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Found some super stuff while searching for a rock 'n roll version of DIXIE on the Web.

I certainly agree with all those who protested the playing of "Dixie" at a football game in the new Georgia Dome.

Although slavery isn't mentioned in the song, it still makes people think of the Old South, where every white person owned African-American slaves.

"Dixie" is definitely a politically incorrect piece of music. Even the word is offensive to some, and I apologize to those who are offended by my use of it.



Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The National Summit on Cuba Mobile, Alabama
June 10-11, 2005 Sponsored By
The World Policy Institute
The City of Mobile Alabama
State Port Authority
Gulf Coast Regional Chamber Coalition
Cuba Trade Coalition
AlaCaribe Initiative, Inc.
Maybank Shipping Company, Inc.
Mobile Airport Port Authority
A.R. Savage & Son, Inc.
Port of Corpus Christi
Thompson Cat/Caterpillar Inc.
Page & Jones, Inc.
Riverview Plaza Hotel
Society Mobile-La Habana
(USCSCA) Americans For Humanitarian Trade With Cuba

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco’s March 2005 trade mission to Cuba highlights the interest Southern states have in increased trade and interaction with close geographic neighbor Cuba. Cuba was Louisiana and other Southern states’ top export market prior to the imposition of the embargo in 1960. Forty-five years later, these Southern communities remain blocked from this important natural trading partner.To better inform this growing audience and to hear from new voices on the U.S. Cuba policy debate, the 2005 National Summit on Cuba will be held at the Mobile Convention Center and Spring Hill College on Friday, June 10-11 in Mobile, Alabama. The Mobile Summit will present diverse, nationally recognized speakers on current U.S.- Cuba commercial relations and policy. While this Summit will focus on the impact of the U.S.-Cuba estrangement on the American South and present fresh data on past and potential future trade, we will also educate our audience on the broader factors inherent in the ongoing policy debate. Past Summits have provided audiences with a lively learning experience and exchange.

Military helicopters alongside containerized shipping inside
our US flagged warehouse barge

Monday, June 06, 2005
We got all kinds of potential SOUTHERN ROCK Historic Marker Locations on this post if we could just find the right place to stick the sign in the ground.
{Bobby, thanx fo' the scan of the EMPIRE label "I Can't Help Myself" 45 by the Gibraltars, however, I can't get in on the Web tonight- I will require constant adult supervision in order to complete that task}
One thing is for certain, everybody is fired up about doing some documentaries about OUR MUSIC!!!!

"Robert Dupree"
"robert register"
Re: " I Eat A Peach For Peace....2 legged Georgia Kind!" DOOWANG : WATCH CMT AT 8 ON SUNDAY!!!!
Sun, 5 Jun 2005 19:10:53 -0500

Yeah, I caught that too about the address of MSS. I remember one day driving across the Tennessee River into Florence with Jimmy Johnson, and him telling me the story about Lynyrd Skynrd calling him up to tell him they had just recorded a song about "The Swampers". Jimmy said they ASKED him if it'd be alright. Wow, what respect (R_E_S_P_E_C_T)! That was in 1978 when I first started working at MSS. You know, I can't understand why there hasn't been a real documentary about MSS and The Swampers. I've seen some video stuff, I think on Public TV, about them during the Traffic era, but there sure needs to be "THE" definitive story about those guys. I can't tell you what a privilege and pleasure it was for me to work with those guys. Let me tell you a little story about the class of The Swampers. I was working as a maintenance engineer at the new studio on the river. Bob Dylan and Bob Segar were doing sessions there at the time. This was in September/October, 1978. I got a call from my sister saying Mama had been admitted to the hospital for gall stones. I told Jimmy, and without hesitation he said "Get on down to Montgomery and be with your Mama". When I got to the hospital, the doctor came out and handed me a list of internal organs he'd just removed from her. They had gutted her! He said she had pancreatic cancer. I didn't know, until I broke into the doctor's library late one night, that it was about 98% terminal. Anyhow, I called MSS everyday and was told, "Just stay with your Mama". Not only that, but for that 6-8 week period while she was dying in the hospital, they paid me just like I was working. Mama died in late October, and I just mentally lost it. I couldn't think. I went back up to Sheffield and told Jimmy I was going back to Montgomery and take care of the settlement of my mother's estate.
Now, the pinnacle of my music career had been working at MSS, but I couldn't do the work that it took to keep the studios tuned up. After all, all that was expected was excellence, which I couldn't give at that point. So I left. To this day, I am and always will be forever grateful for that opportunity given to me by Jimmy, David, Roger, and Barry.
So, where's the MSS documentary?

