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My son Christopher & Carsen

Little Hurricane Creek behind Christopher's cabin


A path we walked down before

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Robert -
In the process of Googling for tri-corner info I came across your blog. I read w/interest the historical material you've presented on NW FL.
I thought you might have an idea where I could find a source of information on the AL/GA/FL marker on the bank of the Chattahoochee. Someone installed it there and I'd like to learn who. In particular, I'd like a picture of this new marker.
Hope you can make a suggestion. All info will be gratefully appreciated.
Bill W.
Strausstown, PA


Great to hear from ya!

The marker was placed on the river bank by an organization called Voyage of Discovery, Inc. in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Dothan Landmarks Foundation.
It was dedicated on January 21, 2000.

Nobody in the world knows where the Alabama-Florida line lays on the ground so the position of the marker is arbitrary. Neither state wants to tackle a retracement survey.

There is a place on the west bank of the Chattahoochee River where you can put your foot on three states but nobody knows where that is and nobody wants to pay to find out.

The marker is accessible by land through Ansley Whatley's property. It's a really impressive environment. Right now the Atamasco lily is blooming.

Robert Register

There is a place on the west bank of the Chattahoochee River where you can put your foot on three states

Robert -

Thanks for your prompt reply to my e-mail.

We're members of the "Highpointers Club" and one of it's spin-off activities is reaching the state tri-points. There are 62 of these but only 38 are "dry" - accessible on foot. Some are close to state high points and convenient to come by.

We recently drove to Key West planned to, en route, bag that AL/GA/FL corner. Apparently, we didn't do enough homework before setting out, resulting in an aborted attempt. While in the area we unfortunately got some bad info about accessing the site, but once back in PA we were able to make contact w/the so-called "dreaded land owner" - Mr. Whatley.

As it turned out, he was quite agreeable to helping visitors reach this spot, but asked that he be e-mailed ( ) well in advance, and in the time-window that is not hunting season.

I run a no-brainer blog on highpointing, tri-pointing, etc., ICYI: THE TREK STOP. The post that mentions the tri-point will need updating per the above new info, and is the reason I wanted a picture of the marker.

Thanks very much for all the org references you provided. I Goggled and perused them for a while, but found nothing on that marker; however, there are a few contact nos. and addresses I plan to try.

Hoping I'll eventually find what I'm looking for, I'll send you the updated post. Perhaps you'd like to visit the spot yourself. As for us, I'm not sure when we'll be thataway anytime soon.

Thanks again, Robert....



The article is on the right hand side of the second page of the newsletter which is the link I sent you. It's entitled

I've got a picture of the tricorner marker on the Chattahoochee somewhere in my stuff.
If I find it, I'll shoot it to ya.

A mile and a half north of the tripoint is the northern most point of land described by the Tallahassee Meridian which also controls all the legal descriptions of land in the Florida Keys & it's in Alabama. All the land in this narrow triangle between the Chattahoochee and the Conecuh was in Florida before 1856.

Kinda weird, huh?!!!


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Definitely drier than Key West....

This was a serendipity stop for us on our Southern Most U.S. 48 trip that turned out to be our South venture highlight. In Key West, we boarded the Yankee Freedom II ferry early Fri, Feb 20 for a bumpy "ocean-in-motion" 68 mile sail to DT. A cold front from the NW stirred the blue sea into 6 ft waves, but we arrived alive 2 1/2 hrs later at Fort Jefferson/DT - an absolutely fascinating historical brick enclave plunked onto a 14-acre dot of terra firma in big water named Garden Key.

The fort was the intended "Guardian to the Gulf." It's construction began in 1846 but forgone in 1875 resulting in a not-quite completed/armed fort. Still, there are a helluva lot of bricks here (16 million). In the Northern Hemisphere this masonry hulk of it's kind is second to the Great Wall of China.

If we go again, er...if you go: Think about sticking around a few days for camping, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, birding, exploring, and generally hanging out, cheap. It's .6 miles around the fort via the moat when you need to step out. Take tent, food, and water (beverages). Per the name Dry Tortugas, there's no fresh water available except to keep the NP staff hydrated.

