Saturday, November 17, 2007

Here's a list of some the Merry Pranksters. The ones marked with a * were on the bus trip to New York. info from
Real Name: Prankster name: Comments:
Carolyn Adams Mountain Girl Second wife of Jerry Garcia
Ken Babbs * Intrepid Traveler
Ron Bevirt * Hassler
Ron Boise
Sculptor who died in 1966
Page Browning * Zelot Died, but I don't know when
Jane Burton * Generally Famished
Kathy Casano * Stark Naked Was on the bus until Houston
Neal Cassady * Speed Limit
Peter Demma
Hip Pocket Bookstore
John Evenson

Paul Foster
Was busted at the Watts Acid Test
Mike Hagen * Mal Function
Norman Hartweg

Bradley Hodgeman

Denise Kaufmann Mary Microgram Member of the band, Ace of Cups
Chuck Kesey *

Ken Kesey *
Died 11-10-2001
Steve Lambrecht

Sandy Lehmann-Haupt * Dis-MOUNT Died 10-29-2001 - Wired the bus for sound
Margie Piaggio Marge the Barge
Paula Sundsten * Gretchen Fetchin
? * Brother John
George Walker * Hardly Visible
Anthony Dean Wells The Hermit




Hey y'all:

Yeah, I was there in Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday, November 17, 2007
for the 25th Anniversary of Coach Bryant's last game in Denny Stadium.

Please check out the 3rd Quarter stats.
(I showl hopes none uv y'all thank I calling Nick a PAPER TIGER!!!!)

{How much do doze "NUMBERS DON'T LIE!" Bama T-shirts beeeeeeeze
going fo' right now?}


Merely ceremonial...

A tribute to the Seniors, allowing them to have their day in the sun at halftime when they gave their Mama a rose & their Daddy a football in front of a sold out house.

I predict that this day will go down in history
as #3 in the TOP THREE
worst days in Bryant-Denny Stadium history.


Hello everyone!

This adventure took us from Panama City Nov. 3rd on our motorcycle the entire time to Augusta, Ga, to Selma, NC, to Edenton, NC, to Ocracoke, NC, over on the Ferry, back down thru Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, and Belhaven where we went south to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah, and Hilton Head.

Relaxed there for a couple of days before heading to Tallahassee to see the kids and back home on the 13th.

It was a great trip, great scenery, wonderful crab soups, and all with wonderful friends and memories made that will last forever!

Hope you enjoy our photos.

Kathy & Dave

Lanny & Jan and Kathy & Dave at breakfast in Augusta

Kathy & Dave at Kittyhawk

Jan & Kathy On the Ferry

Dave & Kathy On A Cold Day In Belhaven, N.C.

Received the new Billy Joe Royal cd today.
Thanks so much!
I believe his voice has actually gotten better with age.
At least we know that SOME things do!
It is nice to hear him singing again.
My favorite cuts: "Echos", "Going By DayDreams", "One Morning, Two People" & "Where Did the 60s Go".
It was difficult to pick just one...the whole cd is great!
I hope we made some progress with our blastin project.

I got many messages, comments & emails from my friends about his site
& how much they enjoyed being introduced to it.

Hopefully that means they'll be buying the cd!
Peace out,

Friday, November 16, 2007

Journalist to Dizzy Dean: "Mr. Dean, do you know the King's English?"
Dizzy Dean: "Yep. And I know the Queen, and she's English, too."
courtesy of

we can open up the med skrewls
& put more doctors out on the street & that will change the landscape.
(I said that)

yes, same with nurses.

There are ways to get out of this medical care mess but the
government ain't the answer.

medicare and medicaid have been there for many who other wise would
have nothing.

touchup by John Earl

----- Original Message ----s
From: kapnken
To: robert register
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007 11:47:49 AM
Subject: Re: The Fabulous Lion of Sir Edward the Freak...

