Thursday, April 21, 2011

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As a teen a friend and I would go with his mom and her boy friend to Bill's Barn,

a beer joint in Box Springs.

I was about 14-16 years old at the time.

I would drive them home if the beer got to them a little heavy.
I had learned to drive at age 10 in a 40 ford that had no brakes.
I still don't trust brakes even on a new car.

Anyhow Bascom Estes, the mom's boy friend, would take down the serial number of a 1 dollar bill.
Dialing for dollars was big around that time for ner-do-wells like us.
Bascom got his feet frozen in northern Itlay in WWII with the US Army.
Bascom would pay for beer at some point with that dollar bill as the evening went by.
Some time later Bascom would pull out the paper with the serial number he had written on it and ask Bill Hocutt, the owner of the Barn, if he might have a bill with that number on it.
Of course Bill would find the right bill soon and Bascom would pretend he would like to buy it for 20 dollars and Bill Hocutt would not sell it thinking that it must be worth much more as
a Dialing For Dollars' prize.

Bascom would eventually disclose the joke.
The whole bar would break up and Hocutt would threaten to throw us all out.

The Barn also had white lightning under the bar.
Bill Hocutt had a brand new 57-58 orange and white Edsel parked in front of the Barn.

High cotton for sure.

And Ma Philips right up the street had a rooming house (cat house combination)
and a .75 cent all you could eat lunch and dinner with big pots of all kinds of good ole country food on a big long table that could seat about 15-20 people.

There's a beauty shop at that location now.

Ma Philips' place burned down years ago.

There was also a joint called The Red Elephant there at Box Springs in the fork of the road.
The old Highway 11 ran through Box Springs and a street turned and went over the rail road to the VA and 15th street.

A side note, Bascom Estes' grandfather was a blacksmith in the 1860's in the area where Reform,AL. is. He was enslaved to shoe Union troop's horses at the end of the civil war.

He had a choice of either be hung or shoe horses according to Bascom.
Of course he chose to shoe horses.

I just thought you might enjoy some of this disjointed babble.

Mrs. Booth ,a very nice hard working lady, owned and ran the Oasis and we went there at times as well as to Bucksville and Columbus.

Mrs. Booth had 2 beautiful daughters who would come to the bar to help their mom at times.
We would do ignorant teenage lusting.

We would go to Mamie's place in Bucksville and one time one of the adults with us said to Mamie, the owner of the place,
"Mamie, why don't you get this boy"
referring to me,
"some pussy."

And Mamie said, "I'll just get him a can of sardines and a spoon and he'll never know the difference".

Thanks for the memory jogging Roberto.

Oh yes, the Jungle Club was running about that time.
It was located where Advance Auto Parts is at 5 points is.

It was a fun place.

In later years,early to mid 60's, there was this Alabama star quarterback from Pennsylvania who got in fights there a lot. I never saw those fights but heard a lot about it from the owner Dan what's his name.

This quarterback loved to drink & fight according to Dan and the police would not arrest him if they were called or happened by. This quarterback was your classic thug according to witnesses.

I must have bored you to tears by now so I'll shut up.

Take care and keep the Time Warp Express going.

image courtesy of the 1961 Corolla
This year's BAMA CHEERLEADERS won THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in their competition & THE DAMN UNIVERSITY wouldn't allow 'em to use the official seal on the rings they WERE GONNA HAVE MADE & WERE GONNA PAY FOR THEMSELVES!

EL REG on EL DIABLO in the courtyard of La Hacienda de Cusin
with the volcano Imbabura
in the background (elevation 15,190 feet above sea level)

The Cool of the Morning @ Cusin

LAGO SAN PABLO in the background


Indian Squatters New Ground Plowed By Oxen In the Background

'86 or '87

Sign by Bob Weston

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Ann Howard ~
I went to the Pacific Club for my workout today and saw Jim Nabors. He had just finished his session with his personal trainer and wanted to sit down and talk with me. We talked for 20 minutes about lots of things from the job offer Larry couldn't refuse here in Hawaii to our daughter's professional dance career in New York City to Alabama Football. (He graduated from Alabama in 1953.) He even told me a very interesting story about him and Carol Burnett. They hold the record for the largest attendance at Harrod's in Lake Tahoe. (The owner recently told Jim.) Jim couldn't believe it because Frank Sinatra perfomed there. He and Carol Burnett were the first two who had television shows that got together to do a show in Lake Tahoe. The response was so great that Harrod's took out all the dining tables and replaced them with bleachers. When the Fire Marshall heard about it, he went to the owner of Harrod's and told him it was against the fire code. He said he would let them keep the bleachers for the Jim Nabors/Carol Burnett Show as long as it ran but could never use them again. So that record will never be broken. I had copied my email to Bobby Goldsboro and Bobby's response to me and I gave it to Jim. (I mentioned in an earlier Status post that when Jim found out I was from Dothan, Alabama, he told me he was very good friends with Bobby Goldsboro, who is also from Dothan.) Jim told me he would like to meet Larry. So I had a very interesting morning. I had lunch by the pool at the Pacific Club - a delicious trio salad - and then drove back home for a walk on Kailua Beach. It was kind of cloudy and overcast, but I did get this nice shot of the Mokuluas from Kailua Beach. I wonder what my next visit to the Pacific Club holds. I go on Tuesday mornings just like Jim does.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thy Mighty Deeds In This Brief Period Wrought,
Years of OBLIVION Shall Corrode In Vain.

To bring an informed,reasoned analysis to this ARGUMENT we have with these rude, arrogant, mean ass Yankees & THEIR ASSOCIATES (i.e. our own little crowd of homegrown self hating nasty ass scalawag hypocrites) that THE ONE REASON our ancestors went to war TO KILL THE YANKEES was TO PRESERVE SLAVERY is like bringing guns to a knife fight.