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SUBJECT:Your Interviews With Dr. Garland's daughter & Dr. E.A. Smith

from Dr. Doster:

The people I knew who were present in 1865 when federal troops arrived at the north side of the river bridge at Tuscaloosa were Eugene A.Smith, Mrs. Smith, and Thomas Clinton.

My recollection is that the University President, with Smith, the student commandant of cadets, assembled the students and marched them off several miles to the south and out of the way of the Federal troops. The students were dismissed and had to find their way home.

Smith walked all the way to Prattville, where he came from, and was sent to Germany, where he studied geology and other sciences.

The daughter of the president, later Mrs. Smith, told me that she saw troops come into the kitchen of the president's house (which still stands) and set fire to the curtains. But her mother shamed them into putting out the fire, and the house survived.

At the age of 10-12 I lived across the street from the Smiths, but I do not remember any comments by Dr. Smith on the war.

He died in 1927, and for reasons that I have never understood
she burned his papers.

Somehow some of his empty file boxes fell into my hands. A lot of information on Smith was collected by Alex Sartwell [?] and is probably in the University's oil and gas library.

Sartwell told me that Smith, born in 1840 had been in the Confederate Army.

Thomas Clinton, father of my teacher and lifelong friend Matt Clinton, published accounts of the burning of the University in newspapers. I believe his papers are in the county library.

This about exhausts my memory of these subjects.

-- J.F.D.

Hey y'all~

Look like I gotta date so I don't have to go stag to the event.

Watched the show about beans on the History Channel
tonight so it got me goin' on CHINA DOLL!

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Dr. Doster~
My readers would really appreciate any reminiscences you have of your discussions with people who witnessed the events of the Civil War such as the burning of The University.

Robert Register

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 9:17 PM, James F. Doster

I have examined the maps below, but my poor eyesight and memory of details leave me unclear. My books on Alabama's First Railroad Commission and Railroads in Alabama Politics contain maps and may provide also in the text the information that you seek. I had detailed information on the dates of railroad construction in detail, but my records have been turned over to Special Collections in the University of Alabama Library. I expected to elablrate on the completion of segments of Southeastern railroads and the traffic and commercial effects of each. In the disputed U.S. presidential election of 1876 a promise was made, and kept, to improve river navigation to prodide water competition to isolated points and force them to be made rate basing points. I once knew Civil War railroads of the South in detail, but my memory of things like this is gone. I believe someone else wrote a book on Southern railroads in the Civil War, complete with maps, but my memory of details is not to be relied on. Practically everything I had on railroads, including maps (mostly incomplete) has been turned over to the University. On Indian times I once knew the transportation routes thoroughly, but that is gone from my memory, although extensive raw materials have been put in the library. Sorry I can't do better. Incidentally, I gave the library my microfilms of documents received by the Secretary of War in the days of Benjamin Hawkins. They contain a lot that you may find of interest. -- J.F.D.

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Dr. Doster,

Pretty sure this map of Georgia & Alabama was published about 1915 in a book of industrial history. Even though many place names are omitted, this appears to be an accurate map of the roads & railroads at the time of the Civil War.

Any comments will be appreciated. Many important place names are omitted from this map.

Talked to Dr. Doster tonight.
He celebrated 97 in December. He still drives & I talked to him about getting him a PERMANENT driver.

He remembered Mrs. Mazyck as Marjorie. Her Mother who I believe was a Cameron was best friends in Troy with Dr. Doster's Mother who was a Cowart.(Dr. Doster said he'd heard that Cowarts was named after some of his kin). (According to Southern-Style's genealogy, Marjorie Moody Mazyck's mother was Ilona Cameron

He said he was about her age and he remembered her staying at his house here in Tuscaloosa when she was 4 so that was 1916.
( Pretty sure Dr. Doster is the only person on this Earth who has interviewed TWO people who watched The University burn).

Dr. Doster said that he thought Mrs. Mazyck's Daddy owned the phone company in Troy.


"Three industrial nations; an industrial geography of England, Germany, and the United States"

pretty sure the map was used in this book which was published in 1915.


I'll tune this ugly image up on Sattiddee when I got some time but I wanted to let you know I'm very interested in Mrs. Mazyck.

This is kinda strange.

Dr. James Doster became one of my two mentors when I decided to pursue life as an amateur historian. I communicated with him over the phone and by the mail but finally he invited me over to his house in Guild's Woods. When he finally realized I was from Dothan, he told me about Mrs. Mazyck. Doster Hall is named after his Daddy.
I should try to contact Dr. Doster but I ain't so sure about that crusty S.O.B.
He's about 100 now.
I just checked and his number is in the book. I'll call him tomorrow.


Dr. Doster got me curious about Mrs. Mazyck.


Received Wednesday, March 17, 2010
My name is Bill Pistilli
I decided today to search for my old school friend Randy Lewis!/video/video.php?v=106538326039564&ref=nf
and I found your blogs.

Randy and I started a band when we were in jr high in Federal Way, Washington.

He was very talented and played bass guitar with a cup with a pick on it for his missing arm.

But he could play any instrument and had a very smooth voice.

His Dad was a famous guitar player and his uncle Sheriff Tex in Seattle Wa. His Dad was Jack Rivers and had a tv show in Tacoma Wa. The Jack Rivers Show.