The clear message was Fuck you, Millbrook, for your freaking frostiness.

well that is certainly not true, they couldn't help it their mansion
was also the prankster's ancestral mansion, much as it gored them to
find it out. I had no intention of poking fun at the people there,
nor did I do such an unseemly thing. I was merely calling it as I saw

-- Parent's note to teacher
Teacher: You are illiterate.
Parent: I certainly am not and I have the birth certificate to prove it.


I loved the parent/teacher story.
The teacher was obviously a professonist who offended the parent who probably had a mechanical incline & was so mad they were ready to blow the teacher to Bolivia.


RR..I totally agree with your statement that government is not the answer to the high cost of medical insurance.

Many people don't understand that Hillary Care will cost you more than the current quasi- free market system, if you have
a decent job.

Universal health care will lower the standard of living in this country.

I was in Canada last year and talked to waiters,
taxi drivers, and shop keepers. When I asked how they liked the Canadian socialized system, they all said they hated it.

I tried to find one person who liked it but was unsuccessful.

They gave the following reasons-
1. Take home pay after taxes was about
50% of their salary
-2- long waits for even the simplest ailments and 3 to 6 months waits for serious ailments.
-3. You have to accept the doctor
the government assigns.
Most of them told stories about family members going to the U.S. when diagnosed with a serious illness.





Buddy Buie

Sorry 'bout dem ducks.

Whoever plays your part in the movie might get the Academy Award if he plays this scene right!



You & I have been corresponding now for about 10 years.
Now I'd like to axe you some queerstions just like all those students do.
-- Robert Register

Question #7:

What do you remember about the moment this photo was taken?

touchup by John Earl

image courtesy of

The ancestral mansion at last with plumes of red and blue and green smokescreens swirling about the towers and lawns and Cassady calling, "Here's comes the Wiesenheimer," talking about me extolling upon the marvels of the palatial mannerisms but not for long for we had been up too long on the too many furlong miles behind miles to go yak me fast yak me slow and nap upon the lawn and bathe in the creek, under the waterfall, tootle your flute, Highly Visible, go yon to mystery third floor, Sound Man, scratch betwixt the toes, Swash Buckler, tap the ground with your staff not much ryhthm but you gotta dance with em, Intrepid Traveler, contemplate the lovely lass, Equipment Hassler, days are long and many corridors still to explore.



Finally, Peggy Hitchcock invites some of them over to her house, a big modern house, known as The Bungalow, off from the gingerbread manse. Babbs is one of them. Babbs and the Pranksters are not ready for a lazy afternoon in the country, meditative or not. Inside The Bungalow, Babbs came upon a big framed photograph on the wall, looking like a Yale class picture from the year '03, a lot of young fellers seated, in tiers, in a clump and staring full-face at the camera.

"There's Cassady!" says Babbs.
"There's Hassler!"
"There's Kesey!"
"There's Sandy!"

They found every single man on the bus in the picture, while the Learyites looked on, tolerantly, and Babbs got the idea of "The Prankster's Ancestral Mansion."

The Learyites were going to take them on a tour of the great gingerbread mansion, but it became Babb's tour. He started leading it.

"Now ladies and gentlemen," he said," we are embarked upon the first annual tour of the Prankster's Ancestral Mansion. Now over here you may regard"-
he points to a big lugubrious oil portrait, or something of the sort, up on the wall-
"one of the Pranksters' great forefathers, sire and scion of the fabulous line, the fabulous lion, Sir Edward the Freak. Sir Edward the Freak, a joke in his own time. I've heard if he got aroused, he would freak a whole block of the city, Sir Edward the Freak-"

-and so on, while the Learyites tagged along, looking more and more dour, as if they sensed disaster, Babbs looking more and more animated, rapping off everything, the ancestral staircase, the ancestral fireplace, his rheostat eyes turning up to 300 watts-

-then down to one of the four "meditation centers" little sanctums where the Learyites retreated for the serious business of meditation upon inner things-

"-and now, for this part of our tour, the Crypt Tour-"And the Pranksters started rapping off the Crypt Tour, while Babbs entered into a parody rendition of THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. This was one of the Learyite's most revered texts.
"This is where we take our followers to hang them up when they're high," says Babbs, "the Crypt Trip." The clear message was Fuck you, Millbrook, for your freaking frostiness.