The return trip was on calmer water. The Yankee Freedom II crew are pros who know the route and these waters intimately. See the borrowed YouTube video below for a nicely presented look at DT.

Dry Tortugas National Park Ferry:
NP info:

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AL/GA/FL Corner Cautionary....

Hoping to reach the AL/GA/FL tripoint (#24) on route to Key West, once in the tricorner area, we were advised not to approach this site from Alabama or Florida. A tripointer might instinctively try going east from AL Rt95 through Chattahoochee State Park, but two private properties need to be crossed in order to access the Chattahoochee River and corner marker. As it is, the owners are in dispute and both are intolerant of trespassers. Those tripointers who have achieved their goal as above did so naively or with daring disregard for the owners rights and the danger of trespassing here.

For now, two alternatives have been suggested: Contact the owner of the Florida land and diplomatically inquire if he would drive tripointers to the post for a fee. Or, hire someone w/a boat who could leave from Neal's Landing, 2 miles below the post, and transport tripointers upstream, again, for a fee. Jack Parsell advises that the river's level and temperament must be considered and then a steep bank then must be climbed to reach the marker.

Note: Do not contact park personnel regarding this issue. They cannot assist except to strongly discourage trespassing and using the park as an approach to the river.

Any and all adds to this info will be appreciated. Meanwhile, be careful out there. Tripointing is NOT FOR WUSSES!!!

While reading your blog I noticed Mr Whatley was referred to as a"dreaded land owner". Please send me this man's email address. I would like an explanation.


Please go back and read the earlier posts which were emails I received from Hiker Bill.

These cats got bad information when they were down there at the park.
They have talked to Ansley on the phone and he's got no problem with them visiting after hunting season's over.

Chalk it up to Yankee prejudice.

Thanks for reading my blog.

A copy of this reply is being sent to the blogger who posted the hillbilly cartoon and the stuff about "dreaded landowner".

I'm sure he'll clarify things in a new post.

Robert Register___________________________________________________

Before I say something I might regret, I will go back and read earlier posts.
Thanks for the reply.

Hey folks~

This is kinda weird.
No one knows the origin of the expression, "The Good Lord willing & The Creeks don't rise", however, there are people on the Web who say it was coined by Indian agent Benjamin Hawkins.


No! Joe Walsh was not the lead singer for the James Gang; it was Wilbur Walton Jr. Check the directory of Wilbur Walton & The James Gang above. Now it’s very possible that there was another band called the James Gang with a lead singer by the name of Joe Walsh but I can guarantee you that it was not the same band that recorded the classic, “Georgia Pines.” (Please remember that that at the Hey Baby Days blog, we believe in levity)

As you can see, we need help with our band directories. In some cases these directories serve as a certain 60s band’s bands only legacy. If a band performed “My Girl”, “Midnight Hour”, or any of the greatest hits from The Hey Baby Days, we want to know about them, want them listed among the bands on the Bands page at the site. To the extent that we can get all of the names and instruments etc, we want that as well. (Look at the directory form for the type of information that we are seeking) By reviewing the directories included in this posting, you will notice varying degrees of completeness.

We will be updating and adding directories to the Bands page soon… we have been working on it for some time but we still have a ways to go. For instance, we’ll be adding Wilbur Walton’s latest effort, “Mr. Rosebud” to his listing of releases. We’ll be adding another band of Tempests and hopefully filling in blanks for the two Tempest bands listed above.

If you reading this and know someone who might help in filling in some blanks, please forward this posting along. We also revise, and correct existing directories.

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Thanks to all who are supporting the Hey Baby Days

Click on the images to enlarge

We are very gratified to hear almost daily from readers who are enjoying "The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music." We started the blog because of the many and wonderful emails we were getting about the book. We were posting them on the "Comments From Readers" at the web site, Then our brilliant site webmaster said, "you should start a blog." And so we did ! The support continues to grow and if it continues, and the information flow continues, a Volume Two may become a reality. As to Volume One, a second printing is very possible. We'll keep you advised and when we get to a certain point in reservations, we'll send a note to China to start the presses.


