Friday, September 23, 2005

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Well, I'll tell you the story of my week.

It were so sad. An entire fambly lost they check so we had to evict them.

See the crack baby died and they lost they check. Nobody in the neighborhood knew about the crack baby 'cept the fambly and me. I got to see it cause I had to make a repair in the crack baby room. Nobody tolds me 'bout da crack baby so I gots the shock of my life. I popped a sweat so bad that when I left the crack baby's room you could smell the fear coming off of me.

The crack baby would scare shit ought uv anyone. 17 years old wid a beard and snaggle toofizzez and only about 3 foot long laying down all day long inside this hospital baby bed. Shit, the crack baby was a sho' nuff MONSTER! Dey coulda charged admission to see dat little mug...
And his mama wuz a monster too, only she wuz a geek munster.

He might uv been a monster but they fambly loved dat monster cause keeping that monster in they house got them a government check so, unfortunately, when the crack baby died on his eighteenth birfday, the check run out and we have to evict the fambly. The mama showed up fo' dah funeral too & nobody in the neighborhood knew she had a crack baby but evahbody come to find out she had five chilrin. She alzways just have a baby and pawn it off after it born.

You might say,"Oh, dat turrible but at least they got they fambly." Yeah, dey gots dey fambly all right but they fambly so mean they'd fight a circular saw !

Duh crack baby wuddn't dah onliest one in duh fambly to die while dey resided on 30th Avenue. They boy got kilt too. He died behind the same bidness dat kilt his Daddy, his uncle and his damn brother. Crossfire! Dem bastards in dat fambly is bad about gittin' in front uv they cousins when they in a scrap. Dey allz git kilt behind dat shit.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ingemar, Bill wanted ya'll to have this at Allman Brothers Band Discography
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Email Address Change


My computers has become so infected that, for several weeks, I have not even been able to get the Windows icons to come up when I turn it on, much less get online and check my email. For the past week I have been cleaning up all three of our computers and have installed the latest protective programs. I had to change my computer address with comcast and eliminate my rollingmotion email address. I have all the information on the Allman albums that I played on, which I did not get credited on. Incorrectly Ralph Balinger was credited as the drummer on some tunes that I actually played on. He was not even a drummer, but actually played bass with the Allman Joys for a brief time, and Tommy Armado was also credited as the drummer on other sessions that I played drums on. He was a session drummer in Nashville that often worked for Buddy Killen at the Dial Records Studio where we recorded a few tunes. I would like to forward the information to Ingamar, but do not have his address, or should I send you the info & you forward it to him. Email him ASAP to not go to press until he has my added information. Can't wait to get this all straight. It's taken almost forty years!

I'm watching a little news on the side right now & am in disbelief of "Rita!" God help those people.



BILL CONNELL drumming at Ft. Brandon Armory with the Allman Joys
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Dothan bands part 2

I don't want to bother you too much but I thought I'd try to clear up a couple of things. David Tedder was the one who died in a traffic accident. He was the drummer with The Offbeats and also Norman Andrews and the Concrete Bubble.
In 1972, Billy Gant, George Cheshire, Roan Campbell and I released a record on the Shelby Singleton label called "Hard Times".
It actually made it into the top 100 for a very short period of time. We played a few shows (state fairs etc.) before we all went our separate ways.
Bill Hanke

According to
David Tedder joined the Candymen at the very end of their run and came from Wilbur Walton Jr. & The James Gang

Greg Haynes is in such high cotton, he's copyrighted all his website images so I can't pirate the latest Rockin' Gibraltars shots. You have to click on

here's what Richard Burke[hey Burke, couldn't get you scans into gif. or jpg. so I couldn't put 'em on the Web.] had to say about Wiregrass Rock 'n Roll History:

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Richard Burke
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Monday, September 19, 2005 11:36 PM
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"Robert Register"
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Bill and Jim's post.

>George Cheshire was later in a band I liked with Doug
on bass (one of the best!), David Morris on
drums, and Lamar Alley on guitar. Lamar and David were
also lead singers. Maybe their name was Straw Dawgs -<>Straw Dogs, we still use the name. George played with Steve Clayton and David Morris in one of our Legend Morfs. I believe George is still in Tallahassee. He's still way over the top.

