Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hey y'all:


I spent almost two hours hangin' out with Mike McCarty last night.
Never met the cat before in my life but seeing how both of us being from Dothan & stuff, it erased a lot of time & space so by the end of the night, we were old buds.

I can easily see the original paintings of Mike's cover art selling for a whole lotta $$$$ in the next few.

I got there about 7:15 & Mike was surrounded by people so I inspected the gallery.
Mike had on a bow tie with a sport coat made out material that had the smallest houndstooth I'd ever seen. (Oh, he told me to definitely tell Buie that he'd played ARS thoughout the duration of his ONE MAN SHOW @

Here's an excellent collection of 30 examples of Mike's cover art:

Here's a list of SOME of the cover art he's done:,,591595,00.html

Nix called me before the game today in order to rag my ass for the benefit of Ole Miss Rebel Alison Hefner.

Alison singing HONKY TONK WOMEN for the folks at Billy Joel's place on Long Island

Alison told me she didn't perform as well as she could at Panama City Beach a couple of weeks ago because I wasn't there so I told her, "Oh baby, neck time I miss a show like that I'll give ya $150 so you can go to the LOVE STORE & git what you need!"

Nix said his favorite McCarty cover is THIRD ANNUAL PIPE DREAM.

Nix said, "Oh, ask him about the time ARS opened for the Stones in Buffalo!"

I wonder whether that story is better than the one McCarty told me last night about how Joe South
pulled Johnny Nash

nudder thang...
McCarty told me that Jack Hodges of Johnson City, Tennessee sez
that Paul Cochran
jumped off of a three story building just to show folks he could do it.

I loved meeting Mike McCarty's wife Sherri along with Mr. & Mrs. Bob Carlton last night.
Carlton wrote the article last week in B'ham News

Over thirty of Mike's works were on display.

I rilly think he did something kewl with his heart series.

Jennifer Harwell
provided all the food you could eat and all the wine you could drink so I was in hog heaven.

I am so proud that my hometown produced so many TRUE ARTISTS.


here's some more of Mike's canvases courtesy of

RR......I envy you being able to go to Mike McCarty's show in Birmingham. Gloria and I were in Stowe Vermont
digging the fall colors. We had a blast but hated missing Milke's show. I miss those days when he and I were brain-storming
album covers for ARS. He would take my album titles and turn them into works of art. We ran record executives crazy because I was always
late delivering the music and he was constantly late with the artwork. I think we secretly liked the fact that the head of a big record
was begging us to deliver and we were in control. Possession is nine tenths of the law.
I hope the show was a success because Mike deserves to be recognized for the genius he is.

Friday, October 12, 2007

image courtesy of

Hey y'all,

The link above will put you on the Tuesday, October 9 Bob Carlton story about Dothan's Michael McCarty which ran in the B'ham News.

He's having a one man show at the Jennifer Harwell Art Studio in Homewood tomorrow evening.

image courtesy of

all 4 images courtesy of

Hope I feel good enough to go.

I wanna get him to autograph my Dog Days album cover & The Dothan Magazine
article that came out this summer.

Hope I get there and get to see some of y'all.

Pass along any McCarty stories ya got.
I'll rag his ass rill
good for ya.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Holy cow, Roberto.

I always wanted to write a book, have even taken a couple of stabs at it, but I get too itchy in the pants to stay still long enough.

Hell, dude, you ain't writing one, you're living one.

If you don't end up making a tidy buck out of writing down your life and times then you ain't any smarter than me, and that's a pretty poor situation.

If you need bail money, I reckon all of us former has-been long-haired hippie-type musicians of yore could do a benefit.

We don't have a Luckenbach (or however you spell it), but we do have a Slapout, Alabama, and I've always thought that would be a great place to mount a worthy cause.

I'd put you in touch with my lawyers, Soowum and Sneer, but they are currently suing me.

Jimmy Dean

Iddn't a spotlight in the shape of a ZERO?
tuh thank about it...


Hey y'all:
You ain't gonna believe this stuff but I guar-ran-damn-tee you it'll be worth your time because it will give you a hint of the chaos just beneath the surface.

Kudos to Mittuh Swampmann!
You got it right over 40 years ago!
The Doctor saw the K-OTIC!!!!

I already told y'all about the new regime in Section 8.
Git ready 'cause if you near a landlord in this racket, tell him/her that her/his ass is about to get torn out of the slang.


Had a little foreclosure action this morning.
Two 52 foot lots and the lawyer wanted me to break into the house that was on one of the lots & rekey the locks.
No hay problemo, Senor....
I asked him before I place my VERY LARGE RIGID pipe wrench on the lock handle, "Have you done an eviction?"

"No eviction. Noone here. Noone lives without power."



I tried the credit card trick and when that didn't work I took care of the pitiful little Kwik-Set with my BIG RIGID pipe wrench {I just so happen to have four years of RIGID TOOLS calenders on my bathroom wall}

Well, we got a big screen TV in this uninhabited dwelling plus tons of personal possessions in every space on this two bedroom sawmill shack.