I have just a few thoughts that I would like to share with you about the ball.

It will be being filmed for 150th civil war anniversary promotional purposes by the Alabama Department of Tourism and Travel. So I think we should put our best foot forward. I mean for this to be just the beginning of a discussion of how we might make Ball the best it can be. These points have occurred to me and I would like to share them with you.

  • Ball Guards should be plentiful, as well groomed as possible, with white gloves
    >Guards at front door should not hesitate to remind men to remove head dress
    >Every re-enactor onsite should be encouraged to attend the Ball
    >Every one should be instructed when they encounter the camera to treat it as a person, curtsy, nod of the head, bow, etc.( do not back up, turn away, flee)

    Perry is having a little difficulty obtaining the correct size flags needed for the back balcony (I would say 6x10 min)
    >Who will speak from the Balcony? (Sumner, of course, but do we have a ringer?)
    >Who will be in the Receiving line? (Military Command & wives traditional, alternating? Over 6 at a time is too many

    The JDA will furnish a Ball Pass/ticket check point just inside the front gate

    >The JDA will also receive the Pass/tickets from attendees at the front door and our announcer will announce them to the receiving line.
    >Both Bands will play in the main Courtyard to reduce the size of the venue
    Steps have been taken to insure that ticket holders under the age of 14 be accompanied by a chaperon in period dress
    Steps have also been taken to encourage local young men ticket holders to dress more appropriately for a Ball(ie, Period Coats)
    The Ball will be more festive. Besides the usual refreshments, $20(US) will get you a commemorative 144th BOS Glass and 4-4oz servings of wine(Yankees may substitute beer in larger quantities)
  • With 4 weeks to go. Please send me your thoughts.


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    My favorite website is

    Mo' Garbage From Dah MACHINE!

    Mar 19 2009
    Washington Times article: Harpers Ferry Raid Aided by Many Blacks; 150th Anniversary of Infamous Raid Which Led to the Civil War

    Harpers Ferry raid aided by many blacks


    It is commonly said that John Brown tried to incite the slaves to rebel, but blacks did not join him. That is not true. What really happened is more complicated, more inclusive of black participation, and was more successful than even Brown might have imagined.

    Brown raided Harpers Ferry to free the slaves on Oct. 16, 1859, with 21 men.

    The first civilian who lost his life, Heyward Shepherd, was a free black man, a baggage handler at Harpers Ferry. Shepherd came upon the raiders on the bridge. They tried to entice him to join them. He balked and ran, only to be shot in the back by the raiders.

    However, blacks by the hundreds were motivated to help. Among them were two slaves captured in the raid. Slave Jim was clubbed to death during the raid. Slave Ben was captured and taken to Charles Town, where he died in jail. Both had joined Brown's cause.

    Several blacks helped Brown's men escape, and five or six others helped load wagons at the Kennedy Farm.

    U.S. Army Col. Robert E. Lee, in charge of putting down the rebellion, listed two more dead raiders than the number of raiders who crossed the bridge - presumed to be blacks. Commander Robert Baylor cites four more insurgent deaths in his reports - believed now to have been blacks who helped in the raid.

    Virginia Gov. Henry A. Wise declared martial law in November, saying the mountains above the Shenandoah River were filled with "hundreds of fugitives."

    Local blacks burned crops and barns belonging to members of the jury.

    W.E.B. Dubois in his biography "John Brown" in 1909 said, "Even as it was, fifteen or twenty Negroes had enlisted and would probably have been present had they had time to arrive before Brown was captured. Five, probably six, actually came in time to fight and thirty or forty slaves actually helped."

    Frederick Douglass, national black leader, said, "With eighteen men John Brown overpowered a town of over three thousand souls. With those eighteen men he rallied fifty slaves to his standard, and made prisoners of an equal number of the slaveholding class."

    Years later, Douglass said, "If John Brown did not end the war that ended slavery, he did at least begin the war that ended slavery."

