Saturday, January 19, 2008

Erotic Pompeii:,,13509-2423611,00.html

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Friday, January 18, 2008


Tell him the bus in Tuscaloosa is full.

I'm going to The Ham tomorrow to see Pompeii again.
I see B'ham as one big ass impersonal town.
I've only got a couple of friends there but I hang out at Dave's Pub
On Tap Sports Cafe
& Five Points Grill
Nice folks at each place.
Back in my late night days I liked the Nick
but that place has gotten a little too URBAN GOTHIC
for my taste.

Sounds like he just needs to twist one, go up on Red Mountain & get high with some nooky.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey y'all:
I really didn't want to post tonight but too much happened today.

For the past 500 years
things changed suddenly at the beginning of the centuries.
It happened in 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900 & 2000.

Our old buddy Machiavelli told us long ago how it was gonna be for the Prince in times like these:

"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a
new order of things."

Niccolo Machiavelli

I had a tough day today.

A guy who I've worked with a lot has to bury his sister in Birmingham Saturday.
Her boyfriend of 8 years murdered her last week when he shot her four times while her two teenage daughters were in the same house.

We talked a long time this afternoon about the strategy for using THE HIGHER POWER.

I told him," Hey, P., the great thing about the human body is that it will absolutely never allow you to know how much stress you're under.
You'll never know how much IS ON YOU
until it's taken off your shoulders."

Then I preached my sermon!

"I admire any preacher who does his job but I don't admire anybody who thinks a graveside service for somebody he didn't know from Adam's housecat is the appropriate place to make people feel guilty and to gather new parishioners. Folks who do stuff like that might get tripped up one day!"

My friend agreed, we talked again about being blessed by a higher power and then he left for Birmingham.

Before he left he thanked me twice for talking to him.

That made me feel proud.


My sources in Fairhope tell me that the best place to eat downtown is The Colony Grill

Over in Magnolia Springs there's Jesse's Restaurant at Moore's Brothers Village Market

The Bluegill on the Causeway has good food and music beginning at 5:30 Sunday afternoon.

I've been to Weeks Bay and I've been to Magnolia Springs but I've never taken a boat from Magnolia Springs down to Weeks Bay.

Pretty sure that Magnolia Springs is the only place in the country where the postman still delivers the mail by boat.

The oldest house in Magnolia Springs is now a bed & breakfast.

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image courtesy of Weeks Bay Reserve Foundation

The only other estuarine reserve near us is Apalachicola Bay.

The following comes from Bama Queen

David Daughtry, Dean's brother,
seems to be IMPROVING! He is overriding his ventilator...breathing more on his own, so hopefully they will remove his trach soon. He is opening his eyes & responding to his family by tracking them when they walk around the room & watching them when they speak to him. Teresa called him one day & the nurse held the phone to his ear. He started moving his lips, wanting to speak, but couldn't because of the trach. This is such great news...PRAISE GOD! Teresa asked me to thank all who have held David up in prayer & hopes they will continue to do so...because PRAYER WORKS!!

Although David is slowly healing and showing some signs of response, we
are still asking you all to continue to keep him in your prayers!
Teresa Daughtry-Crawford

HEY you!

I haven't read a word of your email yet.

I just wanted to let you know that today you were movin' down the back roads by the rivers of my memory and for hours you were just gentle on my mind.



Robert Nix and Alison Heafner
are heading to Nashville today to meet with Ralph Murphy of ASCAP

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey y'all:
I already had my peak experience for 2008...

Pompeii :Tales From An Eruption
has the potential to transform.

It did it for me.

I can recall no time since my father's death on September 14, 1972
I kept that man almost constantly in my thoughts for at least three days.

Pompeii was a big thing in my family.
We had the bell from the Isle of Capri.
We had the bronze model of the Roman Coliseum...

but the thang
that weirded me out
was that statue of Romulus and Remus.

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When it came to Romulus & Remus and Pompeii,
Daddy would always look at me with this evil little grin and say,
"Remember Bob, there ain't nothin' new under the sun."

My son is gonna get us tickets for Saturday or Sunday on Ticketron or something because I don't know about that stuff.
{Christopher is real hip at buying tickets.First time Christopher ever went to a rock concert, we were catering a WIDESPREAD PANIC SHOW
at Coleman Coliseum & I took Christopher when he just a little boy to the sound check. He immediately put his hands over his ears & WE HAD TO LEAVE! Now he's already been to 9 WIDESPREAD PANIC shows on his own!GO FIGURE!}

I got the book that describes the exhibition.
To have this material here is something all of Alabama can be proud of & we hope it'll
through the session they're about to go through. {TEE-Heee!}

To me, this exhibit is the most superb thing that's ever happened here.

Christopher & Bob are going to the 'Ham fo' Pompeii dis weekend!

Guess Christopher & Bob are also gonna have to be heading down to Mobile soon for the opening of BODIES

at the Explorium.