Hey y'all:

Looking forward the THE TIDE'S last '07 game in T-town tomorrow.

There's gonna be a lot of talk this next year about socialized medicine.
There's no reason for it.

When people say let market forces control this thing, they are talking about the strangle hold the AMA has on med schools. We could double the number of doctors coming out of med school & it would not change a damn thing in terms of quality of medical care from the professional.

Hell, we turn out LAWYERS by the TON!

Why can't we do the same thing with medical doctors?

Here at Pake Realty, I don't have to worry about health care because I have the Pake Realty DGS-DGH Health Insurance Policy(Don't Get Sick- Don't Get Hurt), therefore, I pay my doctor when I go to see him plus I use the emergency room, Emergicare, Maude Whatley Health Services and the walk-in clinic at the Tuscaloosa County Health Department.

If you want to know what free health care is like, go get the AIDS test.
In Tuscaloosa, don't worry about going to the walk-in clinic, you gotta go to the STD Clinic.
Now this is a piece of work.
No lawn maintenance. No litter control.
Walk around the building to the employee's parking lot behind the gate with the barbed wire, walk all the way around the building to the air conditioners, walk through the door, pick a number and wait.

It's free.
In 10 business days you'll find out whether you have the AIDS but while you wait to be tested, you ain't gonna like the 12 by 12 waiting room with 8 other people in it & you ain't gonna like the unprofessional way in which you are treated.

There are ways to get out of this medical care mess but the government ain't the answer.

Please take a few moments out of your busy day and spent a few hours at the capitol in Montgomery during the legislative session.
You'll never be the same.
It is totally dysfunctional & Caesar Hubbert sits in the gallery giving 'em thumbs up, thumbs down like he was in the Roman Coliseum.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey y'all:

Before we get to the Nip & Ernie's stuff, I wanna tell ya 'bout an interesting encounter I had today on 30th Avenue.

As anyone familiar with Tuscaloosa knows,
Floyd's SuperSaver on the 1800 block of 30th Avenue is the heart of the West End.
It's the only place in town with big fresh new paper signs tacked on the front of the store every day advertising "close out specials" on chitterlings, ox tail, souse meat, turkey necks, ham hocks, tripe, pig's feet & grape drink.
It is also located one block north and across the street from some of the bloodiest territory in this town.
Lots uv folks be gittin' shot behind the same shit at the corners of 30th & 19/20/21st Skreetsizzz.

Christopher & I were tuning one up THE ORIGINAL M.K.G's NEST
for the new regime at Section 8 today (rumor has it that over 50 Section 8 vouchers are going to run out in December so if they don't ease up on me fo' duh frist uv dah year,
we gonna have a riot at the Ghettoppottomus Crossing on 30th Avenue.)

So this clean cut kid with his partner (this kid was all gangstered up)
asks me for work & we start talking & I explain to him me hiring Christopher a couple of days a week & tell him that when he gets to be my age, he'll prefer to work alone.

He was nice to me so I told him,"What you need to do is find a landlord and start doing all their work for them. I'll tell you where one is. He lives over on Martin Luther King and he's got a little iron figure of a guy behind a plow & mule on his mailbox and he's got about 5 Cadillacs parked in his yard with funeral director plates on them."

The kid had no idea what I was talking about.
His gangster buddy did though.
He blurted, "Oh, THAT'S IT! I know that house.We going to see him now!"

They grinned at each other and off they went.

That was some good business to me.
That stuff warms my heart.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All right 'as vipe',
Jen Coe dropped the Creel's bomb.

I've been quiet till now but I gots' Nips history, and Creel's.

Let's not forget Pool! Let's not for get music! Let's not for get food!