I tell the lawyer it'll cost him about 12 dollars to rekey the locks. {Gettin' that money will be like pulling eye teeth but he had to be happy 'cause I rekeyed the entire residence for $10.06 but gettin' this sorry S.O.B. to get out his wallet is like performing gall bladder surgery}

He was real concerned about the correct address so we got out there with my tape and we measured some 52 foot lots. We located four lots & the lawyer was satisfied he got his property back from the foreclosure so I went off to get my new locks to secure the lawyer's newly acquired property.

I set the locks & I guess everything should have been kewl 'cause I damn sho' don't go out here in this cruel world lookin' fo' trouble...

But what do you know!

The lawyer's foreclosed house had been demolished by the City & his lots were neck do' to the house I broke into & rekeyed.

So now I guilty of a big old BREAKING & ENTERING,
it is my understanding that my defense team will be cheaper than most.

Who, who, who!
Who, who, who, who!
Whoo0, whoo, whoo, who, who!!!!

All this reminds me of what my Daddy Earl told me before I came to Tuscaloosa,

"Son, I don't know anything about that university. Never been in a college classroom in my life. All I know about Tuscaloosa was back when I was there, you had to drive 20 miles to get a damn beer.
Anywayzzzzzzzzzz, son...

"What's that, Daddy?"

"Don't make a lawyer. This family can't afford to have a paid liar."
( You get 21,500,000 hits when you type LIAR into Google)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The office got a new color copier today that also scans & saves images for your computer so the first thing I did was scan two images from the December 1967 issue of WBAM Scene Magazine.

" A couple of members of the flower people stopped by to visit Bill Moody [photo shows Bill Moody with Ray & Phyllis Hall]. Ray and Phyllis live near Eclectic, Alabama and really dig the Big Bam. The Big Bam dug them, too."

Bill J. Moody,WBAM DJ

Bill J. Moody in 2007
image courtesy of Dothan Magazine

Left to right: Jimmy Dean, Buddy Buie, Bill J. Moody, Wilbur Walton Jr.
image courtesy of
Dothan Magazine

Now that photo is a group who has covered about every base there is.

Kathy Checking Her Email in Room 162 At The Wagon Wheel

Many thanks go out to former Dothan High Cheerleader Kathy Parish Swigler for contributing the December 1967 issue of WBAM Scene Magazine to the collection of Zero, Northwest Florida along with her treasured orange WBAM styrofoam football antennae ornament.

Kathy Back In The Day When She Was Panama City's Weather Girl

From: Bill Moody

Hi Robert:

Thanks For The Memories!

Always Rock On!!


Kathy & her husband, David, just returned from a long motorcycle trip to the Rockies. Here's some SUPER/PRIMO images she's sharing with all her fellow inhabitants of Zero, Northwest Florida.

David & Kathy Swigler from Panama City, Florida


David at the Wyoming State Line


We had a wonderful was great.
We put 1800 miles on the motorcycle and 4700 miles on the truck.
We spent most of our time in South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.
Great stories to tell you when we get to see each other again but for now, here are some pictures from the trip.

Frustrating Email From Igor to Dr. Frankenheller Inbox

I tuned you up a beautiful email & then lost every bit of it because of the damn email address
I got from MF.
I'm assuming it should be something else.

So let's try to salvage something out of this disaster...
[oh yeah, you gotta lot of misspelled words on your website. Somebody need to use spellcheck.]

Oh yeah, Mr. Jim wants you to come to Forkland. He wants to meet you.

Roberto Lounging On The Buie's Deck [photo by Gloria Jane Seay Buie]


Igor made it back to his cave in T-town without incident.

Showl do 'preciate all the hospitality you offered me this weekend.

I think getting to know Boogie was about the best thing that happened.

I talked to Mr. Bird & there ain't no easy way to get water other than
finding the spring and breaking up the
rock to open it up.

The windmills he knows about are rod pumps with little volume &
drilling wells is cost prohibitive.

I did check for you and Mr. Bird & I talked about a water wheel he saw
near Belem, Brazil used to pump water up into a storage tank & another
hand dug well in the jungles of Peru that pumped water into a storage
tank by using a rope loop between two pullies pulled by a Briggs &
Stratton engine. It worked because the water in the well would stick to the
rope and when it hit the top pulley on the loop, the water would spray
& be collected in the tank.

Mr. Bird also has some ideas about a cheap way to pump water out of a
spring pool that's lower than your pond. I didn't quite understand that.

Here's pictures of Mr. Bird's 80th birthday party at the Demopolis
Hotel last January along with some hay sculpture stuff.

Pimps & Hos in Demopolis

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Mr. Jim & THE TIN MAN courtesy of

Hey y'all:

Our property manager, Karen, came in this morning & she immediately asked"How was your weekend? Oh yeah, you went to the party!"

Dey were a party!
I gave her the Reader's Digest version of what happened and she yelled "That was so surreal, it's beyond surreal!!!!
That goes on the WALL OF SHAME!!!!" ;
so this is gonna be a good story.

photo courtesy of

Last week Archie invited me to go to a party in Demopolis on Saturday night.