>Last I heard of Lamar, he was a boat captain who
shuttled oil workers from Destin/Ft Walton to the Gulf
platforms.< Lamar is surviving a particularly difficult bout with liver cancer. He came up to Dothan with George Cheshire last year for a big reunion that a bunch of old silver backs from the Porter's Fairy Land days put on in Taylor at some old Wild West Town, I coludn't attend but David and Doug Morris said it was a great event. I think it was headed up by Ray Hutto who was a bouncer at Porter's and a Team mate of mine during DHS football days.

>Anyone remember David and Danny Tedder's older
brother(cannot remember his name), a drummer in a band names the Offbeats? <> Ronnie Tedder. Danny played with Larry Coe and I in a three piece thingy.

>Does anyone remember a guitar player in one of
Wilbur's bands in the early 70s called Khrushchev?<>Wolvin James too. We probably need to develop a Wolvin James, Saytr and damn, that band my
buddy James Brown played with, I talked to James a couple of weeks ago and
he's gonna be at the river, he lives in Huntsville, Al. shit! Mason Dixon
"The waste of a mind is a thing of terribleness" Dan Quail

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Here's a story of the strange world of the shrike

Hey Mike Palmer:
You can witness and photograph one of the strangest things in Nature at our railyard warehouse. Go down to the northern end of the barbed wire above the chain link fence. It will be near where our fence joins the back of Russell S. Lee Flooring's fence. There you will see the remains of a frog, a five lined skink and some unknown animal impales on the barbed wire. A grasshopper just like the one above was there this weekend but the shrike ate it. The skink, a type of lizard looked as if it were put up there alive last Friday. Now the shrike has eaten some of the skink. The next time the shrike puts something up on his "bulletin board" I'll let you know. The frog impaled on the barbed wire would make an excellent photo with a close-up lens.

Idea #2 We moved Warren Moore from St. Bernard Parish and 8 of his relatives into the house in Holt on Pinecrest Street. Their group home for the handicapped was located a mile and a half away from St. Rita's Nursing Home where 34 patients drowned. On Saturday before Katrina the Moores evacuated 30 handicapped people to Tuscaloosa in a church bus. They evacuated for tropical storms and Category 1 hurricanes. Wonder what happened at St. Ritas? might make a good story.

Idea #3 the fence posts on Hargrove Road beside Jimmy Hinton's house next to Snow Hinton Park on the way to the intersection with Kicker Road are interesting. Each top is sawed in a completely different way. It's as if 4 or 5 different people sawed the fence posts.

Idea #4 On Hargrove Road across from Harry's Bar are some huge broken pine limbs hanging from trees. Those broken limbs are called "widow makers". They are super dangerous and people are cutting them down everyday. Before the next hurricane hits us, that might make a great story and photo.

Idea #5 the stained glass at Christ Episcopal Church is superb. Photos of this stained glass could lead to an entire series on Tuscaloosa stained glass.

Idea#6 The signage on Greensboro south of the train station is getting spectacular. There's a Mexican tienda which has gone into the old video store. The care wash signage for Gee's is terrific as well as R&R bar B que down near the intersection with Skyland.

Wanted to let ya know I was thinking of you.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

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Whadda Day in "Cuba, Alabama"!
Spent the afternoon with Warren Moore. Warren lived one and a half miles away from St. Rita's Nursing Home in St. Bernard Parish where his step-brother was a janitor and 34 innocent people drowned during Katrina.
Warren hasn't been to St. Bernard Parish since Saturday,August 27. He left that day because he is in charge of 30 handicapped people who live in the group homes he administers. These people have all kinds of handicaps; blind, mentally retarded, paralyzed plus all that and more. They are all living in Tuscaloosa now.
Warren got his cousin to drive his church's bus to Tuscaloosa with all 30 on Saturday,August 27. Warren told me that he evacuated all of his group homes for every tropical storm and Category 1 hurricane. There was no question about Category 5 Katrina. It was the law. Everybody had to evacuate by law.
After spending four hours helping Warren tune up his new home for his 8 relatives here in Tuscaloosa, Warren offered me a beer. As I drank my first beer of the day, I said to Warren,"You know, Warren, I'd be blaming shit on Bush too if I was guilty of criminally negligent homicide."
Warren replied,"Yeah, I guess I would too but I don't have to because I have a clear conscience. You know I have been to a lot of places but Tuscaloosa is the first place I have ever been to in my life where I might want to live."