"Randy Poe"
Re: " I Eat A Peach For Peace....2 legged Georgia Kind!" DOOWANG : WATCH CMT AT 8 ON SUNDAY!!!!
"robert register"

That "1000 Alabama Avenue" refers to the studio's
last address (the old armory they took over right on
the Tennessee River after they moved out of 3614).
Skynyrd never recorded at the 1000 Alabama Avenue
address, except possibly to do some overdubs for the
album that became "First...and Last."
Phil Walden's "2-legged Georgia kind" quote is
pure fiction. This is the exact text from the actual
magazine interview with Duane:
Ellen Mandel: "How are you helping the revolution?"
Duane Allman: "I'm hitting a lick for peace, and every
time I'm in Georgia I eat a peach for peace. But you
can't help the revolution, because there's just
evolution. I'm a player. And players don't give a damn
for nothing but playing, and what playing entails."

It was great to see Jimmy Johnson and Rick Hall
getting some serious camera time. Overall, I thought
the show was pretty cool - host of inaccuracies
notwithstanding. When a genre goes ignored as long as
Southern rock has, any coverage is good coverage.

"Rodney Justo" :
"robert register"
Re: " I Eat A Peach For Peace....2 legged Georgia Kind!" DOOWANG : WATCH CMT AT 8 ON SUNDAY!!!!
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 07:41:57 -0400

3864 Oakcliff court ( Studio One)doesn't exist anymore.
I spent the weekend in Atlanta so that I could visit Paul Cochran the co-manager of the Candymen and for a while ARS ( in fact he's the only personal manager I've ever signed with) who's health has not been good lately.
I left for the airport early so that I'd have time to ride alone to some of the old haunts and not have to share my memories with anyone.
Studio One is not only gone, meaning that it's no longer a studio,but, they have actually changed the numerical configuration so that it's now the 3600 block instead of 3800.
As many days ( and nights) that I spent there even I couldn't bet money on which door was the entrance to the studio.
Of course the original Lowery Music/Master Sound is now a MARTA stop.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

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Sunday, June 5, 2005 11:09 PM
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" I Eat A Peach For Peace....2 legged Georgia Kind!" DOOWANG : WATCH CMT AT 8 ON SUNDAY!!!!



I'm logging the sites & about an hour into the program they take SKYNYRD to Muscle Shoals & the graphic is labeled
"Muscle Shoals Sound
1000 Alabama Avenue
Sheffield, Alabama"

in fact check out this quote from the email I sent ya'll less than two hours ago....
"the documentary is tied together by addresses of important SOUTHERN ROCK historic sites like 3614 Jackson Highway in Sheffield."

Here's what I got and I'll correct it tonight at 8 P.M. CDT:

1] Fame Recording Studio
Avalon Avenue
Muscle Shoals

Chuck Leavell
Rick Hall
Jimmy Johnson [I got to meet him backstage when the Stones played Bama in '72]
David Hood [somebody needs to check on his son]
Phil Walden [not sure if he was a fraternity brother but he went to school at Mercer with my EYC advisor from Dothan, John Rue ,back in the day when he managed Otis Redding & The Pine Toppers]

2} Green House in Jacksonville {hey weezzzz needs the address on this}

Dickey Betts
Butch Trucks

3] Hippie Crash Pad
309 College St.

introduce Phil Walden

4]Atlantic Records
1841 Broadway

5] Idlewild South [little farm outside of Macon, didn't get any address but have heard about some disturbing stuff which occurred at this location]

6] Criteria Studios
1755 N.E. 149 St.

7] Filmore East
105 2nd Ave.

8]Corner of Hillcrest & Bartlet

Mike Hyland

9]Grant's Lounge
Poplar St.