Let's not forget the six cases of small Cokes I tipped over & broke in the
back of Nip's in 70' causing a somewhat small foamy wave of sugary, glass
and embarassment!

I ain't even gonna start on Joe's! Chandler's! Burger Chef?

Crank up da' nex' chapter brere!

I love Jen, and I love Amelia, Hell I love all dem' awsome Womensis'.
Specially all dem' wonderful Parrish womensis! Specially M.L. H. is
alright for a patriach! He and M.L. raised some wonderful ilk and grand
ilk. Me 'n' H. had a brown bag blast ot two! I'm better today cause of

Four O'Clock in the am I gets' a call from any of ya'll, I'm gone!

Blood's thicher 'N' mud!



I've just finished reading & smiling from an e-mail that Cheryl Binford Caputi forwarded to me via Harrison Parrish regarding your "Nip & Ernie's" blog.
I in turn, have sent it on to others that I thought would find it interesting, including Bobbie Howard.
Renee Boyd Heffner's mother passed away recently and while visiting I had the pleasure of eating one of those delicious brownies, courtesy of Rosemary Edwards Andrews. Renee & I have played Bunco for years with Bobbie Howard so we also get to enjoy the wonderful hot dogs 'n chili when it's Bobbie's turn to host.
I've printed out a copy of the entire "Nip's" story for Amelia Bush Bullard. She still doesn't use a computer but like I told Renee & Bobbie, Hell - the woman's brain is a computer and can still tell you everything you ever wanted to remember from Newton's pool to Nip's to Creel's & the Rec' Center. Not to mention the fact that she can "begot" you all the way back to Adam & Eve. And as long as she can still get that "black cord fever" she doesn't need e-mail! Amelia is my "Google"!

take care,
Jennifer Coe Rolen
Srs. '68
p.s. also have sent your blog site to my son. I guess you could say he's a little on the edge but he will enjoy your writings & music. He lives in Nashville and works for The Nashville Scene.

Hey y'all:

I don't know what it was about tonight, Tuesday, November 13,
that caused me to do this.

Maybe it was the night air.
{Somebody told me today some rain's on the way. I sure hope so because we are about as close as the diameter of a you-know-what hair of having one hell of a fire. Georgia has a legal claim to water from the Tennessee River. I have no idea why they haven't sued. I bet you it's because they so P.C. they don't want the "secret clauses" of that 1804 agreement exposed}

Perfect weather this evening in Tuscaloosa. House still warm from the day.
Long sleeve shirt's all you need for walking the sidewalks & the alleys.

February 1, 2008
marks the fifth anniversary of this blog.
First called Cuba, Alabama

Walking home tonight I decided to go back to the week of November 13, 2003; November 13, 2004; November 13, 2005 and November 13, 2006 to see what was happening in Cuba, Alabama.




Monday, November 08, 2004

While going through some of the my plunder yesterday, I found a copy of a Rufus Thomas's 45 RPM entitled THE DOG. Found some others too: Little Milton's "Friend of Mine" on GlADES, JOE TURNER and the BLUES KINGS's "OKE-SHE-MOKE-SHE-POP" on Atlantic,B.B. King's 3 O'Clock Blues on Kent,Wilson Pickett's "Funky Broadway" on Atlantic, Albert King's GUITAR MAN on Utopia, Eddie Kendricks's "Shoeshine Boy" on Tamla, Ike and Tina Turner's FUNKIER THAN A MOSQUITO'S TWEETER[flipside PROUD MARY] on Liberty,The Isley Brothers's POP THAT THANG on TNeck, Staple Singers's "I'll Take You There" on STAX AND the Isley Brothers's FIGHT THE POWER PART 1& 2 on TNECK.
It really brought back some mighty prescious memories, especially the Rufus Thomas STAX 45.
I was eating ribs at the bar in Paul Savarin's BLUES ALLEY one night in August of '79 and in walked Rufus decked out in his hotpants. We hit it off and one of my most cherished memories is taking FUNKY CHICKEN lessons from Rufus himself.
So for the past 25 years, I have been able to dance the FUNKY CHICKEN and brag that I learned it from the master:RUFUS THOMAS

Rufus Thomas

Y'all come on in now
Come right on down front
I got something I want to show you
Now y'all heard of the Popcorn
Y'all heard of the Dog
You heard about all your other dances
But now there's a brand new dance
That's going around
I want to show you exactly what I'm talking about
I'm talking about the funky chicken, y'all ready?

