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Gloria and I had a blast in Ybor City with Rocker and Shirley.
Rocker and his pals rock. The bands version of ALMOST GROWN started the show and
Rocker was at his best. The harmonies on BEACH BOYS, BEATLES etc. were unreal.
Anybody who gets a chance to see COO COO CA CHOO oughta take advantage of it.
They'll have you remembering WHEN MUSIC DIDN'T SUCK.
Keep Rockin' Rocker,
PS The four of us had dinner the night before at the famous BERN'S STEAKHOUSE. Bern's is still
one of the worlds great restaurants and a good time was had by all.

Buddy Buie

Cindy Atha Reilly Can't worry about what you can't fix....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lee, my boss, tore it up at the garage sales on Sattiddee. He got a 45 by the SHOWMEN that's worth about a hundred dollars with that NORTHERN SOUL crowd.

Lee also bought a copy of one of Freddy King's first hits: a 45 instrumental on Federal called
HIDE AWAY. This copy is pristine so it's definitely worth more than 20 bucks.

Roberto , just wanted to let you know I've got my seats on the floor for the Songwriter's Roundtable event . We will party like Champions . Best , David A.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Robert Register This cat, Jay Hoar, has dedicated his life to collecting biographies of the last surviving Civil War veterens. He's supposed to publish his book on the South this month.

Zero, NorthWest Florida (whatever that means)

to me

show details Aug 27 (2 days ago)

But I know what everything else I found there means!
Being a Dothan-born son; Southside Elementary,
Young Jr., DHS class of 1970, PC (the hangout, Old Dutch),
Buie's Restaurant, Nip&Ernies, Dobbs, Hunt's Oyster Bar,
the Peanut Festival, and the MUSIC.
Seems like I know or know of everybody on those pages.
Man! that sure takes me back.

Now in Garland. Texas

The Boss found this 45 at a garage sale Saturday. The flip side is called INSPIRATION.
photo courtesy of WTBC- Tuscaloosa's Big 1230

Hey Gang:
All I know is that a lot uv Tuscaloosa cats were inspired to get into music by David Keller of The Preachers.
So what's the story?

Believe it or not, I have two of these posters pitching THE ROCKIN' GIBRALTARS, DAVID KELLER & THE PREACHERS PLUS THE OUTER MONGOLIAN HERD!!!! (Hey, Jeff, you know anything about "The Miami Beach" group?")


“Scared” was a record by the Outer Mongolian Herd, a late 1960s’ Enterprise rock band that featured Jerry Jones, Terry Nemish, and Devon Patrick from the Enterprise High School Class of 1968, plus youngsters Mike McKinnon, and Buddy Searcy.

from Kenny Bright:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Bison Productions
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Back in the early 70's I was in a blues band before I went to work for Norman Andrews & The Bubble. One of the guitar players was a little kid from Dothan Named Lindsey Williams. He was about 130 lbs wet and had pretty blonde hair down to his waist that most girls would die for . His dad had moved them to Dothan from Huntsville to build the first Lowe's warehouse. Laura Scott-Adkins lived down the street and drove him to school there in Dothan. Well right after graduation he jined up with me and a couple of other guys and we backed up Wilbur for some gigs around Auburn, (slips in a subtle "War Damn Eagle" here.. ) that Robin Rainer and Tom Freeman had booked for us. Well it cruised for a little while before it broke down and scattered. A year or so later Lindsey, Randy Harper, Devon Patrick (Outer Mongolian Herd), Billy Jones, and I got together and ran around the Southeast in a blues group called Shagnasty. I eventually left that band and went to work for Norman. Shagnasty played on for while before it broke down. Lindsey went to Nashville where he got hooked up with Gaylord Entertainment (CMT) and ran around pickin for Dobie Grey, Brenda Lee and others. Eventually he emerged with his own production company called Big Bison Productions. He has done commercials for some heavy hitters such as Captain D's, FEMA Flood Insurance program, Jiffy Lube, Tylenol, Matt Lauer and a few others. One of the more recent he did was for Logan's Steakhouse. That is him playin that badass slide guitar on that commercial, and the guitar work on the rest. Lately he has been working on a project writing and contributing music for a Blues Library there in Nashville...

Thought you might enjoy some redneck trivia,


found this post at Garage Hangover

The Preachers three 45s, on the Righteous Enterprises label, have zero to do with the famed duo (one of the many annoyances about researching information unverified on the web). Only resemblance is in the name. The Righteous Brothers did not have copyright on the word 'Righteous'. I'm sure in some print article / clipping there may have been a mention of the Righteous Brothers planning to start up their own label at the same time, but it has no connection to this label.
I haven't verified it but I think David Keller was behind Righteous Enterprises (I've only seen the 3 Preachers 45s on the label of the same name), before he started up another local label, Daisy (releases by the Omen and Their Luv, Outer Mongolian Herd both from 1968)

Sheri-Glen music was operated by a husband and wife team from Birmingham. I spoke with them 15 years ago. I'd have to do some extensive digging in my vast notes to get their names.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bruce Hopper mentioned that the guys who formed The Omen and Their Luv
had been inspired by David. I just wanted to troll the idea out there and see what response I would get. I don't know David Keller and the Preachers from Adam's housecat. Luckily, Ronnie Quarles stuck his picture on the WTBC website and I was able to put together a post.
Here's the way the Tuscaloosa scene is forming in my mind.

There were local country and R & B acts[completely unknown to me] that inspired ya'll along with the big acts like Ray Charles,Little Richard, Fats Domino and James Brown.

Then there was the Mag 7, the Minutes and outsiders drawn to the University crowd like the K-Otics, the Rockin' Gibraltars,Wilbur Walton Jr. and The James Gang, The Candymen, The Swingin' Medallions and toward the tail end Big Ben Atkins and The Nomads.

then come David Keller and the Preachers, The Misfits, Joe Rudd and the Distortions, The Omen And Their Luv, the Gents and This Side Up.

Then the tail end of the local scene came with SouthCamp and Buttermilk. After that everybody who was still in the music business went regional and national.

You were born and bred in this briar patch. I didn't show up until the fall of ' 68 but I know in my heart it would be fun to stand on top of TIME and dissect all this creative activity which went down in T-town and to clearly define the network that produced such great entertainment.

As always, I'm open and ready to serve.

Get me the goods and I'll put it on the Web. It may take the World until 2006 or beyond to find it but once the stuff gets on the Net, all we have to do is wait and the links will form and the truth will emerge.
We're gonna have THE best test case scenario possible soon with this book and CD by Greg Haynes. That work will show everybody the possibilities of this research and how much the OVER 55 crowd of musicians and fans want to answer the questions,
"Who were these cats?"

" What was the purpose?"

"What does it all mean?"
John Townsend wrote:

Hey Gang:
All I know is that a lot uv Tuscaloosa cats were inspired to get into music by David Keller of The Preachers.
So what's the story?

IMHO, the reverse would be true. David Keller and the Preachers were inspired by bands from T-Town like the Magnificent Rubbers, 5 Minutes etc. That's not being arrogant, just the facts. I do however respect what DK and the Preachers did and I enjoyed them when I saw them. But the chicken came before the egg in this case.
Johnny T.

e: [MFV] David Keller Of THE PREACHERS