    The Weekly Anglo-African newspaper in New York said, "Virginia would never have trembled at seventeen, nor seventeen hundred white men in arms, had they been all John Browns; it was the five black men armed to the teeth, and the hundred black men in their midst armed with a quarrel just, who caused the Virginians to tremble and shudder."

    Another locally born black man supported Brown.Martin R. Delany, a free black who had moved to Pittsburgh, organized the 1858 convention where Brown's provisional constitution was adopted.

    Henry Watson, a black barber in Pennsylvania, certainly aided and abetted Brown. He arranged Brown's meeting with Douglass and provided overnight accommodations to Douglass.

    The five black raiders were Osborne Anderson, Lewis Leary, Shields Green, John Copeland and Dangerfield Newby. Of these, two had been born into slavery and three were free black men.

    Anderson was a free black in Canada and a member of Brown's convention. In his book, "A Voice From Harpers Ferry," Anderson says Brown was "surprised and pleased by the promptitude with which the Africans volunteered, and with their manly bearing in the scene of violence."

    Newby was a 44-year-old, recently freed slave from Fauquier County, Va. Anderson said Newby had more to lose than anyone, because Newby hoped to free his family from slavery. Newby was the first raider killed.

    Leary, along with Copeland, came to the raid from Oberlin, Ohio. Leary and Copeland were both free blacks from North Carolina who emigrated in family groups. Leary, who was Copeland's uncle, died in the raid, while Copeland was captured, tried and hanged.

    Green was a 23-year-old fugitive slave from South Carolina. He had once worked for Douglass. Green was captured, tried and hanged.

    Copeland and Green were the only raiders found not guilty of treason. To be found guilty of treason, you must be a citizen. Blacks were property and not considered citizens.

    When Brown died Dec. 2, 1859, on the gallows in Charles Town, he had done his work, told his story, and had nothing else to offer except his martyrdom for the cause.

    Douglass said it best. "If we look over the dates, places, and men, for which this honor is claimed, we shall find that not Carolina, but Virginia - not Fort Sumter, but Harpers Ferry and the arsenal - not Colonel Anderson, but John Brown, began the war that ended American slavery."

    Historians even to this day will say that Brown tried to incite slaves to rebel at Harpers Ferry, but that the slaves and free blacks did not show up. Do not believe them. The record shows otherwise.

    This year, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and surrounding communities are commemorating the 150th anniversary of Brown's raid with at least 70 events. See for details or call 1-866-HELLO-WV.

    • Bob O'Connor is the author of "The Perfect Steel Trap: Harpers Ferry 1859." This historical fiction account of the raid is available at www.boboconnor

    # # # #

    Washington Times, Used by Permission

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009


    Hola Roberto!
    Wanted to let you know----back in the early sixties, we had a band here in Dothan that played parties and fraternities, way back before the
    James Gang and our second version of the Webs.

    Larry Coe, our guitarist, named us the Strangers, and we really were strange at first because we had no singer.

    I found
    Danny Kennedy in the parking lot at Creel's Drive-In and he started singing with us. He had a great voice then and still does. We got back together last year after some of us backed up Wilbur at Cowboys and are having a good time doing all the old songs again playing parties and class reunions.

    March 28, we are playing for the DHS Class of 59 (Wilbur's class) at the country club here. I fully expect you to be there wearing your primo early sixties attire. You can carry a microphone in and qualify as a member of the band. I think any members of the DHS classes close to that era could get in for a mere pittance.

    Wilbur won't commit to showing up, but he did for the multi-class reunion in November of last year. I told him we knew Georgia Pines and The Right String Baby But the Wrong Yo Yo, and if he does show up we are ready.

    We'll see. Anyway, hope you can make it.

    It would be a real treat if Buddy could come and sing his backup part to Georgia Pines.
    I think that was his class too.
    Hope to see you there---give me a call to make arrangements.

    Jimmy Dean


    Alison is on the web-site COMPACT DIXIE in France. Please check it out. They have a lot of Southern Rock artists listed on their site.
    We got a great e-mail from Greg (Hey Baby Days) yesterday.
    He said some great stuff about you (all true)!!!
    Alison says she loves you and "Let's Rock this earth for all it's worth".
    Later gator!!! Keep the baby faith!!!
    Robert Nix...........................

