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Mike McCarty brings enthusiasm to Artist of the Year

The Walton Sun

When the Walton County Tourist Development Council panel searched for its next Artist of the Year, they found the winner in the diverse talent and enthusiasm of Mike McCarty.

"The panel views all the artwork anonymously, looking for someone whose work is representative of the area, whether in nature, lifestyle or architecture," said committee chair Mary Brown. "We then narrow the selection, review their bio and invite them in for an interview. We selected the winner by who we thought would best represent Walton County. The consensus was that he had the talent and enthusiasm that would best represent the area. Based on the interview and his work, he was by far the best talent."

The selection was made in August and announced at the TDC's annual luncheon held Oct. 21.

McCarty was selected from a field of 18 applicants and will represent the TDC and Walton County at functions for the coming year. He will also receive promotions of his artwork from the TDC.

"They said I had diversity in my work and represented the brand they were looking for in a way that stood out," said McCarty.

A resident of Walton County for the past three years, he and wife Sherri have owned property here for several years.

McCarty's career as an artist hails back to childhood when he began drawing with pastels. He began taking art lessons and then winning contests, but at that time he said he never thought of it as a career.

"At first thought I wanted to be a vet, but midway through college I decided to switch majors," he said.

He landed a job as a design/illustrator with an Atlanta graphics firm, which he held for five years. During the early 1970s, McCarty had the distinction of designing the first funky cars used in advertising by the Chevron Oil Company, which gained him some notoriety.

He began freelancing and working with some groups in the music industry, such as Roy Orbison. When he was tapped to do two album covers for The Atlanta Rhythm Section in 1974, it led to more freelance work and was the impetus he needed to make the decision to quit his job and freelance full time.

In time, McCarty's design work began to branch out into the realm of fine art. He placed his paintings in two Birmingham galleries and eventually brought it to the beach. His work is represented in this area by Paige O'Connor's gallery at Miramar Beach.

"I feel blessed and fortunate to live here," said McCarty. "I'm thrilled with being selected as Artist of the Year and thrilled to represent the area. I love the area."

"His enthusiasm for the area and the quality of his work will represent the area well," said Brown.
produced this month came to ZERO, NW FL from Michael McCarty

Glen Butts

is playing the YANKEE PIZZERIA in Cahaba Heights 7pm

Glen Butts

Check this out.....

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Glen Butts
Glen Butts
2 hours ago

Robert Register

Robert Register
remembered that CHUKKER NATION was proclaimed in August '69 by John Little while watching a telecast of the Woodstock in the Chukker.I also reminisced about the time I drank beer with Joe Cocker & Felix "Flaco" Falcon in my '6...2 Chevy Impala as I drove them to the airport from the Stafford Hotel.
Read More

EDIT 4: Before I get another DMCA filed against me, I'd like to say I have put this online as I belive this can be counted as fair use, as it cri...ticises Warner Bros. Remastered DVD version. I really hope ...Read More
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John Earl

John Earl
I wasn't at Woodstock but I had a subscription to Rolling Stone! It seemed as if some sort of change was really possible in those days. The idea that when the mode of the music changes the walls of the city shake was behind this belief. It that when a bunch of people submerge themselves in mud and don't become homicidal something really different was happening. Some of us were looking for a more just societyRead More

The tremendous audience turnout backed up traffic for miles around the festival site. Many people simply dumped their cars and walked in.Woodstock Exp...erience the signed, handmade limited edition book of 1,000 copies is available through Genesis Publications..Read More
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did some the Webs become the Candymen?
I have CRS and can't member stuff! Wish those pics had captions. Thanks

John Rainey Adkins and Bobby Goldsborough from The Webs got hired to be in The Candymen.

Because of the Beatles, Orbison felt he had to have "A BAND".

Before that he toured as an artist with a musical director who forward the sheet music to local yokels.The local yokels (THE WEBS) who backed him up at The Farm Center in Gotham Shizzy blew his mind when he first heard them play at the first Rec Center rehersal.

Roy had to have them.

Buddy Buie told Roy,"You got 'em but ya gotta take me in the bargain!" so BB became Roy's road manager.

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Hey y'all~

This ain't no true blast.
This goes out to those who might have a clue to the images provided to the citizens of NW FL by Michael McCarty.

Any commentary from THE INNER SANCTUM will be appreciated.



Rodney Justo
Top row:
John Rainey Adkins,Rodney Justo,Mike "Flog" Turner, David Adkins,Larry Hunter, Jeff Cheshire
kneeling:Wow, where'd this come from?
It's Beaverteeth backstage, or more accurately behind the stage at a concert in Albany,Ga.
Sittting are Bob Holliday (our co-manager) unidentified , and Mike Craft

,John Rainey

Beaverteeth, same concert in Albany.
Also on show were ARS and Sea Level.
Oh, I think it was on an old airport runway

FROM the back of the photo marked FEB 95
(L-R) Harry Warner (Burl), Isaac Hayes, Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb

Rodney Justo
Rodney Justo
Buddy Buie, Susie Nix, and Robert Nix' daughters

Gotta' be Bill Lowery....he was a beautiful guy.
Rockin' Rodney

I'm curious about this one myself....note correct usage of the word myself.

