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Jerry Henry gave THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED a SUPAH review in the current issue of PLANET WEEKLY:

When I first saw THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED CD, I thought it was another cheesy attempt to cash in on Alabama football. Then I found out that legendary producer/songwriter Buddy Buie co-wrote the Bear Bryant song. I know that Buddy doesn't do anything cheesy or half assed. Buddy and the original lead singer for the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Ronnie Hammond, wrote this song the day Bear Bryant was buried. But it was never released until this year. The CD is more than one song, it also contains the very best hits of ARS, Jeff Cook and Mitch Glenn, plus the Bama Network Band. It is by far the best Alabama fan CD that I have ever heard. It's available at all Movie Gallery locations, The Bryant Museum gift shop, The Supe Store, The Trunk, The Alabama Book Store, Alabama Express, Bama Fever on The Strip and Bama Fever at University Mall or online at

Lee Pake's wife, Penny, has a daughter named Stacy Cochrane who got a degree in Public Relations from Bama in 2003. She's been working for her daddy Tory Cochrane at his Mitsubishi dealership. Stacy wants out of Tuscaloosa and we talked after Thanksgiving dinner at Lee & Penny's today. She likes the entertainment business. She's run a cheerleading school. She's interested in moving to Atlanta but she really doesn't know what she wants to do.
Check out her myspace site
and pass any suggestions you might have for Stacy about opportunities in Atlanta along to me.

Stacy Cochrane and Lee Pake

Alison Heafner, who is now opening for DEEP SOUTH, was recently featured in her Mississippi hometown newspaper, The Panolian.

Alison Heafner (left) performed on stage in New York City recently, accomplishing a long-time dream.

Adversity leads to open doors for Batesville's Alison Heafner
By Jason C. Mattox

A former Batesville resident is working her way onto radio station playlists north of the Mason-Dixon line after a set of performances in New York.

Alison Robison Heafner, a South Panola High School graduate, is writing songs in Nashville and performing as an opening act for friend Robert Nix's band Deep South.

"That band has been a work in progress for years," she said. "But it has been a good way for me to break into the music business."Deep South is a band that performs southern rock that is comprised of Nix, Jimmy Hall, Artimus Pyle, Hal McCormack, Chris Hicks and Dean Daughtry.

"All of the guys in this band have played in some of the great southern rock bands," Heafner said. "They are all founding or former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Wet Willie, Atlanta Rythm Section and the Marshall Tucker Band."

And just how did Heafner meet the man who would become her co-writer?

"I was still working for Cellular South, and I met Robert in Nashville," she said. "He and I sat down and started writing, and he encouraged me to get on stage."

As Deep South was taking shape, Heafner's music career suffered a setback she credits with eventually opening doors for her.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003," she said. "I had to go through 35 radiation treatments, but didn't have to go through chemotherapy. That was really a blessing in disguise."

Shortly after Heafner completed her treatments, Deep South began receiving bookings in Alabama, Florida and other states, where some of the events were tied to breast cancer awareness.

"I really think God used the cancer to open some doors for me," Heafner said. "With the kind of music I perform, Nashville wasn't the place I needed to be, and the cancer awareness concerts really offered us the chance to go elsewhere."

One of those cancer awareness concerts offered Heafner an opportunity to perform with Deep South in New York.

"While we were performing in New York, I got the chance to meet and perform for the Baldwin family," she said, referring to movie actor Alec Baldwin and his famous family.

"All of the Baldwins really latched on with Alison," Nix said. "They heard her sing and they were really blown away."They have mentioned her working with their cancer awareness foundation," he added. (The mother of the Baldwin clan is a breast cancer survivor, he explained.)

It is also thanks to that trip to New York that Heafner and Nix were able to meet Mike Scialabba, a former NYC helicopter pilot who is now a concert promoter.

"I mentioned to him that it had always been a dream of mine to perform at a big festival in Tunica," Heafner said. "Even before it got developed, I always wanted to have a big concert in one of the fields.When we talked to him about it, Mike told us he would help us make it happen," she added.

Heafner said Scialabba is currently working to book her more dates in New York as well as get her songs onto radio in that market.

In addition to Scialabba, the Baldwin family has thrown its support towards the Tunica concert which Heafner said she hopes will help raise cancer awareness while giving people something fun to do.