    ALISON HEAFNER : Alison Heafner
    12 €

    La compagne de Robert Nix (batteur et compositeur historique de l'Atlanta Rhythm Section et aujourd'hui derrière sa femme) nous propose un rock pétri de nombreuses influences (blues, southern, etc) avec une voix qui peut faire penser à un croisement entre Pat Benatar et Janis Joplin. De nombreux titres composé par Robert Nix et Dean Daughtry (Atlanata Rhythm Section)


    The rare time that I was a Good Egg

    A proud possession signed by the Candymen in August of 1968; Robert Nix referred to me as a "A Good Egg." ( Some may disagree)


    Hope your doing good! I'd like too put you more in the loop of what Alison Heafner and our band are doing! It's pretty exciting and I think you would really dig it! I'll start sending you stuff this week. In a nutshell, we have been kicking some major butt with her music in France and Europe. They seem to have a musical brain and heart over there and that's a good thing! Robert Register has been kind of keeping up on what's going on with the French radio, so ask him what it's all about! Thanks for all you are doing for our Southern Art Bro'! Love what you do!!

    Robert Nix

    Roy Orbison's the Candymen
    the Atlanta Rhythm Section, and the
    Alison Heafner/Robert Nix Band..

    Visit Alison Heafner's My space site as follows:


    Great to hear from you. We would be proud to add to our postings more about Alison Heafner and the Robert Nix band. One of the objectives of the blog is to keep alive the great names of "our generation" e.g. the Candymen, Wilbur Walton and the James Gang, Webs, Classics IV, Tams , Swingin' Medallions, Sensational Epics, (Does this sound like a commercial for Bill Lowery Talent ?) We are especially happy to promote their efforts as members of that elite club, "The Never Gonna Give it Up Club." Seems like a lot of members of the club are still going strong: Randall Bramblett, the Catalinas , John Townsend, Embers, Wilbur Walton & The Strange Gang, Swingin' Medallions, Robert Nix, the Tams, General Johnson and Chairman of the Board, Chuck Leavell, Jerry Butler, Clifford Curry and on and on... And many of them are recording !

    I have been very impressed that the Europeans are still into our music of the 60s and 70s. It's the best music ever. Roberto does an incredible job of getting his message out there. I just hope I am half as effective. More referrals come to from Robert's blog that any other (non-search engine ) source.



    "A Good Egg"

    Hi Robert,

    I'm french and live near Paris.

    Although I am 30 I only listen oldies music and more precisely 60's music.

    I am looking for the song "Bug Of Soul" by a group called the "Rockin' Gibraltars".

    I only know that the group had a local hit in 1966/67 with this song :

    The only references on the internet I found are several posts in your blog. I have found neither result on web store (ebay/gemm/...) nor free download for Rockin' Gibraltars record.

    Maybe can you learn me more about this group ?



    Hey Robert-
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I went into hiding for a while. Glad you like LMS.
    I didn't know you didn't have it already. I would have brought you a copy to Philadelphia.
    We are finishing up a new JLL album. It is in the mixing room right now and I think we are looking at a release this fall. I'll get you a copy when we go to press.
    We'll find a way for Christopher to meet JLL.
    Hope you are doing good and behaving yourself.

    Later tater,
    Phoebe Lewis

    Jerry Lee in Australia
    image courtesy of Keith Glass
    The Selma Pilgrimage is this weekend.
    Dothan Native Knocks It Out Of THE PARK w/ The National Athem @ Davis Cup in B'ham.

    Randy Poe got a great big ad in the latest issue of Hittin' The Note magazine
    The entire issue is dedicated to the Allman's 40th anniversary this month.
    You'll also get turned on to a magnificent graphic artist, Jeff Wood.

    The cover story in the March 13 GOLDMINE
    about Bob Dylan's time in Alabama while recording Slow Train is pretty incredible, TOO!

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    David Atkins, John Rainey Atkins, Charlie Silva, Jimmy Dean


    I am not great on computers.

