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Well, I found Jon Stroll on the Web. Now let's see if he'll contact "Cuba, Alabama".

Friday, October 07, 2005

From: "Hodges James"
Subject: Re: Dothan Rock 'N Roll Legends,David & Doug Morris Are Throwing Down At The River On Saturday!


To: "robert register"

David and Doug Morris' father John Morris and my
father Vic Hodges were practically raised together in
Hodgesville in the 20's & 30's by my grandfather
Arthur Lee (Dee) Hodges. They were like brothers and
best of friends all their lives. My dad died in 2001,
but John Morris is still kicking! He was a great
influence on David and Doug, and supported them and
their music. When we were little kids, both families
(Doug, David, their younger sister Joy Lynn, their
mother Lena Morris, and John and my Mother, father, my
sisters Vicki and Joy) would all go to places together
- the beach, Blue Springs in Marianna, Chattahoochee
River, anywhere my Dad and John could fish, and the
rest of us could play in the water. Doug was a year
older than me and David was a year younger. Doug was
always big! David was tall and skinny - taller than
me. We would wrestle as kids, but David would let me
win, even though he could kick my ass. I was a
teenager before I found out that Doug and David were
not my cousins.

David could play piano, guitar, drums, and sing. Doug
was a great bass player. I especially enjoyed hearing
him with Norm Andrews. Doug and David also had a band
with George Cheshire and Lamar Alley. They used to
play in Troy around 72-73 during my last college
hangout at Troy State. I caught then again in Panama
City when they played some club at the Fountainebleu
.... maybe in '75-76.

I'm sorry to hear about Lamar's fight with cancer. I
never saw Lamar without a smile, a joke, a laugh. He
is one of the more upbeat people I ever knew. He knew
how to have fun, and positively influenced the people
around him.

Lamar and Jay Scott (saxophone) traveled with Sonny
Turner and the Platters (late 70's ???) - they played
mostly Vegas I believe. Lamar had some funny stories
about those times.

All for now ..... just awakening a few memory cells.


Looks like the lineup at Schooner's on Panama City Beach is ALL DOTHAN/ALL THE TIME this week. ACOUSTIX performed Wednesday and Thursday and Frank Tanton and THE LEGACY BAND are their tonight and tomorrow night. Click on Schooner's website to read band bios[hey Frank, they don't have THE LEGACY BAND bio posted] plus four live webcams of the best bar on the beach. They bill themselves as "The Last Local Beach Club!" Anybody having OLD DUTCH flashbacks right now?

Brian Smith [David's younger brother & founding member of CHEVY 6] with Dallas Griffin of Dothan [ACOUSTIX is also a regular on the upper bar at the Nomberg's TREASURE SHIP at Treasure Island Marina at the head of Grand Lagoon]

Like a fool, Tanton didn't give me the names of the members of his band,LEGACY, but I'm pretty sure Tanton is the light skinned cat with the hat on


I can’t make it to Doug & David’s Jam this weekend… I’m playing with “Lagacy” at Schooners in Panama City this weekend Oct 7 & 8.

Come on down and party with us after the BBQ…

Here’s some ancient history for the blog. Use whatever you will…

In 1965 my first band was called the "Spades", featuring Ed Ludlum on drums, Mike Kirkland on bass, and me on guitar. Our first gig was an enormous March of Dimes party at the Montgomery City Auditorium, where we shared the stage with the Governor’s son George Wallace Junior, and his band. The crowd numbered over a thousand and I was scared shitless.

Eventually I switched to bass guitar, dumped Ed and Mike and hired the late Jerry Wise (Clique) on drums, and the great Richard "Buddy" Burke (Clique) on guitar, and lead vocals. We played in the loft of the Club Taboo until the cops arrested the owner and ran us off. I was in the 8th grade.

I think it was 1966 when I hooked up with the astoundingly talented, David Adkins and his cousin Tommy Adkins. We formed a band called the “Puppets” with Wayne Paulk on vocals and Dick Tysinger on the skins. Jerry Wise (Clique) eventually replaced Dick Tysinger on drums. We won 2nd place honors at a "battle of the bands" in Hartford, Al., and started playing regularly at “Lake Geneva” Dance Parties. We eventually hired Jerry Buie (Buddy’s little brother) as our booking agent. At some point we changed our name to "The Webs" (not the original). David’s brother John Rainey Adkins was touring with Roy Orbison, and arranged to leave much of the Candymen’s equipment at my house during one of their European tours. As soon as they left the country we booked the Dothan Rec. Center for a dance, and used the Candymen’s old ragged out amps and PA. We were thrilled… We were in awe of those guys… I eventually was fired from that band for threatening to kick the lead vocalist’s ass. Later that year David and I took a greyhound bus up to Memphis to find a Les Paul. We actually found one in a pawnshop for $100, a 54’ Gold Top … That guitar is worth thousands today.