"We are going to be building this thing from the ground up," Heafner said. "Neither of us knows how long this might take to get together, but we are going to work hard to bring this concert about."
"I know God has a plan for me," she added. "And maybe this is it. Maybe He is going to use me to help promote breast cancer awareness."

Heafner's Batesville relatives include her mom Joy Robison, and her son Chad Heafner and his wife Jennifer.

& y'all check out Chuck Renaldo's site. You'll find lots uv HOT 'LANTA flashbacks there!

Dean Daughtry, Robert Nix & Chuck Renaldo

Got an email about Aaron Burr from Ronnie Hammond's brother!

Subject: Fort Wilkinson, Milledgeville, Georgia

Robert, you don't know me. My name is Jimmy Hammond. I am Ronnie Hammond's older brother.
Just read your mention of Fort Wilkinson in Milledgeville. Just so happens that I have been to the site on the Oconee River where this fort used to be located 3 or 4 times.
Our Hammond family has roots and a lot of history in the Milledgeville area. Our fourth great grandfather, Abner Hammond, served as Secretary of State in Georgia from 1811 - 1822 while living in Milledgeville. I have always had an interest and appreciation for the fort because of the historical significance it played in the development of pioneer Georgia.
Thanks for referencing a place I love but never get to discuss with anyone because either they have never heard it, or because they don't have an interest in such places.

Jimmy Hammond

Great to hear from another student of the Deep South's formative years!

Here's the material I have on Aaron Burr's night at Fort Wilkinson in 1807:

Arriving at Fort Wilkinson, on the Oconee, Perkins entered the first ferry-boat which he had seen upon the whole route, and, a few miles beyond the river, was sheltered by the first roof--a house of entertainment, kept by one Bevin.

While breakfast was in a state of preparation, and the guard were quietly sitting before a large fire, the publican began a series of questions; and learning that the party were from the "Bigby settlement," he immediately fell upon the fruitful theme of "Aaron Burr, the traitor." He asked if he had not been arrested--if he was not a very bad man--and if every one was not afraid of him. Perkins and the rest of the guard, much annoyed and embarrassed, hung down their heads, and made no reply. Burr, who was sitting in a corner near the fire, majestically raised his head, and flashing his fiery eye upon Bevin, said: "I am Aaron Burr; what is it you want with me?" Struck with the keenness of his look, the solemnity of his voice, and the dignity of his manner, Bevin stood aghast, and trembled like a leaf. He asked not another question of the guard, but quietly moved about the house, offering the most obsequious attentions.

Hey, help us out on this, Jimmy!
This Bicentennial of Burr's Arrest is a great opportunity to focus public attention upon the lives of our pioneer ancestors.

Happy Thanksgiving and ALL THE BEST from "CUBA, ALABAMA"!

Robert Register

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kAPn K:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of y'all. Yeah, ain't it strange. God never sleeps. Open 24/7. Free of charge STRENGTH INJECTION from the ALL-KNOWING ONE!!!!


Luckily at a young age, I recognized Thanksgiving as the most superb holiday.

Found a quote about Cuba by Hudson Strode that reminded me of YOU!

[ Dr. Hudson Strode (1892-1976)–author, scholar, teacher, and world traveler–and his beloved wife, Therese (1900-1986) lived here from 1941 until their deaths. Professor of English at the University of Alabama (1916-1961): he was renowned for his courses in Shakespeare and Creative Writing, his students publishing 59 novels and innumerable short stories; his authoring of 13 books including a 3-volume biography of Jefferson Davis and editing a volume of Mr. Davis' letters. Dr. Strode received numerous honors and awards including being knighted by King Gustav VI of Sweden. Famous for their hospitality, the Strodes entertained students, friends and world figures in this house which they bequeathed with its gardens and a generous educational endowment to the University which they loved and served so faithfully. ]


The resultant good of the discoveries of Reed's Board, based on Finlay's hypothesis, and the routing of yellow fever from the earth's surface by Gorgas's methods, may be said, in one sense, to justify the Spanish-American War. Of course, it is an accidental justification. The United States did not enter the war- which was hardly her business and which cost her $861,000 a day while in progress- to save the world from yellow fever. But that was an indisputable good which came out of it. Those families who lost loved ones through battle or disease in the fretful summer of 1898, may console themselves that their men did not die in vain. The obliteration of yellow fever may stand as an everlasting memorial to those youths sacrificed to the spirit of military aggression, political ambition, or sentimental hysteria. After all it is something; while those who lost husbands, fathers, brothers, lovers in the last great war have little enough, God knows, to cling to by way of consolation.

kapnken <> wrote:

have a good turkey burkey day, also know as thanksgiving, when we don't do the december over the top hooplah, but just sit down with friends and family for a good home cooked meal and good company to enjoy it with.