Paul Hornsby [born New Brockton, Alabama]
Doug Gray
George McCorkle

10] Capricorn
535 Cotton Ave.

missed a guy here [I'll make it up at 8]
Charlie Daniels

11] Funochio's

Al Kooper
Gary Rossington

12]elementary school baseball field
5300 Park St.

Van Zant Brothers

13] Robert E. Lee H.S.
1200 S. Mc Duff Ave.

14] one hour into the documentary &
1000 ALABAMA AVE. {should be 3614 Jackson Rd}

Billy Powell
Ed King

somewhere outside of Jacksonville {need to get the address}

16] 3864 Oak Cliff Industrial Blvd.
Doraville, Ga.

17] 2600 Geneva Avenue
San Francisco, Ca.

Judy Van Zant

18] Lasalle Square
Providence, R.I.

some Carter guy

19] Lakeside Amusement Park
Lakeside Road

20] Amite County, MS

Check it out on CMT at 8 & check out wwwwwwwwwwwyker's post below

"robert register"
Re: O.K., ROCK PILGRIMAGE Tour Guides, Get Out Your Pencil & Paper! I'm Gonna Teach Ya Sumthin'.
Sun, 5 Jun 2005 16:11:52 -0500

Dea Ka$h !
Yes The RUBBER BAND was on that Big BAM Show in MonkeyTown...Sonny and Cher were the headliners and fought like cats and dogs the whole time...and the on that show there was ROY ORBISON and THE CANDYMEN,The McCoys,? and The Mysterions, The Seeds,The Byrds and about everyone else that had a hit record at the time...

If you had a hit you were on the WVOK Show which was before the Big BAM Show...I already knew Robert Nix and most of The fact I left my first wedding ring at Robert Nix's apartment in Atlanta when I took it off because it was making a rattle when I played the guitar...that married did not last long...

Anyway at The WVOK Show Nix was tellin' me about The Byrds drummer....and he said don't miss his playin' he stood right by my side when The Byrds came on...

The Byrds drummer was Michael Clark and basically he learned to play on Cardboard
Boxes....and he might have been takin' acid or somethang....

Before the show all the dressing rooms were filled with the acts that were goin' to play....I was lookin' for The where to be found...The McCoys had the biggest candy stash I've ever seen....I guess they got the munchies a lot...

I remember Roy Orbison's father and maybe his brother were backstage....I remember thinkin' that they all wore Coke bottle thick glasses....they were real nice people...

And then about half way through the show we got word that a mysterious motorhome had pulled up beside the buildin'...and maybe it was The Byrds...a few minutes later the backstage doors flew open and the indefinable smell of Patchouli Oil permeated the whole auditorium...

And Roger McGuinn...took a quick look around back was almost like he was runnin' and lookin' at everybody there from head to foot....when he scanned me or looked me in the face he was about a foot away and I could tell he was wearin' bright GREEN contact lenses...and then he was back on his mysteries motorhome..

The promoters started to relax a little bit...and when announcer announced The BYRDS'S the teenage girls started screamim' so loud that it completely drowned out the band..

McGuinn plugged his 12 string into some big ass amp and he stepped up to the mic and let loose with a solo version of one of their the meantime Chris Hillman and David Crosby were tryin' to get plugged up...but they seemed to be more interested in lightin' their cigarettes...and they were havin' some kind of argument at the same time..

But McGuinn plowed ahead solo and nobody missed the rest of the band..the screamin' was so deafing..

Me and Robert Nix were back stage watchin' Michael Clark The Byrds drummer...and Nix would punch me and say "now watch this part "...Clark sat down on the drums and closed his eyes and started movin' to the beat....he got his chewin' gum goin' ....and then he got the bass drum goin'....and a little later he added the snare drum...and when he had those two actions down he added a cymbal....his eyes were still tightly closed and he was chewin' that gum a mile a minute....

And Robert Nix said to me "Now watch what he does next "...and sure enough when he finally had it all goin' at one time he decided to go for a roll....and when he did he missed about four drums and a cymbal and almost fell off his drum stool...

When he collected himself he started the whole process over again....first he got his gum goin'...and then he added the bass,,and later the snare...well you know the story..

But me and Robert Nix laughed all night about Michael Clark's "learnin' experience on The Job"

And McGuinn never looked back at all or left or right for that matter....he just stood there with his 12 string wide open and played the whole set almost by himself !