    I was going to this on your sight but wasn't sure how.
    I saw where people were talking about the late and great Charlie Silva.

    What happened to Charlie?

    He and I played around the Montgomery/Dothan area for about three years.
    The first time he went to Dothan was with me.
    I played a Hammond keyboard and we both did lead vocals and harmony.
    We were the only rock and roll duet around.
    We just called ourselves Bob and Charlie.

    We had some fantastic times during those days.
    While in a club by Lake Jackson on the Florida/Alabama border we decided to part ways.
    My wife had just had a baby and we decided to go back to Louisiana.

    That is when Charlie began doing some appearances with BJ in Mobile.
    He was living with a girl named Amy at that time.

    We didn't keep in touch, but I am sorry to hear he is no longer around.

    We had some great times together.

    We had both just gotten out to the Air Force in Montgomery, where he, I, a bass player and guitarist were George Wallace Juniors backup band when not playing other gigs.


    I plan on putting this on my blog without your identity.

    silva robertoreg

    The top two hits will be from ZERO, NW FL.
    Click on "MORE RESULTS"
    & you'll get 25 hits.

    Great hearing from ya!

    Charlie was famous for his "helicopter"!


    Hi Robert!

    I just came across your blog "Zero, NW Florida" while Googling this man - "Colin Mitchell".

    Why is this NYer roaming thru the early 19thc in Florida and Havana? A request showed up on a NY list I belong to (rootsweb bases) ..a woman asked if anyone could help find a ship lost in August of 1837..ship out of Fla. to Liverpool via NY. Ship was lost with all aboard.

    long story short this guy Colin Mitchell was aboard and supposedly had apers of the A. Land Co.( He had earlier been in business with a scot named John Carnachan, in Savannah around 1814...)

    This woman who's bty from Al. (!) is searching that man J. Carnachan, his will, something to do with land.

    Anyway..I found a ship called the Cyrus Butler that went down on August 11, 1837 , Fla..on a Fla. shipwreck list. It carried cotton of course.
    I figure that's the one she's looking for but no newspaper articles can be found about it.

    Do you know what happened to Colin? And to John Carnachan?

    I'm a medievalist by trade but love a good hunt so I have read all about the paton and Forbes gangs...

    Would love to hear back from you!!!!!

    Kelly Gray

    Hey K!

    When you Google

    Mitchel robertoreg

    You'll get two hits but then click on "more results & you'll get about 25 mo'!


    Monday, March 16, 2009

    from Debbie (a.k.a. BamaQueen) O'Toole

    Hey Y'all,

    As the Mother of a Paramedic, I must mention that we should be grateful to ALL responders who are called to such scenes of danger and unknown. They do their jobs with pride, but are not prideful. They grasp your hand with a firm, yet reassuring grip. They may need to shout instructions to you, but they will calm you with their gentle voices when the worst is over. Each knows their job and does it well, to the very best of their ability...and sometimes, well above and beyond what they think their abilities are. It's not just a job for them...they take it personally and very seriously.

    One COULD say that the outpouring of love, prayers and money for the victim's families is out of the ordinary. No, not here. Not here in our small communities that blend seamlessly one into the other. We are all family here and we do anything and everything for our "families" when the need arises. Whether it's an ill farmer who can't gather his crops, or a senseless shooting spree, we know that our families will help us. Our family has become much, much larger due to this tragedy, with donations, prayers & well-wishers doing whatever they can to possibly help ease the pain we are feeling. No matter how small or large, know that each gift is humbly received with many thanks and will never be forgotten.

    After being prompted by Robert Register (Tuscaloosa, Al ~ but born & raised in Dothan), here is what I accomplished. Learning of Mr. Philip Gilmer's (Mobile, Al) donation of the caskets for the victims, I realized that he had started a ball rolling and felt that at the very least, he & the others listed below should be made known of our indebtedness to them. While it would be impossible to thank every person across the Nation who sent money, it IS possible to thank our Mobile & Andalusia neighbors for what they have done, so PLEASE do!

