Saturday, August 14, 2010


Robert Register NETTIE QUILL is a killer band. These cats take ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER & turn it into SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW.They played Copper Top Wednesday night. They were @ THE RED SHED Thurs., Aug. 12. NETTIE QUILL plays Rounders on The Strip... Friday night and Sat. night they'll be @ Moe's BBQ on the corner of Univ. Blvd. & 21st Ave. downtown. Check out THE NETTIE QUILL version of SPOOKY on their myspace page

Tim Davis, keyboard player for NETTIE QUILL & his girlfriend who is my pharmacist's assistant & I should remember her name BUT I DON'T!

Jim Voltz's son,John, guitarist for NETTIE QUILL with Max Fazeli

Robert Register In my capacity as a Section 8 Maintenance Man in Tuscaloosa for the past
11 years,I've found volunteer reefer growing around the front doors of a
lot of houses in Tuscaloosa,especially on 16th St. in the West End
& on 23rd Ave.E. in Alberta but I ain't never ever seen it growing
less than ten feet from the skreet & les...s than one hundred feet off
of Hackberry Lane less than a half mile off campus. One of the oldest
businesses in T-town is pictured on the left. The reefer is amongst the
peppers.Kinda makes me think it ain't a volunteer. Folks got a lot of
balls these days.

Robert Register Kinda ironic that I post an image of the Nettie Quill on Facebook last week and today I pick up a copy of the CW & find out that NETTIE QUILL is the name of a new rock group in Tuscaloosa that's gonna play their first gig @ the Copper Top TONIGHT!


Carol Smith Revel has a vintage "Waiting for Columbus" on the phonograph, turned up loud. RIP, Richie, you were the best.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From the 1966 Monroe Journal Centennial Edition, Monroeville, AL :


Looking forward to his 96th birthday Feb. 10, is Colen Monroe Falkenberry of Tunnel Springs.

A native and life-long resident of Tunnel Springs, Mr. Falkenberry has been a farmer and cattleman all his life.

A staunch Democrat, he is a member of the Philadelphia Baptist Church.

A firm believer in plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise, Mr. Falkenberry spends much time each day walking. His favorite pastime is walking in the woods, the pastures, looking at the cattle and gardening. Since his retirement, he has kept a few cattle, and enjoys watching the progress of other farmers and cattlemen.

His father was a veteran of the War Between the States and in the 95th year of his life he has viewed progress of Monroe County with the eye of a true woodsman.