Wednesday, August 24, 2005

As always, it's happening in "Cuba, Alabama"!
Be forewarned! University of Alabama President Witt's head will be on the chopping block at the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees meeting here in Tuscaloosa on Thursday, Sept. 15 & Friday, Sept. 16. It seems that President Witt (details are sketchy but this is all RUMOR CONTROL had to offer) is in trouble because he checked into a beachside hotel last month with a male employee of the University of Alabama. Word is that his estranged wife has all the ammo she needs right now and if this is true, the University of Alabama Board of Trustees will not be pleased, especially with Witt's role in bringing the hammer down on Mike Price's beach party!
Lots mo' coming in for the rock 'n roll archives, too.

Wed, 24 Aug 2005 10:21:31 +0200
"Ingemar Pijnenburg"
RE: Ingemar Needs Info on David Brown of 31st of Feb.
"'robert register'" , "'JM Dobies'"

Thank you very much indeed for the info guys ! 31st Of February's David Brown and Cowboy's David Brown are the same but it seems that he is NOT the one who was the bass player for The Santana Blues Band in 1969 !
Best regards,

David Brown (Bass)
David Brown has been with Norton and The Knockouts since June 1985. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, raised in Jacksonville, Florida, he has a great musical history to his credit. He formed a band with Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers Band) and Scott Boyer (Cowboy) in 1966. After years of touring the South as "The Bitter Ind." the band recorded an album of mostly original material released on Vanguard Records in 1968 as "The 31st of February". This group's lineup eventually included Duane and Gregg Allman. When the group disbanded in late '68, David found himself in demand as a studio musician in Miami, laying down bass lines for R&B hitmakers Wilson Pickett, Betty Wright and numerous other Atlantic Records artists. 1970-72 brought a move to the San Francisco Bay Area with the Boz Scaggs Band. David contributed three songs and one lead vocal (uncredited) to the Boz albums of this period. He also toured for a summer with Michael Bloomfield. David also held down the bottom on many a jam session at The Fillmore West with greats like B.B King, Taj Mahal, Johnny Winter, and Elvin Bishop.
In 1973 David relocated to Macon, Georgia and joined his former bandmate Scott Boyer's group "Cowboy". This group, along with Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), was the backing band on Gregg Allmans "Laid Back" album and subsequent tours. Other album credits from this period include Kitty Wells, Martin Mull, Arthur Conley, Bonnie Bramlett and Elvin Bishop.
1977 brought David back to the SF bay area where he has remained to this day. He spent the first 5 years with the rock band "Mistress". They released an album in 1979 on RSO records and did some touring with "Blue Oyster Cult". In 1982-84 David toured with "The Commander Cody Band" and in June 1985 he became a Knockout!!
Recording credits include:
31st Of February --- "31st Of February"
Wilson Pickett --- "Fire And Water"
Betty Wright ---"My First Time Around"
Mercy --- (Warner Brothers LP including song "Love Can Make You Happy)
Arthur Conley --- (ATCO Records LP)
Kitty Wells --- "Forever Young"
Bonnie Bramlett --- "It's Time"
Elvin Bishop --- "Travellin Shoes" (on saxophone)
Boz Scaggs --- "Moments" (2 tunes written by Dave)
Boz Scaggs --- "Boz Scaggs and Band"
Boz Scaggs --- "My Time"
Cowboy --- "Boyer And Talton"
Gregg Allman Band --- "Laid Back"
Mistress --- "Mistress"
Norton Buffalo --- "King Of The Highway"

JM Dobies wrote:
It's the same guy -- DB also played a lot of sessions in Miami for Clarence Reid and many others, and backed up Gregg on THE GREGG ALLMAN TOUR.
This is what David Brown is doing today:
J.M. Dobies
Producer Florida Rocks Again!
Industrious Communications Inc. P.O. Box 1975 St. Augustine, FL 32085


Christopher saw many bald eagles,loons, beavers and three moose on his voyage.

Here The Voyageurs Are Initiated Into The Brotherhood of Men of the North. They had officially entered the Arctic Watershed. All the water here flowed into Hudson's Bay.
Here's a description of the oath:
The Height of Land Portage.
When crossing this portage, Voyageurs were initiated into the elite group of men who paddled into the Arctic Watershed . After completing the Height of Land Portage, they were known as men of the North! Following tradition, Frosty had to swear to never kiss another voyageur's wife without asking permission, never lie, cheat, or steal from another voyageur, always help another voyageur in need of help, and never let a man cross the height of land without being initiated. The voyageurs would have a party at the portage to celebrate crossing into a new watershed.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Randy Poe was a good sport and sent our Dutch buddies what they needed to know about the Doowang bio plus I'm gonna use the Internet for what it was intended for: TO BRAG ABOUT MY BOY!

Mon, 22 Aug 2005 17:08:26 -0700 (PDT)
"Randy Poe"
Re: Ingemar Needs Info On Poe's Duane Biography, David Brown of 31st of Feb. & Bill Connell
"robert register"

Dear Robert,
The book is now scheduled for a fall '06 release.
Working title is "Play All Night! The Life & Music of
Duane Allman."
The David Brown who was in the 31st of February
is the same David Brown who was in Santana.
Bill Connell left the Allman Joys around
Feb/Mar. of 1967 when he got his draft notice.
--- robert register <> wrote:
> Ingemar Pynenburg, a Duane Allman researcher from
> The Netherlands, needs some information and I was
> hoping some of ya'll could help him.
> Ingemar has helped put together this website
> I'd appreciate it if you'd forward anything you
> send Ingemar to me so I can put it on "Cuba,
> Alabama."
> best,
> roberto
> Ingemar Pijnenburg <> wrote:
> Hello Robert !
> Do you know by any chance when the Duane Allman
> biography by Randy Poe will be released and if 31st
> Of February's bass player David Brown is the same as
> Santana's bass player in 1969 and when Bill Connell
> left the Allman Joys ?
> Thanks in advance !
> Ingemar Pynenburg,
> Arnhem, the Netherlands
> Editor of

My son, Christopher, just returned from a 175 mile wilderness canoe voyage on the Minnesota/Ontario border. Here's two letters he received yesterday from his guides.

Hey Bama Man!

How goes the quest for canudists? Anyway, I hope you've had a fantastic summer, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you on staff up here. Keep up your involvement in the OA and get that Eagle. You can truly go far in this organization.
Your brother,


You were awesome to have on the crew. Come back & work here. You have the innate ability to lead. Become lodge chief. You will do great. Thank you for being the motivator of the crew. You did a great job. Keep OA Voyage in your thoughts & keep in touch!

Your bro,