    First, I spoke with Gilmer's Funeral Home in Mobile, thanking them for their contributions of the caskets. They told me that Mr. Gilmer had just recently lost his brother (murdered) and that even during his grieving, he felt led to do this.
    Next, I spoke with Covington Casket Company in Andalusia, expressing my thanks to them for constructing the caskets. They are very humbled and honored to be able to do this service for the families.
    Then, I spoke with McNeill Concrete in Andalusia and was told that Mrs. McNeill felt very strongly led to provide the vaults for the burials.


    Please send a card, call or email your thanks for their wonderful acts of kindness:

    Gilmer's Funeral Home
    690 Zeigler Cir. W.
    Mobile, Al 36608

    Covington Casket
    140 N. Cotton St.
    Andalusia, Al 36420
    334-222-4365 (phone)
    334-222-4745 (fax)
    No email address

    McNeill Concrete
    1344 River Falls St.
    Andalusia, Al 36421


    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Robert Register It happens all the damn time.
    There I am,innocently following the path of righteousness, &
    Those Temptation Pigs set up a roadblock & I'm forced to yield.

    William Arthur Wheatley That's the time to look for a Holy Detour. ;-) I've forgotten who said this but it is true: "Avoiding sin wouldn't be so hard if it didn't feel so damn good."

    Cool read Roberto

    A statue of Colonel Sanders has been found in a river in Osaka, nearly a quarter century after being tossed in by crazed baseball fans. He was covered in mud when pulled from the river, and had lost both legs and hands.

    He was found standing upright, which is fitting, because although he was a nice man he could also be very strict and demanding. The statue was tossed in the river as part of a celebration by baseball fans in 1985, the year Osaka's baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers, won the national championship.

    Fans often jump into the murky river to celebrate the team's successes, but there has been little to celebrate in recent years. Many fans feel the team has been plagued by the "curse of Colonel Sanders" since his effigy was submerged.

    "Does they eat chicken?"

    - - Colonel Sanders, to Country Joe & The Fish when they asked him if he liked hippies.

    Paleontologists are attempting to recreate a dinosaur- or something a lot like a dinosaur - by starting with a chicken embryo and working backward to engineer a "chickenosaurus" bringing it out on a leash during lectures.

    There is no danger of the proposed dinochicken escaping and populating the world.

    Mexican cockfights with 50-foot roosters-- a giant chicken on Avenida Revolucion going haywire on some federales and coke thugs-- with a mariachi band roaring away-- rival drug gangs begin shooting and feathers are flying, his aim was so pore, he was shooting for the nightcap, then he shot an elephant in his pajamas.

    Do you still advocate the expansion of ones mind?

    Sure, rising consciousness to love others and to be kind and helpful and merciful

    The music you as a group made, was there a message? What influenced the music? Did you have an influence?

    You kidding me? the merry band of prankster is actually a band with instruments, odd though they may be. Our music is a non verbal form of communication, then we trip them up with words.
    Wake them up, yes. And once awake, keep them awake, use your skills
    as performer, wizard, magician, raconteur, teacher, up out of the
    chairs, on your feet, get to work, help other people out, raise your
    conscicuouness, respect all others, be kind, humor works all the time.

    So what would be your favorite memory of those times?

    2 many 2 count, as kesey once said, "follow your bliss."

    What about the differences between the views of you guys versus Leary and his ideas on LSD and other mind expanding drugs? Was it signficant to you or is just something someone decided to write on wikipedia?

    We were great friends with Leary and totally in synch. I've never read wikie but it is probly not accurate. who else is to know what's what except the people involved? All that shit about Leary and us being rivals is, well . . . bullshit.


    My son, Simon, showed up with a box of posters from Zane for me to sign, adding my signature to the other pranksters who have also signed the posters.

    Here's Simon caught in the light coming through the upper window.

    My new completely original unduplicatable innovative creative signature, memorize it so when you see or get one of these posters you will know it is autentico, as we say in Brazil, or is it Argentina, I can't remember what language those countries down south speak.

    To get this poster and many others go to:

    image courtesy of

    image courtesy of


    Absolutely the greatest thang we GOT
    that gives us satisfaction is KNOWING
    he got to smell My Belle!