You raise the left arm up
and your right arm too
Let me tell you just what to do
Start both of 'em to flapping
You start your feet to kicking
That's when you know
You doin' the funky chicken

You put both arms up across your face
You knees start wiggling all over the place
You flap your arms
and your feet start kicking
Then you know you doin' the funky chicken

Oh, I'm feeling it now
I feel so unnecessary
This is the kind
This is the kind of stuff
To make you feel like you
Want to do something nasty
Like waste some chicken gravy
On your white shirt
Right down front here we go y'all

You work both arms and you work both feet
Use a dab of gravy, you right on the beat
You flap your arms
And your feet start kicking
The you know you doin' the funky chicken

Sunday, November 13, 2005

One of the best post-Katrina Waveland sites on the Web:
Here's a before and after picture you won't forget:

This is David & Kimberly King's backyard just before the storm. Notice the boards ready to go up on the windows.

The live oak tree survived!

The 40th Anniversary of the First Acid Test Appears to have been a success.

Here's an early review:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Here's a goofy picture of Larry Shell for the Playground Recording Studio website
John Rainey Adkins, Larry Shell, R.J.,"Hair" Philiips, & David Adkins?




Paul, please tell Joe Billy some of his Indian Princesses down on 30th Avenue have turned into Ghettoppottomases.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's an old post because it will give the reader some context for the story that will follow:

Monday, November 05, 2007

If this don't shock you, nothing will!
{This statement does not apply to anyone from Gary, Indianaz; Detroit, Michigan; Hartford, Connecticut; Tallahassee, Florida or Newark, New Jersey.}

Friday, November 2, I was working outside a Section 8 house getting it tuned up after a reinspection. I noticed they weren't doing hair appointments and they were dolling these two little post-toddler kids up for something.

I'm working on the front porch and the front window was open.
I heard the tenant ask the little girl what her real name was and she said, "Doodlebug" {ed. note. a.k.a. "Blackie"} & the "parent" corrected the little girl by saying, "You're "Velcroeettia Kmartia Jones. Now say that." The little girl repeated her name and then the tenant played it back for the little girl, coached her and then repeated the drill & played it back on the tape recorder.

Pretty soon, a man was walking up the drive to the porch where I was working & the tenant rushes out of the house with the little girl in her arms and she tells the little girl, "There's your Daddy walking up the driveway!"

No Shit!

It happened.

O.K. Cut to only one week later, Friday, November 9 & I'm at another Section 8 house tuning up the bathroom. Five cars are in the front yard with about 4 women visiting with at least a dozen kids. There's no bathroom so they are about to be on their way when I hear the tenant tell the younger woman that she needs to stick some guy for child support for one of her kids & the woman shouts,"Mama, these menz these days won't even take care of they own chillrin' so how you expect me to get him to support one that ain't even his?!!!!"


Ain't dat rite, O.J.?

Monday, November 12, 2007


I feel compelled to write you about a veteran, even though he would be so reluctant to do so! My father, Robert Lee Nix..born in Early, Co. Blakely, Ga. grew up in Blakely, Ga. during the great depression.

He quit school in the fifth grade to work on the farm and help his 7 brothers and sisters survive. When he was 19 he was taken from this farm to fight against the Japs .

He didn't even know who the Japs were.

He often told me that the worst day of his life was when he was on a ship looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge leaving the U.S. He also told me that the best day was when he came back underneath that same bridge after the war.

My Dad was very reluctant to talk about the war.He was a point man for Gen. Douglas McArthur in Mindinao and Luzon in the Phillipines.