I'm still laughin' about seein' The BYRDS that night in Birmingham and I'm sure Nix is still laughin' about it too...

The Tour went from B'Ham to Montgomery or MonkeyTown and ended in Jacksonville ,Fla, at a Big APE Show.

Sonny and Cher were The Headliners...and I remember that Cher wore a ring on her index was in the shape of a ball about the size of a big marble and I think it open up....funny how you remeber thangs like that...but I'll bet she kept her stash in there !

John D. Wyker aka SAILCAT aka The RUBBER BAND
"Music that you will not hear anywhere else !"
Please Checkout and PLEASE pass the link on to all your friends !

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"Robert Dupree
"robert register"
Re: O.K., ROCK PILGRIMAGE Tour Guides, Get Out Your Pencil & Paper! I'm Gonna Teach Ya Sumthin'.
Sun, 5 Jun 2005 18:30:12 -0500

Tell Rodney that was a great story about Roy and Sonny and Cher. Also tell him that the band playing "I Can't Help Myself" was us, The R.G.'s. That was one of our original songs, inspired by our love for Otis Redding and the influence he had on us trying to be a "SOUL" band. Also, ask him if he remembers us wearing the Bavarian yodler outfits. That story is in Greg Haynes book, and an excerpt of that story is here:

“We played the 1967 Big Bam Winter show at The Coliseum in Montgomery and were joined by our old friends The Rubber Band. They originally were named the Magnificent 7, and after they got the recording contract with Columbia, they had to change names. You see, Columbia had released a movie in 1960 called “The Magnificent 7” and the execs at Columbia had the name “The Magnificent 7” copyrighted and didn’t want a movie with the same name as a band. So Wyker called us and asked if we wanted to sell our name. We, of course, told him no, and so he had this idea to name his band “The Herald Angels” and said that the first album released could be titled Hark !”The Herald Angels Sing. “After that, they changed the name of the band to “The Rubber Band”. Anyhow, they had a great song out called Let Love Come Between Us and it was on the WBAM charts the same time that our song Bug of Soul was. It was, I thought, one of the best soul songs of the 60’s and James and Bobby Purify later covered the song. When The Rubber Band came back from New York after signing with Columbia they all had bought these really cool Paul Revere and the Raider boots, leather vests, etc. We knew they were going to try to out dress us at the Big BAM show, so we decided to come up with the most outrageous outfit that we could. We went down to Weil’s, a local clothing store in town that carried the “hippest” threads around. We found these lime green pants, black shirts with iridescent flowers, white suspenders and white clip on ties, and bright orange suede slip on Johnson-Murphy shoes. We cut the pants off and made them into shorts, and bought thin knee-high black silk socks to wear with them. We kept the outfits hidden until we were ready to go on stage. The Rubber Band opened the show and we listened to one or two songs, and then went to our dressing room. We stayed in the dressing room until they had almost finished. When the Rubber Band finished, we were just coming out of the dressing room and when they saw us, they knew we’d outdone them. They got a big laugh out of that, and what’s funny is we actually had girls screaming when we came on stage. To tell you the truth, we looked like a bunch of Bavarian yodelers.

It was a stunt to try and out-do the Rubber Band, who had all those cool clothes they got in NYC. The Rubber Band was also at that show, in fact opened it up. They had "Let Love Come Between Us" out. The night was November 25, 1967.
I remember watching the McCoys from backstage and what struck me as odd was that their drummer stood up and played drums. I'd never seen that before. I believe his name was Randy Zehringer. Rick, their monster guitarist, later changed his last name to Derringer. Rick played with the Winter Brothers, and later had out "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo".
Ed Sanford and I left back stage before Roy and the Candymen came on and got seats out front on the side of the stage where "Little Bobby" was set up. Ed kept saying, "Listen to Little Bobby". Rusty even remembers how great Roy and the Candymen sounded. They knew how to play the room!
Bobby Dupree

Get out your notebooks out at 3:30 CDT & 8:OO CDT this afternoon & evening for AMERICAN REVOLUTIONS: SOUTHERN ROCK on CMT.
Like Rock Pilgrimage the documentary is tied together by addresses of important SOUTHERN ROCK historic sites like 3614 Jackson Highway in Sheffield.
I plan to log each address of each site, along with the names of the commentators{ they include our old "Cuba, Alabama" buddies Paul Hornsby, Ed King and AL KOOPER}, and post it on ROCKPILGRIMAGE

And check out Rodney The Rocker's comments on the TRUE history of the CANDYMEN..........