We would get out of school on Wed to film the show for Sat night.
We were on the show a couple of times. When we were in high school Randy's family moved to Florida and I never heard from him again.
Is it possible that this is the same Randy Lewis?
I'm sure his parents are passed on now but is there any other family members that you know of?
Thank You Bill

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Tryin' ta' hep' a brutha'
I think you can get a date for the inductions here.
>Don't thank me now. Just let me know how it goes.
Remember a friend will help you move, a really good friend will help you move the bodies.

Hey Burke~
Thanks, Buddy, but my brother in law, Buddy Henry already set me up with this hot girl from Prattville and she can talk! (even though she don't have to)

No doubt by now you are receiving and sorting your options on a date for the Music Hall of Fame event. Attached is a photo of a lady that may meet your requirements. She is blind and deaf(not mute but doesn’t need to be because she won’t be able to get a word in edgewise). She loves Milwaukee’s Beast(served at room temperature). I don’t know her name or address but you can go to your local Walmart and you will find her.


Well, Roberto, any time you need info or anything like that I have always been happy and willing to help you out, but this thing about needing a date for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Montgomery Thursday, March 25, in which Buddy Buie will finally get the recognition from his home state that he deserves, goes a little beyond my field of expertise. However, I do recall that our late drummer for the James Gang, Fred Guarino, had some cousins or some such down around Tampa-St. Pete and over in New Orleans that might could help with that. I could give it a shot.
Jimmy Dean

I may have a prospect for the AMHofF thing for you, Miss P., a long tall baby doll. She's in Puerto Rico now. She is not PR, btw. Pls call if you have interest.
God bless & all best,

I thought I was gonna get something going but I was wrong:

slow down, ya not ready for "something" yet !!
like the idea of asking your friends to get ya
"a blind date";
probably have a better time with a lady
that knows the music!
have fun~
don't move too fast~~~


Hey y'all~


Bob Register on Dusy Street,April 29, 1951

I need options. GIVE ME OPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need you to help me get a date to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Montgomery Thursday, March 25. We will be sitting at Buddy Buie's table who is being inducted. My son, Christopher, & his girlfriend Carsen are supposed to be seated near Buie's table. I know Bobby Dupree, drummer for the Rockin' Gibraltars, is gonna bring his wife Nancy & a bunch of the Montgomery crowd's gonna show up, so there's gonna a be a little group of US.

Why don't ya come off the hip & go ahead & take care of it
(I'm giving Carsen, Christopher's girlfriend, 65 bucks to put him in a tux and who knows what's gonna come out of that deal! & oh yeah, when ya buy your tickets, tell 'em to seat ya near Buddy.)

We're gonna be staying Thursday night @ Scott Gellerstedt's house on Canyon Road in Wetumpka. Scott Gellerstedt & I worked together many years in the handicraft business. He played @ Bama his freshman year 68/69 but his brother got named first team All-American by the Football News in '68, his Sophomore year.


I need a date.
I'm a widower now. Sharon passed away Jan. 30.

I thought I was gonna get something going but I was wrong.

I need one thing from one of you guys & I'll make it worth your while.
Try to get me a blind date with one of your friends in the Montgomery area.
Ain't nothing blind about me.
3000 posts on one blog over 7 years will give someone something to chew on.

Anything you can do to help me will be appreciated.

The entertainment at the event will be superb.
Eddie Levert of the O'Jays, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Mac Davis, ARS, Jamey Johnson, Mac McAnally, Bobby Denton and Percy Sledge


MUCHAS MUCHAS to Danny Miller for this John Rainey image
Danny got some BLUES FO' U @

Danny Miller, guitarist for Roswell,Georgia band MEN IN BLUES,shared a few more of his stories with us.You can hear Danny rocking out on his myspace site

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Holt~ bought & sold, etc.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally getting to the Holt pics. Guess we heading for a coke ovens/steel mill view of the Pake Collection on Sattiddee.
How 'bout shooting me those images of that sheet music so I can archive it. Frank Bromberg,III, & I are old college chums & he was really impressed with those Bromberg's stamps. Any images of those Bromberg's stamps will show'l be 'preciated. Frank ran track for BAMA back in the Seventies & he heads up the corporate gift sales from Bromberg's.


Robert Register got Frank Bromberg,III's attention when I showed him a piece of patriotic sheet music from the Mexican War that his family's company, the oldest in Alabama, sold out of their Mobile store @ 38 Dauphin St. in around 1848.

Robert Register sez,"If you got a question, then I got the answer- MONEY!!!!" This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Barrett Strong's MONEY.


Scott McNeely Harmon Scott McNeely Harmon, son of Charles Edward Harmon and Gwendolyn Stephenson Harmon, died at his residence in Dothan, on the 15th day of March, 2010. Interment will be private. Byrd Funeral Home on West Main Street, (334) 793-3003, is in charge of arrangements. Condolences may be offered at

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I found this JUST ABSOLUTELY old as dirt map today but IT'S PERFECT!

You can see the Central of Georgia Railroad terminating in Eufaula & Ft. Gaines and then you can see how important Andalusia was because the Pensacola Road from Ft. Mitchell(Phenix City) and the Federal Road coming from Ft. Gaines intersected there.