After I got off work, I called one of my true blue ROCK 'N ROLL HEROES, Jacksonville, Florida's & Blakely, Georgia's ROBERT NIX.
What a wonderful conversation we had about the COLOSSOL EGOS who continue to try to make a living in the music business {of course, they prefer to be paid in KA$H because of their federal disability check plus a few of them,unfortunately, put more in their mouth than food} Robert's SOUTHERN ROCK SUPERGROUP, DEEP SOUTH, is still cooking around a core of Robert, Artimus Pyle, Dean Daughtry and Jimmy Hall.
No doubt in my mind that these cats are gonna give the people what they want & ,to their credit, will definitely have the living shit stomped out of everybody who has ever tried to stand in their way. It may take a little time but a lot of folks are gonna wanna plug up wid deeze folk when dah time comes!

DEEP SOUTH courtesy of Excalibur Photography
Jimmy Hall on Sax with drummer Bob Nix in background

DEEP SOUTH now solicits your efforts to marshall all of your loyalty and support to enable them to establish DEEP SOUTH as 2005's "STATE OF THE ART" SOUTHERN ROCK BAND!!!!

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Dothan bands

My name is Bill Hanke and I graduated from Dothan High school in 1966. I really enjoy your blog. Larry Coe and I played at the Flamingo Club in dothan for about 3 years, starting in about 1968. It was Larry, me George Cheshire and Danny Tedder, David Tedder's brother. Later on we added Roan Campbell on organ. A few years later we started the Clique, which was me on guitar, Danny tedder on drums, Larry on Bass and Billy Sheffield on Hammond organ. Several members came and went over the years, including Frank Tanton. I left in the early seventies and played on the road for about 15 years.
Bill Hanke

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RE: Dothan bands

I remember Bill Hanke's version of Clique. Seems like
he sang as well as played guitar. They were good.

George Cheshire was later in a band I liked with Doug
Morris on bass (one of the best!), David Morris on
drums, and Lamar Alley on guitar. Lamar and David were
also lead singers. Maybe their name was Straw Dawgs -
can't remember - more than a few memory cells have
faded lately. David and Doug are still in Dothan. I
haven't heard anything of George since the mid 70s.
Last I heard of Lamar, he was a boat captain who
shuttled oil workers from Destin/Ft Walton to the Gulf
Maybe Straw Dawgs was another band - Lamar Alley,
Frank Tanton, David Adkins, David Tedder?
Anyone remember David and Danny Tedder's older
brother(cannot remember his name), a drummer in a band
names the Offbeats? They were great. He was killed in
a carwreck in 1969-70 or so. Great drummer - could do
a one-handed roll like Buddy Rich. There was a benefit
for him at the Farm Center - Wilbur sang "Little Green
Apples." David (or was it Danny) Tedder sat in with
the Offbeats - one of the songs they played was
"Whiter Shade of Pale."
Does anyone remember a guitar player in one of
Wilbur's bands in the early 70s called Khrushchev? I
think Kenneth Griffin also played bass in that band.
They used to practice at Jimmy and Robert Dean's
father's "Warehouse." The "Warehouse" - lots of great
times there.
Found out the condo I used to own in the French
Quarter survived without a scratch. The French were
smart enough to build on the highest low land in
Keep up the good work Robert! I know maintaning a site
like this takes a great effort. I don't know where you
get all the energy it takes.
Later, Jim

Re: Jim Hodges On Dothan Bands
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 19:30:54 -0500

Strawdog was a hot band... Lamar Alley and George Cheshire on guitars, Frank Tanton on keys, Kenneth Griffith on bass, and little Larry Holmes on drums. We were the house band at the Flamingo Club in Dothan 71-72...
I think Robert Dean may still have the old promotional pictures of the band that were taken in the club's nasty-ass bathroom...
Frank Tanton


Robert Nix told me tonight that the first time he ever met Wilbur and Buie was at Pig Alley in '64 when he stopped in Atlanta after leaving Nashville because he fell ill at the prospect of joining BRENDA LEE'S band.{hey,Robert, tell Jimmy that I'm gonna show J. who's really a TIRED OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}