Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did any uv y'all ever hear that rumor that Toffel had a hand in inventing TIDE?

Look like Doll Baby be rubbin' up against that Spin Cycle!

Forty years ago Next Season! 1970~ My Junior Year @ BAMA!

HALLOWEEN OF '70~ I wuz @ this game! Back when Cow Bells Invaded Tuscaloosa!

BAMA in '06

BAMA GIRL from '97

BAMA GIRL from '11

Denny Field in '21 ~ The Year My Daddy Earl Was Born
Believe it or not,there's an excellent chance the Indians may have played a ball game here in 1836 when they camped across University Boulevard at the location of the Old Observatory when they were on their way to Oklahoma!

Denny Stadium in '41 ~ The Year That Changed The World

My departed brother,Rufus Bealle, & his wife are on the left

November 9, 1961
Left to right: Hayse, Tommy, Reese, Pettus, Bill, Frank, Paul, Jack & Jim

Restoration of the Drish House Started This Month!
Here it stands in 1910

My Favorite Haunted House in 1907

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hart~ the cat who in the summer of '71 before he entered MIT got me through a University correspondence course in Peyman's Psychological Statistics. His tutoring sessions in the WOOF studios allowed me to keep my 2-S deferment.

Brian~ always a person of interest in any situation

Ha! When I decided to forward this email, I KNEW that you would be at the top of my list! I think you should make a video of you rappin' da words & put it on YouTube!!
Needless to say, this is a sad Christmas for me & my family...BUT, today my spirits were lifted when ROCKER called me with his condolences. He sure knows how to put a smile on this ole Queen's face! =)
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas...err...I mean, KRITMUH!!

You gotta know you & yours ARE in my prayers.
Hey, you'll always Have It Wid Me, MY NINJA!
Growin' old ain't for sissies.
I gotta lot of preacher friends and I needle the shit ought uv 'em,"Hey man, I sho' glad I ain't gonna have yo' job in Twenty Ten. Gonna be damn hard to keep a dry eye."


Ed O. is Ed Olszewski, aka Ed Ocean, who played in Southern Steel. He's out in California now. I have a CDR copy of the Southern Steel album, but Steve Clark is not on it.
Jeff Lemlich

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey y'all~

No doubt about it.
Our old bodies are giving out on us & the Lord's 'bout to call us HOME,
I'm just NOW finding out that Britt Dowling passed away!

It's one thing to find out every week that a friend or associate has gone into ICU or mo' worser but it another when you start finding out people have passed months before.