By 1967, I was playing at the Club Capri with "The Fabulous Impacts" and hangin out at the Citizen’s Club around the corner, after hours.

In 1968 I started playing keyboards and guitar with "The Chimes". That was a great band that featured Doug Morris (bass), brother David Morris (drums), and various guitarists including Bruce Wallace, John Bedsole, David Adkins, and Lamar Alley… Kenneth Griffith eventually replaced Doug Morris on bass. We played all the regional Teen Dance Halls, and quite regularly at the Little Wheels Enlisted Men’s Club at Ft Rucker.

In 1970 I put together a band called "Toe Jam". We played at the Flamingo Club, six nights a week, for most of my senior year at Dothan High School, with Amos Tindle (Webs) on bass, Lamar Alley (Capers/Chimes) on guitar, Danny Bogen on Drums, and me on keyboards. In addition to our regular sets, we would play the background music for the traveling Exotic Dancers that James Ott would bring in on the weekends… I finally graduated from DHS, and we hit the road. Amos didn’t want to travel so he dropped out, and was replaced by Tommy Wyatt (Green Cheese / James Gang /CandyMen) on Bass.

We played at the Bamboo Ranch in Sahvanna, Ga, for a good while, and several months at the Gold Nugget in Panama City, Fl…

After that I started playing keyboards and guitar for "Arnold Bean", a popular combo based in Columbus, Ga., that played all original music. Mike Guthrie (guitar/vocals), and brother Herb (drums) had lived, and played in Germany, and were greatly influenced by The Beatles… The bass player was named Gary something. His last name escapes me. Mike was a great writer, and arranger. We recorded an album, at Finley Duncan’s Studio in Valparaiso Fl.. Mike Guthrie’s band still tours in Germany. I have a picture of them playing at the Cavern Club. I was starving to death in that band so, after some time, I decided to sell my rig, and go to college at Troy State University. I was starving there too…

Eventually I started playing with "Beaver teeth". The original lineup included John Rainey Adkins (guitar). David Adkins (drums), and Lamar Alley (guitar/vocals). Shortly after Lamar left, and David switched to lead guitar. I joined on as Keyboardist. Kenneth Griffith played fretless electric bass, and the late great Charlie Silva was hired to play drums and sing lead. We played college frat parties, and recorded several songs at Studio One in Doraville, Ga, for Buddy Buie. We recorded there at the same time The Atlanta Rhythm Section was tracking their first album. Interestingly, their second engineer (Ronny Hammond), who engineered our sessions, later replaced Rodney Justo as lead vocalist for ARS. That first album with Rodney was always my favorite. Rodney was the greatest…

We also recorded several tracks at Finley Duncan’s Studio in Valparaiso, Fl.

We eventually ended up back at the Flamingo Club, in Dothan, and after a few months there, I decided to go back to College and left the band. I believe Kenneth Griffith left about the same time, and was eventually replaced by Jimmy Dean (Webs/James Gang).

In August of 1972, I dropped out of College, got married and eventually started playing piano with "Strawdawg", Lamar Alley (guitar), George Cheshire (guitar), Kenneth Griffith (bass), Little Larry Holmes (drums), and me on keys. We were the house band at the Flamingo Club for about a year, and had quite a following.

At some point in 1973, I found myself totally burned out, and sick of the local scene.
In a moment of insanity, I joined the US Navy, did some traveling, and played with some really hot musicians from all around the country.

After six years in the Navy, I moved back to Dothan and started all over again, but that’s another story for another time…
Frank Tanton

and now we finally see THE HEARTBREAK OF BRAIN FARTS!!!!

Roberto--Glad Rodney remembered that guy's name. I couldn't. So here is the actual line up in the Photo: Rodney Justo, David Adkins, John Rainey Adkins, B. J. Thomas, Jimmy Dean, Charlie Silva, and John Stroll.
Jimmy Dean

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Chimes #38 Matrix 777 45 1968 Dothan, Alabama

K-Otics Double Shot Bang 521 45 Tallassee, Alabama
K-Otics I'm Leaving Here Bang 521 45 Tallassee ,Alabama

Trying to stay out of trouble with my good friends who sometimes really scare the crap out of me. Dothan Rock 'N Roll Legends, brothers David and Doug Morris are having one of their throwdowns this Sattiddy over cross the U.S. 84 bridge in Gawja. If I make it, it will be a miracle, however, miracles do happen in my life. If you need information, contact either Burke or me.