Archie had invited me to his Daddy, Mr. Jim's 80th birthday party. The party was held in Napoleon's Restaurant in the Demopolis Hotel. The birthday party would be the 10th anniversary of the Pimps, Hos & John's party of January of '97 which was Mr. Jim's 70th birthday party.

Mr Jim's '97 70th birthday party was held in the old part of the hotel which is a time capsule.{note to movie makers}

Mr. Jim

The invitations to THE PIMPS, HOs & JOHNs went over like a lead balloon in some West Alabama households.

Some folk don' t 'preciate renting rooms out by the hour.

One of my associates here in Tuscaloosa who is in his 80s certainly did not appreciate his engraved invitation to Mr. Jim's PIMPS, HOs & JOHNs 80th Birthday Party.

photo courtesy of

Mr. Jim lives on top of a bluff above Rattlesnake Bend of the Tombigbee River. He can show you an antebellum engraving of Gaineswood in his living room and identify his aunt who's in a cradle [Mr. Jim was one of her pall bearers] as well as the slaves in the picture.

So I got to the hotel on time for the party and I was dressed like Captain Stabbin. The first thing that made me feel at home was seeing Archie out in front of the hotel dressed in drag with Russ taking pictures while he pranced around in his bright blue pimp suit.

After things got really rolling, I answered all the hoity-toity Demopolis folks questions about who I was and finally some moron asked,"So what kind uv captain are you anyway?" So I replied,"I'll have you know that

At the end of the night, Mr. Jim challenged everyone to come to church the next morning in their PIMP/HO/JOHN/MADAME/TAXI DRIVERS/SEX VICE SQUAD outfit.

As we were leaving the hotel, Mr. Jim was plotting a scandal at Sunday services by planning to tell the preacher that he & everybody else'd been out all night then I said, "Yeah, y'all come in the sanctuary yelling to the preacher,'WE MADE IT BUT WE BARELY MADE IT'!

Mr. Jim gets his way in Forkland.

Sure enough, at about 9:40 A.M.
a large group of pimps, hos, johns,madames and sex vice squad cops were seen taking communion at St. John's In The Prairie located in Forkland.

St. John's In The Prairie, Forkland, Al

After Sunday services, I went over to Mr. Jim's house for coffee and birthday cake & he showed me around his place.



Mr. Jim's art:

photos of MR. JIM's Art courtesy of
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Monday, June 18, 2007


Yesterday I celebrated Father's Day by going down below Forkland to ride on the river with Archie and his crew. I had a premonition that the sun was so hot and the land was so dry that the cows would break out of Mr. Jim's [Archie's Daddy] fence and eat his hay bale sculptures.

image courtesy of

Sho 'nuff, I were riding down 43 to Archie's place and when I passed Mr. Jim's there was Archie & Paula in their car underneath the BIRD sign. I did a YouEEE
& sho 'nuff, the cows weren't munching on the bunny but they ate half way through the caterpillar. Archie got all the cows off the highway right of way and Mr. Jim showed up.

all images courtesy of

Me & Mr. Jim

Mr. Jim had me get in the back of his truck and told me to give the cows these pellets so we could lure 'em to a back pasture. Well Mr. Jim didn't take off right away and cows attacked me!
This red heifer bit the bag with the pellets and almost got my hand! Damn cow bit like a snake. Scared me to death so I jumped off the truck with Mr. Jim cussing me,"You don't know a damn thang about cows, COWBOY!"

So Archie took my place and I took my truck and used it to round up the stragglers.
We got our little herd of ten across the railroad tracks and here come 50 more ready to go home so as soon as they got through the gate, I tied it with bailing wire & went to meet Archie & Mr. Jim.

It was bedlam!

The red cow tried to bite Archie and he jumped off the truck hollering just like I did. Two more red heifers squared off and went at each other like two of those Rocky Mountain Sheep. Unbelievable. The cows were in good shape physically but the drought had gotten to them. Archie said he'd never seen cows so mean. We went over to Archie's place & fed Archie's cows and they acted the same damn way. Weird...

I could NOT have been in a better place yesterday afternoon. The whole time we were on the Black Warrior River, we saw ONE Seadoo.

We had the place to ourself.

Sitting on that pontoon boat with Mr. Jim Bird, a graduate Marine Engineer, and using my copy of The Historical Atlas of Alabama,
we talked about every port of call in the fork of the Warrior and the 'Bigbee.
What a man.

We went up in this slough and he told me, "I didn't buy this land when I had a chance. $125 an acre. If I'd a done it, I would have owned three continuous miles between the banks of the two rivers."

kewl, huh?!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

These Tuscaloosa County Girls Christopher Hangs Out With Can Be A MESS!
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Harvard’s David Boufford inventories plants and fungi in the mountains of southwestern China. (Credit: Susan Kelley, Harvard)
image courtesy of

Sichuan:Maerkang (Barkam) Xian. SE of the city if Maerkang on highway 317, then on highway 211 to Dangba, village of Yinliang Cun. Villagers returning from gathering Huajiao (Sichuan pepper) making friends with Susan Kelley.
Photographer: David Boufford
Date: 17 August 2007

image courtesy of