He carried a B.A.R. rifle and would go out by himself and shoot Jap snipers. He killed 40 (at least) that they knew he killed, He was a lone wolf. He often said that this probably saved his life.

He said he would just pretend he was back home in Georgia hunting squirrels to put meals on the table.

One day he was in a fox hole during the monsoons. He had a guy in the foxhole with him. His name was Dominique Morino and he was a Yankee from Chicago. They were up to their necks in water from the rains and tracer bullets were going over there heads 24/7. They would sleep 2 hours off and on. After 5 days of this, my Dad woke up to see his buddy with his head blown off. He then stayed in this hell hole for 3 more days with this friend.

I could go on and on about what a great man my father was but I will share this with you for now.

I was staying at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in '84. I met some really great people during this trip. I'll reserve this for later.

I got on the elevator at the 3rd floor and noticed a little lady with a giant security guard. I don't know why but I had a notion that she was real special. I asked her if she was Jean McArthur.

She said, in that very eloquent, precious voice, "Yes I was married to the General."
I told her that my father had served with the Gen. in Mendinao and Luzon in the Phillipines.

She never stopped at the lobby. She always just went to the lower level and got in her limo. This time she got off with me and took me by the hand and gave me a personal guided tour of the Waldorf Astoria and showed me all of the little corners and cubbyholes that they called their own.

Mrs. MacArthur even told me about their cocktails and everything. I had a 2 inch pancake master of a tape with me. She autographed it for me.

She said to Robert Junior, Thanks to your father's service to this country and thanks to him for helping the General win the war.

I have to stop now because I'm crying all over the f---ing keypad!!!!!!!!!

Robert Nix.....................................................


Finding This In The Archives On Yo' Site Warmed The Cockles Of My Heart & Brought A Tear To My Eye

And I thought about my Daddy,
Working his ass off on top of a mountain of bennies,
And I thought about Kesey and Grogan playing imaginary football
As they ran down Haight street,
And as soon as I got out of my truck
I looked up into the clouds of my Alabama SKY
And thanked the Good Lord for all the times
He let me get high with some nooky.
Then I knew it was time to go to work.
Ain't love grand?!!!!!
Is this not a great country or what?!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Robert Register

From Tom Wolfe's THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST: (writing about the Acid Test Graduation)

"We're in a period now like St. Paul and the early Christians," Kesey says. "St. Paul said, if they shit on you in one city, move on to another city, and if they shit on you in that city, move on to another city-"

"I know, Ken, but you're telling people to stop taking acid, and they're not going to stop. They've opened up doors
in their minds they never knew existed, and a very beautiful thing, and then they read in the papers that somebody they've looked up to is suddenly telling them to stop."

"There's a lot of things I can't tell the newspapers," says Kesey. His eyes are still focused long-range, away from Goldhill. "One night in Mexico, in Manzanillo, I took some acid and I threw the I Ching. And the I Ching- the great thing about the I Ching is, it never sends you Valentines, it slaps you in the face when you need it- and it said we had reached the end of something, we weren't going anywhere any longer, it was time for a new direction-and I went outside and there was an electrical storm, and there was lightning everywhere and I pointed to the sky and lightning flashed and all of a sudden I had a second skin, of lightning, electricity, like a suit of electricity, and I knew it was in us to be superheroes and that we could become superheroes or nothing." He lowers his eyes. " I wouldn't tell this to the newspapers. How could I? I wouldn't be put back in jail, I'd be put in Pescadero."

(drawing by skypilot, Ali Bob)


On the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the armistice was signed ending the war that would end war forever, thereby refuting the words, "There will always be war or rumors of war."



the Village Voice has an archived page as part of a Mailer remembrance-- some great articles and photos-- a Ginsberg review of Dharma Bums and a photo of Cassius Clay leaving a Grenwich Village club after a reading (his) in 1963 before the Doug Jones fight...