Here's a pict of David and Doug Morris at their camp on the Chattahoochee river
just on the Georgia side across from Gordon on 84 E. Doug and David will be
having another BBQ on Oct 8th startin round noon. Lots of live music from
us ole' silver backs and great BBQ. All are invited, bring a camp chair,
jo' ax and the beverages of your choice. Give me an email heads up If ya'll
can be there.
Richard "Buddy" Burke

Here's R.D. Butler, Legend, and Jimmie Miller, Norman Andrews & Concrete
they will both be at David and Doug's BBQ & Pickin. Jimmie, David,
Doug and myself still get out occasionally as Straw Dawgs, or however it's

Legend with David Morris, Richard "Buddy" Burke , Steve Clayton and Jim Folmer, round 80'.

Round 73' Tommy Atkins, John Rainey's and David's cousin, me and Ronnie

Here's the full line up for B.J. Thomas's band at the Bitter End in NYC

Left to right: Rodney Justo, David Atkins, John Rainey Atkins, B.J.Thomas, Charlie Silva, John Stroll

RODNEY checks in
"The guy on the right is John Stroll,a studio musician from New York,who left to go work with Barry Manilow.
We told him things like "why would you leave a good gig to go play with a guy who had 1 hit"

As you know, in 1967 I was playing football at Young Jr. High School { he meant Dothan High- robert}.
What you may not know is, at the same time, I played regularly at the infamous Doc Greenfield’s Club Capri, in the Baptist Bottom. I played bass with “The Impacts” which featured Davie Coolie on keys, Wayne “Sugar” Johnson on Drums, David McNeal on guitar, and Lamar Spence on Lead Vocals. We were the only white band playing there. Local DJ, “Preston T” was our booking agent. I guess we were quite a novelty back then, being so young and light skinned, but we could really play well, and we covered all the popular “Soul” tunes… The folks treated us very well there, and really seemed to enjoy our show… This always surprised me since, at least once a month, the Club Capri would feature the real thing such as Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, and Wilson Pickett. I also saw Ike & Tina Turner, and Joe Tex there. That place was happenin… Later on David Adkins and I played there with Billy King and the Rhythm Kings featuring Little Lois. Unfortunately we didn’t last long… David and I played a lot of BB King , Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, etc., and some number of people there, didn’t like the straight blues… Billy King once told me, “the black folk didn’t like straight ahead blues, because it reminded them of the bad old days”… In truth, I think it may have been just a little too weird for some of them to witness a couple of young smartass white kids burnin up the blues… They loved it at the Little Wheels Club, at Ft. Rucker though…
You might have wondered why I would cat-nap on the bench during DHS Football games, when the other team had the ball. After the game, I would have to haul ass, and play in some joint until 2 or 3 am… But I loved it…
I played in a lot of bands in those days, including “The Chimes”, “Toe Jam”, “Arnold Bean”, “Beaverteeth”, “Clique”, StrawDog”… It was a wild ride…
Let me know if you’d like any info on any of those groups…
Your friend,Frank Tanton

Received the following email from Neal Rose seeking photos of THE IMPACTS from the '67 National Peanut Festival.
Any response will be appreciated but some of you knuckleheads who still live down in NutPatch need to go over to the Goober Festival office and check out their archives. Same goes for TVY, AGF, WOOF and The Eagle.
Anybody heard from Preston T lately and how 'bout Mitch and Lamar and HOW 'BOUT more stuff about the CHIMES, Mar Teks, The Kapers and The Concrete Bubble.
saw you mentioned the Impacts and Lamar Spence on the above page. I played bass for the Impacts in 1967 when they played at the peanut festival with the Sons of Bach and the Hombres. Do you know anyone that has pictures of the Impacts then?

I also saw where Frank Tanton sent you an email about playing at the Capri club, do you have an email for him? we did cross paths and I did play with the Impacts at the Capri club several times at the bass.
Neil Rose

From :
Richard Burke
Sent :
Wednesday, September 8, 2004 8:07 PM
To :
"Robert Register"
Subject :
Getting it straight.