From: Rodney Justo
To: "robert register"
Subject: Re: Calibrate Your BULLSH** DETECTORS! "CUBA, ALABAMA" Surfed The Web For THE CANDYMEN!
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 08:56:33 -0400

Wow , what a lot of stuff
here's the actual personnel accounting.
The only one of "The Candymen" that played on Pretty Woman was Paul Garrison .There were two drummers on the record.Paul Garrison and Buddy Harmon.
I can't swear who played bass but I'm going to guess that it was either Joe osborn,or Henry Stzrlecki (close enough for rock and roll spelling)
Let me share something with you.
We lied for so many years about playing on Pretty Woman that we can almost remember the session.
BUT,it wasn't entirely our fault.
Roy and presumably Monument records wanted Roy to percieved as more "current" hence the concept that he was part of a band ,or the band was a part of him if you will.
Talking about playing with him was almost second nature to us.
When I left ARS to move to New York I lived with Allan Schwartzberg the reknown studio drummer.
One day we're in the car, Pretty Woman comes on the radio, and the announcer says "that was Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison and the Candymen"
Allan says to me "Rocker wasn't that your band ? "
I guess, wanting to be as important as he was at least for a second I answered ,"yeah that's me singing with him"
End of story......not quite
Nothing was ever said of the conversation for years.
One day we're out with Paul Schaeffer and he tells Paul did you know that Rocker sang on Pretty Woman with Roy Orbison?
By the way, Paul is kind of a music historian and he's got a mind like a steel trap.
Well, I don't want Allan to look stupid so I go along with the deception.
A couple of months later I run into Will Lee. " Rocker I didn't know that you sang the harmony part with orbison on Pretty Woman ?"
"Well, Will, It's not something that I talk about" I replied. (no shit,you have to learn to keep your mouth shut ,at least maybe people will only THINK you're stupid)
Maybe a year later I see that Orbison is going to be on the Letterman show so I know that the jig is up.
Well, for some reason it doesn't happen.
I call Roy to tell him of the story and he's laughing his ass off. By the way he had a wonderful sense of humor and LOVED to laugh,when he got going it was more like a cackle.
He said to me "I'm sure it would have come up, and I would have told him what a liar you are. Remember the time that you told that girl that you and your family were Cuban refugees and your boat sank and you all had to swim the last three miles to get to America?"
"Well, Ooby I had to tell her something,she was saying something about how she didn't like Cubans"
I'm not Cuban ,by the way. I'm Spanish
Anyway, he did finally do the Letterman show, and Schaeffer looks at me like I killed Kennedy.

photo courtesy of

On the Orbison Way, we did in fact, play on the album.
It was Bill Gilmore,John Rainey Adkins,Robert Nix,and me.
Playing Piano was Bobby peterson who preceded Dean Daughtry.Also on the dates was Bill Dees Roy's co writer singing background.

As far as the TWIST records with the Candymen I never heard of them until EBAY,and they of course have nothing to do with us.

"Rodney Justo"
"robert register"
Sun, 5 Jun 2005 09:12:45 -0400

I'll tell you a story about that WBAM show in Montgomery.
We were co-headliners with Sonny and Cher.
When I say we, I mean Orbison.
Well, Roy was the most docile and non-confrontational person you could imagine.
We were congregating backstage talking with some of the other acts that were on the show,( I think we were talking with the Mc Coys) but when Chers people started walking the backstage area where the dressing rooms were, saying that she wouldn't go on till the area was completely clear,Roy said in his soft south Texas accent "I'm afraid that she might be a little late for her show" meaning that he wasn't going to leave till he was good and ready.
I think that the Rubber Band was on that show and did "I can't help myself"
Robert also ran into Mac Rebanek, later known as Doctor John, who he knew from Jacksonville and was playing piano in Sonny and Chers band.