butchikas ; "Lovesick Blues" ; Little Bocephus ; horned cattle ; Panama City Beach postcards ; Andalusia ; Ava Gardner ; The Kinsey Report ; Ipana ; Kotex ; Randall Hank ; M-G-M ; Toni ; Prell ; Vitalis ; "The Hillbilly Shakespeare" ; Arthur Godfrey ; "The WPA Blues" ; Breck ; "The Two Faced Preacher" ; Doris Day ; Sears, Roebuck and Co. ; mustard greens mixed with collards ; old dogs ; The Hosiery Mill ; chinaberry trees ; the milking stool ; J.C. Penney ; books[very rare] ; THE CAINE MUTINY ; outhouses ; privy regulations ; family bible ; Nehi ; corral ; swatting flies ; enclosed dog trots ; E.R. Porter Hardware ; the corn crib ; "HOW DID I GET HERE?" ; Dothan Cigar & Candy Co. ; ceramic chickens and ducks in the yard ; yard birds ; fireworks and burning garbage ; the mule pen ; an International pickup ; Red Fox Guano Co. ; the chicken coup ; weasels ; the flower bed with petunias out by the road ; swept yards ; chicken snakes ; rats ; washtubs ; the smokehouse [whiskey] ; the shed ; coons ; the washstand by the back door ; the slop jar ; Jay Roy Barber Shop ; "You grew in Mother's body." ; Ivory ; "The Drifting Cowboys" ; Prell ; Modess ; Vitalis ; "Luke The Drifter" ; foxes ; possums ; leaks in the wooden ceiling ; old walking canes ; stacked guns ; steamer trunks ; chamber pots ; Supreme Ice Cream ; the slop jar ; Blue Boy ; Madonna & child ; the hog pen ; the Model A ; Dixie Amusement Co. ; "Where was I before I was born? ; ; the Martin Theatre ; standing ash trays ; pickle relish ; fried corn bread ; white porcelain ; a coal bucket full of kindling and stove wood ; mother-in-law tongues planted in green ceramic swans ; tamales ; kerosene lamps wired for electric lights ; the maid ; Model T's ; Malone Motor Co. ; Page Apartments ; Dothan News Stand ; Bubba Buntin ; Sanitary Dairy ; Houston Hotel ; Dothan Oil Mill ; The Coast Line ; Dixie ; Keener Baxley ; Hotel Martin ; cane bottom chairs in the living room- cowhide bottom on the back porch and the kitchen ; picnic table benches for the children at the dinner table ; decorative plates hung on the wall ; extension cords tacked up everywhere ; a crank up record player with 78s ; the radio by the window ; pepper sauce bottle ; the settee ; Young Drug Co. ; paragoric ; The Dixie-Sherman Hotel ; Royal Crown Cola ; Williams and Voris Lumber Co. ; Rainer Studio ; the ACL ; wing back chairs ; rockers ; chiffarobes ; The Eagle ; "How did I get born?" ; snuff ; the jack ass ; the jennie ; the water bucket ; the pump handle ; oil cloth table cloth ; Falstaff ; The Journal ; Lana Turner ; The Advertiser ; Cecil B. Demille ; The Alabama Baptist ; Holiday On Ice ; The News-Herald ; Blumberg & Sons ; J.J. Newberry Co. ; Solomon Motor Co. ; Liz Taylor ; bailing wire ; Miller High Life ; December 31, 1952 ; "What makes the rain rain?" ; Camels ; Burt Lancaster ; Dizzy Dean ; Jackie Gleason ; the first kiss ; linoleum ; Jack Webb ; Schlitz ; "HOWDY! I'M JUST SO PROUD TO BE HERE! ; NBC Radio-9:30 P.M. Saturday night ; The General Merchandise Store ; Red Skelton ; chloral hydrate ; Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ; hooked rugs ; DOWN HOME!!!! ; John Wayne ; The old lady had 16 children- all born in February and March so the old lady would be sure to make the crop ; Gary Cooper ; narcotics ; Martin and Lewis ; Jack Webb ; showing off ; Campho-Phenique ; show business ; the sawmill ; Saturday afternoon matinee ; riding on the tongue of the wagon ; play acting ; "Where did I come from? ; "Take These Chains From My Heart" ; play-acting ; The Emporium ; turpentine cups ; buttermilk bisquits ; "I'M COUNTRY- AND PROUD AS A STAND OF PINE OF IT!" ; The Lone Ranger ; Paul Harvey ; upright pianos ; prom ; paragoric ; sub-debs ; "Jambalaya" ; Neiman-Marcus ; Amos 'N Andy ; Faultless Starch ; empty pocketbooks ; Dinah Shore ; Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir ; Tennessee Ernie and Minnie Pearl ; Edward R. Murrow ; Betty Crocker ; "Your Cheatin' Heart" ; Lum 'N Abner ; "How come the shingles are coming off of Uncle Bob's house?" ; "I guess it's a family tradition." ; Howdy Doody ; Friday Night Fights ; Frank Sinatra ; Prince Albert Tobacco ; Ryman Auditorium ; Dick Tracy ; Midol ; WSB ; Stanley Hostess Parties ; Grinder's Switch ; Betty Grable ; Desilu ; WMC ; Helene Curtis ; Guiding Light ; Perry Mason ; "Move It Over" ; Eddie Fisher ; Hillbilly Music ; Miami Beach ; "Where does the sky end? ; Miami Beach ; Bing Crosby ; Jimmy Stewart ; WJRD ; Bob Hope ; Johnson Outboard Motors ; Lokey Ice Co. ; Red Foley ; WSFA ; Minute Rice ; WSM ; Dave Garroway ; Lucy ; J. Fred Muggs ; WAGF ; Dennis James ; Gillette Blue Blades ; WBRC ; Cheer ; Happy Hal Burns ; Art Linkletter ; Sani-Flush ; stove wood ; The Florida Boys ; Spalding ; Jim & Jessie and the Virginia Boys ; Ingrid Bergman ; Palmolive Lather Shaving Cream ; "Where does light go when the dark begins? ; Eisenhower ; F.W. Woolworth Co. ; Judy Garland ; nigrah quarters ; Fred Astaire ; Cashmere Bouquet ; Debbie Reynolds ; Campbell's Soup ; Rory Calhoun ; "How did I begin?" ; Pond's ; Frog Town ; Mamie ; Marilyn Monroe ; Eisenhower ; Marlena Deitrich ; Rita Hayworth ; "We met, we lived and dear we loved, then comes that fatal day, the love that felt so dear fades far away." ; Robert Mitchum ; "Kawliga" ; Erskine Caldwell ; Charlton Heston ; Tony Curtis ; "If the good Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll see you soon. I'll be home soon, Little Bocephus."