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Nip & Ernie


both images courtesy of Ann Howard's Nip & Ernie's facebook page

The Mike McCarty works of art displayed on your blog are wonderful. He is a true southern treasure.
I commissioned him to do all the ARS album covers and never dreamed of using another
artist. Your promotion of his work is laudable.
Keep Rockin',

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Babbs' Commentary Courtesy of


Everybody knows now that time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana, ana banana fee fie fo fama, obama, and the big Four Oh is building up all around us, I'm acknowleging it but saving my big guns for the fiftieth. Here is a little ditty I composed to assuage the demanders of a Woodstock story:

Me and the Gleef

by Ken Babbs

(My rap and the gleef's rap are both on the sound tapes from the scene, but the new DVD starts with the gleef talking, I've already quit, before the first camera got rolling, so he gets a great closeup, out in front of everthing, coverage, his moments in history.)

The release this year of the three disc set of the Woodstock movie has brought to the fore a misunderstanding that for forty years has been part of Grateful Dead lore.
I've been asked many times, why was I such a gleef up on the stage at Woodstock and I always reply, "That wasn't me, that was some other gleef."
Now, for the first time everyone can see who the gleef is that was talking over the microphone when the Grateful Dead started to play.
A tremendous thunderstorm had just roared through, tearing the canvas top off the stage, covering the floor with six inches of water and shorting out all the electrical power: the lights, the musicians' amplifiers and the PA system.
I was onstage at the time, leaning on the organ, talking to Pigpen while the techs attempted to make sense out of chaos. Finally one microphone, in the middle of the stage, close to the edge, was working.
Pigpen, as he always did when the Dead were messing around, not yet ready to play, said, "Tell them a story, Babbs," knowing once they heard my voice booming out of the loudspeakers, they would immediately come forward and take over.
I told the audience how all of us, forty people and four buses, stopped at Yellowstone on the way out and bathed in the hot waters, just like the people of old, for it was a sacred place, where everyone came in peace, all beefs and differences put aside, and now, I said, Woodstock has emerged with the same spirit, and you can take that spirit of unity with you out into your daily lives.
I backed off the mike, the band began to play Lovelight, then another voice came out over the loudspeakers.
This is where the Dead portion of the DVD begins, after I've quit talking, so I'm not in the DVD. I am on the audio tape, however. Cosmic editing. I didn't make the cut. One camera starts filming and the sequence begins with the gleef on the stage, no one knows who he is, he arrived from no one knows where.
Dark piercing eyes. Black Prince Valiant haircut. Closecut beard shaping his mouth. He's on the center mike, telling everyone there is a third coast, it is on a huge lake in the middle of the country, it has a magnificent beach, and while he's babbling, with a single spot lighting his face in a beautiful camera closeup, Michal Lang is saying off camera, "wWho is that guy, get him out of there," so I lit up a joint, walked up to the gleef and handed it to him.
He took a big hit, passed it to me, his back was to the edge of the stage, I gave him a little nudge and he disappeared into the unkown from which he came.
The Dead tore into a fantastic 38 minute Lovelight with all the stage lights gradually coming on and all three cameras working, a tremendous addition to the Woodstock DVD.
Well, forty years before the DVD came out, the audio tape of the dead playing was already circulating through Deaddom, and the listeners, unable to see what was going on, assumed that I was the gleef, and ever since, Deadheads have been asking me, why were you spouting that lame phoney baloney stuff over the mike at Woodstock?
I no longer have to defend myself. The DVD has vindicated me. Everyone can see for themselves that it was some other gleef. I no longer think of him as a gleef. He has a name and I remember him now with fond affection: Third Coast.

image courtesy of Johnny Langley
Johnny Langley and Barbara Lewis

Great picture! Thanks so much. I see Johnny's backstage pass around his neck. Is he just a "regular" guy or some celebrity? His name sounds familiar. Have I told you that I hear from Barbara occasionally? (I think I told you her manager took us backstage to meet her and that she announced to the audience of 10,000 that there was a special couple in the audience (us, of course) who had flown all the way from Hawaii to see her perform and to give her the lei she was wearing.) After we got back from seeing her perform in Los Angeles Valentine's weekend, I got an email from her asking me to try to help her find a ring like the one she gave a very good friend for her birthday. It was a gold Madame Pele ring. (In case you don't know who Madame Pele is, she's the Hawaiian goddess of fire who lives in Kileau Volcano on the Big Island, according to the Hawaiians who believe she exists.) Her friend dropped the original ring down the toilet. In my search to try to find a duplicate, I was told by an old established jewelry store that no local jewelry store would have made such a ring because the Hawaiians would never put her image on anything because of the repercussions she might take. So I emailed Barbara back and told her all this, and I said "Maybe that's why Madame Pele went down the toilet". She thought my email was hilarious. So I was unsuccessful in finding her a duplicate ring. Thank goodness I didn't because I wouldn't want to deal with Madame Pele's wrath living here in Hawaii.
Have you joined my FB group, The "Real" Nip & Ernie's? I haven't checked on new members in a while. If not, please do so. It would be wonderful if you could post something about what has happened on your Blog. Someone has stolen the "Nip & Ernie's" name and opened not one, but two establishments in Panama City Beach. The Howard and Edwards families are very saddened and disappointed that someone would steal the good name and reputation of two deceased men for monetary gain.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

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All of the fourteen following images are courtesy of Michael McCarty