OUR BODY: The Universe Within Exhibition Gives Gulf Coast Audiences a Revealing Look at the World’s Most Complex Machine-- The Human Body

Extraordinary anatomical exhibition featuring real human bodies opens January 11

MOBILE, ALA. — OUR BODY: The Universe Within, an awe-inspiring blockbuster exhibit featuring actual human bodies will premiere at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center on January 11, 2008. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the elegant design of the human body’s form and function up-close in an artful, compelling and dignified environment.

In an effort to fulfill mankind’s innate desire to learn more about our very existence, more than 22 million people have been compelled to visit this or similar human body exhibits in major cities worldwide—from London to Beijing to New York. Without exception, human body exhibitions have been the most popular and highly attended shows in the United States during the past three years. The cultural phenomenon has even been documented in several television programs and the latest James Bond movie “Casino Royale.”

“The Exploreum is extremely excited to bring an exhibit of this caliber to the Gulf Coast,” said Michael Sullivan, executive director of the Exploreum. “No other mid-sized market has hosted similar human body exhibits and we are thrilled to present this extraordinary experience to our regional audiences.”

OUR BODY: The Universe Within is an educational exhibit featuring actual human bodies. Spanning more than 7,500 square feet, the inspirational human anatomy lesson is comprised of more than 11 whole-body specimens and 75 anatomical displays that have been preserved through polymer impregnation. This unique process, sometimes referred to as plastination, replaces water and fat with reactive plastics that prevent decay and decomposition while maintaining the integrity of the human specimens—organs, muscles and nerves—down to the microscopic level.

Appropriate for all ages, OUR BODY: The Universe Within literally goes ‘under the skin’ to unveil the splendor of the human body and the systems at work every second of our existence.

Three-dimensional, cross-sectioned views of plasticized human specimens allow visitors an unmatched opportunity to learn more about their own bodies while addressing one of the most pressing areas of concern in the region—healthy living. By comparing healthy versus diseased tissues and organs, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact daily decisions regarding diet and exercise have on quality of life.

In addition to the illuminating specimens on display, OUR BODY: The Universe Within is enhanced by areas devoted to education about the history, art and science of anatomy, ranging from the insights of “The Father of Anatomy,” Vesalius, to the contributions of world renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci. Audiences will discover how the body’s beautiful complexity has influenced generations of artists and scientists.

The Exploreum undertook a very thorough and thoughtful process when considering OUR BODY: The Universe Within for exhibition. Working closely with an Advisory Committee comprised of leading members of the local medical, religious, cultural and educational communities, the museum took counsel on the exhibition’s ethical, social and educational value. After careful consideration and advisement, the Exploreum overwhelming feels that the exhibit has significant educational value and will have a positive impact on the region.

The Advisory Committee also has committed to working closely with the Exploreum to ensure that OUR BODY: The Universe Within is presented in a respectful manner consistent with the Exploreum’s high standards of ethical and scientific integrity.

The exhibit is produced by the Universe Within Touring Company, LLC.

“This exhibit provides the Exploreum with a unique opportunity to educate the community about health and lifestyle choices—a lesson that affects every segment of the population,” Sullivan said. “Through science and technology we can continue to improve quality of life along the Gulf Coast, a worthwhile reason to bring ‘OUR BODY’ to the area.”

OUR BODY: The Universe Within will be on display—seven days a week—through May 11, 2008. Advance tickets are now on sale at the Exploreum Box Office and on-line at Prices are $20 for adults; $18 for seniors (ages 60+) and youth; and $17 for children (ages 2-12). Admission includes access to OUR BODY: The Universe Within as well as the Exploreum’s Hands on Hall, Wharf of Wonder, Minds on Hall, Ciba Lab and Digital Journeys Virtual Theater. For $5 more, visitors can add an IMAX film to their ‘BODY’ experience. The Exploreum will be showing two IMAX films: Wired to Win, a thrilling account of the power of the human brain and The Human Body, a cinematic ‘day-in-the-life’ of the human body that documents the body’s nine life-sustaining systems from morning to night.

###For more specific requests, questions or if the resources you need are not found in our online media kit please contact:

Harriet Sharer, Communications Coordinator
Direct Line: (251) 208-2017
Fax: (251) 208-2426


Going to the Pompeii exhibit really got me going on reincarnation.

I googled "born again" Jesus reincarnation
& I got 53,700 hits.
Some of these posts argued against Jesus & reincarnation but this one about Jesus saying you must be born again & born again & born again got my

Check out the conclusion:

One can't really prove (or disprove) reincarnation -- we aren't going to catch ourselves reincarnating any more than our waking consciousness can quite catch our sleeping consciousness.

Whether the promise of eternal life (mentioned 28 times in the Bible) is literal or figurative, or whether one believes in reincarnation or resurrection (the latter mentioned 41 times), if we live
as if our every thought and action lived forever, we meet the challenge of all religions, ancient and modern.