-- Ray,50th5565,69185,31.html

entire post courtesy of

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Roberto----Alabama Public Television had a great show on tonight featuring Alabama veterans of World War II.
My father died
Christmas Day, 2003, and the special, which was touching to me, brought him and members of his generation to my mind.
I was out in my garage working on a painting of Wally's Service Station (remember
The Andy Griffith Show?) and stopped to jot down some thoughts that came to me.
Having nothing else to do with them, I decided to send them along to you. Maybe they will promote others of our time to stop a moment and reflect on that amazing generation.....

Veteran's Day

The crops are in, the stalks are dead
or dying in the field.
We thank you, God, for what they gave,
we thank you for their yield.

Pale and failing, leaning now,
they fall before the wind.
The sun that fed them dries them now,
they're dying once again.

When they stood tall and proud and young
our future was their gift.
Without them we seem rudderless,
and sure to go adrift.

But summer always comes again,
new crops will fill the fields.
Yet they will feed on yesterday
whose harvest always lives.
Jimmy Dean

Hey y'all:

Tonight I sent out a message to my 3415 myspace friends asking for their help pushing Billy Joe Royal's new CD
I need all the help I can get.

Now I'm asking for your help, too.

Here's the deal:

Within the past month, we've been trying to get Billy Joe's message out on the Web.
Billy Joe still has his page
at B.J. Thomas' site
but he's also has two myspace sites
On the site listed above you can listen to Billy Joe's hits and watch youtube videos of DOWN IN THE BOONDOCKS along with CHERRY HILL PARK.

To buy a CD from Billy Joe's official site
you click on the GOING BY DAYDREAMS CD image & that takes you to B.J. Thomas' site & there you can click on another GOING BY DAYDREAMS CD image to go to Billy Joe's page.

All of this activity on the Internet along with giving the customer a discount by dropping all delivery charges when you order before December 15 IS SUPPOSED TO BE SELLING CDs!
The total cost of purchasing Billy Joe Royal's new GOING BY DAYDREAMS CD is only $14.95.

Please explore Billy Joe Royal's spaces on the Web & let me hear from you about your marketing suggestions.
The people who help us the most will get a free copy of Billy Joe Royal's new CD, GOING BY DAYDREAMS.
For everybody else who helps us, I'll try to get you a copy of the CD too but right now I only have two new copies. I'm mailing my other two to Dothan tomorrow.

Bama Queen
has already qualified to receive her copy of GOING BY DAYDREAMS because she has definitely put on her Tom Terrific Thinking Cap to figure out how she can use her Internet resources to help our buddy, Billy Joe Royal.
Please check out her site & contact me if you want to see her four images of WAYNE KNIGHT along with the images of his memorial service at Arlington.

Any suggestions & other unwanted comments will be appreciated.

This work with Billy Joe is definitely gonna help all uv us out here in



Billy Joe has a secret.
If he would share his SNUFF QUEEN MEMOIRS with his devoted Wiregrass
fan base, he would go gold overnight.
was titillating.
purchase GOING BY DAYDREAMS to get info about these eye opening works.


I'm gonna blast email as well...
also to all myspace friends, since I have several our age who have lots of "our" kinda music on their pages.
Hey checkout this site from a new friend of mine who is a VietNam vet, a guy from that era set up this page: .
Great music to add to your myspace music player.

Thanks for mentioning Wayne...I still miss him so much.
His daughter & I are planning a "girls only" trip to a resort spa after the new year. We're thinking Key West...
Later Tater,

Hey Roberto----
seems like somebody needs to contact Billy Joe and BJ's website managers to clear that up.
All this stuff is still pretty much Greek to me----I'm still having trouble doing a bass run in E flat, but it sounds like my old friend from way back when, Bama Queen, might have more of a handle on this than me.

I would love to see Joe Billy's CD soar "Like A Rocket" and surprise all the big time record exec honchos, who are more interested nowadays in foul-mouthed scum who wear their pants down around the bottom of their butts than in real music.
Jimmy Dean