Saturday, September 26, 2009

George C. Wallace




This is a video link to the remix of Jimmy "Orion" Ellis' "Blue Moon of Kentucky". There is some very interesting musician banter at the start of the cut.. you can hear David and Jimmy D, among others guffawing at the start of the cut when Jimmy can't seem to get it started. When theydo get started .. it is the cut

Jim L


This is also posted at along with some pics. I attached WW Jr's "Eternity" short version
Jim L

News from Playground

Our good buddy, Larry Tenor, formerly keyboard man with "Little Feat" has found true love and is leaving the panhandle for Tennessee and has graciously left us his 1966 Hammond B3. We have been putting the B3 on everything.

Special product "Georgia Pines" has officially escaped and is available at "Georgia Pines" was written by Buddy Buie and John Rainey Adkins.. originally made famous by Wilbur Walton Jr. and The James Gang, this Cd/EP is a track by Beaverteeth, sung by Charlie Silva, Jimmy "Orion" Ellis and Jimmy Louis PLUS has an instrumental track. Dothan's Jimmy Dean is playing on the tracks.

Muscle Shoals super group "The Decoys" were in the panhandle last week with Alabama Leaning Man Donnie Fritz. Scott Boyer (from the group "Cowboy") also with "The Decoys" was in the studio to assist with a Rip Wright session.

"Lost Soul" The Playground Series Vol. 2 has been compiled and will be available for single song download from CD Baby in a couple of weeks. "Lost Soul", the follow-up to "Soul Resurrection" has tracks by Count Willie, Connor Cagle, Johnny Dynamite, Len Wade, John Hamilton and Doris Allen, The Truths Inc., Reuben Howell and many more. Most all of these tracks are backed by the original PLayground Rhythm Section, which include Dothan Musicians, David Adkins, John Rainey Adkins, and Jimmy Dean. We'll post the CDBaby link as soon as it is available.

WE have also begun work on the compilation of a Wilbur Walton Jr. project (Unreleased) that was recorded in 1973. These are some tremendous WW Jr. performances and some great songs. Songs like "Eternity", "Are You Hiding" and "Simple People" anchor this project.. and Wilbur is rockin'!

"BigWater", the Boggy Bayou Band has been performing live in the panhandle quite a bit lately.. and has begun a recording project. The first 3 songs are Dan Penn's "Tiny Hiney's and Hogs", Reuben Howell's "Mr. Important Person" and Mason Arnold's "Clever Devils".

We have recently begun studio projects on singer/songwriters Amy Hart and Duane Mays.

Cuzz Hartley, Walter Flowers & Victor Poole

Take me to heart and I´ll always love you
An nobody can make me do wrong
Take me for granted leaving love unshone
Makes will power weak and temptation strong

A woman´s only human
You should understand
She´s not just a play thing
She´s flesh and blood just like her man

If ya wanna do right (do right - do right)
Holding (do right - do right) this woman (woman)
You´ve gotta be a do right (do-right - do-right)
All night man (do right - do right) (man)

Yeah-yeah they say that´s it´s a man´s world
But you can´t prove that by me
And as long as we´re together baby
Show some respect for me

If you wanna do right (do right - do right)
Holding (do right - do right) this woman (woman)
You gotta be a do right (do right - do right)
All night man (man)

A woman´s only human
This you should understand
She´s not just a plaything
She´s flesh and blood
Just like her man

If you wanna do right (do right - do right)
Holding (do right - do right) this woman (woman)
You gotta be a do (why don´t cha) right (why don´t cha)
All night (why don´t cha - why don´t cha)
You gotta be a do right
All night man

Friday, September 25, 2009

Robert Register

Robert Register
got a call from Buddy Buie today & he put George Wallace, Jr. on
the line and I got to tell George Jr. about how his Great Grandfather,
Dr. George Wallace, delivered my Mother, Lucy Kate, into this world 90
years ago next month in Baker Hill. George... Jr. told me stories his
Daddy told him about traveling through Barbour County with Dr. Wallace
in his Model T and collecting potatoes and chickens from patients as
fees for house calls.
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psychedelic states

Reviewby Stanton Swihart

The second Alabama installment in Gear Fab's fab Psychedelic States series is more of the same, meaning a mixed bag of Clearasil psychedelia and undersexed garage rock, but it skews enticingly more towards the former sort of weirdness this time around than did the original volume. The compilation still has the good (but not psychedelic) regional hits mixed in with the fourth-rate, mainstream-aping pap (unappetizing even as guilty nostalgic pleasures) and more than its fair share of decent but not-nearly-as-groovy-as-they-thought filler, which is at least of a quality to elicit a giggle or smile the first two or three times through (though that is perhaps one or two more spins than the stuff merits). On the other hand, the relatively significant number of oddball, shaggy-dog nuggets makes the collection worth sifting through, starting right out the box with the Chimes' "#38" and its effects pedal-heavy acid blues. The Distortions do a far-out, yowling (literally) version of the Howlin' Wolf classic "Smokestack Lightning" with some excellent slide guitar work, good enough to get them signed to Mercury. The deliciously named the Outer Mongolian Herd crank out a "Hey Joe" halfway between the Love version of the song and the unhinged nuttiness of "Wooly Bully." And the infectious, harmony-laden "You're Playing With Fire" finds the Male in full-tilt boogie. But perhaps the strangest curiosity, for extra-musical reasons: "Think!!," a 1968 cut by George Wallace Jr. Yes, the son of the infamous governor. And, yeah, it's pretty solid.


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