Hey Reg,
The thread you are developing on the Webs and the Candymen, I
believe, is inaccurate. I believe they were two independant entities. I've
got my old buddy Larry Coe who knows the chronology and played with I
believe the original Webs and Bobby Goldsboro is fixin' to straighten this
thread out. Seems like "Little Bill" Willie Akeridge was in that soup also.
He went on to play with Joe Zawinul, Weather Report, during the East Coast
Fusion period working from Miami to Yew Nork City. Anyway Larry and I
worked for around four years with Clique during the mid 70's and have been
friends ever since. He's gonna' get with Jimmy Dean and try to get the
chronology and personnel straight.
I've got a call into Mitch Goodson and am going to try to cover the Kapers
and David and Doug Morris are going to assist me with info on the Chimes.
We also need to include information on the great guitarist Jimmy Johnston,[voted Most Talented Seniors '67, Dothan High School-ed.]
Dr. Furnie's and Jo's son
, Jo is a well established composer songwriter from
Dothan. She and John Rainey were working together before John Rainey's

I believe Jimmy Johnston played with the Mar-Teks during this time
before he died in an automobile accident between Enterprise and Dothan. He
and I used to pick at his house and ride horses together.
We also need to develop a thread for Norman Andrews and the Concrete Bubble.
Norman should be a wealth of information regarding the correct chronology.
George Cheshire and Lamar Alley need to be contacted also.
We should also profile this period with Doc Greenfield's Club Capri and
Lounge in the Baptist Bottom.
His venue during this period was almost home
to Ike and Tina Turner, the BarKays,
Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson,
Clarence Carter, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge
that list goes on and on. I
think Little Lois, Lois Johnson, I think, of Little Lois and the Capri's
still lives here.
She did backing vocals on my recordings with Clique in
75. Jay Scott from Dothan also needs citing for his work with Alicia
Bridges (I like the Night Life), Beeverteeth and Clique
during this period.
He was a great saxaphonist and Latin Percissionist.
I just got off the phone with Mitch Goodson. He is going to drop by the
shop and I'll get Frank Tanton, Doug and David Morris, David Adkins and
Jimmy Dean's brother Robert Dean
, who booked all of us during this period,
over and if we can hold it in the road long enough we'll try to get some
straight info, well, we'll have straight info until a wheel runs off.

has been disabled for some time now but brought up his working for three
different owners at the Old Dutch. His parents would take him to work there
when he was fifteen.
He said Lamar Spence of the Impacts helped him get in,
The Impacts, there's a flash from the past. Mitch also had two recordings
make the Billboard Top 100.
We also need to see if WBAM archived any of the Big Bam Shows during this
Period. I know Larry Coe played several concerts there as did all the
aforementioned pickers with the exception of moi.

{Richard Burke's Original Post on the "Cuba, Alabama" weblog}
I think Little Lois, Lois Johnson, I think, of Little Lois and the Capri's
still lives here. She did backing vocals on my recordings with Clique in
75. Jay Scott from Dothan also needs citing for his work with Alicia
(I like the Night Life),
Beeverteeth and Clique during this period. He was a great saxaphonist and Latin Percissionist.
I just got off the phone with Mitch Goodson. He is going to drop by the
shop and I'll get Frank Tanton, Doug and David Morris, David Adkins and Jimmy Dean's brother Robert Dean, who booked all of us during this period, over and if we can hold it in the road long enough we'll try to get some
straight info, well, we'll have straight info until a wheel runs off. Mitch
has been disabled for some time now but brought up his working for three
different owners
at the Old Dutch. His parents would take him to work there
when he was fifteen. He said Lamar Spence of the Impacts helped him get in,
The Impacts, there's a flash from the past.

Biography of THE HOMBRES
Formed in Memphis in 1966, the Hombres - Gary Wayne McEwen (guitar), B.B. Cunningham (organ) the brother of Bill Cunningham of the Boxtops, Jerry Lee Masters (bass) and John Will Hunter (d. 1976; drums) - originally served as a touring version of Ronny And The Daytonas, whose leader, John "Bucky" Wilkin, did not like to tour. While in Houston, the group met Shelby Singleton who introduced them to producer Huey P. Meaux, who agreed to record them. They wrote "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)", a rambling, funky shuffle, on the way to the session. Lyrically patterned after Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues", the single was issued on Verve/Forecast the following year and rose to number 12 in the US charts. The group had no further hits.

Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) (Verve/Forecast 1967)**.

Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
(Bill Cunningham)

(spoken): "A preachment, dear friends, you are about to receive
on John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the temptations of Eve"

(Bronx cheer)

No parkin' by the sewer sign
Hot dog, my razor's broke
Water drippin' up the spout
But I don't care, let it all hang out

Hangin' from a pine tree by my knees
Sun is shinin' through the shade
Nobody knows what it's all about,
It's too much, man, let it all hang out

Saw a man walkin' upside down
My T.V.'s on the blink
Made Galileo look like a Boy Scout
Sorry 'bout that, let it all hang out

Sleep all day, drive all night
Brain my numb, can't stop now
For sure ain't no doubt
Keep an open mind, let it all hang out

It's rainin' inside a big brown moon
How does that mess you baby up, leg
Eatin' a Reuben sandwich with sauerkraut
Don't stop now, baby, let it all hang out

Let it all hang out (harmonized) [repeat to fade]

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I gotta a cosmic email from Alison Heafner and Robert Nix! Check it out:
RE: Brody Makes The Cover of SI plus Cocker, Delbert, Tony Joe, Mylon, Big Ben,and Billy from ZZ!!!!
Tue, 4 Oct 2005 22:34:14 -0500




ROBERT AND ALISON NIX........................

Man, you gotta check out the Black Crowes website.
The Black Crowes Radio is on that site & it's nothing but continuous live tracks. IT IS BOTH EXTRAORDINARY AND SUPERB!
roberto http://robertoreg.blogspot
P.S. If you're ever curious about what roberto is up to on the Web,google the word robertoreg and you will get a variety of hits on the old screwball from Notepote.

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson at The Oscars

Jimmy Page with The Black Crowes

Here's a review of The Black Crowes concert with Tom Petty at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley back in August {it is suggested you read this while listening to Black Crowes Radio at

Review: Tom Petty, Black Crowes deserve the hype in Friday concert

I want Tom Petty to be my uncle.

But I want the Black Crowes to be my band.

Rarely does a double bill like this -- which rolledinto UC Berkeley's Greek Theatre on Friday -- live upto the hype, especially when you have two acts soseeped into a rock orthodoxy, allowing them towithstand decades of trends. But both acts were superbFriday by simply showing up and being themselves.

For the Black Crowes, that means balancing their Stones-meets-Faces boogie with plenty of jamming,allowing them to stretch their musical wings and have some fun.

For Petty and his band, the Heartbreakers, it means doing what they've always done: play sneaky-good music and be one of the planet's most likable group of musicians. They can somehow make even the stiffest starched-shirt type in the crowd yell along with every chorus.
Petty can fool you with his laid-back stoner, class clown persona. It just sets up the moments when you realize (again) how good his band really is. As for the Crowes, they showed their four-year-layoff was a good idea, not to mention bringing back guitar great Marc Ford after eight years.

By the Crowes' second song, "Sting Me," scruffy singer Chris Robinson was in full Jagger mode, running in place, clapping his hands and waving his arms. There's such an obscene amount of natural groove in this band, especially when drummer Steve Gorman is on (he put on one of the biggest and best kick drum sounds the Greek has heard in years).

While Chris Robinson drew everybody's attention, Ford showed he has rekindled his musical relationship with the band's other guitarist, Rich Robinson. At least a half-dozen songs featured long jams centered on the pair trading licks and noises, taking the band through drastic peaks and valleys. Ford, who spent the pastf ew years playing with Ben Harper, smoothly goes from tasty blues licks a la Mick Taylor, to soaring Eric Clapton-like leads, reminiscent of his pre-Crowes days in the L.A. band Burning Tree (a trio known for sounding like Cream).

The Crowes can jam forever, but as opposed to other jam bands, who seemingly spend days going nowhere, the Crowes are usually anchored to a blues progression or a bottom-heavy riff.The song "Sometimes Salvation" just teased the crowd through the brief pauses, with drummer Gorman playing so forcefully slow, one would almost lurch out of their chair anticipating the next guitar stroke. They took the song through a couple of volume-dynamic jam parts before circling back.

They did the same with "Thorn in My Pride" (the set list went heavy on the band's second album, 1992's classic "Southern Harmony and Musical Companion"). After rolling through a comfortable and thick versionof the single "Jealous Again," they ended with acharged-up "Remedy."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Subject : Cuba, Alabama

Just got turned onto your blog. You're a fuckin' mess, but I am enjoying it
immensely! I was born a Yankee, but feel more at home in Dothan than anywhere
else I have lived. Your site continues to give me insight as to why this place
is the way it is, and why the phrase, "You ain't from 'round here, is ya?" is
more than a geographical insight.
You keep writing; I'll keep reading!