We is high and dry here on our gravel rise. What floods we have had jump the banks of the creek and go swirling through a swale in front of the house. Canals in Venice? Who'd-a thought of such a thing? Total miscegenation. Let the kids apply their greater brainpower and understanding. Or, as Cassady said, "Went through life a balanced man at last."

Hey y'all:

Real quick I need to tell ya that I'm trying to book Greg Haynes into Charles Morgan's CHUCK'S FISH on either December 2 or December 9 for a HEEEY BABY DAYS OF BEACH MUSIC book signing.

I went through the index tonight and noticed that a significant number of our compatriots are cited:

Candymen cited 27 times.

Rubber Band cited 22 times

Wilbur Walton Jr. & The James Gang 19 times.

Allman Brothers 19 times.

Classics IV 15 times.

Bill J. Moody cited 15 times.

Tiger Jack Garrett cited 13 times.

Dave Roddy cited 8 times.

Orbison cited 14 times.

John Rainey Adkins 12 times.

Buddy Buie 14 times.

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyker cited 13 times.

Rockin' Rodney "The Rocker" Justo cited 12 times.

John Townsend 11 times.

Toussaint 8 times.

Nix five times.

Venable five times.

Dean "The Ox" 5 times.

Jimmy Dean cited 5 times.

Bobby Dupree 7 times.

Little Bobby Peterson cited 3 times.

Webs cited 2 times.

Shakin' Bill Gilmore is cited NINE TIMES IN



On 11/21/06, Robert Nix wrote
ROBERTO, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! ROBERT NIX AND ALISON HEAFNER...................YOU MISSED A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Original Message -----
From: Claude Bell
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 6:55 PM
Subject: "Deep South" show at Cowboys

The show at Cowboys Friday night was nothing short of awesome ! It was a true honor seeing you legends on stage together, playing the music that influenced me as a musician and as a person. Thanks again for inviting Chuck and me backstage to hang out with you and the band. As an old harp player and singer, it was really cool to meet Jimmy Hall and talk harmonicas and musical influences. Please thank him for taking the time to talk. I couldn't help but notice that you had a grin on your face the whole show. It must be a blast playing each others music. You , Artemus, and the bass player had a really good groove going on.

I knew everyone our age was going to dig the show, but you should have seen the "young" crew getting off on 'Champagne Jam", "Simple Man" , and " Going Down"….that was priceless. Good luck with the rest of the tour. Can't wait to see you guys perform again. Keep on rockin' brother…

Claude Bell

Sunday, November 19, 2006

From :
robert register
Sent :
Sunday, November 19, 2006 10:08 PM
To :
Subject :
Does Greg Haynes Know That His Phi Delta Theta Caricature Was Drawn By Al Rose?

I bet I've enjoyed my copy of Heeey Baby Days as much as anyone on this Earth!

Buie signed his picture taken
at Mastersound Wednesday with
"Robert, You are the MAIN Tuscaloosa MAN.
Thanks for all your help.
Keep Rockin',
Buddy 11-15-06"

His autograph joins Tiger Jack, Wilbur, Jimmy Dean and Jonathan McCallister of the Mifitz.
I plan on getting Bill Connell to sign
his two photos soon and Bobby Dupree has promised me a Rockin' Gibraltars Christmas signing party when Ed Sanford gets back to Montgomery for the holidays.

On page 111 of your book, you published a caricature of yourself drawn by New Orleans' late, great Al Rose. Al's book STORYVILLE is the biggest selling book ever published by the University of Alabama Press and it was used as the basis for the Brooke Shields' hit movie PRETTY BABY.
Lots of N.O. music history in Al's book. You ought to check it out.

Check out my Aaron Burr stuff at the ROBERTOREG'S ATLAS OF ALABAMA blog. Burr
stayed a night at Ft. Wilkinson(Milledgeville) while in custody
on his way back to Richmond in March of 1807.

Next week marks the Bicentennial of President Jefferson's proclamation warning American citizens of Burr's conspiracy.