Thursday, November 24, 2016

ELIZABETH2 SIMMONS (JOHN R1) was born October 22, 1842 in Mississippi, and died November 07, 1917 in Geneva, Geneva Cty, Al.She married WILLIAM DUNCAN CAMPBELL December 10, 1867 in Pike County, Al, son of ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL and MARY Y?.
The following was told by Elizabeth Simmons Campbell abt 3 wks before her death on Nov 7, 1917.It was verified by John Register, a Baptist Preacher, son of Young Register.
       "The Yankee Raiders took Uncle Young Registerout of his house and was going to hang him in the old mulberry tree that is now standing behind my house, just becuase he was a southern man, and his wife, Aunt Margaret Campbell Register clung to him an dcut the ropes from him and saved his life.They (the yankees) took all the dishes they had and broke them up .I have heard Uncle Young and Aunt Margaret tell this many a time.They took out some more men in Oak Bluff Settlement and were going to hang them.They went to Ben Burses and took his dead wife's silk dresses and tore them up, and took all his corm and everything that he had.Took all the horses and mules away from the people, took all the negroes away.Never did get to our house, as we did not live on main road.