BAMA'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

I drove Cocker

to the Tuscaloosa airport in my '62 Chevy along with his heroin when they played Tuscaloosa in '72.
Leon's Brit partner was probably Chris Stainton. Chris is the guy on the left in the photo below.

I saw Chris reading Winnie the Pooh walk straight into a plate glass window right in front of me at the Stafford Hotel. It was like he was going to walk by me except there was plate glass between us that happened to be in his way. He busted his nose good.
Here's my letter to Cocker. Cocker didn't reply, however, it was featured on his website one time for some reason.

Dear Joe:
I am looking forward to seeing you again at WorkPlay in B'ham next month.
I was wondering if there was any chance you remember me in Tuscaloosa back in '72. You had fallen off the stage at a gig earlier in the week and you were a little busted up. Seems like you had some cracked ribs.
Anyway, I drove you,Felix "Flaco" Falcon and a conga drum[that's where the heroin wuz-ed] in my ' 62 Chevy Impala from the Stafford Hotel out to the Tuscaloosa Airport the day after your band played the Memorial Coliseum at the University of Alabama.
I bought a six pack and shared it with you and Felix as we drove over the river bridge to Northport. I remember you asking questions about Memphis, Muscle Shoals and the Alabama liquor laws and I remember this gorgeous babe who hugged you as you got on your plane at Dixie Air. I also remember Chris Stainton walking into a plate glass window at the Stafford as he read a copy of Winnie the Pooh.
Sorry to hear that Felix passed away in ' 81.
Anyway I look forward to seeing you next month and I will begin to post stuff about your amazing career on my weblog "Cuba, Alabama".
Best wishes,
Robert Register

JDWyker wrote:
Leon and Joe Cocker and part of Mad Dogs and Englishmen stayed at my house on Shoals Creek in 1969.

Eddie Hinton lived in the house next door to mine and half of the crew including DENNY CORDELL

...Leon's English partner in SHELTER RECORDS stayed at Hinton's house...

Cocker asked if he could stay at my house...he said in his British accent "Hey John do you mind if I stay here and look through your drawers and eat what you eat and do what you do ?"

I said "Sure"....I taught Cocker how to Water-ski and he moved just like he does on stage when he was on Water-ski's...He was funny as Hell !

Most of The Mad Dogs Crew would stay up all night fishin' and when the sun came up they would be standin' on the side of Shoals Creek fishin' dressed in all kinds of crazy costumes.....and the local fisherman would come down the creek early in the mornin' and see these wild lookin' people and they would flip out !

I had just written BABY RUTH and I sat up in the livin' room and I had 2 of Hinton's A7 speakers...and I had one of my bare feet mic-ed...and a friend was playin' bass and I was playin' an open E tuned guitar....Leon and Cocker,and Cordell and Don Nix and a couple of other cats were there and they all went ape over BABY RUTH...

Some great memories !

John D. Wyker aka SAILCAT

The most UNIQUE Radio Station on The Planet !
Please Pass this link on to all of your friends !

----- Original Message -----
From: robert register
To: Hodges James
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: Jim Hodges Lists THE GREATEST WHITE SOUTHERN SOUL SINGERS plus Christopher & mo'

Yeah, I know whut ya mean bro'. The list really got people going which is terrific even though it didn't mention Delbert
or Leon or Tony Joe White
{along wid Mylon,
Big Ben Adkins
& Billy Gibbons.
Hey, here's my Leon story.
Guess it was around the summer of '86, Leon and Edgar
played the Dirty Bird.
One of Dr. Byrd's sons, the dentist's son who started the florist business at his Daddy's business a block west of Flower's Hospital on West Main, got reservations for an entire table and got out to Cowboys at about sundown so when I showed up, everybody at the table was drunk as ten niggers. Anyway, Edgar does his set, then Leon starts his set. Our table was next to the stage and practically butted up against Leon's piano. Right in the middle of Leon's set, Byrd's girlfriend got mad because Byrd was hitting up on some girl and she hit him in the head with a bottle and he threw his drink at her and went for her. The table turned over, hit near Leon's piano, four or five people were wallowing around on the floor beating the shit out of each other and Leon never misses a lick. He just played on as if nothing was going on.

Hodges James wrote:

I left more than a few off that list .... sorry Leon.
I forget sometimes that the South extends a few miles
to the other side of the Big Muddy. Will have to add
Edgar Winter (Johnny was more blues, Edgar more soul)
to that group along with Mr. Russell.